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Best Friends Share Everything


Allie's familiar face as the door opened. Allie stood maybe an inch taller than Carla, with blonde hair down to the small of her back. Her bright blue eyes and warm smile reminded Carla of the friend she missed, but Carla was outright shocked at what was staring her in the face. They both had similar builds, but Allie's chest was now almost twice the size of Carla's. It must have been at least a 42 E.

Breaking the silence, Allie said "come in" and took a step back so Carla could enter. After she did, Allie closed the door and locked it behind them before walking back into the kitchen. Carla followed her and was met with a sweet smell when she got near the stove. She remembered the scent before, but couldn't quite put her finger on it. Before she could ask, Allie asked her to grab a couple of plates and forks as she took the lids off of a pot of spaghetti and tomato sauce.

After dinner the two women were sitting on a couch in the living room, talking about what had happened over the past few weeks, Carla got the impression that something had happened down in whatever South American country Allie had just visited, but any time she neared a question Allie would avoid it and ask what had happened to her. After an hour Allie asked Carla if she wanted some desert, reminding her about that odd smell she couldn't quite remember. Everything, however, was immediately forgotten as Allie bent close to Carla and kissed her deeply. For a while, Carla couldn't wrap her head around the fact that her friend was kissing her, but she was brought back down to earth when Allie's tongue started to stretch farther and farther into her mouth, too far in fact.

She realized it wasn't a tongue when it hit the back of her throat and started crawling deeper. Carla tried to fight back, but it was already too late. She could feel the foot-long thing down in her stomach, and was even more shocked when another one came out of Allie's mouth. After a third one entered her, Allie pulled back and reclined against a few pillows on the sofa. Carla, meanwhile, pulled her shirt off and stared in horror as her flat stomach expanded in places as the three creatures snaked through her. Soon the movement stopped, which only scared Carla even more. She gingerly poked at her abdomen until she jumped at the sound of Allie's voice.

"Don't worry, they're only nesting. It won't hurt."

"What?" Carla was able to squeeze out. "What's happening?"

"They're nesting. In about an hour you're going to have a brood of whatever they are inside you." Allie smiled at the look on Carla's face. "You don't need to worry; they'll only use you to lay their eggs and to feed." She rubbed her hands over her breasts. "I don't know about you, but I like the results."

With Carla still unable to speak, Allie stood up and started taking her clothes off. It didn't take long because the only thing she had on was a blue dress and matching pair of thigh-high leggings. After the dress came off, Allie grabbed Carla's hand and helped her stand up, then proceeded to take her friend's clothes off as well. With the two of them naked, Allie leaned in and kissed Carla again, only this time nothing extra was involved. For a while Carla didn't move she just stood there being kissed, then she put an arm around Allie and returned the affection.

After a good ten minutes of kissing Carla started to feel a little warm. At first she thought it was just the felling of another woman next to her, but the warmth wasn't localized in any one specific place, her entire body was getting hot. Allie broke their kiss and stared at her long-time friend. "It's starting to happen. You'll feel a little weird for a couple of minutes, but after that you won't even be able to remember how you got along without them.

Carla's only response was a nod, which stopped abruptly when she felt a pressure on her chest. Looking down she saw her breasts slowly swelling pushing out, up, down, and every which way against her skin until they were twice the size they had been. A little light-headed after that experience, Carla sat down and was instantly rewarded with another one of the foot-long things wiggling its way into her ass. Instead of immediately jumping up, she just stood there, her mouth open in a soundless moan. Allie stepped closer and as she helped Carla stand up once more two of the creatures poked out of her, one from her mouth, the other from her cunt.

Finally able to get a good look at them, Carla saw the segmented, tapering, worm-like thing was green on the top half of it's body and pink on the underside. It had a pair of short, stubby feelers on each segment, and didn't have a mouth, so much as it just had an opening at one end of it's body that was ringed with tiny feelers. Allie put her hands on Carla's shoulders, and pressed herself into her brunette friend. Their tits were the only things really touching, and Carla winced as the brand-new flesh was stretched and manipulated in different directions. It did, however, serve to get her extremely horny, and as the mouth-end of the creature that was coming out of Allie's mouth crept closer, Carla wrapped her lips around it and began to move her tongue all around its surface.

Before she hadn't taken the time to pay attention to any of her senses, but now she could taste the thing in her mouth. It was kind of leathery on it's upper half, but the underside was as smooth as skin. It had a more or less benign taste, but after a few minutes of sucking on it Carla couldn't get enough. Allie shifter her left hand from Carla's shoulder to her waist and slowly pulled her friend closer. Carla stopped moving when she felt another one of the creatures push against her pussy. The feelers danced around her opening and eventually began to make some headway. By this time Carla was starting to roll her hips, getting hotter by the minute, and gave out a muffled cry when it finally pushed into her.

With the thing moving around inside her, Carla was starting to cum and Allie had to hold her up when her legs began to falter. Allie eventually let go of the one in her mouth, which promptly crawled down Carla's throat. Allie leaned back to lie down on the rug, never breaking either of their contact with the creature in their cunts. When Allie's back was flat on the ground, Carla's throat was finally clear for her to scream out in ecstasy as she came for the first time and collapsed on Allie.

With Carla taking deep breaths after her orgasm, Allie kissed and nibbled on her neck. She could feel the thing squirming in her pussy, making her feel even hotter than she already was. She started to feel one crawling it's way between her legs and press against her ass so she tried to shift to give it an easier time. When it pushed its way through Allie finally came, bucking her hips up and down, even with Carla's weight on her. When Allie was through screaming, Carla kissed her deeply.

For the next hour they exchanges creatures, as well as replacing creatures that found it enough to just crawl out and away from them for the time being. When they finally passed out from the pleasure they were still connected by a couple of the things that receded back into them a few minutes later.

Allie woke up first, blinking the peaceful sleep away and smiling as she stared into Carla's dreaming face. She ran her fingers gently over Carla's arm, eliciting a sigh and a slight movement from the still-asleep girl. As Allie's hand moved back to her own body she felt a bulge in her stomach and looked down. She gasped in utter shock, because she looked about six months pregnant. She propped herself up against the sofa and rubbed her belly, but not being able to feel any of the things moving around inside her. Even though she was still a little scared of what was going on, she relaxed and remembered that the things hadn't hurt her yet. A little while later she fell back asleep, dreaming about things she wouldn't remember.

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