tagMatureBest Friend's Insatiable Mother

Best Friend's Insatiable Mother



Anika Murphy dialed the phone number with her hand shaking. She thought to herself you have to be crazy. However, she mustered the nerve to place the call to the Curran residence. That Saturday morning, Mary Curran answered the phone. Pretending to be one of the high school girls, Anika spoke softly.

"Is Walter at home?"

"Walter, it's for you," his mother screamed.

He came to the phone, "Hello."

"It's me Anika. George took the boys to Boston to visit the college. Can you come over?"

"I don't know, I was going to do a few things today."

"Please, I need to see you. If you come over today, I will let you put it anywhere you want to."

He thought about it and replied, "Okay, I'll be over in an hour."

He hung up the phone without another word. If he heard her correctly, she was inviting him to take her ass this time. He had tried the last time but she had refused. She had a wonderful body especially after having three kids. Her ass was fantastic and incredibly desirable.

"Who was that?" his mother yelled.

"Oh, that was Marcia. A bunch of them are going to Palisades Park today and wanted to know if I wanted to go. I told them I'd meet them in an hour."

"You can't have the car today."

"That's okay mom, I'm meeting them at school. I won't need a ride."

"Have fun and be careful!"

"Yes mom!"

Walter went to his room to change clothes and get ready to visit Anika for the second time. He was already getting a boner thinking about having sex with her again. She had proved to be a dynamo in the sack. It was about a two mile walk to the Murphy house and he had walked it many times to hook up with his good friend Brian Murphy.


The Murphy's had a cool setup at the house. The driveway dipped down behind the house that had a three-car garage under it. There was a basketball hoop there where many driveway games had taken place. On top of the garage was a spacious patio. The house had five bedrooms and three baths.

Brian had two younger brothers and Walter was the oldest of five. The Curran house had just three bedrooms and one bath with seven people living in it. They made it work however as they could not afford anything bigger. Walter was clearly from the other side of the tracks but two things made him popular in high school. He was a good athlete and he had a big dick.

Walter and Brian played on the high school basketball team together and had become good friends. He was at the Murphy house quite often for driveway basketball games and parties. They had both turned 18 years of age and Brian was looking at colleges, whereas, Walter had enlisted in the Marines.

Anika Murphy was of Swedish decent and George was pure Irish. They had met in New York and after they were married moved to New Jersey. They started their family early with Brian being born when she was 21. Patrick came along three years later and then a year after that Shawn was born.

She was always an attractive woman and kept herself in wonderful shape even after having three boys. She stood at only 5'4" and weighed a petite 105 pounds. Her 34-26-35 figure was something to behold at age 40. George was 10 years her senior and a successful businessman.

As George paid less and less attention to his wife's sexual desires, Anika had a few flings. However, they were with young men out of town and only one-night stands. Now she found herself in a dilemma enamored with her son's best friend. It had all happened so innocently and then he made her feel like no man had ever made her feel. She thought she could call it a big mistake and forget about it, but she couldn't.

Walter was a fit 18-year-old at 6'1" and 185 pounds. He had lettered in football, basketball and baseball in high school. His parents were blue collar workers who worked for the hourly wage. He had also worked part-time to help out with expenses. He could have gone to college but he was drawn to the Marines and would be leaving for boot camp in September. He had had many dates in high school and his share of pussy but always with other 18-year-old girls.

He learned that girls talked as much as guys. His cock was a topic of discussion many times and some girls just had to find out for themselves. He had only had sex with an older woman one time and that was oral. Not in a million years would he have thought he would be fucking his best friend's mother.


Graduation was over for the class of 1959 and most students were thinking about college. They were spending their summers looking at colleges and making the final decision. Other days they were hanging out at the community pool or in Walter's case shooting hoops with Brian at the house. He had always been invited to use the court even if the family wasn't home.

It was a Saturday when Walter went to the Murphy's and found that no one was home. He decided to shoot baskets and hang out until Brian got home. Later on, Anika arrived by herself and saw the handsome young stud in athletic shorts without a shirt. She admired the teen's hard body. Walter spotted her and held onto the ball.

