tagLoving WivesBest Friend's Wife Tempts

Best Friend's Wife Tempts


Tempted to take my friend's wife

We were relaxing after dinner, my married friend and his wife.

Jay is 38, and his 33 year old wife is Mariko [nick name is Mari].

She is part Japanese and part German. For an Asian babe, she has a very nice set of jugs. Big, full and hang down a little, not firm stand-ups perk like young girls. She had an earthy look to her. I liked that look better than the model look.

Jay said. "I told Mari you haven't found a girl friend yet, except hookers."

I have been divorced three years and it is true that I am not dating anyone steady.

I said. "Don't believe him Mari; I don't hang with hookers."

She laughed and spoke in broken English with a German-Japanese accent,. "You need to date. Not good to have sex only with prostitutes."

Now I laughed. "Not hookers. Every now and then I go to massage spas. You know get a shower and a massage."

Jay said. "So you are saying you don't have sex?"

Mariko cut him off. "Oh, enough of Billie's sex life. At least massage parlors are clean. You get to take a shower first."

Jay said. "Does that mean you won't get mad if I go with Billie to take a shower?"

A few more drinks, and it was time for bed.

I had the couch and slept in a tee shirt and briefs.

I'm in landscape construction and was visiting Jay because he has been begging me to do a waterfall on one side of his house that nestled into a mountain. I agreed since I had more than enough money, and I needed a few weeks' vacation anyway.

When I heard them fucking, I thought of Mariko and me having sex. I knew she would be good in bed since Jay was happy and content. This meant his wife was satisfying him. I also could tell that she liked sex. I figured this out from looking at her, the way she moved –she seemed sensual and happy with her femininity. Very unlike my ex-wife.

I massaged my cock for awhile but after a few minutes I stopped. I do not like to jerk off anymore. I'd go to a massage parlor in a few days and take care of my balls and cock with a jerk-off or blowjob depending how much I was willing to pay the spa babe.


But I could not sleep. I went to their kitchen and found a coffee maker. I sat at the table in briefs and tee shirt drinking coffee and looking out heir patio window at the landscape.

At times I would think of my work and then I would feel my semi hard cock and rub it and think of Mariko's body.

My cock slipped out of my briefs and I smiled at its hardness and gave it a squeeze or two.

And then I was given a scare.

"Oh, my gosh, you're awake." She was looking at my hand on my cock.

It was Mariko in a kimono wrapped around her, and her hair and face seemed messed up and flushed. She looked rather beautiful, I thought.

She stammered. "Wait, I'll freshen up and I'll keep you company for awhile. Jay is conked out."

I pushed my cock under my briefs and smiled as best I could. I said. "No, no need to freshen up. You look fine like you are."

"But I need to...."

I jumped in. "No, really. Don't go. It reminds me of being married and having coffee and chatting after making love."

Mariko did not leave; she took a sit at the table "Really. That is so nice." She smiled and relaxed. "Well, you need to remarry, then."

I changed the subject purposefully. "Been thinking of how to design the waterfall. Once I draw up the plans, won't take more than a week to complete."

"My husband really appreciates what you are doing, Billie."

I nodded yes.

Mariko then said. "I guess you could hear us. We should have been quieter. I really do apologize."

I laughed. "It was a better turn on then a massage spa."

Mariko sputtered. "But.... ..Oh, you are being silly, but I appreciate your attempt to make light of it. "

"No big deal." I lied.

She said. "Billie, you really need a wife. Masturbation only satisfies a little bit. And now I better go wash and put on some clothes."

I stood up. "Mariko, I did not jerk off. I tried to but couldn't. Please stay awhile."

Mariko stood also. "Oh, god, we did this to you"

I took her hand and led her to the living room.

I walked over to the sofa bed. "Mariko. All I am asking is for you to sit next to me. Let me get off looking at you. I can't do it alone."

"Billie, this is crazy." She was still standing next to the sofa.

I said. "No, it's not. You are not doing anything. Not cheating on Jay."

She looked puzzled. "I never did anything like this before. I mean you want to look at me. Take off my robe is what you are asking?"

She did not leave the room. A very good sign.

I lied. "No, you don't have to be nude for me to get off. You just being near me is a turn on. I can smell your sex, his cum, your cum. It turns me on. I'll jerk off and then go to sleep."

