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Best Friend Revenge


(Okay all, this is my first submission in almost a year. Thanks to Magicalhands for helping get me back on the saddle and to the trusted people who read it for me. Honestly, I am not saying this is the last one ever, but this was a much needed release for me after all this time. Please vote at the end and let me know if I need to do more.)

As he sprayed the cologne onto his skin, David was slightly nervous about his impending date. Susan had only been going out with him for a few weeks and as of yet, he had not arrived within the Valhalla of her bedroom. Susan wasn't loose by the world's standards, but the way his teammate Jimmy talked about her oral skills, one would think she was a superior fellatrix. However, Jimmy was known to stretch the truth a little bit, so David wasn't holding his breath. Yet he could feels his balls ache every time he thought about the picture of her face framed by her brown hair while his cock would be inserted between the gates of her ruby red lips.

As he finished putting on his slightly tight jeans, his member felt muffled. David needed to let loose in the worse way, but he knew he wanted to bid his time. Maybe if he was lucky, that night would be his sexual release. He could barely remember the last time he felt a woman on his manhood and he wanted the dry spell to end. The jeans were accessorized with a pair of black work boots and a blue polo. After all, he reasoned, it was only a movie and not some fancy dinner. Besides, Susan's best friend Margaret was going with and hopefully being occupied with her own boyfriend.

As he pulled up to Susan's dorm room, he was curious why the lights were still on in her room. Usually, Susan was always downstairs to meet him. As he walked up the stairs, he heard moaning coming from her room. He looked inside the slightly opened door and saw a very heart wrenching sight. There, his fantasy girl for the night was on her knees blowing some unknown guy. His heart sank as he walked away. The confrontation wasn't worth it, especially since he didn't see who the offending dick belonged to.

He started slowly down the stairs when a familiar voice stopped him. "David..."

He turned and saw Margaret looking down the stairs at him. Her face had the look of wanting to console on it as her lips pursed into a slight frown to them. David was not in the mood, so he started to turn before her red haired face beckoned again.


He stood there as she carefully walked down the stairs, her heels clipping on the cement. As she reached the step he was on, she looked up at his face.

"You saw, didn't you?" she asked almost consolingly. David kept quiet.

"Look, let's go somewhere more private to talk," she said as she grabbed him by his arm and started leading him down the stairs. They reached the lower landing before David looked up at Susan's window one last time. By then, her silhouetted form was in the window, as if looking out into the quad.

To say that David's heart was broken would have been like saying Hiroshima was just a small explosion. By the time David drove towards the hills where he liked to go when it was quiet, David's resolve had almost crumbled. Margaret stayed quiet, unsure of David's frame of mind. There she sat wondering if she was doing the right thing trying to console him. Although Susan was her best friend, Margaret never approved of her promiscuity or the way Margaret would be expected to cover it up. Margaret was always called the prude by Susan, especially when she tried to get Susan to go along with her to look for guys to fuck. Now, she was in the car of another man that Susan's sexual hunger drove away from her and unsure what this one would do. In the past, they spilled their guts and then left her alone. However, as Margaret casually glanced at David's jeans, she noticed his member was already erect and he may need more than just a shoulder to cry on.

As David parked his car, Margaret looked at him in the eyes. Instead of the hurt, she saw a glint of playfulness. He smiled a little before he started talking.

"How long have you known...."

"Oh, I've always known she was a slut. You just walked in at the wrong moment this time."

"This time?"

"Yeah, she started dating you a few weeks ago and when you didn't screw her the first night, she...."

"You mean she wanted me to screw her the first night?"

Margaret was surprised. Usually, every guy that tried to date Susan was in her pants within the first hour. She remembers some of the dates she saw when they didn't even leave the room. There were even times when she would have to put on her headphones to concentrate on her studies while Susan's moans echoed in from the next room. The fact that David didn't get into Susan's pants by then was a total shock.

"Yeah, what stopped you?"

David was stunned. Not only that, but his cock was aching. It was then Margaret moved.

"Okay, I know you need a release. Want to go back to your place?" She almost stopped herself from saying it. Yet, she felt compassion for him enough and also wanted to check out what he hid in his jeans.

"Fuck, why not?" David answered before he started driving towards his apartment. His dry spell might yet be over in his mind he thought.

Within ten minutes, he was already unlocking his door ad ushering the redhead inside. Margaret herself was a bundle a nerves. Before David had a chance to say anything, Margaret started talking.

"Okay, here's the deal. This will be purely for your benefit. My goal is to help you release so you can get on with your life. All I ask in return is that this does not get back to Susan. You understand?"

David's dick was thinking for him. "Okay."

Margaret looked at him. He went from someone who got hurt to a horn dog really quickly. She started removing her sweater before David stopped her.

"Okay, I know this is for my benefit, but can I make a request of my own?" Margaret lowered her sweater before answering.

