tagNonHumanBen'hamin Ch. 06

Ben'hamin Ch. 06



I am called Dirge of Destiny. I do not know why, nor do I have any control of my life. The people who coming looking for me see me as some haughty queen to kneel before and worship, yet I am no more than a slave in this place...a whore kept on display for the amusement of others.

Sometimes, I dream. I do not like my dreams. They fill me with sadness because they reflect a more pressing reality than the one I see, or those who come to see me see...In my dreams, I am no more than a pampered and jeweled whore in a glass room being watched by others as men come to me.

No one ever speaks in these dreams; no one came for the words. They came to see, to touch, to taste, to feel. They do not care what I say. They no longer have to be patient or polite to garner my favors, nothing.

They know what I am; they see the real me and not this illusion that has been set about me. I am a whore. It was not always so, but it is the truth of it now. I am not even allowed to choose my own lovers.

This is how I see myself. Strange enough for me to believe, but others do not see me as I see myself. No, they really do see a haughty queen.

They see a cold, emotionless icon that sits before them in jewels and lace and gauzy fabric looking sexy and alluring to all who see her.

I am not the person they see. She is not real.

"Dirge, you look bored. Shall I send you some toys to play with until my business is concluded?" The laughter would not come. The insane sound of it held at bay through centuries upon centuries of practice.

"Oh, no...I insist. It will take me a while to finish this trade agreement. I would hate for either of you to be bored. Dirge, you will take care of him, won't you?" Like she had a choice, she wondered emotionlessly.

"I think you have had enough wine, my sweet wife. Perhaps you should try a slice of the fruit," he suggested. Oh, yes, the fruit...

She plucked up a slice from a bowl and let it trail lazily along her skin. The very juice of it tingled as the toxins in it set to work on her before she had even lifted it to her lips. "We mustn't forget the fruit," she whispered in amused sarcasm.

"Pardon me?" The short little man was balding and he had a little bit of a pot belly, like a bug-eyed pig. He was wearing what Everest made all of his guests wear, even the ugly ones. He sat down on her enormous bed-styled couch hesitantly. "The fruit, did you say?"

"No," Everest said softy. "You don't want those. I promise you." His laughing voice receded across the room, where Everest sat down with the merchant's hagglers determined to do business.

The silly merchant got curious, clever little pig, that. He took up a slice of the fruit and his eyes widened in sudden understanding. Oh, the piggy was quick!

Usually, it took time to understand that they had been left alone with a drugged woman scantily clad. The pig was clever, and therefore dangerous to Everest.

He drew the fruit over her skin touching stomach through the parted folds of the gauzy outfit. It traveled up lazily circling a breast before being brought up for my tasting. I hated that fruit, but I loved the taste of it.

While it was dissolving in my mouth, his hand had already traveled the same path to close around the hardened nipple. He leaned down to take it into his mouth unwittingly ingesting the hazardous drugs into his own flesh. I was so sore I could feel it through the pain-dulling haze.

Everest had outdone himself today. Business was heavy passing swiftly through the hall far faster than usual. What was he planning that was so important? Usually, she did not care, but even numb...she ached in her very womb.

Who was this perfect woman who gazed so docilely out of my eyes? Who allowed this little pig to carefully draw his hand down to that tight nest of curls to press food greasy fingers into slickened folds?

"You are bleeding," he whispered very softly into my ear. I did not respond. That would explain the ache. Maybe this was the end of me, I wondered. Could I die if the little pig got rough and caused the light bleed to really flow? "Do you care?"

"I care about absolutely nothing," the woman using my lips whispered. It must have looked like a sexy flirt to those watching further away. I laughed and there was the edge of madness I have heard for too long to wonder at it.

He heard. This little pig was very clever. He understood. No else did. Just the clever, wide-eyed pig and the royal whore, she thought.

Piggy did not wait for his invitation, because there certainly wouldn't have been one. It had already been given when Everest told him to wait and entertain himself, besides. His hand simply pulled the ties of his silky, opaque pajamas.

Piggy pushed them down as he settled between those pale gold, uninviting yet unresistingly, open thighs with pleasure. My eyes fluttered closed; I did not want to see his ugly, obese shape.

