tagFetishBeryl and Our Neighbour

Beryl and Our Neighbour


My Beryl is a good looking woman. She has curves in all the right places, likes to wear her hair blond and, with her red lipstick and matching finger nails, she attracts the stares of red blooded men whenever we go out together. I have to admit that I spoil her so she is used to getting her own way.

One day I noticed that she was staring intently out of our living room window. I saw that she was looking at our new neighbour who was sunbathing in his garden next door. It was a hot summer's day.

"Are you OK darling?" I said "You look a bit hot and flustered."

Beryl blushed but continued looking.

"Just look at those pecks, Bill. He must spend half his time at the gym."

I suspected that she was paying more attention to the bulge in Adam's skimpy shorts but just smiled benignly. I knew Beryl liked to look and had admitted she sometimes thought of other men when we were fucking, it helped her get in the mood she said. I didn't mind.

Our sex life had been great. We had been married for twenty years. Over the last twelve months though we had been making love less and less and it was now down to about twice a month. I was frequently sexually frustrated and often lay at her side in bed whilst she had her back to me. I was hoping she might turn my way. After she had gone to sleep I would relieve my frustration with my five fingered friend, then drift off to sleep.

Adam seems to be a bit of a Lothario. He has his regular girlfriend who lives with her parents but stays overnight with him about twice a week. She is a screamer during sex and the thin party walls of our semi are no bar to these noises late at night. I suggested to Beryl that we complain about the racket but she wouldn't hear of it. I suspected that hearing them fucking was exciting her. Adam had only been living in the street for a few weeks but already there were rumours of him seeing a married woman who lived nearby. It seems that when her husband found out she refused to give him up. Her hubby left her for a few days but has now moved back in. Friends have seen Adam sneaking into her house whenever her husband works nights. This is a friendly area where everyone talks to each other. People are saying that the husband knows she is still fucking Adam and is having to endure this indignity to save his marriage.

I was having strange thoughts after hearing about Adam's exploits. What if my wife became one of his conquests? Thinking this way made my penis rise and I had no difficulty spurting after a few strokes. I couldn't get the thought of them together out of my mind. I came up with a scheme but needed to make Beryl think it was her idea.

After one or two comments from me Beryl decided to have a little party at our house to celebrate our wedding anniversary and invited most of the neighbours including Adam and Tracey, his partner. Adam's other woman, Doris came with her husband. Drinks were flowing and the atmosphere at the party was very relaxed and friendly. Around 11pm I saw Adam and Tracey, his girlfriend kissing in a corner. This was a long sexy kiss with tongues exploring each other's mouths. I noticed that both Beryl and Doris- the other woman were staring at the couple. Their expressions were very similar. About an hour later I went upstairs to the bathroom and walked in on Adam and Doris fucking. She was bent over the toilet seat. He was doing her from behind and neither of them saw me or heard me come in. I left hurriedly. On finding Beryl I told her what I had seen.

"His cock must be about ten inches." I told her.

Beryl blushed and licked her lips. I could see she was quite tipsy. We danced to some slow music in the living room and she rested her head on my shoulder. We heard some shouting; it was Adam's girlfriend, and then the front door slammed loudly. Adam came over to apologise saying she had left in a huff. He was smiling and unfazed.

"I'll talk her round when she's calmed down." He said blithely.

Gradually our other guests left the party to go home leaving me, Beryl and Adam. He was dancing a slow smoochy dance with Beryl whilst I watched. She had her head resting on his shoulder. By now it was 2am. When the music stopped Adam said he would have to go. Tracey was staying over with him that evening.

"I'll spank her bum for being such a baby then shag her rigid," he said. "It always works."

Beryl walked with him to the front door. Their kiss goodnight started like a peck but then Beryl pulled him to her and their lips met in a passionate kiss which soon turned into a tonguing similar to his earlier performance with Tracey. I looked on, pleased to let Beryl have what she evidently wanted. The evening had gone better than I had expected.

Once the door had closed Beryl and I had a serious talk.

"I've been thinking about kissing him for a long time, darling. I don't know what's come over me lately. And now that I've done it I want more."

I pulled down my trousers and underpants to show her my erection.

"If you want to fuck him I have no objection. You can see how it excites me. Bend over the settee end and I'll take you here and now. You can pretend that I'm Adam."

Her answer was to grab for my cock and, with a few short strokes, I spurted onto the wood floor.

"Clean that up then you can make me come with your tongue. And you can bet that I'll be closing my eyes and thinking of Adam's ten inches." She smiled a wicked smile knowing that she was being given free rein and determined to have her way with our new neighbour.

She planned her campaign like a military operation although I very much doubted that it was necessary. In my experience women usually just have to crook a finger to get laid, it is the men who have to struggle. I asked her if he would be able to cope with three different women at the same time. She was sure that a young man in his twenties would have no difficulty.

