tagToys & MasturbationBest Friends Ch. 02

Best Friends Ch. 02


This is a sequel to "Best Friends" published earlier in the anal section. If you do not enjoy reading about a woman screwing a man in the ass, don't bother to read this story. To those that like this genre, I hope you enjoy. Your comments are welcome and appreciated, as are your top votes.


It's been six months since the first time my wife, Ellen, allowed her best friend, Sarah, to pummel my ass with a strap-on. During those months, I have had the pleasure of having Sarah repeating the act no less than a half dozen times. Each time was pretty much the same- I got tied up, spanked and screwed by both women. Ellen's rules that I could not touch Sarah and Sarah could not have access to my cock, remained intact and that was just fine with me. Given that, when Ellen told me Sarah was going to be joining us for dinner, and "dessert" last night, I prepared myself for the same.

Within a few minutes of getting home from work, Ellen gave me an enema, and as soon as the magic potion had performed its duty and I was cleaned out, Ellen shoved a rubber butt plug in me and sent me off to shower. My wonderful wife and I were able to share a glass of wine while we were waiting for Sarah to arrive and the plug to stretch my sphincter. The evening had all the appearance of a quiet, normal evening- until Sarah arrived.

Of course, the women had the evening all planned, and since I was just "an accessory", they saw little need to request my input. No, this was their evening, and I was expected to dutifully oblige any and all their demands. As soon as Sarah arrived, I assumed my role of slave and toy.

My first duties were to help Sarah remove her jacket and get her a glass of wine. The first indication that this evening was going to be different from our previous encounters was that the two women were both dressed in short sundresses, and it didn't take me long to realize that neither was wearing underwear, and Sarah was holding a video tape. Since I did not know what they had intended for the evening, my imagination took over, and being completely naked, my excitement became immediately evident.

As soon as both women were served wine, I was instructed to get on my knees at the end of the coffee table and lay my chest down on the top. Once I was "in position", the ropes came out. My thighs were tied to the legs of the table, a rope was wrapped around the table and over my back, and secured tight enough that I could not raise or turn my head. My arms were tied to the legs on the opposite end. The result was that I was completely immobilized, with my face pointing toward the television, my cock, and balls were exposed between the legs of the table, and my ass stuck up in the air, and completely available to their whims. When Ellen and I had purchased the table, this was not something we considered in making the decision, but it was the perfect height and length for me to be comfortable.

The women inspected their work. They stood over me in front of my face in such a way that with my peripheral vision I was able to look up their dresses at their naked, hairy crotches. It was a beautiful sight. Their final act was to stuff a pair of Ellen's dirty underwear in my mouth.

Ellen walked around behind me and removed the rubber butt plug she had inserted in me earlier, and replaced it with our large acrylic plug. This one was my favorite since the part stuck in me was fat, and long, and a good six inches of it remained outside, to be used as a handle for anyone that wanted to grab it, and play. I moaned through the gag, as the plug entered me, was withdrawn and inserted again.

It had been well choreographed, because throughout the entire procedure, they hadn't said a word to each other. Once they were confident that I was secured (not that I had any intention of escape), they left the room, and me to my thoughts.

There are a number of reasons why I enjoy being tied up, not the least of which is the complete loss of control. Most people that know me would consider me a control freak, and under most circumstances they would be correct. Perhaps that is the reason why, from time to time, I thoroughly enjoy giving up control to my beautiful wife in such a perverse way. Originally, Ellen reacted timidly to my requests to be rendered helpless, but as time has gone by, she has become bolder, and more creative.

After many long minutes (time stands still when your thoroughly bound), I heard Ellen and Sarah talking, and laughing as they re-entered the living room. Sarah squatted in from of me, allowing me a fantastic view up her skirt. Despite the fact we had played this game a number of times, this was the first time I had really ever seen her sex. While she had one of the furriest mounds I had ever seen, her pink, swollen vaginal lips and clitoris were plainly visible.

In her hands she was holding the videocassette and a very long, very thick, European cucumber.

She held the video's jacket in front of my face so that I could read it. The title was, "Two Bi-Guys and a Girl."

"We are going to watch this tape for a while. I hope you don't mind." Sarah said with a slight sadistic tone in her voice. "Then we are going to use this," she held up the cuke, "on you."

I can't say that I was really thrilled with the video selection. Granted I truly enjoyed getting a good ass fucking at the hands of a woman with a lifeless object, but the thought of watching two guys was not my idea of a good time. I was in little position to object and I could always close my eyes. This evening wasn't about what I wanted- it was about what the women wanted, and apparently they thought they would like watching two men getting it on as much as I enjoyed watching two women getting it on.

I do know, however, that my eyes grew wide when I had a close up view of that cucumber. It was at least eighteen inches long and two inches in diameter. It was bigger than anything I had ever had stuck up my ass. Just the thought of it made my cock grow harder and the precum was beginning to flow.

Ellen gave my cheeks a very hard slap, and since I couldn't see it coming, it startled me. "You're gooing all over the carpet!" She exclaimed just before spanking me three more times and placing a towel under my drooling prick.

Sarah grabbed the end of my plug and worked it in and out of me a few times before Ellen pushed the "play" button on the remote.

I could not see either of the women, but from their voices I could tell that Ellen was sitting in the chair directly behind my exposed ass and Sarah was sitting next to her on the end of the couch. They chatted while waiting for the movie to cue up. Once the feature began, they both fell silent.

