tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBest Friends Pt. 03: Exhibitionism

Best Friends Pt. 03: Exhibitionism


The story so far: Becky has admitted to her best friend Lisa not only that she enjoys being naked, but that she wants to be seen naked by others. Ever the supportive friend, Lisa has offered to help Becky get exposed in different ways...

Chapter 7: No Knickers

Becky, for her part, seemed to have none of the worries Lisa felt. Unburdened now to Lisa of her secret desire for nudity and exposure, she felt free to experiment. When the two were together and alone, Becky rarely if ever wore clothes now, and she frequently called upon Lisa to once again goad her into dares she had already decided would be fun to do.

But now she was also willing to be led, rather than to always lead. In this regard, Lisa began to concoct scenarios of her own; dares or games or just instructions she would give Becky which the latter could follow, should she find the possibilities they offered appealing.

One such idea harked back to Becky's early experiments, when in years gone by she had attended school with nothing on beneath her pleated black skirt, intending perhaps to flash someone but never quite getting up the nerve.

Although the girls had been sixth formers for the past two years and so were afforded some privileges that lower forms were not, they were still expected to wear a school uniform. Having now technically left school they would soon never have to wear them again - but before then the outfits would have a few more outings, as all students were required to be in uniform whenever they came onto school grounds to sit one of their exams.

Becky, Lisa suggested, should wear her uniform without any underpants on all the days she had an exam. Moreover, she should sit in her exam not demurely, legs crossed, but with them parted.

"You've seen the desks we sit at, and the way they're arranged," she said to Becky. "Nobody in the immediate vicinity is going to clock that you're knickerless, they'll be too close to see under the desk. But people farther away might notice..."

"I like it," Becky had replied. "I won't know if someone's seen me or not. That's... really exciting, in a different way."

So the morning of their first exam, when Lisa had met Becky en route to the stop for the school bus, the first thing she'd said to Becky was; "are you doing it?" In answer, Becky turned wordlessly and lifted up her black pleated school skirt for a moment, revealing a glimpse of her bare bottom. A butterfly or two whirled in Lisa's stomach at the sight, and she swallowed hard.

"I've got some knickers in my bag," Becky explained. "In case I need them. But I probably won't."

So, Becky had gone to all of her exams with nothing on beneath her skirt, and Lisa was the only person who had known. The secret knowledge had excited Lisa - but she never felt compelled to join in. The dynamic of this thing seemed to be shaping itself that it was Becky who sought exposure, and the thrill Lisa would get would not be enhanced by her joining in. Beneath her own school skirt she wore the same comfortable, reliable cotton knickers she had always worn, and she felt no temptation to discard them the way Becky had.

Naughty and forbidden though it felt for Becky to go into and around the school with nothing on beneath her skirt, Lisa had to acknowledge that in some ways, the fact that teachers and fellow students remained oblivious to this was in some small way a little bit of a let-down for Becky, who craved actual exposure. She began to devise a scenario which would give Becky more of what she wanted.

But that was for another time. Now, they were sat in a geography exam. It was about thirty minutes into the exam, and as usual they were sat in order of candidate number. Becky was to the right and a few rows in front of Lisa - not a clear view, and certainly not one where Lisa could see up Becky's skirt, but she could see her mass of brunette curls as her friend sat hunched over her exam paper.

The exams were staffed by volunteer invigilators - members of the wider school community, local people, and so on. Their job was to monitor the exam to ensure it was all conducted properly, to look out for and prevent any cheating or other violations of exam code, and also to support the students (for example, by escorting them to the toilet if they needed a break so that they could not be accused of cheating later). They'd also deal with emergencies, both medical and, in some cases, emotional - Lisa had seen at least one student being escorted out in hysterical sobs when she had realized the exam paper that they were taking contained not one question she could answer.

One of these volunteers, a middle-aged man who Lisa thought might have children further down in the school, perhaps in her youngest brother's year, suddenly made a bee line along the aisle to where Becky was sat. Lisa watched in fascination as the man leant over and appeared to say something, very quietly, to Becky. They appeared to have a short conversation and then, quite abruptly, the man stood up, ramrod straight and walked away up the aisle - his face quite red.

