tagLoving WivesBest Birthday Ever!

Best Birthday Ever!


"So I can do anything I want to you? To both of you?"

The giggling started again. They had been giggling since I can home from work and found them, and the evidence of a full afternoon's drinking, lying on the living room floor. My wife, Alison, and her best friend, Lisa, were only just managing to stay upright, sitting on the floor with their backs against the couch. The two bottles of wine and their glasses, on the other hand, were scattered about the floor. They were drunk but they were serious.

I had to make sure.

"For the rest of the afternoon I can have both of you in any way I can think of. You, Lisa, are willing to give your body to me and you, Alison, are going to watch as I fuck another woman?"

Again the giggling, but more nervously this time.

"Listen," slurred Alison. "You know you've always wanted a threesome. You know you've fantasised about fucking Lisa -- you've told me. Well, it's your birthday. Come and get us. It's now or never."

I wasn't sure if she meant for me or for them but they both got to their feet and presented themselves in their white nurses' uniforms in front of me. Neither of them stood more than five foot four inches (and that was in their heels) but both of them had curves in all the right places. They had obviously come straight from work at the local hospital but their early finish had allowed them to open (and finish) a couple of bottles of wine for Dutch courage.

"Ok, let's see what we've got here then. Take off your uniforms." I'd better start it slowly, I thought, even though my cock was already straining to be released from the confines of my trousers.

They looked at each other, seemed to take courage from each other, and almost simultaneously opened the top button of their uniforms and began to lower the zips that ran down almost the full length of their dresses. As they reached up and pulled the uniforms off their shoulders, pulled their arms out of the sleeves and wriggled their hips to let them fall to the floor, I could already tell that they hadn't started drinking without some preparation. Alison was dressed in her white basque, white lacy knickers and white stockings attached to the straps from her basque. Lisa was a mirror image but all in black.

"Let me see you kiss each other."

They turned to each other, hesitated, then leaned towards each other and gave each other a peck on the cheek.

"Come on. If you're really going to go through with this it's going to get a lot more intimate than kissing. Alison, kiss Lisa as if you were kissing me. Lisa, kiss Alison the way you kissed me at the last Christmas party."

Lisa lowered her head in shame as she was drunk that night too and obviously thought I had forgotten about it. Alison, on the other hand, knew all about it and had always fantasised about kissing another woman (although she would rarely admit to it) and wasn't about to miss this chance. She took a step towards Lisa, lifted her face to her own, and started to kiss her strongly on the lips. Lisa in turn responded and very soon they both had their tongues in the other's mouths, their tits were squashed together, their hands were on each other's arses and their pussies were grinding against each other. Just as I wanted it -- and I didn't even have to ask.

I wasn't going to let this moment pass unrecorded. Here was my wife enjoying the beginning of her first lesbian experience and I wanted a permanent record of it. I quietly slipped out of the room and came back armed with my camera. They were so engrossed in each other that they hadn't even noticed that I'd moved and only stopped kissing when they heard the tell-tale "click" of the camera.

"One for the grandchildren," I suggested as they shamefacedly dropped their hands to their sides and took a step apart. I could see the top of both their chests were flushed with excitement but I wanted to see how far that excitement had gone.

"Turn around, bend over and put your hands on your knees."

They took one more lingering look at each other then did as I asked. Soon I was faced with two gorgeous arses covered only with tightly stretched lace. Already I thought I had died and gone to heaven -- and our afternoon had just begun -- faced with my wife's big arse that had grown steadily since the kids had arrived and her best friend's equally big arse that I had secretly lusted after since that Christmas kiss.

"Let's see who's more wet and who enjoyed kissing her best friend." I reached out from where I sat on the big armchair, gently pulled down Alison's knickers until they were rolled up like a piece of lacy rope at her knees. Her pussy looked bald from behind but I knew there was a small, shaped bush at the front. Then I reached over to Lisa and just as gently rolled down her black lacy knickers too. Here was yet another surprise. Lisa obviously didn't believe in shaving her special places and a thick rug of curly black hair could be seen coming down from her pussy all the way to her arsehole.

I just sat staring at this incredible sight; two beautiful, but very different cunts just crying out for attention and crying out to me. Again I just had to get some pictures. First, I snapped each of them individually, close up so that all I could see were their arses and hints of their pussy lips. Then I pulled back a bit and asked them each, again individually, to look round behind them so that there was no doubt whose arse we were looking at in the photo. Finally I got them to shuffle close together, side by side, and to look round so that the final picture could show both their faces and their arses on display.

I couldn't take much more of this and neither could my cock. I told them to remain in the same position, and then with one finger from each hand, I touched the whole length of each of their pussy slits and sat down.

