tagRomanceBest Friend's Birthday Gift

Best Friend's Birthday Gift

byB.B. Monroe©

The guys had taken her out for her 25th birthday. She was feeling down about being "so old" but they saw in her what she couldn't. She was a 5'9'' slender girl with long brunette hair down her back and tight jeans on her round ass. And to top it all off, she just was just like one of the guys.

She had agreed to have a couple of drinks but she didn't want to stay out too late because she was going to go back to her place for the night to sleep it off. She wanted to give them the opportunity to take some party favours home from the bar for themselves. But things got out of hand…

Midways through the second band, they left her at the bar to pick up more friends, saying they'd be right back. After an hour had passed, she started drinking more. She just sat there at the bar and drank glass after glass after glass, hoping they'd show back up soon. She looked at the guy sitting a few chairs over and tried to imagine what it'd be like to get up and go seduce him. She remembered his hot friend from earlier and her thoughts went south from there.

She stood up, walked over to him, and whispered in his ear, "It's too bad your friend left because I was gonna fuck him."

He turned to look up at her and smiled. "Well I'm sure he'll be back," was his reply. She slid in between his legs and leaned in closer.

"Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky instead," she whispered as she slowly ran her finger along her bottom lip and stared at him innocently. She looked down as she ran her other finger slowly up his inner thigh.

She looked up at the bartender walking their way and asked for another drink. Then she went to sit back down in her chair and drank through the entire next band that played. The guy sat there a little stunned but didn't say anything. Her guys showed back up shortly with friends in tow and they went to play drinking games while shooting pool. She was getting drunker by the hour and wasn't able to keep up with them no matter how determined she was to try.

She took a break from the game and went back to the bar for another shot. The cute guy from earlier was still there and his friends had come back after all. She put one hand on the bar to steady herself and smiled over at them. She took her shot, thanked the bartender, and headed their way. She put her hand on the shoulder of the guy closest to her and whispered, "If you guys hadn't come back, your friend here might have gotten lucky."

He smiled up at her and said, "oh, we can leave, ya know."

They were all laughing and cutting up and she moved to the middle of the group. She was too drunk to be shy about being the center of attention and she was loving every minute of it. She started telling raunchy jokes and emphasizing the "good" parts with her hands. She'd tease the guys one by one by placing a hand on an arm here or on a leg there and she'd act all seductively by leaning over the bar to reach for her drink or fiddling with her necklace that hung down just above the first closed button on her shirt. She even demonstrated the correct way to take a body shot with the female bartender and they French kissed before she left to go serve more drinks. At some point one of the guys nearest her had placed his arm behind her back to keep her steady because she was starting to sway.

Her best friend came over and pulled her aside politely. "You're making an ass of yourself. You're out of line and that's no way for a lady to act," he said to her in harsh tones. She looked at him enraged and ready to take a swing. She struggled to make him let go of her arm and she felt herself getting nauseous. She put her free hand to her mouth and turned for the bathroom and he let her go. She was in there throwing up for the better part of an hour and one of his buddies had to carry her to the car.

When they got back to her best friend's apartment, she fell to the ground and proceeded to throw up more. Afterwards, the same buddy carried her upstairs and laid her in the bed before going back downstairs to pass out on the sofa. She couldn't open her eyes from the pain but she could hear what was going on as she laid there face down on the bed. Her best friend was on the phone canceling his date he had planned for that night after her departure since she'd had come back with him after all. He then undressed from his bar clothes and laid down on the bed next to her to get some sleep.

A few minutes later she felt sick again and rushed to bathroom. She stood there with her head down and felt that she had wasted her birthday and ruined her friends' night. She felt like she had embarrassed herself in front of everyone at the bar and couldn't face them again ever. She sighed and went to brush her teeth. She took off everything that smelled like the bar, hoping it would help her forget the night, and climbed back in the bed.

She laid there staring at the parts of the ceiling above her that she could see in the dark and she felt the tears well up in her eyes. What had she done? She climbed back out of the bed and started to get dressed. Her best friend looked up at her and said, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"I'm going home, " she said to him through the tears. He came over to her and she couldn't help but stare at his gaping boxers. Not that she could see anything but it was a bad habit she had. He grabbed her arm again and she jerked away. But she realized she was still drunk and unsteady as she fell to the ground.

She started to get up again but he knelt down and started shaking her with a hand on each arm. "Snap the fuck out of it. I'm not going to let you go out and kill yourself. Do you think I want that on my conscious if you don't make it home?" he was shouting at her. She sat there, half dressed and fighting him with everything that she had left. The tears fell harder and she started to shake. He pulled her to him, put one hand in her hair and the other behind her back and started rocking. He was "shhh"ing in her ear and saying that everything was going to be ok. She gave in and let it all out. She sat there in his arms and felt his fingers in her hair. And she knew she loved him more than ever at that moment. He had taken her at her most vulnerable and had made her feel the safest she'd ever felt.

She pulled away slightly and looked up at him. He took the hand out of her hair and wiped away the warm tears on her cheeks. She closed her eyes and turned into his cool palm. They were so close she could feel his heart beating and his breath on her face. She turned to him and kissed him softly on the lips.

He kissed back and their bodies pressed closer together. The kiss was getting more and more intense and his hand returned to her hair. The other pressed into her back and pulled her closer to him. His tongue traced lightly on her bottom lip and she nibbled on his upper lip. They teased for a few minutes, smiling at each other in the dark and then he tilted her head to the side as he kissed lightly down her neck and over to the top of her shoulder.

