tagMatureBest Friend's Grandpa

Best Friend's Grandpa


This was disappointing. Tina had turned to the internet to fulfill her older man fetish. Online dating sites were full of old men looking for younger women. Unfortunately her first date was with a prude that was not at all interesting.

The young woman looked across the coffee shop table at her date, Kyle. He was conventionally handsome, but not what Tina liked. He still had most of his hair, it hadn't turned gray and he was only in his forties. She was interested in his belly slightly hanging over his belt, but that was nothing special.

Tina was 25 and just perfect. Long black hair, big brown eyes and even bigger boobs. She had dressed up for this date too. She wore a tight white shirt that barely covered all of her stomach and short jean shorts. Tina was advertising something to Kyle and he seemed uncomfortable with it.

She received a text on her phone, the notification gave her a jolt of much needed energy. It was from her best friend, Leah. The text said, "Can you come to my house to help me move some things?"

Leah had been talking about getting her new house organized for a long time, this wasn't anything important. But Tina played it off like a big emergency. Kyle was fine with cutting the date short. Tina said she would be in touch. It was a lie and she didn't care.

Tina made it to Leah's house and rang the doorbell. To Tina's surprise a man in his mid-60s answered.

"Hello, there." He smiled, immediately noticing Tina's tight white shirt and the contents it barely held.

"Oh, hi. I'm here to help Leah." Tina said confused, she did not think her friend had company this weekend.

"She went out for some errands. She should be back in a while, would you like to wait inside?" The older man asked. Tina recognized how hard he was keeping his tongue from wagging and maintain some proper composure.

"I would love to." Tina says as she walks past the old man, showing off her tight ass in her small jeans. "I'm Tina."

"I'm Nick, Leah's grandpa."

"I had no idea she had grandparents staying over." Tina said while playing tying her hair back to showcase more of her body.

"Just me. Leah's Grandmother and I are- well I'm pretty much on the outs with the whole family."


"Leah has been the one family member look after me during- Well I'll just call it what it is, a scandal."

"Scandal?" Tina was taken aback by that word. Nick looked like an upstanding gentleman.

"It is causing me my divorce and most of the family is ready to disown me over it."

"Can I ask what you did?"

"You won't judge me too hard, will you?"

"I don't know, depends on what the scandal is."

"I suppose that's fair. This is so strange to tell a stranger, I don't know if Leah wants me to tell people."

"Your secret will be safe with me."

"Alright. My job found out that I do porn."


"Got fired from my university, my ex-colleagues told my wife. It has not been easy."

"That is not what I expected to hear. How did they find out?"

"Students saw me in one online."

"You were in one?" Tina was even more surprised, she had expected him to be a director or camerperson.

"I was in many actually." Nick shares with some amount of pride. Tina looks at the older man anew and her eyes get wide.

"I can't believe it! You're Grandpa Nick!"

"You- you've seen them."

"This is so cool, I watch them all the time." Tina realizes that she is openly geeking out over porn. "I mean, that's awkward to admit."

"Please, it is really nice to hear from a fan. I needed to hear that."

"I'm sorry to hear about your job and your marriage." Tina tries to say sincerely, but she is very excited to meet a man she frequently deletes from her browser history.

"Thank you, I was so stupid to do it. A man my age, it is a pretty gross business to get involved with."

"If it means anything to you, your videos and pictures have always made me happy." Tina says in a teasing tone as she looks him over in a completely different light. She looks at his white hair, it is not gray like the other men she's been with. Nick has a dopey smile that she finds charming with his teeth slightly out of place. Then there is his body, he's put on some weight since the last video. He was always in pretty decent shape, but he is now sporting a bit of flab that Tina finds intriguing.

"I can see you checking me out." Nick states, waking up the young woman from her fantasizing.

"I'm sorry, I'm just-" Tina is not sure how respectful she should be towards her friend's grandfather. She decides to just be honest. "I'm just used to seeing you naked." Nick pulls her in for a deep kiss and puts his hand on her breast, feeling her melt.

"That isn't fair that you've seen my body and I've never seen yours." Nick says with a fiendish smile as he plants a kiss onto a willing Tina. His tongue lead his face onto hers. "We will have to be quick before Leah returns. I would hate to isolate my last family member."