Alison, as I knew she would be, was dripping cunt juice and jerked when I touched her. Lisa was wet but I desperately wanted to taste her cunt so I declared Alison the winner and, as a reward, she would be allowed to suck my cock. Now this was never something she wanted to do nor was she very good at it but she had obviously known that I was going to ask for this so she got down on her knees, between my legs and began to open the buckle of my belt. She could see the bulge of my rigid cock through my jeans and gave it a rub, a kiss, then returned to the job of freeing it from its confines. The button on my waistband came next and finally the zip was lowered. Alison grabbed hold of my jeans and boxers and tugged them down over my cock, which sprang out at last, down over my thighs and, finally, over my ankles and off. The pre-cum was leaking out so she started with her right hand, rubbing it all over the sensitive top and then, to my absolute amazement she lowered her head and went to work on my throbbing dick. I don't think I've ever been so hard; not only did I finally have my wife kneeling down in front of me and sucking my cock but all this was in the presence of her best friend. As Alison ran her tongue up one side of my cock and down the other I motioned to Lisa to get the camera and start snapping. This may be the one and only time in my life that I give Alison a mouthful of cum and I wasn't going to allow it to pass unrecorded. Lisa started to snap, with shots from all angles, ensuring she had a great view of Alison's full face with my cock in her mouth. Once she had got enough I told her to take off her shoes and to straddle my face with her fat, stocking-clad legs.

She looked at me quizzically as she slipped off her shoes and then the knickers from around her knees. I held her hand as she climbed up on to the armchair and placed one foot on either side of my legs.

"What are you going to do?" she asked nervously.

I looked up, past her thick bush, through the valley of her cleavage and stared at her worried face.

"I'm going to eat your cunt. What do you think I'm going to do?"

Lisa gasped and I suddenly realised that her uptight husband had never gone down on her. Alison had told me before that Lisa had been a virgin when she married and that even since the wedding sex had consisted of her husband claiming his "dues" each Friday night, in the missionary position and lasting all of five minutes.

"Relax, Lisa. I think you're going to enjoy this." I reached up, grabbed each of her huge arse cheeks in my greedy hands and pulled her hairy cunt to my face. Just as my tongue was reaching out to the first new pussy I had had since my wedding night I looked down at my cock-sucking wife to see that she was looking up at me. Our eyes met for an instant and my own lust was reflected in her. She still had her hands around my throbbing cock and its head was still firmly between her lips but she obviously wasn't going to miss the sight of her best friend's pussy being eaten by her own husband.

Just then my view of Alison's face was blocked as Lisa lowered her hairy pussy to my mouth and seemed to steel herself in anticipation. As my tongue reached out and touched her lips she almost jumped up off the chair in shock but just managed to keep herself in place. I took a firmer grasp of her arse and held her tightly to my mouth. As my licking continued her outer lips started to open and her cunt started to drip. Her dark hair didn't deter me in the least and soon she started to make small, unintelligible noises from deep within. Her cunt was now pressing hard against my tongue and I didn't have to hold her in place so I lowered my right hand, moved my tongue up to her clit and inserted a finger into her cunt. She almost collapsed on top of me as my finger entered her and my tongue lapped at her clit but she pressed hard with both hands onto the wall behind us and maintained her upright position. The more I finger-fucked her, the more I circled her clit with my hot tongue, the wetter she became and her juices ran down my hand. Her cunt started to open up and I slowly pressed another finger in. She was moaning almost continuously now but when I moved my left hand and started to tickle her arsehole she was in complete overload. She shook as if her whole body was being electrocuted and screamed in ecstasy. This time she did collapse onto my face and as I removed my fingers from her pussy she moaned over their loss.

Lisa stepped to the side and flopped down at my side. "What just happened to me?" she breathed. Alison and I looked at each other, she with my cock still between her lips.

"Well, I've just eaten your pussy and then you came," I said, matter of factly.

"You mean that was an orgasm?" she asked in hushed tones.

Alison couldn't take any more of this. "You mean you've never had one before?" as my cock was removed from her mouth but still held in her hands.

"That's never happened to me, believe me I would know. Can we do it again?"

"All in good time," I smiled. "First it's my turn."

My plump little wife had never been very good at giving blowjobs but what she lacked in expertise she more than made up for in enthusiasm, especially tonight. I had never cum in her mouth and if I waited a few more minutes then tonight would have been the night but I had something else in mind.

"Lisa, kneel behind Alison and let her rest her head in your lap." They both got into position. So did I.

I straddled Alison and lay my throbbing cock between her generous tits.

"Lisa, wrap Alison's tits around my cock." Lisa eagerly grabbed both of my wife's tits and did as she was told. I would have loved to have been able to reach the camera but I didn't want to disturb the image before my eyes. I was thrusting my dick between Alison's huge tits while both of them looked on expectantly. In no time at all I could feel my cum start to rise in my balls and I watched in delight as it splattered over Alison's face, her neck, her tits. There seemed to be more than ever before but, then again, I had never been in this position before and the amount of spunk flowing from my cock seemed to be in recognition of the fact that I had two voluptuous women waiting for it.

Eventually, I stopped and stood up.

"Lisa, clean her up". At first she wasn't sure what I was asking.

"He wants you to lick his spunk off my face and tits," said Alison, perfectly in tune with my dreams. Lisa needed no further prompts and practically dived on top of my wife and started licking. This time I was free to reach for the camera and snapped as Lisa lay on top of my wife and licked her face and tits.


