tagRomanceBest Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever


Tony Harris sat of the beach with his buddy, Jim Gallagher. They'd just finished surfing a few sets and were watching the other surfers. The sun was about an hour from setting, and the light gleamed from the ocean's surface like a million flickering fires.

"Take a look at that babe," Jim said, pointing to one of the surfers. She had a rocking body and wasn't wearing the familiar wetsuit, but a bright yellow bikini instead. The sunlight gleamed on her long limbs, and she had the look of a long time surfer, fit and slender, with lean muscle. Tony nodded.

The girl finished her ride and walked to the beach through the small breakers, her yellow short board under her arm. Jim blew out a breath when she stopped a few yards away and planted her board. She picked up a towel from the sand and toweled her hair vigorously, her firm breasts jiggling pleasantly.

"Bra," Jim said quietly, "take a look at those tits! I could die happy with my face buried in those. And that body, those legs! Man, I gotta meet that girl."

She finished toweling and shook out her long, dirty blonde hair, the wet, ropy strands falling to her shoulder blades. She looked at the boys then and smiled coquettishly, her light blue eyes sparkling. "Fucking goddess," Jim whispered.

She threw her towel over her shoulder and hefted her board under her arm, beginning the trek up to the parking lot. She was looking at the well muscled bodies of the boys and smiling, having always enjoyed the look of a fit, muscular body in board shorts. "Hey Tony," she said as she passed, her voice soft and kittenish.

Jim turned to watch her go, amazed that his friend knew the hot girl. Her hips swayed seductively as she negotiated the sand, her firm, round ass barely covered by her low-rise bikini bottom. "Fuck, Tony! You know that girl?"

Tony was still looking out across the surf at the other surfers. He smiled, not looking at Jim or the retreating beauty. "Yeah," he said, "That was Erin."


Tony had been thirteen when he'd met Erin Bradshaw, on the first day of seventh grade. He'd just moved to the small beach community from Austin, and the few kids he'd met had quickly nicknamed him Tex, because of his accent. He had been small for his age, and not very intimidating. He hadn't grown into his face, and it looked like his nose and jaw were too big. His eyes were dark, almost black, like the short curls on his head.

He'd gone into his Science/Biology classroom and taken a seat near the back of the first row of large, black topped tables. Seated directly across from him was a girl with honey tanned skin and straight blonde hair with streaks of darker brown. She had boobs! She was talking to the girl who sat next to her, a short, kind of dumpy girl with glasses who's only purpose on Earth seemed to Tony to be to make the other girl look even more angelic.

"Hi, I'm Tony," he said to the blue eyed beauty when she turned to face him. She wore a yellow shirt with lace around the sleeves and collar. She giggled and her nose wrinkled when she said, "You sound like a cowboy."

Tony felt his ears get hot, and the girl said, "I'm Erin, and this is my friend Valerie." Valerie looked at Tony disinterestedly, supremely unimpressed.

"I'm pleased to meet you," Tony said as a broad smile lit up his face, and Erin giggled again.

"I like you," she said, and then turned back to resume her conversation with Valerie.


Erin had barricaded the door to the instrument room. It smelled of rosin and leather, from all of the instrument cases, and she leaned hard on the door with both palms flat against the pressed wood.

She'd gotten used to the boys snapping her bra straps, even copping a feel once in a while, but Jonny and Earl were bad news. They liked to grab her an pin her between their tall bodies, grabbing her and sometimes hurting her. They'd chased her into the Band/Orchestra room and had trapped her there. She could hear them pacing outside the door, and jumped whenever one of them punched it.

"What'cha doin'?" she heard a familiar drawl outside, in the main classroom. She'd made friends with Tony, the new boy she sometimes called Cowboy a year and a half before. He was really cute, and he'd grown almost a foot in the last six months and was starting to get kind of cute.

She knew he liked to look at her because she caught him looking often, but Tony wasn't creepy about it like some boys were. They'd look away or pretend they weren't looking. Tony would just smile and wave to her, his friend. She thought about his smile and felt the fluttery butterflies in her tummy, and smiled herself.

"We've got a girl in there and we're gonna have some fun," Jonny's voice said.

"Leave her alone," Tony said, his voice cracking and rising.

"You can have some too," Earl's deep voice said, "when we're finished." Tears filled Erin's eyes. She turned and leaned her back against the door.

