As morning breaks Daddy wakes her with a kiss and tells her to get up and draw his bath. She slips from the bed trying to grab her robe as she does, Daddy tells her no. She growls softly at him and he pulls her back on to the bed this time so her feet are on the floor, her shoulders on the bed and her ass within his reach. Baby girl are you SURE this is how you want your morning to start? She whimpered no Daddy.

Then get to what you should be doing. She whispered Yes Daddy as she slipped from the bed. She went into the bathroom not closing the door, looking back to him and smiling mischievously. She began drawing the water for his bath, Daddy had gifted her with a huge container of bath things and she sifted through the bottles to find one that Daddy would like.

She found one called sea mist, she opened it and smelled it, she thought that Daddy's skin would smell good with that, she poured a liberal amount of the aromatic liquid into his bath. She ran her fingers through the water and day dreamed a bit. When the water was just right she called Daddy in, she smiled as he walked in still dressed.

She began undressing him slowly, her fingers tracing his chest with each button she undid. She lets his shirt fall to the floor, her hands travel from his shoulders to the waistband of his pants. She slowly slips the belt from the buckle, kissing him as she lets his jeans fall to the ground as well.

She breaks from the kiss and backs up from him smiling as she watches him get into the tub. When he is settled she kneels next to the tub and begins lathering a sponge. She takes his hand and begins washing him, holding his hand in hers making sure each inch of skin is washed properly. She makes her way up his arm and across is chest.

She becomes so intent on what she is doing she doesn't even feel his eyes on her. He watches her as she now begins to explore his body with soapy fingers as well. Although she bathed him, she also was beginning to excite him. Her fingers flickered across his body.

She now worked her way down his belly and to his thighs she more massaged him than washed him, though it appeared she did both. She only slows as she adds soap to the sponge; she looks to him for a moment and smiles at him. Quickly focusing again on the task she has at hand.

Her hands move down his legs to his feet first washing them then releasing the sponge and massaging them till she hears him moan a bit. She works one side and then the other, finally taking a moment to ask him if he wanted something to drink, smiling as she told him she wasn't quite done with him. He nodded; she dried her hands slightly and rose from her position.

She turned the hot water on to trickle to make sure the water stayed warm then went to get his drink. When she returned he made her stand before him for just a moment. Her eyes lowered as her nakedness was again brought to her thoughts. Girls raise your eyes you know better. She looked at him and simply replied Yes Sir.

Her eyes focused on his she raises his drink in her hands. Your drink Daddy, he motions her too him as she begins to kneel to give it to him he stops her. His damp hand travels her legs and stops just short of her slit. Now girl, you may finish.

She kneels again at the side of the tub and hands him his drink. She warms her hand in the water still leaving it to trickle. She pours the soap this time directly into her hands, working them together till a thin film of bubbles covered them.

She placed her fingertips on his belly and then worked her way slowly down to his cock and balls. She could feel his cock grow in her hands as much as she could think of things she wanted to do next she tucked away those thoughts she knew he was tired. She looked towards him and smiled then picked up her sponge and poured more soap onto it.

She moved so she would reach his back better and he leaned forward to give her better access. Before long she was done and told Daddy she wanted to rinse him off. He chuckled and suggested they finish this in the shower.

She pulled the plug allowing the water to begin to drain. As she turned the tap on she played with the stream of water till it was a good temperature. She waited as Daddy stood and then turned on the shower, he pulled her in as the shower still ran cold.

She growled at him and he just chuckled. He told her he had allowed her to play now was his turn. She shuddered cause she knew he played different from how she did. The water had begun to get warm as he wrapped his hand in her hair and pulled her close and kissing her. His hand tightens in her hair again as he pulls her lips from his.

He slowly forces her to her knees and her lips to his cock. Each time she tried to take him into her mouth he pulled her back. She began to whimper and he finally allowed her treat. She began to feed hungrily on him, he would tease her and tug her hair pulling her off of him at times. Placing her hands on his hips attempting to keep a bit closer to what she had desired all morning.

He pulled her back hard, drawing her up to her feet and face to face with him. Little girl you know better than to try to control my actions. He turned her around sharply telling her to put her hands on the wall. The tone in his voice told her not to argue. Her hands go to the wall as he pulls her hips back, She let out a scream as he forced his cock into her ass. He took her hard and fast and when he came in her he slapped her ass hard.

He told her not even the slightest of orgasm would she have. She whimpered a bit as he pulled from her, he told her to clean him, and then she could dry him off. She poured soap in her hands and began to wash his cock. She backed from him and let the water wash away all traces of soap from him. She turned off the shower as he pulled the curtain open.

She stepped out and wrapped in a towel, taking another from the stack she dried him thoroughly. They walked into the bedroom, he handed her a list of things she should have completed by the time he awoke. She took the list, glancing at it slightly; this should be done in just a little time Daddy.

He nodded and told her he was going to bed and would be up in a few hours he was sure. She kissed his throat and headed out of the room. He called her back and pulled the towel from her. Then pulled her close, kisses her forehead telling her to behave.

She smiled at him but knew she had no choice but to behave at this point. She asked this time if she could be dismissed he chuckled and told her get to her work. He popped her as she turned to leave; she just giggled closing the door behind her. She shuddered a bit as she did realizing any hope of clothing was now on the other side of the door.