"Hi, Mrs. Murphy, I was just shooting around until Brian got home."

"Oh, he won't be home until late. George took the boys to the Yankee game."

"Oh, okay, well I'll get going then."

"Would you give me a hand with the groceries before you leave?"

"Oh sure, happy to."

Walter put his tee shirt back on while Anika pulled the car into the garage. She had done a major grocery shopping and she was glad the he was there to help her. She got out and opened the trunk. Walter saw it was full as was the back seat.

"You can go inside, I'll bring these up to the kitchen."

She went in the house and waited for him in the kitchen. He walked up the stairs with a bag in each arm and deposited then on the counter. She put the items away in the refrigerator and pantry as he brought each bag up. He made seven trips up and down with the groceries.

"Thank you, that would have taken me awhile."

"No problem, you did buy a lot."

"Yes, I figured it was a good day to do it as I had all day with the boys in the city. Would you like an iced tea or something to drink?"

"Do you mind if I have a beer?"

"No not at all." Anika agreed. She knew that he and Brian both drank beer. "I think I'll have one too."

Walter got the beers and opened them. He drank his from the bottle but Anika poured hers in a glass. She suggested sitting on the patio. As she walked toward the patio doors the light shone through her full-length skirt. The silhouette of her shapely legs was visible through the skirt. Walter stared at her and felt his loins stir as it seemed so sexy. He had seen her in shorts before and knew she had great legs and a curvy ass. However, there was something about her still being clothed and seeing the image that made her desirable.

She looked over her shoulder and saw him staring at her. "Is there something wrong?"

"No sorry, it was just that the light shone through your dress and outlined your legs."

"Oh, I didn't wear a slip today or stockings it was so hot."

She then went out and sat on a chaise lounge on the patio. She kicked off her shoes and stretched her legs out on the cushion. Walter joined her and sat in a chair across from her. They chatted for a while about college and the Marines and finished the first beer.

"I should probably go now, thanks for the beer."

"Oh, don't leave just yet, I enjoy your company. Get us another beer if you would."

Walter got the other beers and brought them out. He sat back in the chair and they resumed their conversation. Anika was getting warm and she pulled her dress up to her knees. It was no big deal as Walter had seen her in shorts many times. However, when she pulled it up further her really noticed.

"I probably should go in and change but I'm too lazy right now," she pulled her dress up above her thighs.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?"

"No, I'm fine. I've seen you in shorts before."

"Good, my legs were getting warm in this dress and I didn't feel like changing clothes right now."

At one point a bug or mosquito landed on her shin and she pulled her leg up to smack at it. Walter looked right into her panty covered crotch. She didn't lower her leg right away and he stared at her scrumptious thighs and clothed pussy. At first not realizing that she had put herself on display, she continued to rub at her shin. Looking up she saw his eyes fixated on the sight under her dress. She was convinced that she saw the outline of his erection in his shorts. Did she have that effect on him? Was this 18-year-old stud turned on by her?

"Walter, do me a favor and look at this bite on my leg."

He moved over to the lounge and she lifted her legs so he could sit down on the end. She placed her leg across his lap and he looked at the shapely gam. He was getting excited even though he knew it was wrong. He lifted her leg to look at the shin and inspected it.

"Look like a mosquito bite?"

"Okay, thank you!" she replied and then let her foot drop onto his crotch. She clearly felt his erect cock through his shorts.

"My, my, what do we have here? Did I do that to you?"

"Sorry Mrs. Murphy. I should really go now."

Walter dropped her leg and stood up to leave. Anika then sat up and stared right into the teen's swollen crotch. It almost seemed like a dream as her hands moved toward his shorts. She took a hold of the waistband and pulled the shorts and briefs down at the same time. His big cock snagged in the shorts and then sprung out when pulled down further. Anika's eyes opened as wide as saucers.

"Oh, my goodness, you are indeed blessed."

It was the biggest cock that Anika had ever seen and it looked menacing to her. She briefly recalled her husband's cock which was more the average size of 6" and not as thick. She also thought about the other cocks she had experienced and although some were larger than her husband's, they paled in comparison to Walter's. Anika just stared at the cock in front of her as Walter kicked off his shorts and underwear.