She heard the sound of a scuffle and someone shouted, then there was a crash and someone screamed. Oh no! Erin clawed at the lock on the door. They were hurting Tony! She pulled the door open and rushed into the classroom, stopping short and looking around.

The black metal music stands had been knocked over and the far door stood open. Sitting on the piano seat was Tony, and he was smiling at her softly. His mouth was bleeding, but he didn't seem to notice. She ran to him and touched the split on his lower lip, her butterflies swirling and raging within her. Her arms closed around him and she hugged him hard.

Jonny had gotten a black eye and Earl had lost a tooth in the brawl, and while neither was particularly friendly to either Tony or Erin, neither of them ever snapped her bra or even touched her again.


They were alone together in the back of Tony's crappy old van. He was laying on his stomach on the thick comforters thrown there for cushioning, and Erin stroked her fingers across the hard muscles of his back, soothing him. Her long legs were crossed, perhaps not the most modest of positions considering the tightness of her cotton short shorts, but she was alone with Tony, so it wasn't like anybody'd be trying to catch a glimpse of anything.

"I can't believe she broke up with me," Tony whined for the gazillionth time. Erin sighed and continued to rub her friend's back. She knew Valerie, had known her since the third grade, and she had always liked her. When Valerie had blossomed in their junior year, she had finally gotten the courage to go out with Tony, and they had dated for nearly six months.

Erin had no idea why Valerie would have broken up with Tony. He was smart and funny and handsome as all get out, with hard muscles and a gentle nature. Hell, Erin often thought, I'd grab him up for myself if he wasn't, well, Tony.

Tony and Erin had broken all of the conventions of their society, being two of the popular, beautiful people, they loved each other deeply and were best friends but had never even kissed. They were buds. They played touch football and beach volleyball. They even surfed together! The fact that they hadn't slept together simply astounded those who knew them, and was frequently disbelieved by those who didn't.

Erin ran her fingers through Tony's thick black curls and marveled that any girl would want to break up with such a great guy.


Tony stood near the punch bowl, watching his date Melanie talking to a group of her friends. Her red gown hugged her thin, large breasted form, and he felt a thrill, knowing that he'd be with her later that night. They'd been dating for almost four months, and this was Senior Prom, after all.

"Looking good in that tux!" he heard the kittenish voice of his best friend at his elbow and turned to see Erin, resplendent in a gorgeous peach colored gown. Her eyes sparkled and her smile gleamed as their eyes met.

"You look beautiful," Tony said, offering her a cup. "Is Jason treating you right?"

She nodded as she sipped. "He thinks he's getting some tonight, but I'm not sure."

Tony looked thoughtful, considering what his thoughts had been just before she'd arrived. "Don't rush, Erin. The guy you pick to be your first is going to be the luckiest guy in the world. Don't forget that you're worth the wait, and you want it to be special."

Her eyes gleamed warmly and she said, "You're my best friend, Tony. Thanks."

Jason came along then and punched Tony's arm lightly. He was a good guy, but Tony couldn't see him with Erin long term. He hoped she'd be careful. They'd talked many times about her first time, and she had a very romantic notion about it. He wanted her to have her dreams come true.

When they left, Tony went over and escorted Melanie out onto the floor. As they slow danced, she leaned up and whispered into his ear. "Tonight's your lucky night, Lover." Tony smiled, the bulge in his pants throbbing.


Tony rubbed Erin's back softly, reaching forward to brush the hair back from her face. They were huddled together on the vinyl tiled floor of the bathroom, Erin propped up on the toilet, a thin line of drool hanging from her lip.

Her puke spattered dress was in the sink, her high heels on the counter, as the gorgeous young woman hugged the cool porcelain and fought the urge to throw up again. As his hand caught on her bra again, Tony wished he could take it off just so he could rub her back properly. She seized and then vomited violently into the toilet again, and Tony jumped and grabbed her hair, pulling it back and away from her face. He held her hair gently as she retched.

Erin collapsed to the floor on her bottom, dragging the back of her hand across her mouth. Her pale blue eyes were dull and bloodshot, and she looked horrible. "I'm sorry Tony," she began to cry, and Tony pulled her to him, holding her tightly.

"It's okay. Frat parties are designed to get girls drunk. I'm just glad I was there," he said, feeling her shudder in his arms. He was surprised she'd been in college this long without having succumbed to the requisite partying.