Her skirts became shorter, her heels higher and her tops more revealing to the point where I thought her large breasts would pop out. Her hair was cut in an expensive and attractive style which made her look younger. She went bare legged during the day and started wearing dark stockings and suspenders in the evening. I am sure Adam had noticed the change. After contriving to "accidentally" bump into him and chat over the next few days she invited him round for a Sunday evening dinner saying she would do a proper Sunday roast as she never bothered usually when there was only the two of us. Adam had spotted his chance and despite my presence he flirted with her throughout the meal. I saw her put a hand on his knee and move it higher. After the meal they sat close together on the settee. They were talking animatedly to each other leaving me out of the conversation.

I interrupted by saying, "Why don't you have a kiss and cuddle like you did after the party the other night. I don't mind you know."

But this time they were all over each other. His hand moved to her breasts as they kissed and I saw him pinching her nipples. Beryl moaned and began stroking his penis through his trousers. He moved his hand along her leg and soon she was writhing on his skilful fingers as they penetrated her wet cunt. His zip was down and Beryl began to feel up and down his huge cock. She told me afterwards that she couldn't believe how big it was. She said she thought it was feeling and seeing it that brought on her first orgasm as he was fingering her.

The room was warm and soon they were both naked fucking furiously on the floor with Adam on top. His skill as a cocksman was prodigious. He seemed to last for hours and Beryl had multiple orgasms. I was enjoying watching my wife getting so much pleasure and had already spurted once into a tissue. My penis was hard again and I reached for my wife's hand hoping I could fuck her too.

But she shook her head. "Things can't be the same now I have been mastered by his superior cock. Pull on your little willy and watch me being fucked in the way I have always wanted. You agreed to this, now you'll have to accept it. I'm taking Adam up to bed later and we are going to fuck all night. Make up a bed in the spare room."

I wanked in front of them as she suggested. They watched me as they fucked and as I stared into their grinning faces I realised that the feelings of humiliation were the main spur to my arousal. What was I becoming? If the affair with Adam continued it would soon get around the neighbourhood. People would begin talking and I would be another poor husband who could not satisfy his wife. As this thought struck me my orgasm came.

I spent that first night in the spare room and many nights after that. Beryl would allow me to sleep with her when Adam was not around but sex was out of the question and she made it clear that he was now the man in her life. Beryl became quite lazy around the house and I began to take on the household chores. I became little better than a servant to both of them, cooking them meals, hoovering and tidying the house when he was due to visit. He began to bring his washing to the house and I was the one who washed and ironed his clothes. I would help to dress Beryl and do her hair when he was due, make the bedroom ready for their fucking, pulling back the bed covers. I wanted to serve them, it became a sexual thrill. Beryl liked me to wear a flowery pinney as I worked around the house. I didn't object, in fact it seemed fitting and it added to my arousal.

They asked me to film them as they performed together and I made three copies, one for me to wank over when I was alone. Beryl was not secretive about the affair and soon all the neighbourhood knew about it. I was out with them in the local park one day when Beryl lost part of an iced lolly down her cleavage. I watched along with a number of others as Adam delved between her breasts to get the piece of ice lolly out as Beryl giggled with delight. They took pleasure in holding hands and kissing when out in public.

I wondered what Tracey thought all his goings on. When I got a chance to speak to her on her own she told me that Adam had been unfaithful to her from the start of the relationship. She smiled and turning the tables, asked me to explain what I thought.

"After all you're married to Beryl. She's fucking Adam isn't she?" I nodded sheepishly. "Aren't you angry with her? You must be jealous."

"Jealous yes, in a way, but not angry. You could say I encouraged her to do it to bring a bit of excitement back into our marriage. You see, I'm a bit submissive around Beryl. She does what she wants and I do what she wants. But now she's with Adam she's happy with his cock and not interested in mine."

Tracey laughed at this. "I've read about people like you on the internet. Hey, that gives me an idea. How about if I bring a couple of my friends round to your house when the two of them are having a night out. One of my mates is very shy and hasn't had much experience with men. We could have a bit of a laugh. What do you think?"

I was dubious about agreeing to this plan. In any case Beryl might enjoy playing away herself but might be upset if I was having fun with other women. Was some kind of sexual play involved? Were they just going to laugh at me? Maybe I might enjoy it. Tracey is a real beauty.

"Thanks for the suggestion Tracey. But I need to think about it and perhaps talk it over with Beryl. Give me your mobile number and I'll send you a text when I've made a decision."

"My, you are under her thumb aren't you? It was just a thought. I wondered if you were brave enough to take your submissive behaviour outside your marriage."