"Hmm! Is this for me," she teased as she stroked the erect cock.

"Please we shouldn't," he said unconvincingly.

"Now you know you don't mean that and your cock disagrees with you."

"You have a beautiful cock and I am going to enjoy sucking it," Anika said in a very sultry tone.

Walter was speechless as he watched her lower her head and engulf his cock in her warm sensuous mouth. He gasped as she closed her lips around it and then began to bob up and down. Walter reached for Anika's head and held it gently. The big fleshy mushroom head filled her mouth and she knew that she would never be able to take all of him in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on the stiff shaft taking about half of it in her mouth.

Anika actually liked the soft feel of the mushroom head rubbing against the roof of her mouth as she sucked the thick cock. He then held her head gently and caressed her long silky blonde hair as she sucked him. He now was very turned on and he knew that he would not last long since it had been a while since he had cum. Walter felt his ball sac tighten and the pressure build in his scrotum. Anika continued to suck his cock and she swirled her tongue around and nibbled the head driving him crazy. She sensed that he was close to blowing his load and she cupped his tight balls and massaged them as she tightened her mouth around his cock. That did it and he could feel his cum travel from his balls through his scrotum as he started to cum.

"Oh man, here it is. I'm cumming," he screamed but it was more of announcement than a warning.

Anika stayed glued to his cock and swallowed every drop of his seed as it rushed into her mouth. Walter came in droves and she had to swallow quickly to keep his seed from running out of her mouth. He could not believe how she worked his cock and swallowed every drop. None of the girls he had been with ever swallowed his entire load. Anika was pleased with his youthful discharge and she knew that he would be hard again in no time so that he could fuck her.

Anika sucked and nibbled and teased him to no end. Finally, he begged her to stop and she sat next to him and turned his face toward hers. She kissed him deeply plunging her tongue into his mouth allowing him to sample the after taste of cum. He reached for her and took her in his arms. Walter fondled her tits through the dress, her bare thighs and panty covered ass as they kissed. He stayed hard as they cuddled, petted and kissed. Anika reached for his stiff cock. She thought to herself that there was no substitute for youth. She stood up and lifted him to his feet and smiled as she broke their kiss.

"Come on, let's take this inside. I want to be naked with you," she said sexily.

Walter followed Anika into the house and upstairs to one of the bedrooms. He never took his eyes off of her the entire time. They entered the bedroom and Anika turned to face him.

"Have you ever eaten pussy before?" she asked.

"Yes many times with my dates," he confessed.

"Good, I love to be eaten."

Anika removed all her clothes, lay back on her bed and spread her legs. Her hands went down to her pussy and she stroked her quim and opened it for Walter to see. He just stared at her in all her beauty lying on the bed. Her blonde hair spread across the pillow, her firm tits and hard nipples stuck up in the air and her voluptuous body was splayed before him. Anika held her arms open to him and then guided him to her body as he leaned in toward her.

Walter buried his tongue in Anika's pussy shoving it in as if he was fucking her. She directed the action and she soon had him nibbling on her clit while he fingered her pussy. He was really getting into the action particularly because of the way he had her squirming and tossing on the bed. She moved her legs over his shoulders and pulled his head closer to her pussy. He held on to her shapely buttocks and squeezed and fondled her firm ass cheeks as he ate her pussy.

"Oh, oh, yes right there. You do know what you're doing. Suck it, chew on it, eat me, oh!"

He continued to eat her pussy as he held her ass tightly in his hands. He then moved his hands up to her tits and found her hard nipples. He massaged her boobs and twirled her nipples in his fingertips as he continued to munch on her pussy and clit. She was tossing and thrusting her pussy into his face and calling for him to eat her.

He snuck one hand behind Anika's bottom and toyed with her anus tickling the tight nether hole. He stuck his middle finger in her pussy and got it good and wet with her juices. He then positioned it at the tight rubbery ring and shoved it in. Anika gasped with the abrupt anal penetration but soon had the finger buried in her ass. He pumped his finger in and out of her ass as he continued to maul her pussy with his mouth. He loved the feel of his finger in the warm recess of her ass. He wondered if she had ever had a dick in there.

