tagGay MaleBest Friends Over Cum

Best Friends Over Cum


"Oh yea?" I said, poking my finger in my best friend's chest. I had angrily sprung from my bed and leaned over him before I realized what I was doing. Chris and I were in town to attend the marriage of a college friend and really hadn't seen each other in nearly a year. We had gone our separate ways after finishing college, so we decided to room together during the weekend festivities to catch up on old times.

We had really just arrived, unpacked and was just reclining on our respective beds reminiscing about college, old girlfriends and such. There were two double beds in the hotel room. He picked one and I got the other. So we each kicked back and started talking when I brought up the story about an ugly girl he dated once. It always made him mad when I brought it up so he called me gay. Well, I told him I wasn't.

But when we were in college and were having one of those tell all moments. I had asked him if he ever fantasized about guys. He actually had nodded that he had indeed fantasized about man sex too but he always pointed out that I had brought it up first. We dropped that uncomfortable discussion at the time but ever since then he'd bring it up when he wanted to get the best of me. So here we were, just like old times.

He looked up at me with a grin on his face. "Well, it's true. You asked me had I ever thought about having sex with a guy when we were in college. I might have dated an ugly gal once, but you're gay."

Silence hung in the room for a moment. There was a time when I'd have backed off and let him get away with it. But as he continued to lay on his back and grin, I placed my hands on either side of him and leaned over, right in front of his face. "I might have brought up the fantasy thing but at least I was honest enough with you to admit I had thought about it."

His smile began to dissolve as I continued. "Sure I've thought about it and I confided in you. Since I'd never had sex with a guy before, I knew that if I ever did, it would have to be with you or no one else; ever, 'cause you're my best friend. And all you can do is make fun of it."

There was another long bit of silence. "Hey dude." He finally said. "You know I had thought about it too. You know I'm just messing with you."

"But you never said or did anything."

"Hey, man you didn't either."

He didn't smile and neither did I. We had always shared our innermost secrets and here we were, face to face sharing our most intimate secret; but neither dared to move first. The silence was deafening.

Suddenly, a burning desire began to build within me. It started with a stirring inside my jeans. My breathing became heavier. Then the burning slowly enveloped me, spreading across my groin and moving to my stomach and chest. My arms which supported me above my friend began to tremble slightly. Part of my trembling was fear, but I knew the other part was lust. Fear usually won but my lust was building.

Chris and I continued to stare into each others eyes as if trying to read each others thoughts. Had he just insinuated he would like to have sex too but was just as afraid to make a move as I was?

Without thinking my lust suddenly took over. I no longer cared. I lowered myself closer and my lips met his. The kiss was soft and sensual, much softer than I expected. I had imagined kissing another man would be rough and rugged. But his lips were soft as they moved to meet mine. I almost expected him to push me away as I wondered what he was thinking, what would he do, what would he say, had he always wanted it as much as I?

My questions were answered when his tongue pierced my mouth, searching for a mate. When our tongues found each other they twirled and entwined around each other in a forbidden dance. Our lips continued to press against each other, kissing, probing, nibbling and caressing. I was just as afraid to stop as I was to start.

Soon I felt Chris run his fingers through my hair as we kissed. My breathing quickened. He moaned softly into my mouth. We had reached a point of no return. My hand slowly found its way down the length of his body and lightly brushed over the front of his jeans. There it was, his dick; straining against the fabric creating a large bulge in front.

We continued to kiss as I undid his jeans. I felt his hands unbuttoning my shirt which I let slip off my shoulders. His underwear was now visible as I unzipped his jeans. Finally our lips parted as we breathed heavily, catching our breath for the first time.

Chris spoke first. "I want you." With that I grabbed the t-shirt he was wearing and slipped it over his head. But what I really wanted was to explore what was still in his jeans. Chris obliged by lifting his hips, slipping his pants and underwear off simultaneously. Seeing his naked body on the bed before me caused me to freeze as I drank in the wondrous sight. His muscles were chiseled from years of sports; his cock was hard and about the same size as mine. I looked down. He was staring at my biceps I had developed from weight lifting until I saw his gaze fall to the bulge in my own pants.

He sat up and unbuckled my pants which I let fall to the floor. My dick sprang out as I slipped my tight white underwear off. The moment was indescribable. I never stared at another mans body before although I had often fantasized about this moment. I considered myself heterosexual and not really attracted to men except in my wildest fantasies.

But as Chris lay on his side on the bed, his body was just as beautiful and attractive at that moment as any woman's I had seen. His torso was propped up by a well developed forearm and bicep, his pectoral muscles were bulging, his abdomen taunt and every bit masculine while the curvature created at his waist as it curved up to round out his hips was erotically feminine.

