tagErotic CouplingsBest Friend Revenge Ch. 02

Best Friend Revenge Ch. 02


As David woke up from his prior evening, he was still twisted inside over the events leading to his ex's best friend lying next to him in bed. Margaret rode back with him to his apartment shortly after David saw his ex sucking off a guy in their dorm room. David's intentions were to use Margaret to get back at Susan. During the revenge portion, Margaret seemed to take on a different persona, one of a woman scorned almost. Margaret took the face fucking in stride, even talking dirty like one of those Internet porn sluts he would watch on his computer. Margaret seemed to have a wild side that David seemed keen on exploring. However, that would have to wait until later. At that moment, he had work to do. He slipped out of bed while Margaret was still dead to the world to walk into his kitchenette. A bowl of cereal and cup of coffee lately, he was deeply engrossed in thought about what the next step was until a voice caught his ears.

"Leave any for me?" she asked, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She wore one of his dress shirts partially buttoned, like a fantasy girl for sure as she stood there. David looked up and smiled.

"Coffee's hot and there's bowls in the cupboard. How did you sleep?" Margaret smiled partially.

"It was surprisingly easy. I swore I'd feel guiltier. But I don't." She grabbed the box of cereal and started to pour while turned away from David. He spied the back of her legs and noticed the absence of underwear as she stood there. He swallowed hard before speaking.

"So how do we get this stuff to Susan?" Margaret was quiet for a few moments before responding.

"Do we have to? I mean, does she really need to see me acting like a slut for you?" David was stunned.

"You're not like that really? Seriously?" David started rethinking his plans as Margaret slipped in close.

"As in I don't want her to know I can be twice the slut she is, horn dog." She kissed him on the cheek playfully before sitting and drinking her coffee. As they sat eating their breakfast, the talk was more cordial than romantic. Soon they walked back to the bedroom where Margaret took off the dress shirt briefly while finding the rest of her clothes. David took a short look at Margaret's naked form before going into his shower.

As he showered, the thoughts of the night before started flooding his thoughts. Margaret's red hair enveloped her warm face as she was taking his cock in her mouth and the look of her green eyes was sparkling in his brain. When she removed her sweater, he was mesmerized by her breasts encased in the B cups of her bra. As the water cascaded over his body, the sudden rush of cold hair roused him from his daydream.

"Are you hogging all the hot water?" the redhead quipped before stepping in. Her nipples pressed against his back for a brief moment before she reached for the soap.

"I have to wash all your scent off before you drive me back to my room. Have you thought about what you are going to tell Susan?" she asked. David was confused. The girl he ate breakfast with was less seductive than Margaret was at that moment. He thought it best to play along.

"Not really," he said as his hand slowly moved to cover his stiffening member. Margaret noticed and smiled a bit.

"Stop hiding him. Maybe I want to have fun with him before I get clean," she said as she dropped the soap. "Whoops! Looks like I'll have to get that." She was soon on her knees before David and grasping his cock with her hands.

"Could you be a dear and turn the water off? I want to taste your cock instead of water right now." Her mouth slowly encased his cock head inside as he looked down at her. Her red hair was straightened by the water and trailed behind her head as her nipples stuck out. After a few strokes with her lips, David spoke up.

"S-shouldn't we move somewhere more comfortable?" Her response was a simple deep throated lunge on his cock. David was powerless to stop her as his climax began inside her mouth, his cum shooting straight forward while her throat muscles relaxed to accept his white offering. As she swallowed one last time and looked up at him, her green eyes sparkled once more. She then stood up and turned the water back on while David leaned against the back of the stall. It was as if her lustful side was sated for the moment. David slowly opened his eyes to find Margaret soaping down her breasts.

"Took you long enough to recover. We have to hurry up," she said as she turned off the water. David looked around before she answered.

"You were out of it for a good five minutes when I walked in here. You were leaning against the wall and I didn't want to wake you up. Now stop gawking at me and get dressed. We have work to do." David had a hard time imagining that the vision he just had was made up in his head. He quickly slipped on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt before Margaret saw him.

"So, what's the plan? Are you breaking up with Susan or...?"

"What choice do I have? She was blowing guys behind my back and I am not...."

"Wait a second. Didn't you like watching me blow you last night?" David was stunned yet again.

"Yes, I enjoyed it a lot. You are sexy as hell and I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I could. Why?" Margaret smiled.

"I think you should go see her and pretend nothing happened."


"Hear me out, horn dog. Just go back and see how she is. Then, see what she does. I bet she'll blow you right then and there if you play your cards right."

"But what about..."

"Listen, last night was a rare occurrence for me. Usually, I am pretty tame and the only reason I did it was to help you. But you know you like Susan. You need to get over it and see what happens. Okay? "

David was confused again, like he was stoned or something. As he finished dressing, he found his wallet and keys before walking down to his car. His cell phone was showing three missed calls, all from Susan, when he opened the door. As he played the voicemails, Margaret sat in the passenger seat. As he heard Susan begging him to come see her, he was torn with his feelings. His common sense was telling him that he should be through with Susan. Yet, his cock wanted to feel Susan sucking him off the same way Margaret did.

The sight of the dorms in the daylight was less distracting as the sight of a silhouette in Susan's window. As he pulled to the curb, Margaret began to unfasten her seatbelt. As David was ready to undo his, Margaret stopped him.

"No, she's going to be vulnerable. You need to go home and relax while I go up and see how she is. After all, she's my best friend and I need to make sure she's all right. Okay?"

David slowly turned forward as he heard the sound of Margaret getting out of the car. As he drove back to his apartment, he had difficult time thinking. His cock still wanted Susan, but he found his heart wanting Margaret. He arrived back at his apartment just as his cell phone began to ring. He looked at the display and saw Susan's number. He chose to ignore it for that moment and walk into his place.

(Okay gentle reader, it is up to you what happens next. Does David try to hook up with his openly slutty Nicole or does he pursue the closet slutty Margaret? Send me feedback via the feedback to the author link and we'll see.)

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