tagErotic CouplingsBest Friend's Wife

Best Friend's Wife

byMr James©

In some people's opinion, I would be something of a rat. I mean, seducing your best friend's wife is hardly the sort of moral, upstanding behaviour that you would commend to your children and making love with her while her daughter, my goddaughter, slept in the next room is almost certainly guaranteed to ruin a long-standing friendship.

I never really meant to seduce Joanne. I admit that I fancied her so much that it would drive me crazy at times, but she was my best friend's wife. We flirted and joked how things could be different but, for a long time nothing more came of it.

One evening, everything changed. Joanne and Keith were supposed to be going out to dinner. I had been pressed into service as babysitter for my goddaughter, Christine. I arrived early, to give them time to change, and spend some quality time with my rather beautiful goddaughter, who was just learning to walk, at the time. Joanne opened the door and led the way into the lounge, but there was no sign of Keith. I assumed that he was upstairs and would be down when he was ready. Picking Christine up from the floor, I lifted her high in the air and was rewarded with her usual bubbly giggle.

Joanne sat on the sofa and watched me playing with Christine, for a few moments.

"I'm sorry, Peter, but we've ruined your evening for nothing." Joanne apologised.

"What's wrong?" I asked, concerned.

Joanne said nothing, for a moment, just sat on the sofa with tears running slowly down her face to lane, wetly, on the shiny silk of her robe. I went over and, putting Christine on the floor, sat on the sofa next to her. I slid an arm around her shoulders and held her as sobs wracked her body. I tried desperately hard not to think of the way her slender body felt through the thin material, or the way she smelt as she leaned against me. Gradually, she calmed down a little and straightened up, dabbing at her tear filled eyes.

"I'm sorry, it's silly of me. Keith and I have had a huge row and he's gone out, I don't know where, but he won't be back tonight." Joanne apologised, "He always does this if we row."

"Do you want to tell me what it's about?" I asked.

"It's stupid really, I said he took me for granted and didn't help enough with Christine. I have to look after her and the house as well as my job, he comes home from work and does nothing to help. He told me that he hadn't wanted a child yet and I'd ambushed him to get what I want. Then he stormed out, like every other time we fall out."

"Tell you what, let's put Christine to bed and then I'll keep you company." I suggested.

I carried Christine up the stairs, changed her into her night clothes and brushed her teeth and then sat on the end of her bed to tell her a bed-time story. Watching her eyelids droop, I realised that she was exhausted by her Mom and Dad's fight as well. I pulled the covers around her chin, gently kissed her forehead and slipped silently out of the room.

Joanne had brewed a pot of tea and was curled up in the corner of the sofa, her hands curled around her big, earthenware mug. A matching mug was gently steaming on the corner of the fireplace and I picked it up and sat in the armchair opposite, trying not to notice the way her robe accentuated the curve of her hips and her firm, breasts. She had curled her long, elegant legs beneath her and was sat, like a cat, curled gracefully. The shimmer of the robe seemed to be caught in her eyes, bright but no longer tearful. She sipped her tea and looked at me, over the rim of her mug. Her greeny-blue eyes seemed to deepen in colour, until I could imagine that I was looking into the depths of a Mediterranean sea.

"I couldn't imagine anyone taking you for granted." I told her, sincerely.

"I wish you could convince Keith that he does." she sighed.

I looked straight into her eyes and, suddenly, nothing else mattered. I stood up and took the three steps that crossed the gap between us, then leaned down. She tilted her head to me and parted her lips. Our mouths touched and I felt her tongue brush against mine, tip to tip. There was a jolt, a spark, whatever you would call it and I felt as though someone had punched the air out of my lungs. I have no idea how long it was before we remembered to breathe, but it seemed as though the whole world had stopped between heartbeats.

I sat beside her on the sofa and reached inside her robe, expecting to feel bare skin beneath. Instead, my fingertips brushed against a silk corset, trimmed with lace and cut so that her breasts were pushed inwards and upwards to create a deep valley between her breasts. I ran my hands along her sides, over the tightly laced bodice and cupped her breasts, feeling the hardened points of her nipples pressing against my palms, through the silk cups of the corset. I leaned over to whisper into her ear.

"Did you start fighting while you were getting ready?" I murmured, a little puzzled.

"No, these are for you." Joanne whispered back.

I pulled on the sash holding her robe closed and pushed the material off her shoulders and down her bare arms. Underneath the robe, she was wearing a dark blue satin corset, tightly laced and fastened by a row of tiny hooks and eyes at the front. Suspenders attached to the bottom of the corset were fastened to black silk stockings. I ran my eyes down her body, noticing that she had not bothered with panties and I could see her neatly trimmed pubes as a dark smudge between her thighs. Her dark auburn hair tumbled around her shoulders and her eyes glowed like green jade.