"I am too," she whined, and he felt Erin press her lips to his and she began to kiss him deeply and passionately. Tony's cock leaped to attention almost painfully, and he returned her kiss. She tasted like puke and five different boozes, but the electricity that passed through him erased any distaste.

They clawed at one another, unable to be close enough, their tongues lashing each other in a crude dance that seemed something of a battle. He pulled away, cradling her face in his hands, and he kissed her lips, her cheeks, and even her nose. Erin looked up at him then, her eyes sleepy, her happy smile a little drunken.

"I always wanted to do tha-ulp!" and she retched again, before spewing hot, liquid vomit down his chest.


Erin woke, almost screaming because of the pain in her head. Her whole body ached. The shades were drawn, but the light that crept in around them stabbed her eyes like hot pokers. She pulled the blankets up over her head, smelling the rank body odor that permeated them. It was a manly, almost musky smell, and Erin found it strangely comforting.

She moaned softly as she realized she was in a man's bed, and a quick pat down revealed her to be naked. She touched herself softly, probing, and then laughed painfully at herself. How would she tell by touch if she'd lost her virginity? What should feel different? If she was supposed to be in pain, then her whole body had lost it's virginity.

Oh God, she thought, starting to cry. She'd saved herself for nineteen years, only to lose it in a night of drunken partying that she couldn't even remember. As she lay crying under the heavy blankets, she remembered as much as she could about the party.

That guy had kept bringing her drinks. He'd been cute, but nothing special, and he'd been an okay dancer. She remembered Tony being there, looking incredible in his tight black t-shirt and jeans, his curly black hair longish in the back.

She remembered kissing someone, a toe-curling wonderful kiss, followed by gentle kisses on her face. She couldn't remember who she had been kissing, but assumed it must have been the guy with the drinks. He kissed much better than she'd thought he might. God, he kissed well enough to be freakin' Prince Charming!

She heard the door creak open and her stomach settled slightly as the aroma of coffee wafted through the man-scent of the blankets. "It's supposed to be black, but I knew you wouldn't touch it without sugar. No cream though," the deep, masculine voice of the man with the coffee said, and the bottom dropped out of Erin's stomach.

She yanked the covers from her head and sat up, shocked. "Tony?" she asked, incredulous. Oh God, she thought, why can't I remember? Was it Tony? Did he...? The question stuck in her head, her body filling with warmth.

He handed her the coffee and sat on the edge of the bed. He was wearing a blue shirt with different jeans. She tried to commit the moment to memory. If she couldn't remember the act, at least she'd remember the morning after.

"Your clothes are almost done," he said, sipping his smoothie. "I think the puke will wash out of everything okay."

"Did we?" Erin asked, glancing down under the blanket to remind him of her nakedness.

Tony laughed. "Are you crazy?" he snorted, and Erin was at once filled with regret, relief, and anger. "Erin, I had to get your pukey clothes off to wash them, but I wasn't going to-I mean, you're my bud, right?"

"Yeah," Erin said, touching the blanket to her face and inhaling deeply.


Tony leaned back in his chair. The restaurant was crowded with college students, staffed by college students, the flare covering the walls and ceiling of the garish and gaudy little chain store. The world whirled around him as he gazed blankly across the table.

Erin was wearing a tight white tank top, a metal ring circling her left nostril. Her hair was chopped short, and sitting across her lap, arms around her, was Irena. Irena the Romanian student with short black hair and a build almost too muscular to be a girl. Irena who just kissed Erin.

He watched them kiss passionately, his stomach tightening, and thought, Aren't lesbians supposed to be hot?

Erin smiled at him, looking almost shy, and she said, "So, are you okay with this? I figured out that the reason I never lost my virginity was that I'm not really into guys. Irena says that I was just waiting for the right girl to come along, and she did."

Tony put on his best smile and leaned forward, elbows on the table. "Erin, if it makes you happy, then I'm totally cool with it." He didn't mention that his heart twisted in his chest.


"Okay, I was wrong. Sue me." Erin said. They sat in Tony's new apartment, only a block from the beach. Erin's hair had grown out past her shoulders again, and she wore her yellow bikini with a wrap around her waist.

"I get it, it's okay," Tony said, taking a sip of his soda and leaning back on the couch. He was wearing his board shorts, having returned from the beach only an hour before. "You were together for like two years. There must have been something."