"Go for it."

"I have always wanted to see what you looked like under your outfits because let's face it you are hot. Can we go into my bedroom so I can show you what I am thinking?"

Margaret was hesitant. "S-ure."

As David led her into his bedroom, she noticed how his bed was almost at waist level. As she sat upon it, he went into his closet and pulled out a small camera. Margaret almost stood up to walk away before David stopped her.

"Wait, wait, wait.....you knew she was a slut for a while, right? Well, don't you want to show her how hurtful she has been? Let me explain and then you make your decision. If you say yes, great. If not, I'll put this away and drive you home. Deal?"

Margaret was intrigued. So she looked at him. "Talk fast."

David cleared his throat. "First, a question. Did you know the guy she was blowing?"

Margaret cringed. "Y-yes."

David knew the answer to the next question, but he asked anyway. "Was it your boyfriend?"

Margaret's head dropped revealing her answer. David then spoke up.

"I propose a revenge video for those two. You do something on video and then we can either send it to them or keep it to ourselves. That way, if he tries to hook up with you again or whatever, you can make him feel bad. What do you think?"

The proposal was too convenient. Her boyfriend walked next door to ask Susan a question twenty minutes prior to David catching them and Margaret was already conspiring to break up with him when she saw them afterwards. The proposal was a little weird, but it made sense to her heart. "What do you want to record?"

David smiled. "I want to face fuck you."

Margaret was shocked. "F-f-f-face fuck?"

David started to speak again. "Yes. All you have to do is remove your sweater and bra if you want to and allow me to record me face fucking you. Then the rest will be up to you. What do you think?"

Margaret was at a loss for words. Taking his dick in her mouth and it being on his camera? He wasn't even her boyfriend. Yet, he didn't say anything about fucking her pussy or anything else for that matter and if it helped get him revenge, then perhaps it was worth a shot. She answered by pulling her sweater off of her.

"Okay, you have a deal," she answered as she slowly moved her hands behind her back and unhooked her white vanilla style bra. Her breasts were a firm B-cup and David almost drooled when she dropped it in front of her, her red hair falling naturally down and accentuating the paleness of her skin. She then lay back on the bed. Her hair fell over the edge of it before she beckoned to him.

"You need to unleash that thing before I lose my nerve," she said sarcastically. She watched as he quickly unzipped his jeans and let them fall, showing a lack of underwear. The sight of Margaret topless on his bed ready to suck his dick was almost a losing battle before he slowly turned the camera down and aimed it down his torso towards her face.

"Okay, Margaret, show Susan how you are suppose to make love to my dick," he said excitedly. Margaret reached up and took his seven inches in her palm and started to lick it a bit. It was a slow sensuous lick that David almost lost control over until she opened her mouth. Then she slowly opened her throat so David could start.

As David started slowly thrusting his hips forward, Margaret's hands were busy reaching down and started to slowly thumb her nipples. David was even more surprised. He always thought Margaret was too innocent to know how to play the sultry vixen. As he started plunging his dick into her mouth slowly, Margaret's hands slid down and began to undo her jeans before sliding a hand in and rubbing her pussy.

"Oh God!" David exclaimed as he watched this nice girl turn into his own personal porn star. The camera was quickly turned off and moved to the side before David pulled out.

"I had to stop before I shot down your throat," he said before Margaret flipped over on the bed.

"Why? Maybe I wanted you to..."she answered. "After all, maybe I want my soon-to-be-ex to discover that he went for the wrong partner tonight. "

David was stunned. The innocent Margaret who was only going to help him out was becoming a vindictive horny sex pot before his very eyes. Even though his heart and soul told him to be careful, his dick jumped before she slid onto her knees.

"You know, David, we should do a video. However, I want you to finish on my face so we can show both of them how foolish they were. My boyfriend claimed to have a big dick, but never showed me." Margaret started stroking David as she proceeded. "He has never been in my pants since we started dating. Now, he's going to see a video of your cum hitting my face. Want to keep going?"

Margaret accented her last statement with a deep throat on his dick before David felt his knees want to give. Quickly he sat down in his chair and watched as Margaret started taking him in her throat. Her strokes with her mouth were deliberate, methodical. Margaret wanted to make David cum and was not planning on stopping until she did. David looked up at the ceiling wondering how long his resolve would last before his balls began to signal their impending release. He started to stutter before Margaret beat him to it.

"Camera ready?" she asked teasingly.

He pointed it towards her as she started licking his balls. The first shot landed on her cheek before she let another hit the same spot. The rest went within her open mouth as she held it open right before the opening until his cock was spent. She then stuck her tongue out before closing her mouth and swallowing. She opened her mouth to show her before speaking into the camera.

"That could have been you, Tim. But you fucked up. Hope you whack off to this one you small dicked prick." She looked up at David's face.

"Let's send this to the bastard, and then I have a pussy that needs attention."

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