Best Friend & I Go Camping


He then did something I didn't expect, he got off and pushed his tongue inside my mouth, we were now sharing his juices, it was so intense.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?"

"Not at all, I actually loved the feel of your cock as it came inside my mouth"

He put his head on my shoulders and we fell asleep.

I woke up on my side and I felt something poking my ass. Tom had maneuvered himself behind me and had oiled his cock. He was now rubbing his cock all over my ass. I went with the flow, it felt good feeling his cock on my ass, and I figured if he enjoyed getting fucked so much I might too.

I bent forward a little more to give him better access, he pushed the head into my ass, and I didn't feel as much pain as he did the night before. I was relieved. The combination of his skinnier cock and my ass muscles opening up easier made it a more pleasant experience that it was for him. Pretty soon I felt his pubes hit the back of my ass and I knew he had his cock buried deep in my ass.

God it felt good. I pushed my ass back I wanted to fuck him as much as he wanted to fuck my ass. He grabbed my hips but from that position it was hard to fuck me deep.

So I pulled out and said "follow me"

I got up and went to the bathroom leaned over the counter and told him to get behind me. He got behind me and drove his cock back into my ass. He did it so fast that I jumped, but I got want I wanted, which was to watch Tom fuck me from behind. The mirror gave me a perfect view.

Tom started to push in and pull out his cock slowly, I watched in the mirror as my best friend was fucking my ass. I was reflecting back to just two days ago and how far we had come. I just wished we had done this sooner.

He was fucking me faster now, he took a hold of my hips and was driving his cock in me, I loved the feel of his cock and now I understood what he was feeling last night. Now I gad become his cock slave.

"Oh yes Tom fuck my ass….harder Tom…. Make me feel it"

"OH damn you're hot, I love fucking your ass almost as much as I like your cock buried in mime"

"Shut up and fuck me………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

"Oh man I am getting close"

"Give it to me tom give me all your cum. I want it baby… I want your cum deep inside me"


I felt Tom Cumming, I felt his knees wobble, and I felt his cock throbbing. But best of all I felt his hot cum shooting inside me. It was so hot and he drove his cock deeper, I felt his cum deep in my bowels. It was incredible, I made sure I squeezed his cock with my ass, I wanted to drain all his cum. I must have squeezed so hard that he moaned with pleasure, His head was very sensitive and I kept squeezing it as he pulled out. He kept grunting every time I did. I turned around and smiled and said lets go back to bed.

We never left that cabin the rest for the weekend; we sucked and fucked till we were sore. On the drive back home, just before he was going to drop me off, I pulled down his zipper and blew him one last time, it was late at night and I sucked him till he came in my mouth in my driveway. I swallowed every drop; I had become his cum slave. As I licked my lips I watched him drive off, anticipating the next time I was going to have his cock in my mouth again. I waked in to the house and kissed my wife hello.

She said "How was your trip?"

"Not to bad"

"Did you catch a lot of fish"

"Oh yeah I caught a bundle all weekend."

"Where are they?"

"We fried them. That's what we ate all weekend" I smiled and headed off to bed

I hope you enjoyed it; I appreciate any feedback and please don't forget to vote.

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