"Oh, I'm perfectly willing to accept that I'm bi," Erin said, "but I'm not in love with Irena."

"So she threw you out?" Tony asked, and Erin nodded. "No problem. Do you want the couch or the bed?"

"The couch, unless you want to share the bed."

"Funny," Tony said without smiling. "Unless I'm mistaken, you're still a virgin."

"Well," Erin said, glancing around the room, "I haven't been with a guy. I've played with dildoes and strap-ons..."

"TMI!" Tony shouted, holding his hands palms out. "I get it. You're a worldly sexual creature and all that."

"Thank you," Erin said softly, and she leaned over and kissed Tony's cheek, lingering. He slowly pulled a throw pillow across his lap to hide his raging hard on.


"Damn it! Stop arguing and let me move out!" Erin shouted.

"No!" Tony shouted back. "You're my best friend and you need a place to live. If Susan has a problem with you living here, then she's not the right girl anyway. I'd rather have you here than keep dating her."

"Really?" Erin whispered, the strange Tony-butterflies flitting about in her tummy again. Every once in a while, ever since junior high, he'd made those damn butterflies dance around inside her.


"I don't want to hear it!" Tony shouted at Erin through his bedroom door.

Erin threw a pillow at the door and shouted back, laughing. "Look, I'm dating guys again and I want to tell you what's going on in my life."

The door opened and Tony leaned out. "I don't want to hear about you sucking some guy's dick!"

Still laughing, Erin said, "But I'm getting really good at it. And it's kind of fun!" The door slammed again and she heard Tony slamming things and muttering agrilly. What she couldn't figure out was why the fact that it was upsetting to him made her so damned happy.


Tony set his surfboard against the wall and went into the apartment. He called out, but didn't hear any answer, so he went into the bedroom and dropped his wet shorts. He threw a towel over his neck and walked into the living room, pausing to look at the clock, which had stopped again. Hearing a soft exhale, Tony turned around and saw Erin, standing in the bathroom doorway.

She was wearing tiny panties and a midriff bearing camisole top, her nipples poking out at the fabric. Her expression was surprised, her mouth open, her eyes wide, and looking at his- Tony snapped the towel from his shoulders and wrapped it quickly around his waist.

Erin's eyes slowly rose, taking in his body, until their eyes met. At least she had the decency to blush, he thought, and a smile slowly formed on her lips.

"Wow!" she whispered, then cleared her throat. "You're really packing, aren't you?"

"Hey, the water's cold!" he said, embarrassed.

"Bragger," Erin said, her eyes returning to the spot on his towel that covered his - oh shit! - growing erection.

He hurried past her into the bathroom and slammed the door, and Erin leaned back against it, feeling so strangely, so odd. She ran her fingertips down her belly and slipped them beneath her waistband. She was wet! No, she was soaked. Connections formed, thoughts and feelings clarified.

She'd become so used to the feelings Tony made her feel that she'd stopped noticing them. No wonder she couldn't get interested in any guys. Pressing her hands to her face, Erin shook. She realized she'd loved Tony for ten years. Ten years of being close to him, having him protect her, take care of her. How could I have been so blind?


Tony woke slowly, his dream influencing his reality. He'd had the same dream for the last six months, Erin sucking his cock until he was about to come, and then he'd roll on top of her and fuck her savagely until he woke up, sweating and sometimes with dried cum coating his lower body.

He felt her warm mouth on his cock, her tongue running around his shaft and flicking hard against the head while her fingers caressed his shaft, stroking him slowly but firmly. He moaned softly and woke completely. Thank God he hadn't moaned Erin's name! Susan must have sneaked in to "apologize" in a very welcome and creative way.

His hands moved under the covers and he found her hair and ran his fingers through it. "That's right Baby," he moaned, "suck my dick." He groaned loudly as the sensations overwhelmed him. "Oh yeah, that's good! Better than ever!"

She sucked off of him with a loud slurp and crawled up his body, kissing him, touching him, and driving him crazy. He felt the heat of her cunt near his cock and it felt like he was straining to reach her. And then her lips met his in the darkness, and his cock pressed into her hot, wet pussy, rubbing between her labia and against her clit. Her nipples stabbed him as her tits crushed to him, and Tony wrapped his arms around her tightly, secretly imagining she was Erin.

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