This went on for a few moments then Lisa started to kiss Alison on the mouth. Her spunk-covered tongue was soon forcing its way into my wife's mouth and they swapped my cum from tongue to tongue.


I knew this was going to be a long night but the things I was seeing, the enjoyment I was having and the anticipation of what was yet to come meant I was soon hard again and ready for my next treat.

With Alison on her back, I manoeuvred Lisa round until they were in a 69 position and stepped back to "click" again. Lisa really was an innocent and didn't have a clue what she was supposed to do next so Alison reached up and grabbed her by the hips pulling her hairy cunt on to her mouth. My wife had never even kissed another woman before but she obviously intended to enjoy this as much as I and she started to rapidly lap at Lisa's slit. She, in turn, very quickly got the idea and dived for Alison's dripping, almost bald pussy.


But looking at the sight of my wife and her best friend licking each other's cunts -- I just had to join in. I moved round behind Lisa, knelt down, lifted her by her fat hips until my prick was lined up with her cunt, now dripping from Alison's attentions and her own juices.

"Alison, if you want me to fuck her then you have to put my cock into her cunt." There was no hesitation. Alison reached up, grabbed my hard cock and pushed it into Lisa's pussy. With only the first few inches in I could tell how tight she was and wondered if she had ever been properly fucked at all. She was obviously thinking and feeling the same as she stopped licking Alison's cunt and let her head and shoulders drop; she was simply lying on top of my wife with her knees bent and her arse in the air, concentrating only on the sensations radiating from her tight cunt through her whole body. This was my birthday and they had both said I could have anything I wanted so I wasn't thinking about "making love"; my only thoughts, if I had any, were that I wanted to fuck this tight hairy cunt and to fuck it hard.

Alison looked up from her position below Lisa's cunt and saw her best friend being fiercely pounded by her husband -- me! I thought it couldn't get any better until Alison lifted her head and started to lick my balls. This was too much and I hammered in and out of Lisa with a vengeance. At the same time Lisa started to feel that stirring that she had only ever felt once before (a few minutes ago, on the end of my tongue and fingers) and she started to shake and scream. The pulsing of her cunt walls around my cock was all it took to send the spunk shooting from me all the way into Lisa's sore pussy. Again, I seemed to have more cum than ever before and soon it was dripping down my cock and balls, landing on Alison's face. She simply opened her mouth and swallowed it all.

My cock finally relented and slid out of Lisa's cunt with a plop. I struggled back to my feet, my legs weak and shaky, and collapsed onto my armchair.

"Alison, come and clean my cock." So far, this whole experience was outliving even my wildest fantasies so I thought I might as well see how far I could go. Lisa lifted herself off Alison and my sexy wife got up onto her knees and crawled over to where I sat. She positioned herself between my wide stretched legs and once again lowered her face onto my cock. This time it wasn't just me she tasted but her best friend's pussy juices on her husband's cock. She loved it.

I started to realise that both Lisa and I had cum twice but Alison had still to be satisfied.

"Lisa, lick Alison's arsehole." I thought she was exhausted but she jumped to her feet at my suggestion. I thought she was innocent but she was rapidly turning into a fuck-slut. I thought I'd never get to fuck my wife up the arse but it looked as if it was about to happen.

As my cock began to stiffen for one last time I eased it out of Alison's mouth, stood up and then let her lean into the armchair, still on her knees giving her best friend easy access to her dirtiest hole. I slipped from the room while they were busy with each other and came back a few moments later to find Lisa's tongue firmly pushed up my wife's bum and Alison rubbing her clit like a machine.


I wasn't going to miss a shot like that but I had one final fantasy to fulfil. I got Lisa on to her back in the middle of the floor. Alison was placed in the classic 69 position and she didn't waste any time burying her tongue in Lisa's pussy. I handed Lisa the large vibrator that I had retrieved from the bedroom moments before and she plunged it into Alison's soaking cunt and fucked her with it. Neither of them was holding back; the picture only needed me to get into position. I knelt behind Alison, pulled her hips up so that my prick was lined up with her brown hole, still wet from Lisa's tongue. I pushed very slowly as I thought she would really struggle with this, physically and emotionally, but the two of them were locked in their own world of licking and fucking so I just went for it. I plunged my cock all the way up her tightest hole with one very hard push and this time she did react. She screamed but not in pain. With her best friend fucking her cunt with a large vibrator that she had never got used to and her husband fucking her arsehole for the very first time, Alison was instantly cumming harder than she thought possible and her whole body shook with the effect.

"Do it," she screamed. "Fuck my arse! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me!"

So I did. Her hole was tighter than her cunt had ever been and tighter than her arsehole would ever be again so I fucked her and fucked her and fucked her, harder than I had ever fucked any woman ever before. My balls, which I thought would have nothing left in them, started to tighten and I felt my spunk rise up through my cock. A few more strokes in and out of Alison's arsehole and I started to fill her bowels with my cum.

I collapsed on to her, still with my prick firmly embedded in her arse. She collapsed on to Lisa, still with her vibrator up her cunt.

"Whose birthday is it next?" asked Lisa from the bottom of the body pile.

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