Just as I was drinking in his body and began to admire his engorged cock, he lowered his lips to my swollen member. Warmth surrounded it as I gasped softly, my hands instinctively holding his head as I ran my fingers through his hair. My best friend was sucking me. My head began to spin.

His head bobbed slowly as he slurped his way up and down my shaft. The head of my dick was taunt and purple, straining to enlarge more if it could. I reached down and stroked Chris' cock. I had never touched a man's cock before. It was smooth and firm yet the skin was soft. He spread his legs as I stroked slowly, then touched his balls. My finger briefly brushed the rim of his ass and I felt him moan on my dick.

I couldn't stand it. I wanted his dick. I pushed Chris onto his back and climbed on the bed next to him and lowered my head between his thighs. I grabbed his gorgeous dick and kissed the tip which had sticky pre-cum on it which was sweet. I then let the head slip between my lips and sucked the shaft within my mouth. I heard Chris moan as I sucked up and down. My hand soon found its way to his balls which I caressed gently.

His cock in my mouth was a wonderful sensation. My heart continued to pound as Chris rubbed my back gently, lovingly. I continued to caress his balls then inner thighs. Our hands explored and caressed each other. I wanted him.

My hand slipped beneath his balls and found the rim of his anus. As my finger ran around the edge I heard Chris moan as he tilted his hips toward my hand. The more I probed the more his hips gyrated until I heard his moan form breathless words. "Fuck me."

I looked back. Our eyes met. He said it again. "Fuck me. I want you inside me."

I reached over to the nightstand. I had tossed oils, lotions and the like in there in case we found girls to bring to the room over the weekend. I never imagined I would be using them this soon and with Chris for that matter.

By the time I turned back, Chris had flipped over on his stomach, his ass up in the air with his legs spread. I knelt behind him and kissed the cheeks of his buttocks while squirting lube on my finger which I slowly inserted into his ass. I had anal sex with a girl once but we didn't use enough lube. So I lubed and squirted the slippery stuff inside and around his ass while probing until he was begging me to put my dick into him.

Finally I lubed my dick until it glistened and positioned myself closer behind him. Chris helped spread his butt cheeks as my dick found the rim of his ass. I pressed the head gently against it and held it there for a minute. I was about to fuck my best friend. My heart throbbed and a bead of sweat formed on my brow. I placed a hand on Chris' hip and ran the tip of my dick around the rim of his ass guided by my other hand.

I wanted him as bad as I had wanted any woman. But it was Chris that wanted it as well. He pushed back against my dick as I pushed forward until the head popped through his virgin ass. A ring of tightness and warmth gripped my dick as I slowly inched within him. My other hand found his other hip and soon we were gyrating in unison. My dick slid slowly in and out of the fleshy hole of his ass and his hips pushed back to meet each gentle thrust.

I was fucking my best friend. His warmth was wrapped around my shaft. I caressed his buttocks as we fucked. Some times I'd slide my hand up to the small of his back for a few strokes then allow my hand to glide back down across the curve of his hips. We both moaned softly. Occasionally I'd feel his balls bump gently against my own. I leaned over and kissed the small of his back. Chris pushed himself from his position on all fours to an upright position for a moment. I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed his neck. Realizing I couldn't thrust as well with him kneeling he dropped back to all fours and spread his ass further.

I watched as my dick and his ass seemed to be as one. The flesh from within his ass surrounded my dick tightly and followed it in and out of the depths within in piston like fashion.

It was not long before I felt like I could not hold back any longer but I wanted more, much more. I let my dick pop out of Chris' ass to allow it to cool before it exploded. I watched the glans of my organ widen his anal sphincter then slowly contract as Chris let out a moan when it plopped from within him.

He looked back almost pleadingly and I noticed for the first time that he was stroking his own dick. I wiped the lube off my dick with a sheet then rolled onto my back next to him and gazed up into his eyes. "Fuck me Chris." I caught myself saying as I spread my legs. "I want to feel you inside of me."

Chris positioned himself between my legs and began lubing up his dick. He then began to lube my ass and probed me with his finger but I was more than ready. As I lay on my back and raised my knees, spreading them wide to allow him full access to me it felt as time suddenly slowed down.

Our kiss, sucking each others dicks and even me fucking him was increasingly erotic and sensual but it all had seemed to happen so fast and was almost dreamlike. And up to this point I felt as if I had some control. Suddenly, I felt vulnerable.