"I forgot about her!" Tina says as she pushes away from Nick in a panic. She then looks at the bulge growing in his jeans. "But I can be fast." Tina lunges onto Nick and they make out as he leads her into the guest room where they quickly disrobe. Tina's few clothes come off in an instant.

"What would you like to do first?" Nick asks, feeling like a celebrity with an adoring fan.

Tina pushes Nick onto the bed and she crawls from the foot off the bed, licking his legs. She makes her way up to his strong manhood and feels sucks on his sagging balls. Her smile gets large as she licks her way up his cock and envelopes her mouth around it. She lets out a satisfied sigh through her mouth full of old cock. Tina licks around the tip before sliding it further into her mouth. It tastes better than she thought. She deepthroats it further than a cock has ever gone in her mouth. She gags a bit but stays on like she's riding a bull. While encasing his hard dick Tina's right hand continues playing with his balls while her left hand caresses his chubby belly. She looks up at his satisfied face with his cock still in her mouth and giggles.

Nick pulls her up towards him. Tina licks his belly and nipples on her way up towards his cute face. Nick stops her as he feels her firm breasts against his chest. He slowly touches them in admiration. Tina smiles knowing that she's shared her best gifts with this man and she leans into his face, feeling his mouth work its way all over the enormous, perky breasts.

"They're real!" Nick exclaims while licking her left nipple. "Real, perfect breasts. Oh how I love these."

Tina know feels like a superstar and positions herself onto his hard cock. She pushes off of his big belly and bounces up and down. She leans back in as she feels Nick's hands grab longingly for her breasts. The young girl continues grinding deeper onto the cock as they kiss just as deeply. Each one's tongue in the mouth of the other. Tina is already wet and she can see that Nick is almost there as well.

"Blast my fucking face with your old cum!" Tina exclaims as she excitedly falls onto the bed. Nick gets up onto his knees and grabs his rock hard penis, aiming it towards Tina's open mouth. Her eyes are closed and tongue is ready. Nick's hand primes his pump and Tina moves up to lick his lovely balls and suck on his cock one last time. Nick lets out a sound of satisfaction followed by a huge burst of cum into Tina's accepting mouth.

"Yes!" Tina squeals. "That was amazing!" She had fantasized about this, watching so many other girls receive the same treatment. Tina licked her lips full of cum as Nick collapsed next to her. She tenderly touched his dick and cleaned the cum off of him with her hand, only to rub it onto her hard tits. They look over at the other with big smiles.

"You are so much better than any girl I've ever fucked." Tina goes in to kiss him, but giggles realizing how much spunk she has in her mouth. Tina feels like a naughty girl, the kind she's watched in porn for years. The kind of naughty girl who fucked for pleasure that she had longed to become. This was now her life and she loved it.

"Grandpa? Tina?" A voice from the other room startled the sweaty couple. "Hey, I'm home."

"Be right out, sweetheart!" Nick exclaimed, out of breath. The two quickly put on clothes. Leah soon opened the door, just as the two finished getting dress. "Hello, Leah. Back so soon?"

"Yeah, I am. Hey, Tina."

"Hey Leah, I was just-"

"She was just helping me, sweetie. I had some extra luggage she was kind enough to carry in."

"Okay." Leah said, the two couldn't figure out if they were found out or not.

"Excuse me, I need to use the restroom." Nick said as he left the two girls in the room. Behind his granddaughter's back he gave Tina a sexy look.

"So what did you need me to help with?" Tina said to her best friend, trying to change the subject.

"I know what you two did."


"Yeah, I knew what getting you together would do."

"You planned this?" Tina asks surprised and relieved.

"Look, he's been really down and you're always confiding in me about your old man fantasies. I just thought- Well, as much as I don't like thinking about the actual sex I thought it would do some good."

"It did. It did a lot of good." Tina smiled.

"Tina?" Leah asks cautiously.


"Can you tell me what it's like with old men? Not with my grandpa, but with the others you've been with? I've been thinking about what you do and well... I've been fantasizing about trying it."

"Leah, I would be so happy to help you be as happy as I've become." Tina says kindly before she realizes she has more cum on her face. "But first I should clean up."

"Yes, please do!" Leah says as she leaves the room. Tina is excited to share her lifestyle with her best friend and to find more old cocks to satisfy her.

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Great story. I hope you'll write part 2!

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Grandpa should fuck Tina and his grand daughter

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