He parted the robe further and lifted one of this queen bitch's legs as he pressed along my body. Piggy positioned himself to rub a half limp member in the wetness the drug caused.

I left the leg up when he let go. I did not care. This is what Everest wanted him to do. The haughty queen couldn't resist looking down her oh-so-bare flesh to stare at him. She knew that stare unnerved people, even ones who knew she would never bother to protest.

He rubbed the suddenly stiff head over her waiting lips enthusiastically and was thoroughly soaked in seconds. Piggy must get off on her high and mighty gaze. He continued to chafe against her, over and over.

She got the idea Piggy was not exactly petite. No, the head of his dick felt as fat as his engorged waistline as it pushed in just a little ,speeding over those wet lips, enjoying the moment...so-to-speak.

Only went an unwilling sound had parted my unforgiving silent lips did he seem content to continue onward. By now, my body was not just wet; it was pulsing with impatience, too. He pushed at the hole he had been racing along against and it opened to allow him entrance. As soon as he pushed in, he hung. The flesh stopped opening and tugged inward denying its ability to allow it.

He used his hand to work his member in tiny little circles as his hips gave only millimeters of movement back and forth, working himself deeper despite my body's endeavor to keep him away. It began to burn and sting, but I called out in something other than pain as he continued to drive his dick down efficiently, yet uncompromisingly.

Then, he was all the way through the resistance and descending down far more deeply, slowly but oh-so-deep. An untamed gasp fled my lips! I could not help feeling what was being done. How could the little pig be so good?

Hundreds had gone before him, half of them today. Yet, she could not pretend that this one was invisible! Piggy was anything but a bad dream.

He was ugly beyond belief, but when he touched her...there was unexplainable heat. A harsher sound escaped my mouth!

"Turn," he ordered her pulling back out. Piggy maneuvered me onto my stomach and pushed one leg up like a sultry, little vixen. It was one of her favorite positions to watch the room propped up on one arm and leg as the rest lay straight.

He came between her thighs and carefully slid himself back into her. It felt wicked; it felt full. It felt like she was clenched on him so tightly she would crush him, while he was inside of her! Again, there was the sting of a hint of pain, but the fruit's drug dulled it.

He moved casually and powerfully. His pot belly kept pushing into her ass keeping him from seating himself all the way to the end, and it was still so deep she groaned even louder in surprised dismay.

How big could he piggy get? How big if he didn't have that huge tummy to get in his way? Would it be too big? He kept at it until he realized she would not look at him in this position.

Piggy pulled the leg up and around his chest until it was nearly on his shoulder. From there, he continued to drive ever deeper until she squeezed her eyes shut and moaned.

A part of her mind analyzed the sound. It was a strange mixture of utter exhaustion and pain with a measure of pleasure through it all that scared her. Would she just lie here until Everest killed her?

The drugs numbed the higher peaks of pleasure until his finger began to rub circles over that knot of nerves as his hips pounded out a separate rhythm.

She started to pass out just as the orgasm folded over her and she grunted harshly to keep from screaming as her sore, overworked body clenched once more. She shook from the tension locking her channel around him, causing the invader even more pleasure...even as he harmed her.

She felt how hard he had to work to expel his semi-hard member as she faded away and there was pain with it. The pain had finally caught up! She knew by the sudden alarm in his gasp that the moisture pouring out of her body as he exited was blood, and not what he had expected it to be.

A happy memory surfaced as Dirge drifted in drug-induced dreams. It was so strange to even remember a happy moment anymore that the details of it completely shocked her out of it for a second before she allowed it to drift over her again.

It was the ball her parents had held for her in the very same hall where she lay every day, only her mind practically effused to admit it because it looked and felt like a totally different place.

There were pink and burgundy and red roses everywhere dappled with white to really affect their blushes. The hall was draped with shimmery silver cloth on white to match her parents' royal dress. Her long hair hung in dusty-blonde splendor on a sequined dress of pink and burgundy.

In fact, the burgundy roses had to be ordered special because she had not wanted a pale pink ball gown. It was an old tradition in her family for her sixteenth year and they insisted...