"What was that all about?" Lisa had asked Becky when the exam was over and the two girls were on their way home.

"Oh, what, the guy in the exam?" Becky asked. She blushed a little when Lisa nodded.

"Well," Becky explained. "The thing was, I was feeling a bit... well, you know? With the no knickers thing. Like I wanted to show a bit more? Anyway, the way I was sat, I figured I could sort of, lift up my skirt a bit at the front... if I arranged it in just the right way, I could sit there a bit more uncovered. Like, nobody would see exactly but it would feel more exposed, you understand?"

Lisa nodded. Obviously she'd been right in her assessment that Becky was finding that simply having no underwear on wasn't... exciting enough by itself.

"Anyway," Becky continued, "I was fiddling with my skirt and I'd got it lifted up and I guess that guy had seen me moving in a strange way so he came over. He asked me what I was doing, of course I froze with my skirt all bunched up and my hands in my lap. It must have looked to him really dodgy and he asked me to take my hands out of my lap.

"I asked why and he said they'd been told that sometimes girls who want to cheat write cheat notes and put them in their knickers then take them out once the exam is going and put them in their laps to copy from - he just wanted to make sure that wasn't what I was doing.

"Well I looked at him, and I was almost gonna start laughing, and I lifted my hands away - so now of course he could see everything because my skirt was all up - and said, you don't need to worry about that sir, as you can see I'm not even wearing knickers!" Becky was almost helpless with laughter now. "He... shot out of there... so fast," she gasped, and both she and Lisa collapsed into hysterical giggles.

Their remaining exams passed uneventfully - stressful and demanding, the exams themselves overrode any other thoughts, including those about Becky exposing herself in some way. It was an incredible relief, then, when they concluded their final exam and boarded the public bus (school buses only running at the beginning and end of the day) to travel the half hour or so route back to the village.

They sat down together - Becky taking the window seat, Lisa the one on the aisle. It was then that Lisa recalled the plan she'd begun to concoct a few days before. There was no time now to discuss it with Becky before carrying it out - this would be the last time Becky would go out dressed in school uniform, so it needed to happen here and now if it was to happen at all. But, she rather got the feeling that Becky would quite enjoy the direct approach she was going to have to take.

She turned to Becky. "Do you still have no knickers on?" she asked.

Becky smiled. "Yeah..." she replied.

"Good," Lisa said, adopting the no nonsense tone she sometimes used when she wanted her brothers to listen to her. "Give me your skirt."

Becky blinked. "Wh-what?" she asked.

"Take off your skirt and hand it to me," Lisa repeated. She was rather enjoying bossing her friend about.

Becky, it seemed, had cottoned on that this was another game, and wordlessly assented. She looked around. The bus was busy but not packed, and none of the people near them seemed to be paying any attention. Becky shifted slightly in her seat, unfastening the skirt's zipper and, squirming, slipped out of it without standing up.

Lisa picked up the skirt where it lay around Becky's ankles, folded it neatly and lay it in her own lap. Becky now was naked from the waist down. She still wore her tie, school shirt and of course her bra under it - but there was no clothing on her now between the hem of her shirt, and her socks and shoes. The shirt was quite long - if you'd given a casual glance to Becky you wouldn't have realized she had nothing on her bottom half. The fact she was in the window seat, too, meant that Lisa's body shielded Becky from the rest of the bus. If she removed any more clothes, then it would attract attention - but as it was, the two could sit there quite comfortably, with Becky exposed only to a safe degree, but still feeling very much the sensation of being bare against the rough fabric of the bus seat.

And so, there they sat, talking as if nothing was unusual, as people got on and off the bus around them, none of them any the wiser about the fact that Becky was bottomless.

That was, of course, until it came to their stop to get off the bus.

At which point, Lisa stood up, Becky's folded skirt in her hand, and walked to the front of the bus.

She didn't dare look back - if she did, she might have burst out laughing. Suddenly, Becky was without the means to cover herself back up again, and Lisa doubted very much that she had been expecting this.

