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Best Friend Surprise


My freshman year in high school I met a girl I have known since and has made my life incredible.

Jane was a real free spirited, very pretty Jewish girl with fine shoulder length brown hair, a nice firm butt and a fabulous pair of tits. As the high school went on we became fast friends and along the way met Sally and Erica. Sally was an even more attractive Russian girl with wavy soft brown hair, a slim upper body small waist and the most awesome ass I have encountered to this day. Erica was a very outgoing, taller, attractive, uninhibited California girl with short brown hair, glasses and soft curvy figure.

Being a red blooded American boy I needed a girlfriend, Jane would have been my first choice but we were such good friends we talked and agreed it would have been a risk to try going out, Erica was feeling out high school at that point, into all the after school clubs and wasn't into dating at that time but she suggested I ask Sally who, truth be told, seemed to need to have a boyfriend to be happy. Well as sophomores Sally and I dated for a while until she started seeing a senior, from the start she was the upwardly social climber. But through time we dated off and on, never going all the way but still making out with Sally was a good time. Jane was always there, she was my best friend, and with Erica helped me through my romantic ups and downs as we palled around.

During our junior year one afternoon while studying in my basement, Jane and I were both in the available mode when she took my virginity. We were taking a break from the books on the couch when she asked, "So have you done it?"

I knew what she meant and said 'No'.

She gave me a wry smile, leaned forward to kiss me then said, "I figured, Sally talked a good game but she doesn't put out. Well Kurt I think you need to get the experience and I want to give it to you."

And that was my first time. Just having sex with Jane would have been a fabulous experience, a beautiful girl with an incredible body but we were such good friends and really cared about each other it was also a bonding experience which made it all the more special. And that was how our friendship continued and it was the best.

Jane and I were best friends but never exactly dated each other. We hung out with our friends, did homework and talked and had sex, which was a secret kept between the two of us. I guess it was Jane's idea that we could have sex with each other so long as one or the other of us wasn't dating someone else. Friends wouldn't be part of cheating was the argument and while it wasn't all that easy for a teenage boy to understand I accepted it.

Our senior year we both dated others off and on and I enjoyed the other girls I went out with but I do have to say an ever blossoming 38DD Jane was a dream.

At the start of the year my chemistry lab partner was Pam, a perky little cheerleader with the hottest body all of 5-2 tall and 100 pounds with long straight black hair. I never would have thought she was my type or that she would have the slightest interest in me since the previous year she was dating the studly baseball player who was class president.

But it seems that during the summer she got braces and that was a deal breaker for mister school perfect and they broke up. So when we started studying together I was just being a nice guy, having a girl as your best friend gets the message across that that works out better. Pam seemed to really enjoy that and we were quickly dating. Luckily for me that progressed to making out and then having sex so I must say high school was ending on a very high note.

Near the end of the year Pam decided she was going to go to a university in Utah of all places and with my choices limited to that city branch of the state school we ended our relationship but on very good terms.

The girl I really fell for was Erica who I had known since freshmen year but only started dating right before graduation. Erica at 5-9 was a little taller than Jane she had a great body 36D chest a narrow waist and wide hip. I always thought it was very sexy how her jeans were tight on her nice full butt while the waist band was too big and loose around her waist, we both enjoyed it when I would tuck my hand in the waistband of her jeans when we hugged, it was almost grabbing her ass.

How we got together was a little odd. Erica eased back on the school activities and we were hanging out a lot when I just asked her, "What would you think about dating me?"

She laughed which I didn't take as a good sign but then she said, "I thought that was what we were doing." Then she hugged me, rubbed my back as we were nose to nose and said, "If we get the first kiss out of the way we can move to having sex if you're game for that."

I put my arms around her waist and kissed her, Erica took my head in her hands kissing me back with her tongue twirling in my mouth. And we got it on.

Erica was still unique. Everything and I mean everything, would be great for 6 or 7 weeks and then she'd get moody, say she needed her space and give me the old 'it's not you it's me' bit and we'd break up. If I didn't know Erica I would have been upset but she searched for different things when we started high school and it seemed as though she didn't want to get pinned down without having the chance to explore. So we did the break up bit, I let her do her thing and in a month she would want to make up, with the great make up sex and things went back to great.

By the Christmas break that first year of college there were some changes in Jane that I sensed and some I really didn't even notice. In those periods where Erica and I broke up and we were both unattached and in the mood, Jane and I still had great sex. What I did notice was that Jane still had the most incredible body, her legs remained firm, her ass high and tight and her breasts grew progressively and incredibly. By the time our senior year began she was a mouthwatering 38EEE. Which is about the time I discovered what I had been oblivious to was that Jane seemed to keep getting her hair cut shorter until it was actually shorter than mine and mine wasn't all that long, her jeans were as tight as ever and she had the ass for tight jeans and her wardrobe was dominated by flannel shirts.

It was the most shocking day of my life. We were in Jane's bed taking a break for air. Her parents were gone for the day. Jane climbed up sat on my stomach and said, "Kurt I've got to tell you something very important." So I listened, "I have come to the realization that I am a lesbian."

To say the least I was shocked and it took a while for me to comprehend what Jane had said, what it meant and how it affected me but did so before I spoke. "Jane, you've been my best friend." I said stroking her thighs, "And no matter what I want you to know I will never want that to change, I'm there for you, I'll support you and always be there for you. I guess this means we won't be doing this anymore but you are the best lover I have ever had and I'll never forget the times we shared."

Jane looked at me smiling then leaned down putting my face in her ample cleavage and tit hugged me, "That's why I love you so much, but we'll still have sex silly."

I must have had a look on my face that was as puzzled as I was, lesbian, would mean sex with women not men like me. "Oh Kurt our making love is the ultimate way of expressing the closeness of our friendship. Having sex is our way of showing the love and support we have for each other as the most important person in each other's life. I'd never want to end that."

I may be a dumb guy and I knew what I heard and it didn't make any sense but it quickly registered, Jane now a lesbian, we still have sex, all is good so who am I to try to make sense of it. And we spent the remainder of the afternoon fucking our brains out.

And my life went on from there.

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