tagLesbian SexBerry and Jan - False Alarm

Berry and Jan - False Alarm


Although Berry was dedicated to her partner Jan she sometimes thought she was spanked at the whim of Jan and things would be deliberately put in her way, to fail.

Nothing sinister, they were both devoted to each other.

They both had similar backgrounds of being brought up in a strict religious family, one Catholic the other a sect born out of Catholic beliefs.

They lived in a 3 bedroomed apartment in the posher part of the city, the house was not theirs but would be in what seemed to be in hundreds of years time when their mortgage was paid.

This was a standing joke and it was sometimes a little tight finding the monthly money, but, they adored their home.

As already stated, 3 bedrooms, lounge room, kitchen diner, 3 bathrooms but best of all, leading from the lounge a 30 sq. m balcony overlooking the city at one side and the beach and sea at the other.

They slept at the sound of the waves, and at times Berry seemed to be spanked on their roar, almost like a metronome.


Jan's parents were devout in their religion, as in regular church goers and always at the money raising fetes the church held.

Jan was not an only child, not by any means, she had 6 brothers and 3 sisters, she was the oldest girl but 3rd oldest in them all.

Being the first born girl brought with it lots of privileges like, taken shopping with mom, hair done, nails manicured, unwanted hair removed, pampered in other words.

Her 2 elder brothers also idolised her and stuck up for her in times of need, be it at home, playing out or school.

With being devout came the down side of family life as indiscipline, but she got by and did not suffer as much as others in the family.

On leaving school she went to college and soon got into "Frat" ways, it was during this time her sexuality was questioned and answered.

She was not a closet lesbian, far from it, to be honest, she was pretty loud and proud and all her siblings and parents were also very proud of her, both as a girl and her top grades in every single exam.

Her next step up was to get sponsored through the last 2 years of college by the largest solicitors in the state, they saw her potential and acted on it.


Jan was having a pretty bad day, well bad as bad days go, surely it could not get any worse.

It all started when the alarm did not go off, or went off and was not heard, or her phone on mute, anyway it did not go off and they woke almost an hour late.

Jan was ok as she was working from home that morning but Berry had appointments all morning and had only an hour to get ready, grab some breaky and get to work.

She flew into the shower, put a slice of bread in the toaster before she started drying herself and her haiar.

Jan watched on, somewhat amused, she saw her sweet Berry jump out of bed, naked of course, she was not allowed bed clothes in case she was needed in the night, as often was the case.

Her olive tanned skin perfectly fitting her slender form, her legs as shapely at the most ornate ornaments, a tummy as flat as an antique marble table, breasts, as if perfectly sculptured to be the most delicate cups, tight to her body, her face, one of an angel with her hair like strands of silk.

Berry looked at her watch, she would just make it in time, she ran back to their bedroom to give Jan a good bye kiss, her heart sank, the dressing table stool in the place she hated most, the centre of the bedroom.

Berry lowered her shoulder bag onto the dressing table, laid her cardigan on the bed, followed by her thin, floral, cotton dress, and lowered her silk panties, she did not need a bra.

She waited for the instructions from Jan, quickly raising her hands to the top of her head to form 2 perfect triangles.

Jan was in no hurry, obviously part of her punishment, "Now my darling girl, would you like to tell me why you woke 1 full hour late?"

"Sorry Jan, I don't know why."

"Lean forward, hands flat on the seat, straight back, butt loud and proud, legs apart."

Berry did not answer, just assumed the directed position, as she went down she notice Jan had a paddle in her hand, the special paddle Jan had made with her name on.

It was one of the new style thin ones with 2 extra holes to speed the slap and increase the force.

"What time should the alarm go off Berry?"


Whoosh Crack, Whoosh Crack.

Whoosh Crack, Whoosh Crack.

Whoosh Crack, Whoosh Crack.

Berry was soon in tears but held her form perfectly.

"What time did you wake this morning?"

Berry took a deep breath and through her rears, "7"

Whoosh Crack, Whoosh Crack.

Whoosh Crack, Whoosh Crack.

Whoosh Crack, Whoosh Crack.

Whoosh Crack.

Berry was crying, as she should be after so may swats.

Jan left her to compose, then told her to stand.

She wiped her Berry's eyes with her thumbs, and then the tear drops off her pert tits.