The plot of the movie was simple- how many ways can two guys and a girl pleasure each other. With three mouths, three anuses, two dicks, one pussy, a strap-on, a double-ended dildo, and various other toys, the possibilities were endless. In an effort not to disappoint the viewer, the two men and the woman put themselves into every conceivable position. In one amazing scene, the girl had a large vibrator stuck in her pussy and was doing one guy's ass with a strap-on, while the other guy was screwing her in the ass and he had most of the double-ended dong stuck in his ass. The guy being plugged with the strap-on was yanking on his enormous cock. The three of them writhed in unison until all apparently came in a crescendo of screams, flying semen, and vaginal secretions.

Occasionally, one of the women would play with my plug or slap my ass. During one scene where the girl was driving the large double-ended dildo up one of the guy's ass, Ellen said, "You see that honey? That's what we are going to do to you!"

I saw it, of course, as well as everything else the "actors" where doing to each other on the TV.

The air in the room was filled with the sounds of sex, and not all of it was coming from the TV speakers. On at least two occasions, I heard Sarah groan as she rubbed herself to climax in response to the stimulation provided by the movie. I had seen her masturbate before. In my mind's eye, I saw her sitting in the chair, head back, eyes closed and her fingers feverishly stoking her clit. If Ellen had seen fit to pleasure herself, she either did it quietly or her moans were drowned out by the sounds coming out of the TV.

The heavenly, musky scent of the two aroused women filled my nostrils and added to my arousal. By the time the movie was over, a constant stream of precum was flowing from my penis, my balls and prostate felt like they were ready to explode and my cock was so hard it ached. While the women were able to relieve themselves, I was not, and my need for release was approaching urgency.

Ellen noticed the large pool of sticky goo puddled beneath my weeping dick. "I see you enjoyed the movie," she said standing behind me. She began manipulating the phallus in my ass. She stopped when she realized that the stimulation was going to make me come. "Not yet, baby," she said softly. "We're not finished with you yet." I was almost relieved when she pulled the plug from my ass, but then I remembered what was coming next.

I felt the cold, well lubricated end of the cucumber come in contact with my anus. I wasn't sure who was in control of the large invader, but it mattered not. Despite the fact that my sphincter had been well stretched, the cucumber was larger, much larger, than either of the butt plugs, and it took several attempts before my body accepted it. The girth of the vegetable filled my bowels and placed additional pressure on my over excited prostate. I couldn't be certain how much of the cucumber had been inserted, but I think I was now holding half of it's length. Whichever of the women was inserting it must have realized that any manipulation would have sent me over then edge, so they just left it there.

Ellen moved around to the side of the table I was facing and squatted in front of me. The back of her dress, and pubic hair was soaked with her own juices, and her clitoris and vaginal lips were engorged and protruded more than I had ever seen.

She pulled the balled, saliva soaked panties from my mouth. Her eyes were soft and loving. "Enjoying yourself?"

I moistened my lips and tongue. "Yes, and you?" I matched her loving look.

"We're going to untie you now," Sarah was already untying my leg restraints. "Sarah and I still need to come before you do. As soon as we are both satisfied, I'll take care of you. Do you think you can hold it?" I nodded.

Sarah held the cucumber in place, while I stretched my legs and arms. I was instructed to stay on my knees and move away from the table. I stayed on all fours and slid over a couple of feet from the table.

Ellen lay down in front of me, and pulled up her dress. "I want you to lick me, and make me come." She grabbed the side of my head, and pulled it into her sopping crotch. My tongue went to work immediately.

While I was focused on drinking the nectar of love from my wife's love-hole, Sarah was behind me. I felt the cucumber move as more pressure was applied to it, but I obviously couldn't see what she was doing- it didn't matter, it felt wonderful! It wasn't until I felt her butt cheeks press firmly against my own that I realized Sarah had inserted the other end of the cucumber into her vagina, just like what we had seen on the movie. After she had settled on her end, she lowered her torso so that her nipples were brushing against the soles of my feet.

Sarah's actions had distracted my attention away from Ellen's clitoris, but Ellen grabbed my hair and reminded me of my task. I inserted a couple of fingers into my wife's vagina and began probing. When my fingers found the tiny ridges that denoted her G-spot, Ellen moaned her approval. I pulled Ellen's clitoris into my mouth and gently flicked it with my tongue. Again, Ellen moaned. With the hand she had rested on the top of my head, she pulled my face harder into her sex.

In the meantime, Sarah had settled her breasts in such a way that when I "fisted" my toes, I was squeezing her firm, erect nipples. She turned on a vibrator and pressed it between her pussy lips, and slowly began to rock her hips. The vibrations passed through her vagina into the vegetable and into me. Her rocking motion placed additional pressure on my "G-spot". I nearly lost it right then, but I concentrated on the ministrations I was giving Ellen, and the milking my toes were giving Sarah's nipples.

Sarah moaned. Ellen moaned. I licked, and squeezed my toes.

Sarah moaned louder. Ellen moaned and I felt her thighs tighten against the side of my head. The muscles in my scrotum tightened, as my testicles were about to release their heavy load.

It happened for the three of us at the same time. Both women screamed their pleasure in unison and the first contraction of my prostate sent a large stream of my semen onto the floor. My own scream of ecstasy was lost inside my lovely wife's drenched cavern and my toes clenched Sarah's nipples with an iron grip.

Ellen held my face firmly against her convulsing, squirting vagina. Sarah bucked her hips against the cucumber, driving it deeper into both of us. Another stream exploded from my cock.

The sequence repeated itself three more times, before we all collapsed- satiated and exhausted.


After we all got cleaned up, we had a glass of wine, and ate. As was usually the case following one of our exploits, we shared few words. We were three contented people enjoying the after-glow of intense, satisfying sex- reliving the wonderful moment in our minds. Of course, if we ever needed reminding of that wonderful evening, we could always watch the video Ellen made of the event.

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