Thankfully, the dressmaker had mixed the two into a lovely creation that only a fairy princess could have expected. Dirge had been so terrifically delighted to wear it that she was still spinning wildly on the dance floor in it when the room seemed to darken. Laughing in delight, she assumed it was growing late and continued to enjoy her night...

Dirge surfaced from the memory enough to interject a very morbid thought. She had been so stupid that night, but at least she had enjoyed every moment. It was her last free night as the darling princess for soon Everest would make her the whore queen.

She felt someone pressing on her lower abdomen before she heard a voice..."Absolutely not," the male stated furiously. "She needs complete bed rest and not so much as a finger touching anything down there..."

He had to be standing directly over her to be heard so clearly. He moved away and the words grew mumbled. The dream washed up to swallow her.

"Destiny," her father called delighted by her happiness. "Come meet Everest Sinedine..." She obeyed coming up to sweep him a lovely, perfectly practiced curtsy in her glittery dress.

"How do you do, Mr. Sinedine? I am pleased to meet you. What brings you to my fabulous nation?" Her father's indulgent laughter trailed over the room bringing smiles to all of those who heard it.

"You do, princess," Everest stated chivalrously. "Would you like to dance with me, my darling, little, blue-eyed nymph?" She blushed as ridiculously as the roses and held out her hand.

Her father raised his eyebrows in mock disbelief at his fawning description. Then, he winked and waved to her.

They made quite a pair evenly matched on the dance floor. She noticed right away that her feet never seemed to falter and the room around her seemed to grow dim and distant and indistinct. There was only Everest Sinedine and he smiled at her like she was the most treasured gem in her treasury...The silly blush remained on her cheeks...

She slipped out of the dream as pain brought a gasp to her lips. They still spoke of that night when they came to see her. These people she was supposed to count on to protect her in a time of need. How does one know that a queen sometimes needs to be protected from her very husband, their king?

That same voice was above her again...so soft and soothing to her hypertensive nervous system. "No, no more drugs! You must let these wear off before you give her any more. Are you trying to kill her, hour highness? If you are, you nearly succeeded..." Who was this dear knight to talk to a king in such a gruff manner?

Dirge certainly didn't want to be there when her only savior in centuries was killed for his blatant misconduct. So even hating the dream, she slipped back into Everest's waiting arms.

Everest was wearing the same crisp white and silver that the royal couple wore only whiter. His pale yellow-blonde curls spilled down around him to his lower back. His eyes were sanguine green and he was only an inch taller than she was.

Destiny thought he was divine, and he danced like a silken dream. Her own hair kept spinning heavily around her as his bounced to his movements like a cloud of light. Destiny asked him how she could make her own look so carefree.

He had frowned and stated it would be impossible. Everest said the only way to do it would be to cut her knee-length locks shorter. A woman's hair is her dignity and a queen's must remain long, he told her solemnly. She looked over at her mother thinking she must have been the most dignified lady in the land. Her amused laughter tinkled out like bubbling champagne...

Dirge nearly cried real tears as she fought to remember that so long forgotten face. Her mother was always dressed in a long train that swept the ground behind her. Over that white material, her mother's hair had laid in waves and waves of beautifully beribboned curls.

"Her insides are so thin the slightest movement could cause severe hemorrhaging, your highness. Do you not understand what I am trying to tell you?" So her knight still lived, did he? She made a point to remember his voice. If they both lived through this, she would thank him with her loveliest smile and one gentle kiss. It might not be a pleasing gift to him, but it would be all she could give him without acting like a slut, which he clearly disapproved of. Thank the heavens someone did!

"Complete inactivity and bed rest...Your lady is a queen. Have the sense to force her to act like one until she heals," the voice stated throwing his disgust on her head instead of where it belonged.

A sinister laugh carried from somewhere in the room making her long to escape him, but she had learned long ago that could never, ever...ever happen. Another memory dragged her down into its depths.

Dressed only in her night rail and a dressing gown, Destiny ran towards the sound of her mother's scream. When she arrived, a panting Everest, now her husband, was standing over three bodies of guardsmen, one dead pair of royalty and a bleeding, gasping best friend. "Andy, no," she screamed as she ran to him, crying too hard to see.