Mariko then made a decision. She walked past me to her bedroom and peeked in.

She walked back next to the sofa bed. "He'll be out for a few hours."

I said. "Please." in a soft begging voice.

Mariko said. "I never did anything like this before. No touching me and don't expect me to touch you, either."

I smiled at her.

She sat a few feet away from me.

Mariko said. "It's sort of our fault. I want to help and I mean I do really like you as person but .. I'm married, Billie."

I made my move. I pulled off my briefs and let my cock out for her to see.

I took my cock in my right hand and caressed it as it grew harder. I said. "You're married to my best friend. I would never do anything to hurt either of you. Al I want to do is masturbate so I can fall asleep."

She said. "I don't know if I can go through with this. I mean, I don't know what I mean......but thanks anyway." She sputtered.

Why she said that I had no idea. But I was happy I got this far with her.

She made a move to get up. "I can get you some lotion."

"No, I want to do it natural. I want to smell your sex and get real hard and feel the cum build up and squirt out."

Again there was an awkward silence. Her eyes were taking in my fat hard throbbing cock meat. Then she asked. "Do you really go to massage parlors?"

I took my time before replying. I massaged my cock. I let her see my hand go up and down its length. I let her see my cock tip and the precum.

I said. "Yeah, I get a hand job or a blowjob usually"

Her eyes were glued to my hand which was stroking my very hard cock meat.

I pleaded. "Stay here with me while I jerk off, please, Mariko."

She tightened her robe around her body.

I said. "It's okay. We won't touch each other, okay. I really like to smell your cum. The robe hides the smell a little, but I can still smell the sex juice. It is s a real turn on. Your sweat and his cum and your cum."

"Oh, my god, Billie. I don't think I can go through with this."

"Please, Mari, look at my cock. Smile at it and I will be able to cum soon."

She laughed. "Your cock looks so hard. And besides that," she took a breadth. "I've never seen a man masturbate in all my life. If I wasn't married, I might enjoy it, I think."

I pushed up my pelvis and lifted my ass off the sofa. I massaged my balls and spread my legs to give her a perfect view.

"In a second, Marko, I'm going to cum. Oh, god, let me see your tits. Hurry I'm going to cum"

Mariko loosened her robe to expose her full tits. They were so full and sweaty with chubby nipples.

And cum I did. The first blast took me by surprise.

The warm seething cum flew in the air and landed on my chest. Then immediately another blob blasted out of my aroused cock meat and this time it hit me on the side of my face and in my hair and ear.

Mariko shrieked on the second blast

The last shot landed on my belly button and then dribbled out of the cock tip.

Then silence.

I finally said. "You yelled loud."

She gasped. "My god, I've never seen anything like that. It was, my god, great."

She stood up and closed her robe "Let me get you cleaned up."

But I new better than to have her leave and wash her pussy and tits.

"Come here." I demanded.

She stopped and looked at me.

"Come kneel next to me. See how much you turned me on."

Mariko knelt next to my leg. She reached out and wiped some cum off my cheek and then licked her fingers.

She said. "You are bad."

I said. "How do I taste?"

She laughed. "About the same as my husband."

I laughed. "Is that good or bad?"

She giggled. "I always liked the taste of cum. When I was in high school and college, I sucked off a lot of guys."

She bent and licked off more cum from my belly.

I said as a joke. "Do you think your husband heard you scream?"

She again laughed. "He better be sleeping or he'll beat both our asses. And then fuck me and make you suck his off."

I said. "No way. I never sucked a dick."

Again she lowered her head toward my belly. "But I have."

And she took my soft cock in her mouth and cleared off the cum. When her head came up, she said. "Sucking a soft cock is more fun than a hard cock."

I began to caress her tits. She did not object. "You got great tits. Jay is a lucky man."

For her answer she moaned.

My tongue licked up her sweat from her tits and took my time on her large nipples. I said. "I could cum just sucking on your nipples."

"My boobs are sweaty and maybe....." She giggled. "Maybe salty. Jay rubbed his cum all over them."

I did not stop licking and sucking on her tits. She emitted soft moans.

But I knew where I wanted my tongue and mouth to be – between her legs. So I began my descent.

"No, Billie. Not there. Not now." Her hand held the back of my head.

"I want to taste your pussy."

"Please. I did not wash. I am ashamed I might smell."