When I spoke to Beryl she was all for it but wanted to arrange things with Tracey for me, so I gave her the phone number. I didn't hear Beryl on the phone as she went into another room to make the call but caught the sound of her laughter which did nothing to reassure me and I began to wish I had turned it down from the start.

The following Saturday as Beryl was getting herself all pretty and sexy for Adam she said. "I've arranged everything with Tracey and her friends for tonight darling. They are looking forward to having a good time. You will be a good boy and do as they say won't you dear? Tracey will let me know all about it afterwards. Now I want you to put on a pair of my panties under your trousers. They will expect it and want you to show them. I thought wearing panties will make you more submissive around them."

I went beet red and told her to ring and cancel the whole thing but Beryl put on her baby voice which she knows I can't resist. I had never worn ladies panties before. I had wrapped them around my willy and wanked off with them in the past but I didn't think Beryl knew about that. Beryl made sure I put them on before she left. They felt wonderful around my balls and penis, so soft and silky causing an instant erection. Beryl smiled wickedly. She made me put my apron on as well.

Tracey arrived about an hour later than expected. She had two female friends with her and I could tell they had all been drinking. One of her friends, Avril was very overweight, wore thick lenses in her glasses and had a spotty face. I suspected that she must be the shy one. The other was younger and quite skinny. Tracey told me she was Carol, her younger sister.

The three were grinning all over their faces as they arrived which made me even more nervous about what they had in store for me.

Tracey noticed my expression. "Don't look so worried David. Why don't you bring us some drinks. We all like red wine."

I quickly obliged. Beryl was right, wearing panties was making me anxious to please. I added some nuts, crisps, crackers and chocolate biscuits in bowls. I was embarrassed because they had probably all noticed my erection.

"Thanks for the nibbles David. Come over here and sit down next to Avril." Tracey said. I was being ordered around in my own house but it was okay and I was beginning to relax a bit. I took a gulp from my glass of wine, curious to know what Tracey had in mind for the evening.

Tracey produced a pack of cards from her handbag. "I thought we might play a kind of strip poker game with forfeits. As you are the only man here you have a good chance of snogging one of us before the end of the evening; or maybe something a lot more intimate. We heard you were missing out since Beryl starting fucking my Adam. Are you up for it?"

The three women laughed out loud and my face went red. I realised the other two would know about the affair but bringing it out into the open like that was somehow different. I leaned forward to hide my erection and nodded my head. "OK, why not."

The rules of the game were rather complicated and I began to suspect that the cards were marked in some way. I was losing my clothes and so was Avril but Tracey and Carol were still fully dressed. Tracey was dealing the cards and soon I was wearing only the panties and apron. They were highly amused about my remaining items of dress although it was obvious they all knew in advance what I would be wearing. Avril, the shy one, was now naked. Her stomach and legs were even fatter than I expected but I couldn't help feeling arousal as I looked at her. She lost the next game and had to kiss me as a forfeit. She took off her thick lenses and planted her lips onto mine squeezing me to her. Tracey insisted we kiss a second time to share tongues so we did. Avril seemed to be getting into it improving her technique. I wondered how much experience she had of this kind of thing.

I lost the next game and Tracey said I had to lick Avril's pussy as a forfeit. This was no surprise and it was obvious that this had been planned all along. I could have objected as I would much rather have been pleasuring Tracey or Carol but complied. It would have hurt Avril's feelings and made no difference to the outcome. The two sisters were sat forward in their seats to watch as I knelt between Avril's legs and began to lap at her cunt.

"Do it properly David, it doesn't count unless you make her come." Tracey said, obviously relishing this scene.

I pride myself on being a good cunny licker and soon had Avril moaning and writhing under my tongue as I was cheered on by the other two. By the time she had orgasmed Avril was overcoming her shyness.

"Why don't you fuck me as well." She urged.

I stripped off my apron and panties and positioned myself on top of Avril a little reluctantly.

"Wait a minute, Beryl didn't give permission for this." Said Tracey.

But I was determined to carry on except that my erection was subsiding. Luckily Tracey started spanking my bottom telling me to get off Avril. This had the opposite effect, increasing my arousal, so that I thrust in and out of her pussy for a full half minute before spurting come all over her large belly. Tracey insisted I clean it all off with my tongue "like a proper sissy," and I did with gusto. Tracey and Carol gave me a round of applause.

The three appeared to feel that they had achieved what they came for and I got a hug and a peck on the cheek from the two sisters as they left. As Avril kissed me goodbye she pushed a card into my hand with her phone number on without saying a word.

Beryl was not pleased when she heard I had fucked Avril and I had to sleep alone for a few weeks but she eventually relented. She tells me she and Adam are trying to make a baby and if she does become pregnant my humiliation will be complete.

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