"Get away from him," Everest stated jealously.

"What happened? Who did this?" She obeyed by surreptitiously not touching him; even though, she wanted to hold him and never let go. "He is dying!"

"Good riddance," Everest growled. He called the guards to come take Andy away. "Take him outside and kill him first," he suggested angrily. "Make certain I never see him again!"

"No, Andy, no," she screamed going to Everest to beg for his life. "He didn't do this! I know he did not. Please, Everest, do not kill him! I will do whatever you ask, but don't. He protected me throughout my entire childhood...He has saved my life more times than I know how to recount! My people owe him at least one boon...Let him be taken out of my nation never to return so long as you are the king! Please..."

He had nodded stiffly. He could not say anything less in front of the household, but Everest had made certain to later show her Andy being beaten and stabbed. He had murdered him before her very eyes and paid slavers to get rid of the body outside of her home land...

Dirge shivered as she woke to darkness and silence. A figure moved in the shadows. "Please, lie still, my queen...I fear you are gravely wounded." So her knight remained alive, after all. If he was as handsome as his voice, Everest would be certain to kill him the second she saw him. "Your husband does not know I have remained at your side."

"You are foolish if you believe he will not know," she sighed while feeling inexcusably exhausted.

"He is not the only powerful psychic, my lady." He knew Everest's secret.

"Then, surely you must know I did not do this to myself."

"I know...I read it as I stopped the bleeding." He purposely kept to the shadows and she was grateful. "Unfortunately, you made your problem my problem."

"I don't know what you mean," she stated softly.

"You don't have to...I know. You are safe for two months. I told him you would die if you were allowed to move from this bed, or have sex before then. The rest is for the two of you to work out. I have matters to deal with...I don't know if I can help you."

"I didn't ask for help."

"No," he sighed, "you didn't." Then, he was just gone. She was not certain how he had left, but he had.

"Dirge, my lovely wife," Everest came in looking as good as always as he poured on the charm. "It has been three whole months since your unfortunate accident. He came to lean over her bed. "How are you feeling?"

"I am fine, Everest. You know you don't have to coddle me like this. I will be alright."

"No more bleeding," he asked firmly. "I asked last month and you were still getting some smears of it every time you checked. We want our queen healthy so she can help us." Everest pulled away the covers checking to see if she was wearing anything.

"I am a little sore, but no blood, just when I move."

"Really," he said looking doubtful. "Get dressed and come out to the yard to have lunch with me. Your subjects are getting worried. They don't see you. There are rumors of your death going around. "He picked out a lovely burgundy night gown that fell to my upper calf, only inches longer than my hair. "Sit up. I will help you dress."

"I can do it," I protested afraid of him when he was being so charming.

"No, no, sweetheart..." He pulled it over her head and down to her waist. "Sit," he ordered gently. "I will get you a robe to put on over it."

He chose one of royal blue. The two colors brought a blush to her pale skin tone and drew out the blue of her dark eyes, almost causing her blonde hair to have a red tint in certain lights. "There you go...my beautiful queen." He helped her up from the bed to keep any undue stress off of her stomach. "Tell me if you get more than a tiny pain while we walk," he advised.

Dirge couldn't help the tiny glances she gave him as they walked along the hallways to a garden door. The staff all stopped to watch her as they passed. Everest was smiling like an attentive husband as he touched her arm peacefully.

"I told them to place the softest reclining seat they could find out on the lawn for us." He led her to a very soft couch with a minimum incline for their backs to rest on. He helped her sit down and then sat with her.

A couple of male kitchen helpers carried up trays to set up over their laps and food-filled plates. "Thank you, Dev and Kiev," Everest said with an amused grin. The two helpers snickered and fled. Dirge frowned at Everest strangely.

"Are you okay?" He blinked and looked at her again.

"What am I doing wrong?" His wide-eyed amusement was loveable in the extreme. She caught herself smiling. "Baby, I haven't seen that smile in a long time."

"That is probably because you haven't made me lately." He almost laughed and then solemnly nodded his head in agreement. "So when do we get back to work?"

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