She looked into my eyes and seemed to read my thoughts. Leaning forward, she kissed me slowly, flicking the tip of her tongue against my lips and running her hands through my hair. I slid my arms around her narrow waist and opened my lips, pressing my tongue into her mouth for her to suck on. Reaching up, I started to unfasten the front of her corset, one pair of hooks and eyes at a time, working my way slowly downwards. Unfastening the suspenders, I spread the silk panels wide, like unwrapping a delicate birthday present.

The cool milky skin of her sides and belly was marked with scarlet lines, where the stays of the corset had pressed against her body. Her small, pert, breasts flattened a little and her nipples sprang to attention, swelling like ripe berries. I cupped her breasts in my hands, capturing the points of her nipples between my fingers and squeezed them slowly and gently, feeling her nipples harden further. She pulled my shirt tails from the waist of my pants and plucked the buttons undone, one by one. I could feel the cool caress of her fingers against my skin and I growled in my throat as I felt my cock jerk inside my boxers. I squeezed a little harder, drawing a soft groan from her throat into my mouth.

Breaking our kiss for a moment, I nuzzled the base of her neck, tasting the sweat of her excitement as she began to undo my pants, flattening her hand against the bulge in the front of the cloth. Easing the zipper open, she slid her fingers inside, curling them around the shaft of my cock. Slowly she dragged her fingernails along the line of my stiffening erection, pressing just hard enough to feel it twitch and jerk under her caress. I moved my lips lower, onto the gentle curve of her breast, moving my lips closer and closer to her nipple. She arched her back, lifting her breasts nearer to my mouth but I held back from plunging my mouth onto it, teasing her with gentle kisses around the dark circle at the base. Suddenly, sh hooked her fingers into the waistband of my boxers and drew them down, past the head of my cock, along the shaft and over my swollen balls. My cock sprang free, jutting out, and pointed towards her pussy.

Joanne pushed me away, almost tripping me with my boxers still around my ankles. Sliding off the sofa, she twirled me around and pushed, so that I fell onto the cushions. Swivelling around, she knelt in front of me and, grinning wickedly, took hold of the base of my cock, circling it with her fingers. Slowly, she began kissing the inside of my thighs, working her way closer and closer to my aching cock. Her hand was busy too, sliding the skin up and down, revealing the swollen, purple head and then covering it again. I could feel the clear pre-cum bubbling out of the eye and oiling the head of my cock, as she caressed me and licked and sucked closer and closer.

I could feel the tickle of her breath on my cock as she poked her tongue out and rant the tip of it over the end of my cock, lapping away at the slippery pre-cum that she had spreads all over my swollen knob. Moving closer, she looked up at me and then opened her mouth wide and pushed her hair away from her face. I watched as she slid the head of my cock between her lips and into her mouth. She ran her tongue over the head, swirling it all over my throbbing cock until I thought I would cum right then. She sensed my cock swelling in her mouth, ready to spurt thick slimy cum into her throat, and bit at the head, gently, to calm it. Then she pushed her head further down onto my cock, until it filled her mouth. I clenched my hands into fists, fighting against the urge to grasp her head and force it down onto my cock. She moved her hand away from the base of my cock and bobbed her head up and down a couple of times and then pushed my cock right to the back of her throat. I heard her gagging a little as the tip of my cock slid over her tongue but she did not pull back, but swallowed, taking my cock deep into her throat.

Joanne swallowed again and again, the muscles in her throat rippling caressingly against my throbbing cock and starting the familiar ache, deep in my balls that meant I had to cum. I tried to croak out a warning to her, so that she could pull back, but I could not find the strength and she did not seem to be listening anyway. She carried on bobbing her had up and down on my erect cock until I could do nothing to hold back the hot spurting cum. I felt my cock spasm in her mouth and throat, pumping jet after jet of thick sticky cum into her throat and mouth until she dribbled some of my load down my cock and over my balls.

Sliding my cock out of her mouth, she whispered, huskily, "I've wanted to do that for a very long time. I've watched you looking at me and I wanted to tell you that I'd do anything you want."

I slid off the edge of the sofa to sit next to her and turned her to face me. Stroking her hair away from her face, I leaned closer and kissed her mouth, tasting my own cum on her lips She sucked my tongue as greedily as she had done my cock and I felt my balls tighten a little as the blood pounded back into my shaft. I so wanted to fuck this beautiful, sensuous young woman, but first I was going to return her favour.

Pushing her to the carpet I began to kiss her breasts, moving around her nipples, taking one, then the other, between my lips and licking at the tips. Joanne trembled as she felt the caress of my tongue against her skin. Releasing her nipple I kissed lower on her breast making tiny trails of damp kisses over her firm belly and down toward the neatly trimmed thatch of hair that concealed her pussy. I could smell the tang of her juices as my lips edged closer and closer to the opening of her fragrant passage. The neat thatch of her curls glistened wetly, where her pussy juice had seeped from between the lips. Running my fingers along the inside of her thigh, I pressed gently, spreading them and opening her pussy.