She looked at the list and found nothing to hard on it. And was well on her way to having them completed in a little hour. She threw the last of the wash into the dryer and found herself with nothing to do and was craving a swim. She knew she shouldn't be out in the sun but the water just seemed to call her.

She glanced at the clock on her way out of the door, and was soon in the pool. She slipped out of the pool and wrapped in a towel heading in to the house to check on the clothes drying. She folded and put up the load of clothes. Again looking at the clock she took out the things Daddy had wanted for dinner. She decided she had a bit more time for the pool though never looked to see her skin had already had enough sun.

Before she went back into the pool she checked the house one more time for things out of place. She quietly peeked in on Daddy, he still slept soundly so off to the pool she went. Something about the warmth of the water enveloped her and she swam to her hearts content.

She felt a shiver run through her, she looked up and there stood Daddy, the look on his face told her he was none to happy. She swam to the edge of the pool and got out grabbing her towel, she walked to him not saying a word. His voice deepened a bit asking her long she had been swimming.

She looked at him "maybe an hour Daddy." He looked at her and told her he believed she told him a lie. Her eyes widened and her tone raised a bit. " Daddy I do NOT lie to you. I did all my work and came out here while the clothes dried and then returned once I had folded them and checked the other things.

He looked at her, little girl tell me what time you think it is, she told him that she thought it could only be about 1:30 at the latest. He looked at he trying not to laugh. He showed her his watch and the look in her eyes told her she had no clue that she had been out there three hours. He sent her into the house for a cool shower telling her when she was done to come back to him.

She kissed his cheek telling him she was sorry she had let time get away from her. She headed for the house and shower as she had been told. As the water pelted her skin she cried out. She had been out much to long. Once her hair was washed she was out of the shower. She wrapped in a towel wincing as she did, neutering too herself she knew better.

She walked into the kitchen where he was cutting things for dinner. Her voice was just above a whisper, Master I will take care of that. He turned to her and chuckled a bit, before you will be too sore to move how will you complete dinner? She looked into his eyes and assured him she could complete the task.

He told her to drop the towel so her could assess how much pain she would be dealing with. She slid the towel down slowly she wasn't sure she wanted him to see. She took the towel from her she shuddered, baby girl you should have been more careful. I know time can get away from you but you cannot be injuring Daddy's property like that.

He turned her to face him and again told her again she would have to take better care of that which belonged to Daddy. Her voice quivered as she apologized to him he stroked her hair softly reminding her to be more careful and told her he had something that would ease the pain.

She stood there whimpering softly as he applied the cool liquid to her skin. When he was done he told her to slip into a soft T-shirt and panties and return to him. She replied it will only take a minute Daddy, he chuckled knowing it would take her longer than that to get into her shirt.

She returned to him and he told her they would make dinner together. She smiled she enjoyed everything with him not just the details of being his slave. She enjoyed everything about him. She took a place at the cutting board, preparing a salad, then cutting strawberries for dessert.

She found herself giggling as she looked at him with a strawberry in her hand. Little girl you are to burnt to start that, if you tease I will take you. She thought to herself it would be worth the pain to feel him inside her. She looked into his eyes, he nodded to her telling her to remember what he said.

She slipped her hand into his, tugging slightly. He chuckled deeply, knowing she was about to get herself in to deep. She coaxed him to the couch he laid down on it and she straddled his hips still holding the berry in her fingers and beginning to undo the buttons of his shirt.

Once his shirt had been slid to his sides she began to trace the berry slowly across his chest and belly. His hands traveled to her outer thighs, making her wiggle. She could feel his cock grow beneath her, making her wiggle more. She leaned down, letting her tongue trace where the berry had been. She sat back up, and began to squeeze the berry, the juice falling to his chest, she slid down his body a bit the berry juice and pulp still falling onto his skin.

She bit the remaining berry from the stem, and swallowed the remaining berry. She leaned down slowly and began to lick the berry from his body. His hand slid into her hair pulling it from her face so he could watch her. She took her time slowly removing the berry from him suckling his skin as she did.

She wiggled further down his body tugging at the button of his jeans with her teeth. Her hands caressed his body moving slowly to his buttons. She soon freed his cock from his jeans. She took to it greedily, his hands slowing her at times making her whimper softly.

He tells her, he could let her complete her task but that would be too easy. His hands now tightly wound in her hair. He raises his hips now to force his cock between her lips. She whimpers more each time he pulls it from her lips. He orders her to stand she complied quickly he could see her wince as she did.

He slid out of his jeans and let his shirt fall to the floor. He bent her over the end of the couch, he heard her whimper and he pulled her panties to the side harshly, little girl what did I tell you if you teased? She giggled, Daddy you told me you would take me. And take you I shall little one, he slid his cock into her slit and pulled out slowly.

He held her hips firm as he pulled her back onto his cock firmly. She moans softly as he fills her. She opens eagerly to him and he takes her hard and fast. She soon begs him to spill his seed into her, his hands slides under her he fingers her clit till he feels her juices on him. He holds her hips tightly pushing into her as far as she can take him and buries his cock and cum deep within her.

She cries out not in pain but contentment. He pulls from her and tells her he need be cleaned. She slips to her knees and takes his cock into her mouth, draining and clearing her juices from him. He has her rise, carefully taking her face in his hands and kissing her deeply.

Go wash up a bit little girl but do not clean me from you, then return to the tasks you were doing. She smiled and stole a kiss as she got to what she should have been doing.

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