Anika stiffened and gasped aloud as she came on his face. He held on to her with his finger still buried in her ass and his mouth glued to her cunt. He felt the waves of orgasm rock her body and his face was flooded with her love juice. She kept humping his face until the last of her climax passed and she flopped back on the bed. Walter slipped his finger from her ass and his hands found her breasts again. He stroked her tits and nipples as he gently licked her pussy dry of all her juices. He finished eating her and then sat up kneeling between her lovely legs. He followed her eyes to his stiff cock.

"That was marvelous, an outstanding performance. Now get that cock in my pussy and fuck me!"

Walter held his cock and lined up the swollen head with the entrance to her sex. He pushed forward slightly allowing her tight cunt lips to open up for his impressive cock. He was about half way in when he pulled out and then slowly eased back into her causing her to moan in pleasure. He would push in a little and then pull out a little slowly working his cock deeper and deeper into her vagina. Finally, his entire cock was buried in her and Anika sighed feeling completely full almost afraid to move. This was a new sensation for her to be this full.

He held himself inside her waiting for her to start fucking him. He looked down at her and smiled and then she pulled him down to her and they kissed deeply with their tongues playing with one another. She was ready to be fucked and she needed his big dick to slide in and out of her and rub her clit. She began to move and then he fucked her using long slow hard strokes. She locked her legs around him and pulled him into her. He began to fuck her harder and faster and she felt another orgasm on its way. She was at the mercy of his gigantic organ as it pounded her pussy.

If Walter hadn't just cum in her mouth he would not have been able to hold on as long. Anika was so hot and squeezed him with her tight pussy; she was really a good fuck. He fucked through her one orgasm after another before he filled her pussy with cum. His orgasm was as intense as hers as their bodies ground together and they moaned and groaned loudly.

Anika could feel his cock softening but even then, it still filled her cunt. He slowly lifted himself off of her body and in so doing his thick cock slipped from her pussy. She felt the void in her cunt as his cock left her body and she gasped as the coolness of the air touched her vacant pussy. He had never felt so good in his life. He had fucked other girls his age before but it was never like this. He couldn't believe his good fortune in fucking a beautiful woman like Anika. While they were having sex, he never thought about being his best friend's mother. She was just a hot piece of ass.

Anika rolled to her side and he rolled with her. They held to each other and gently caressed each other's sweaty body. She pushed him on his back and then she kissed her way down his chest passed his stomach to his cock. He gasped in surprise when she took his cock in her mouth and sucked it clean of their combined juices. Then she moved up his body and kissed him deeply shoving her tongue in his mouth again. Anika wanted to be sure that he got to taste both of them and that he shed any inhibitions that he previously had. He proved to her that he was comfortable with anything she threw at him.

Anika rolled over on her stomach so as to look at him as he lay on his back. He looked at Anika's ass and he could not resist running his hands over her shapely cheeks. Her ass was so amazing that he felt his loins stir with desire. He had never seen such a perfect ass and suddenly he wanted to fuck it. She quickly rolled onto her back and saw he was hard again.

"I'm not fond of anal and you're too big for me anyway. Besides I'm not that clean back there right now."

"Have you ever had it there?"

"Yes, but with cocks smaller than yours. I always douched my bottom first and used plenty of lubricant."

"I'd like to try it with you. I can be gentle. I've done it with a couple of girls."

"Well not with me you're not. Look your hard again. Fuck me again."

He was a bit disappointed that she refused him her ass but he fucked her pussy one more time. He was able to ejaculate a third time and she was so sexually drained that she could hardly move. He left her resting in the bed and left the room. His shorts and briefs were still on the patio. Walter got dressed and walked home. On his way home, it sunk in that he had just had great sex with his best friend's mother. She had seduced him so he didn't feel guilty. In fact, he would fuck her again given the opportunity. He was more concerned about how he would behave around Brian in the future.

Back at the house, Anika had run a bath for herself and was soaking in the tub. She was scolding herself for being so careless and stupid. This wasn't just some young stud that she wouldn't see again. It was her son's best friend. The problem was that the sex was great and she would probably do it again given the right circumstances.

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