Lowering my head, I blew gently across her pussy, as I used my fingertips to spread the lips to expose her bubbling pink vagina. Her clit was hard and erect, glistening with the juice that had already bubbled out of her and matted the silky pubes. I dipped the tip of my tongue into the tight opening and lapped gently, moving my tongue along the length of her tender lips, almost to her clit, which was peeping out from its protecting hood. Then I stiffened my tongue and slowly ran it back along Joanne's now dripping slit, down between her buttocks and flicked the tip against her asshole. She groaned and bit the heel of her hand, so that she did not cry out loud as she trembled, her whole body shaking.

I paused and then took her clit between my lips, holding it there while I lashed the tip of my tongue over and around the sensitive nub. Sweet fluid gushed over her thighs, moistening the tops of her stockings and trickling between the cheeks of her ass. She bucked against my mouth and I reached between her thighs with my finger. I pushed it slowly into her pussy turning it a little from side to side, feeling her gripping it as I gently stretched her. She whimpered when I slid my finger out of her but sighed contentedly when I pushed two fingers slowly back inside. A last flick of my tongue against the tip of her clit had her cumming over my fingers and shrieking, heedless of whoever might hear.

I released her as she lay, panting, her chest heaving and her nipples bright red and swollen, and lay beside her on the floor, murmuring into her ear;

"I've wanted to do that with you for a very, very long time."

"And what else have you wanted to do? For a very, very long time?"

"Make love with you, feel you in my arms with me inside you."

"Mmmm, that sounds wonderful."

I pushed, gently, so that Joanne laid back on the floor and grabbed a cushion from the sofa to slip behind her head. She rested her feet on the floor, her knees bent and let her legs fall open to offer her sweet pussy. I knelt over her, my newly aroused cock pointing between the lips of her pussy and grasped the base. Slowly, I rubbed the head of my cock along her juicy lips, covering it with a shiny layer of her pussy juices. Joanne moaned, deep inside her throat as the tip of my cock brushed against her hard, erect clit. I could see her nipples swelling like ripe berries and she stroked her breast, pinching her nipples, squeezing them until I thought they would burst.

"Darling," she begged, breathlessly, "Don't tease, take me now I need you so badly."

I leaned forward and my cock slid easily into the silky wetness of her pussy, stretching her very slowly as I filled her tight passage. She sighed as she felt the tight curls of my pubes tangling with hers. I saw a tear in her eye as I pressed my cock as far into her pussy as I could, savouring the tight grip of her pussy, as I thrust slowly into her. Slipping my hands behind her thighs, I lifted Joanne's legs and draped her calves over my shoulders, lifting her hips so that I could drive my cock a little deeper into her pussy. She gasped when she felt the tip of my cock pressed against the opening to her womb. A momentary flash of panic crossed her eyes but she relaxed as she realised that she had already taken my entire length.

Her tender pussy gripped my cock like oiled silk as I began to thrust and withdraw, settling into a long, slow rhythm. Every few thrusts, I shortened my stroke, making sure that my cock brushed firmly against her clit, and then followed it with a deep, pounding, stroke, right to the mouth of her womb. She shivered all over, every time I followed the shallow strokes with a hard, deeper one, crying out as she felt my cock penetrating the depths of her pussy. The air was filled with the scent of our juices as they seeped around my cock to trickle between the cheeks of Joanne's beautiful ass.

Joanne slid her arms around my neck and pulled me closer so that she could kiss me. Her tongue thrust into my mouth, matching the rhythm of my cock in her pussy. I showered tiny kisses on her eyelids and down her neck, bending to take her nipples into my mouth and suck on them until she moaned. Joanne thrashed her head from side to side, her hair fanning like spray across the floor.

"Oh fuck!" Joanne screamed, as the grip of her pussy tightened, "Peter, I'm coming OH Goddd!!"

"Joanne, come for me, I want to come inside you, I want to fill your cunt." I groaned

"Yes, Yess, Oh YESSS!"

I stopped thrusting and held still, while my jerking cock sprayed my sperm into her womb. I could feel my cock pumping more strongly than it had ever done before as I emptied my balls deep inside her pussy. I held her tight, as i felt the last spurts of cum jetting from my cock, kissing her deeply, my tongue sliding into her mouth. I eased her legs down slowly, keeping my softening cock deep inside her. Gradually, it slipped out, leaving a thin trail of cum from her pussy to the inside of her thigh. I held her close, feeling the dampness of her tears on my shoulder, as she sobbed quietly.

Eventually we both dressed, Joanne pulling panties and jeans over her sticky pussy and hiding her breasts and still erect nipples in a sweatshirt. Keith stayed out all night and, when we were sure that neither he nor Christine would suddenly appear to disturb us, I took Joanne up to her own bed.

That was the first time, but it certainly has not been the last. There was, however, one unexpected result of our passion. Christine now has a baby brother, Jonathon Peter, who is just the right age to have, possibly, been conceived on that first night.

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