tagIncest/TabooBest Friends Ch. 02

Best Friends Ch. 02


As she stood in her son's doorway, she could not believe what she just watched. Roni, Jeremy's mom, had just gotten home from her date. As she walked upstairs to her bedroom, she heard noises from her son's room, so she decided to investigate. When she cracked open the door, the last thing she expected to see was her son receiving a blow job from his best friend.

As she watched Pat lick the cum off his lips, she suddenly became aware that her fingers were now in her soaked pussy. She snuck away to her room as quietly as possible so the boys would not hear her.

The next morning when they came downstairs for breakfast, Roni could not look at them without thinking of what she saw the night before. Shamefully, lustfully, she had to see more.

Roni was young when she had Jeremy, just 20 years old. So while her son was becoming a man at the age of 18, she was still just 38 and had the body of a younger woman. At 5'6", she was extremely proud of the flat stomach and shapely legs that she had maintained through years of running. Her 36B chest, while not the largest in the world, still received plenty of attention from men her own age, and younger. She especially enjoyed it when she felt the eyes of her son's friends on her. It was a guilty pleasure. And she definitely had noticed how often Pat's eyes moved her way.

She decided then and there that she needed to see more of these two together. And that she would have to become a participant as well. So when the boys asked if Pat could stay over for another night, of course she agreed.

She spent the day trying to wear as skimpy clothing as possible. While the boys played basketball out back, she came out in a bikini to get a tan. While they watched TV in the basement, she walked through only in her bath towel because she "forgot something in the laundry room." And while they all ate dinner, she made sure to wear a short skirt and the lowest cut shirt possible.

Her plan was working. Each time she walked by, she could feel Pat staring at her. She swore she even noticed her son check her out.

Soon it became late and the boys headed up for bed. Once Roni was convinced the boys wouldn't leave the room for the night, she snuck to the door, leaned in, and listened. She was just in time.

"Dude, I know I have said it before. And I know you hate hearing it. But your mom is so fucking hot," said Pat.

"Maybe I'm extra horny after last night," said Jeremy, "but I was even checking her out tonight. I know its wrong, but I couldn't help it." Roni smiled. Her plan had worked!

"Well, if you are getting turned on by your own mom, then you need a blow job worse than I do. Pull your shorts down."

And with that, Pat got down on his and watched his best friend pull out his cock a few inches from his face. He didn't need to be told what to do from there. He opened his mouth and slipped Jeremy's cock head into his lips.

He began by just taking a little of the cock, still getting used to the feel of a dick in his mouth in just his second blow job. But soon, as the saliva lubed the dick, and Jeremy's hips thrust more, he was soon taking nearly the entire 7 inches in each swallow.

Jeremy closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of his best friend's mouth; the best feeling he had ever had. But he suddenly felt another presence in the room.

"Oh, shit!" he yelled as he opened his eyes. As both boys looked on, Jeremy standing, Pat on his knees, both hard as rocks, they noticed Roni standing there watching them, naked herself.

"Don't stop guys. I was enjoying the show."

They both looked in disbelief. They couldn't move.

"I'm serious, Pat, start sucking Jeremy's cock again. Don't make me call your parents. I doubt your father would approve of this."

Pat thought for a second, turned his head, and took the dick back in his mouth. Jeremy had been close to cumming before and, even with his own mother watching, it didn't take long to get there again.

Roni fingered her clit and urged them on. "Oh yeah, that's it, suck my son's cock. Take the whole thing. Feel it slide down your throat and back up. Make him cum. I want to see my son fill your mouth with his cum. Suck my son's cock, Pat."

It was too much for Jeremy and soon he was shooting his load in Pat's mouth for the second time in as many nights. Pat greedily sucked every last drip of cum from Jeremy's cock. It was only his second blow job, but Pat had quickly learned that he loved the taste of cum.

Roni then took control of the situation. She was going to make sure the night didn't end there.

"Pat, lay down." He did. "Jeremy, it's your turn to return the favor. Get down and suck his cock." He did. Jeremy started to suck, but he was noticeably nervous about it. Now that he had shot his load, he wasn't sucking with the same wild abandon as Pat had or that he had done the night before without an audience.

"Apparently, someone needs lessons on how to suck a cock," said Roni. "Luckily, your mother is here to teach you this, just as I have taught you so many other things over the years."

Quickly, Roni was on her hands and knees and began sucking. Pat looked down at her in amazement. The woman whom he had fantasized about since started to find women attractive was giving him a blow job. Soon, the two began passing the cock back and forth. Pat was getting blown by his best friend and his mom. He was in heaven as he watched their heads bob up and down.

Pat felt his cum raise from his balls and just as Roni took the shaft back in her mouth, Pat yelled, "I'm cumming!" and exploded in her mouth. She kept sucking to make sure it was all out of his cock. It felt different somehow, like something was swishing around his cock. Roni leaned over and gave her son a kiss, the first open mouth kiss they had ever shared. As she pulled away and he saw a string of liquid pulling between their lips, Pat realized why it felt differently. Roni had not swallowed Pat's cum and had just swapped some into Jeremy's mouth. She then leaned over the other way, kiss Pat, and deposited the rest of his cum in his own mouth.

Pat swallowed it and said, "Wow! That was amazing!"

Roni looked at them both and said, "Boys, the night has just begun. You are mine now and will do anything I want. And I do mean anything! I hope you're both ready..."

To be continued...

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