Berry's nipples were stretching her skin away from her body, Jan placed each one in the web of her two fingers net to her thumb and led Berry to their bed with them.

Jan laid down and rested her head on her soft pillow, Berry waited for instructions.

The openings of Jan's legs was the catalyst and Berry knelt and buried her head into Jan's wet pussy.

Berry had her arms folded on her back so only used her tongue to penetrate, her lips to suck and her teeth to nibble at Jan's clit, the sequence worked and Jan had a long and stimulating cum.

"Good girl Berry, no time for you to shower, and leave your panties off too.

Leave the stool where it is, you will be whipped when you return home."

"Yes Jan, thank you and sorry."

Berry slipped on her dress, and rushed out with her cardigan and bag in her hand, but boy, was she hot, both back and front!


Berry was brought up in a small village environment, well, more of a commune.

Maybe not as strict as Jan's parent but daddy was HoH and as there was only him, mom and her in the house, so kept well in hand

In her late teenage years she was also spanked so her daddy could show her body off to friends and family.

Its what they did in her village, she would often be at a friends home before going out clubbing and her friends daddy would have a friend in and have his daughter strip naked to be spanked.

It also happened to her girlfriends elder brother who on the instruction off her Daddy strip and bend for his belt, and he was in his early 20s

She had seen umpteem young men's willies bouncing to the beat of the belt, and see how stiff they had grown during it.

A couple of daddy's milked the young men into a Kleenex to show how much spunk he made, just to show off.

Strangely though, she felt sorry for the boys but felt a tingle in her pussy when it was a young lady.


Berry was walking on the beach on the way home, she had been spanked for sleeping in, missed her first meeting, broken her heel before her third meeting and was walking home to be whipped by Jan.

The only upside was she managed three cums in the toilets between meetings.

After the second one her girl colleague commented, "Have you been wanking Berry, your nipples are trying to cut through your dress?"

She thought quickly, "No, its the aircon in the loos."

They both giggled.

"Leave your dress on the coat hook and come onto the balcony."

Berry gulped and gulped again as she saw 2 strangers jackets on the coat hooks.

She rushed to the loo and had a quick pee, sprayed deodorant under each arm, straightened her hair and squeezed her nipples taught.

"Ah, there you are my darling Berry, did you have a good day?"

HTF could she answer that, "Yes thank you Jan, and you a good one I hope."

"Oh yes, its started very well and continued in that vain and hopefully soon, the crescendo!"

Berry gave a stifled giggle, " Would I be involved in that at all Jan?"

Jan slapped her bottom. "You could say a staring role, now go and bring the stool and the thin belt I selected on the bed onto the balcony."

Berry brought the stool and belt onto the balcony and Jan introduce her friends.

"Thank you Berry, let me introduce you to 2 of my associates from work, Alice and Tammy, don't worry, they are lesbians like us and I mentioned you were in for a whipping, asked if they could watch, and I knew you would not mind, so agreed, now, kneel on the stool."


"Come here."

Berry knew it was a mistake, Jan raised her foot up on the rail of the stool and bent Berry over her knee, making sure her bottom was facing their 2 guests and the whole of the city if any were watching the balcony.

Berry got a rapid 20 or 30 hard spanks on her already pink bottom, turning it scarlet.

"Anything else Berry?"

"No Jan, sorry." through sobbing Berry.

"Face Alice and Tammy, let them watch your cute nipples bouncing to your sobs."

Berry held her breath, but a few hard slaps had her sobbing again and het tiny tits and nipples bouncing.

Both guests agreed they were delightful.

Berry was trying to work out if they were a couple and if so who was the top and if she would see one of them spanked, her right hand left the top of her head and rubbed her slit.

"I see you are ready Berry, take your hand away from your c*nt and kneel with hands where they should be."

Berry was not sure which way she should face and Jan picked up on this, "Face our guests Berry."

Berry knelt on the stool, facing Alice and Tammy, seeing them both adjusting their crotches, Jan squeezed Berry's nipples till she squealed, she needed to show her authority.

Jan spoke to her guests, about how she had slept in, the spanking she got before work and the whipping, all over she was about to receive.

Jan picked up the belt and gave a few fresh ait whooshes, then placed the first cut right across Berry's right nipple.

Berry screamed, "Let it out girl, lots to follow, and if your good you will see Tammy leathered later in the evening." the second cut hit her clit, was this luck or was Jan a whip expert...at.

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