I was giving up control. I was giving myself to a man; my best friend. Now I knew why sex was more about romance for a woman. I wanted Chris. But I had to open up and give myself to him. I lifted my hips as he knelt between my thighs, aiming his dick toward my lubricated ass which was now tingling with anticipation.

I gasped softly as the tip of his dick bumped my sphincter. Chris leaned further over me, supporting himself with one arm and guiding his glistening dick with the other. He nudged the head of his glans against my ass, centering it with gentle circles. The slow circling massage relaxed the sensitive skin around the rim. I felt him slowly gyrate his hips forward and I lifted my buttocks to meet him.

Looking up at him was the most erotic sight I've ever seen. A naked man, his muscles now gleaming with sweat and muscles engorged with blood held his upper body motionless while slowly thrusting his hips forward in a provocative, sensual manner. Nothing could have been sexier.

And his provocative thrusts were for me. If time had slowed before it had nearly stopped at the moment the head of his dick penetrated my virgin hole. I closed my eyes and gasped as if our two souls were joining as one. All I felt was an exhilarating fullness that was smooth and kept gliding within me. In my mind my body was a hole being filled by his warmth and smoothness. For the first time a living thing was inside of me and it was exhilarating. My head was spinning and I didn't want the fullness to stop advancing.

When it did I opened my eyes and took another breath. Chris was leaning over me, slowly fucking me. When our eyes met he leaned closer until our lips joined. Our tongues swirled. I grabbed his head with one hand and ran my fingers through his hair. With the other hand I cupped the cheek of his ass which was slowly gyrating up and down as we fucked.

My legs wrapped around him. I didn't want him to stop. His chest muscles rubbed against mine, our sweat mingled, our tongues danced and his dick penetrated me over and over. My ass just as well have been a pussy as my sphincter allowed Chris free entry, virginal as it was; because I wanted him.

Soon Chris sped his strokes just a little and lifted himself up so that his arms supported him above me which allowed more free movement of his hips. This also freed my own dick which had been pressed between our stomachs. I wiped it clean some more and actually wanted to stroke it but I couldn't touch it for long. It was then that I noticed the tingling that I had felt in my ass had spread to my balls and dick which bobbed between us with each thrust.

Instinctively I unwrapped my legs from around Chris and spread them as wide as I could while raising my hips to meet each thrust. Chris began to moan then grunt softly. Guttural moans began to escape my own lips as well. The room had the intoxicating smell of sex. Our heads were swimming in ecstasy and our bodies were joined in a forbidden union.

I wanted to touch my dick again but knew if I did it would explode. It bobbed between us, engorged and smooth. Instead I grabbed the sheets on both sides of me and gazed up at Chris. "Cum in me Chris. I want to make you cum."

As the words left my lips, Chris emitted an inhuman moan as his slow, steady fucking turned into purposeful, provocative thrusts. I felt his dick twitch within me. Strangely, the tingling in my ass and balls then became more intense. My ass began to shudder and spread over my body. My dick started to pulsate with a life of its own and squeeze in rhythm to the contractions I felt within my ass.

I felt my ass clamp tightly around Chris' dick. He moaned loudly and I felt a rush of warmth gush inside of me. Chris was cumming. I then gripped the sheets harder as my own body shook uncontrollably beneath him. The tingling and pulsations of my ass had now washed over me and I looked down at my pulsating dick as I realized what was happening.

Without touching my dick we both watched as streams of pearly white fluid gushed from it in arcs that floated toward my stomach. My ass pulsated with each wave of orgasm. Chris was still cumming and let his own dick pop from the rim of my ass during the first pulsation. His own white cum sprayed over my ass and balls as he quickly bent down. My dick disappeared briefly in his mouth as my dick twitched between his lips. Cum began dripping from his own dick and cover the bed below him like small droplets of dew.

Chris sucked the remainder of cum from the very tip of my dick before crawling up into my arms. We embraced. We kissed. We caressed. I ran my fingers through his hair. He playfully tugged at my nipples. We laid there in each others arms without saying a word. I'd never felt this close to a woman for some odd reason.

Oh, I knew I'd have sex with women. But that experience of man sex was the most intense experience to that point of my life. As friends we had unashamedly shared something special, something forbidden even. I guess that's what made it even more special.

Chris gazed into my eyes as lovingly as any woman. I ran my hand down to his hips as sensual as I would with any girl. "I love you." The words escaped before I could stop them. I was suddenly embarrassed all over again for the first time since we starting having sex but the embarrassment didn't last long.

Chris leaned closer and kissed me softly. His eyes drank me in and he nuzzled his muscular body closer. "I love you too." We didn't sleep in separate beds the entire weekend.

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