His hand moved the strap to her cami off of her shoulder and he nestled his face in closer to her. She could feel his breath on her neck. She ran her fingers up his back and dug her nails softly into each shoulder. She let out a soft sigh and he continued to nibble and then blow lightly, teasing her with the warmth and then the chills. He moved his hands to the front of her cami and unbuttoned it slowly as he traced kisses from her shoulder to the v in the front of her neck. Her head fell back and her hair trickled slowly down her back between her shoulder blades. He slid the cami off of her body and ran his hands up her back until he reached the ends of her hair and pulled her closer to him. Her breasts were crushed against his chest and his mouth was crushed against hers. The intensity and fire with the kisses that followed was enough to take her breath away.

Her hands moved slowly down his back to the top of his boxers. She slid her fingertips into the waistband and traced across his back. He slid his hands down her back and under her bottom and lifted her up onto the bed. He stood there and looked down at her wearing nothing but a pair of white lace panties and he felt his erection grow. She was all laid out like a Playboy centerfold with her hair spread behind her slightly turned head, a slight blush in her cheeks, and eyes looking up at him underneath those long, black lashes. One hand traced her bottom lip with a couple of fingers; her mouth slightly open in an innocent smile. Her small breasts puckered from the cool air and her legs fell slightly open. The other hand with its first finger crooked was beckoning him to join her on the bed.

He shook his head and smiled down at her. He slid his boxers to the floor and stepped out of them. She licked her lips unintentionally at the sight of him in all of his glory. All of his glory. He leaned onto the bed and reached towards the waistband of her panties. He traced his finger down her stomach and stopped just at the edge of the lace. He slid one, then three fingers under the fabric and moved his other hand slowly down her side and across her belly to meet the first one. He separated them slightly and then pulled the flimsy fabric from her body. The panties moved like water down her legs and he dropped them to the floor.

Her legs opened wider as he moved up onto the bed in between them and he could see the apex of her thighs glistening in the low light. He licked his lips and slid his hands underneath her thighs. Then he dove right in. She giggled at the first touch of his tongue to her lips. It traced slowly up and down and then he would move to kiss the inside of her thigh and then back and then over to the other thigh. He teased her over and over until she squirmed and he had to hold her steady by tightening his grip. Her hands were in his hair, pulling him closer into her soft, wet sex. He moved his hand up to separate the lips and inserted a finger slowly into the budding hole. He moved it slowly in and out and in and out, quickening his pace and then slowing it back down again.

And then without any warning to her, he leaned back down and twirled his tongue around her clit before biting down and sucking on it. She screamed out a moan and her hands flew to her hair. He continued on, adding another finger and quickening his pace. She orgasmed and he felt her tighten around his fingers while her thighs shook slightly… and he smiled.

He placed his hands on either side of her body as she was coming back down from the release and kissed slowly from the top of her landing strip up to her neckline. Her legs lifted slightly as she moved her hips up to invite him in. He looked down at her and leaned in for a kiss. He took her breath away as the passion exploded from the both of them. He slowly lowered himself closer to her without breaking the kiss and she put her hands on his bottom. Then he lowered his hips and she guided him in.

He slowly rocked, moving his tip along the outside of her, teasing her, before slowly sinking into her warmth. He nestled his face down onto her neck and sighed softly. He sat still for a moment just letting her envelope him and marveling at how tight she felt hugging every bit him inside of her. He slowly started rocking his hips and then proceeded to kiss her again. They played a game of kissing and pulling away and kissing and pulling away all the while that their hips slowly rocked apart and together in a slow rhythm.

He propped himself up with his hands and pulled up just to the edge of her opening. She gasped and looked up to him, almost pleading for him to enter her again. He started in slightly and then pulled up. He started in slightly and then pulled up again. He did it a third and a fourth time until she was squirming with desire and then he plunged back into her as far as he could go. She moaned and pulled him to her and buried her mouth into his. He rocked a few times and started the game all over again.

This time instead of ending it with a kiss, he kept thrusting with full force and didn't stop. Over and over again he plunged into her. Her body was rocking and her breasts were bouncing excitedly. She griped the sheets and moaned. He lifted her legs up into the air and leaned up onto his knees. And then he plunged faster. "Harder, Harder," she screamed almost breathless. And then her entire body shook as she screamed, "Oh, yes, Yes, YES!" and then his name was just a soft murmur on her lips as she lost herself in the orgasm.

She was so tight around him, every muscle clenched, waiting for her release, that he couldn't hold on anymore. He felt his body shake and then he felt himself pour out into her. He felt out of control as he held on tightly to her legs. He kept plunging out of sheer will as the orgasm ripped through his body. His breath caught in his throat and a moan escaped his lips as his head tilted backwards and his back arched. He felt her relax her grip on him and he fell towards her, spent.

Her arms came up around him and he released her legs to catch himself before he crushed her. Both were out of breath, their chests heaving, sweat trickling down his face, and her eyes all aglow. He leaned down to kiss her as she wiped the sweat from his brow and she met him with a graceful and loving reply. He moved from above her and laid down onto his back.

She moved over to him and propped herself up on her elbows. She looked down at him and smiled as he put an arm around her, placed the other behind his head, and smiled back. She blushed and looked away. Then she looked back at him and batted her eyelashes and giggled like the little vixen that she was. He pulled her down and kissed her, running his fingers through her hair. They broke the kiss and she set her head onto his chest and snuggled next to him. She felt his warm arm moving down to hold her close and safe. She pulled the sheet up to cover them and whispered, "Good night."

He kissed the top of her head and said quietly, "Happy Birthday."

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