The bus would be pulling into their stop in a few seconds, and Becky would then have a choice between two actions, neither of them good. She could get up out of the seat and walk to the front of the bus to get off, past all the people on the bus, revealing to them she was half naked, and get off alongside Lisa, who of course had her skirt. Or, she could stay sat where she was, frozen to the spot. That might mean she could ride the bus further, until all the other passengers had disembarked - then it would only be the driver who would see how she wasn't dressed. But that might be a long way down the bus route and she would still have to then get back to the village while wearing only a school shirt and tie. Plus, the longer she sat there without Lisa to shield her from view, the more likely the other passengers would notice there was nothing covering her legs or bottom.

Lisa began to worry now that she had done something too reckless, that she might have landed Becky in a situation beyond the one she wanted to be in. She risked a glance back. Becky was still sat in her seat, pink-faced and wide-eyed.

The bus pulled into their stop, and the door began to open with a hiss. Lisa made eye contact with Becky. "Come on," she mouthed, and with relief she saw her friend slide across the seat to the aisle, and begin to stand.

Lisa stepped down the bus steps and glanced back behind her. Blushing scarlet now, Becky was heading as quickly as she could down the aisle. She was holding the front of her shirt down - it was long enough to skim the tops of her thighs, so it wasn't revealing anything, but there would be no doubt to anyone that she had nothing on underneath it. Lisa couldn't see Becky from the back but she expected that pulling the shirt down at the front was causing it to ride up at the back, and so Becky's bare bottom would be almost fully revealed.

She stepped fully off the bus and a split second later Becky followed her - and kept going! Without breaking her stride Becky headed off, away from the bus stop, and the bus started up and pulled away.

The two girls were alone in the road now. Lisa ran to catch up with her friend, who had stopped, finally. Becky was red-faced and breathing hard. She looked straight at Lisa. "Oh... my... God," she panted.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry," Lisa began... and then stopped. Becky had started laughing. "I'm sorry," she said again.

"No!" Becky laughed. "Oh my God no, don't be sorry! That was... amazing! Riding the bus like this was one thing, but getting off like that? All those people looking at me, knowing I was half-naked? I mean, I didn't dare show everything, I kinda lost my nerve, but they had to have seen, right? Wow!"

She straightened up, and turned to Lisa. "You thought of doing that to me? You came up with that? It was on purpose?"

Lisa grinned sheepishly; "Yeah. Sorry."

"Don't be! It was brilliant! I mean, you left me there with no choice, I had to be... exposed. It was even better than if I'd thought it myself. And being seen by so many people... wow."

"You... you really liked it, huh?"

Becky smiled. "I'm a weirdo, I know... but it's like, that's what I want to do. I want to be out of my clothes not just at home but in all sorts of places. I wanna be naked in public. I wanna feel eyes on me, know people are looking at my, know nothing is hidden from them... I want the world to see the real me, the naked me. You understand?"

Lisa nodded. "I think so."

"Good, because I can't do it without you. I need you there, need my best friend to get me into these situations, and out of them. I need someone who doesn't think I'm a freak because I like doing stuff like this, and now I know for sure that's you." And she hugged Lisa tightly.

"Okay, okay," Lisa said warmly, extricating herself from the embrace. Being that close to Becky when she knew Becky was barely wearing anything was making her pulse race. "Now, let's get your skirt back on, at least until we get home."

Chapter 8: The Railway

"When did you first realize you liked being seen naked?" Lisa asked.

The two girls were walking back to a friend's house party. They'd just volunteered themselves for a midnight beer run - already both more than a little tipsy, Becky had then had the idea that, when they got to the convenience store, she would take off her clothes.

It hadn't been Lisa's idea and, privately, she was getting a little worried. Recently, doubts had begun to settle in about Becky and her desire to expose herself.

It had started well. After the exams had ended, the two had found themselves with plenty of time on their hands and a whole world to explore for the first time as adults. They'd begun going for long daytime walks away from the village out into the countryside, across the woods and the fields. Typically on these walks, Becky would take off her clothes for varying periods of time, some quite lengthy. But they never encountered other people, and Lisa had begun to enjoy the experience of simply being alone with her friend while Becky was nude in nature.

This was a side of Becky she could fully support. Becky the naturist, the nudist, happy to walk through green woodlands without a stitch of clothing on, to lie naked in the sun on the edge of a wide open field. There was of course always that slight risk that someone would catch them and an awkward explanation would have to follow, but out in the summer sun that risk seemed satisfyingly far away. It seemed to Lisa on these trips that Becky was nude just for her, and those deep, longing feelings began to nag at her once again. But that aside, it was not just bearable, but pleasurable.

But now Becky's "dark side" had emerged again. The Becky who wanted to push the envelope, to go that bit further - not to just risk being caught, but actually seek out an audience to show herself naked to. And despite her vow to support Becky, even enable her to live out the experiences she wanted, Lisa was troubled.

Take the convenience store. Oh, it had passed off harmlessly enough, Becky had stripped in the shop, chosen and paid for their liquor, and then left. They'd walked a little way through the deserted streets together, the naked girl and the clothed one, before Becky had mercifully judged that they were close enough to their friends' house party that she should probably put her clothes back on.

But what if it hadn't? What if the guy behind the counter had been offended, and called the police? What if there had been other people in the shop who had done that? What if they'd been alone in the shop, but the guy behind the counter had been not a young and quite nice looking lad but an old sleaze, some big nasty guy who had locked the door and demanded some sort of sexual favour from Becky, or from both girls, before they had been allowed to leave again? And all that aside, stores have CCTV cameras, so now there was undoubtedly a video somewhere of Becky shopping naked - would that make its way to the internet, would someone identify them?

Lisa had been willing to acknowledge that the risks Becky was taking were exciting, but as she strayed farther afield in pursuit of that adrenaline fix, Lisa had to wonder if Becky was in danger of going too far, and getting herself, and Lisa, into serious trouble.

She didn't feel as though she could stop Becky, though - and what really troubled her was that she wasn't sure she really wanted to... There was still that rush of pleasure she got from seeing Becky naked where she shouldn't be, and that tantalizing, delicious intimacy of being the partner in crime, the only one privy to the knowledge of Becky's "true self".

She just had to figure out how to get that feeling without putting either of them into harm's way. With that in mind, she'd asked Becky about her formative experiences, the ones that had made her into this person - and Becky had told her about the railway.

"It was about 5 years ago," Becky said for context. "It was around the time I first started going on walks by myself and getting naked in a serious way. Anyway, one day I'd walked all the way out to where the railway line is, you know, where it just goes between the fields. And I didn't have any clothes on, I was just walking in the sun absolutely bare.

"I hadn't meant to be seen. I knew trains might come along but I figured I would get enough warning I could get out of sight. But you know how fast trains go - suddenly I was standing on the bank next to the track and one whizzed by, a great big intercity locomotive, and I was just stood there, full frontal. Every single person looking out of the window of the train would have seen me naked and although it was going far too fast for me to make out faces, I could imagine them all looking at me, seeing me naked like that, just wondering, who is this girl and why is she walking around in the countryside, completely starkers, and it was just so exciting..."

So, Lisa had suggested, why not go back to that place? It seemed to her a slightly safer way of helping Becky indulge the part of herself that wanted to be seen naked than stripping off in shops or other public places. True, trains were big, noisy and dangerous, but they weren't talking about going onto the track, just nearby.

They set off just after lunch time, and to Lisa Becky seemed more excited even than she had been about their previous adventures. Her excitement was infection, and Lisa was very much looking forward to seeing her friend out in nature with no clothes on once again. But she felt a growing sense of nervousness, too - deliberately seeking out a way for Becky to be seen naked was quite risky, and she worried that Becky's enthusiasm was in danger of clouding her judgement. But, Lisa had been the one to suggest this little escapade, so she didn't feel her worries were entirely reasonable - after all, when she'd come up with the idea it was as a safer alternative to any shocking stunt Becky might conceive, so she didn't really have a right to misgivings now. Still, she was nervous.

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