I sat up and guided my soft cock tip to her mouth. She took it willingly.

Slurped her mouth around and up and down. No care that her slurping sounds were loud.

I gently took my cock from her mouth. Said. "Yu can taste and smell my cum, let me taste yours."

Her answer was. "Oh, god." But she did not stop my head from lowering to her cunt hair.

I smelt the very strong odor of cum. I spread her pussy lips and put my mouth over her clit an began to lick.

"Bobbi, my husband came in me, inside my vagina. Please, I don't want to turn you off."

I licked around the outer lips and then put my tongue inside her pussy hole and slurped her pussy hole juices.

She bucked her cunt into my face over and over.

I took a breather. "Do you want me to stop, Mariko?"

She pushed a gob of her pussy juice and her husband's cum out of her cunt and onto my mouth.

And that was it for many, many minutes. I slurped her clit, her outer cunt lips, her pussy hole, and tired to fuck her pussy hole with my tongue.

It was so quiet except her low moans that came intermittingly.

She pleaded "I can't stop cumming."

I lifted her legs and bent them toward her head. She allowed me to spread her legs for easy access.

I licked around the soft tissue at that bottom of her cunt hole. Then my tongue found her the outside lips of her asshole.

Her moans became louder and more earnest.

I tongued her asshole and then spread her legs farther apart to let her ass hole spread a bit. I wiggled my middle finger around her hole and got it nice and wet, then pushed the finger tip inside her asshole.

Back and forth this went, my tongue then my finger at her asshole.

Her hole opened wider and now I could finger fuck her asshole with two , then three fingers.

But I was more into licking her juices, both form her cunt and her asshole.

She did not try to stop me.

When I began another assault on her clit, she begged. She whispered. "Put your cock inside me."

I did as told.

We both gasped as my newly erect cock began to slip inside her slippery, wet, cum- filled pussy hole.

I paused. "I don't want to hurt Jay by fucking you, Mariko."

"Shut-up, silly." Mariko tightened her cunt lips around my engorged cock as it slipped all the way inside her mature pussy hole.

The she whispered. "You make me cum. I never cum when fucking."

I pushed in and out.

Quiet. Then two bodies rubbing and slamming into each other.

I stopped and pulled out. Lowered my face to her very aroused cunt lips and began to lick and slurp her red, wet clit and inside her wet cum glistening pussy lips and hole.

Her body was heaving up and down. Her pussy hole was filing my mouth with her pussy cum.

I rubbed my cock tip around her pussy hole and then around her asshole and began to push my cock tip up her ass.

"Billie, maybe your cock is too big. I mean....oh, god, just do it slow, please."

I went in slow. Took my time. Took the cock tip out and licked her hole and then put the cock tip inside her.

I was all the way in.

She fucked me back even though her moans had some pain in her voice.

I stopped, had enough of her ass hole and was satisfied.

My cock knew were to go, back into her pussy hole.

Her cunt hole gripped my cock meat and gently jerked my cock off.

I came; she came.

Then we kissed.

Our fist kiss.

She whispered. "Thank you."

We smiled a teach other.

I said. "You milked my cock really good. I only had that done to me a few times."

"Your ex?"

"Oh, never. She could not cum when we fucked. They were three hookers, but really nice girls. We were together many times and they got to like and trust me."

She hugged me close to her. "Did you lick their pussy like you did mine?"

"Yeah, I did. They probably fucked ten guys that week, but I still liked sucking their pussy juice. Turns me on."

Mariko whispered. "I never had someone lick me off like you did. You really like it. Like it for yourself, not just to make me happy. That is the difference."

We hugged. Then she said. 'One thing I want to do before I go back to bed. And I really better get back soon. But this will only take a few minutes.

She moved down my body to my cock and licked and caressed its wetness. Then she lifted my legs in the air as I had done to her. She placed my legs toward my head and spread my legs.

The she began to kiss and lick at my butt hole.

I was delirious with pleasure.

One then two fingers went in and out of my now well lubricated ass hole.

Many minutes went by.

When she stopped , she got up, kissed my mouth and we swapped cum and ass hole juice.

She giggled. 'You got a very sensitive asshole."

I laughed.

"No, really." She said. "Guys like to have their ass played with more than girls. I bet you would cum if you got fucked in the ass. Not now but someday. Guys really like it."

She walked toward to the bedroom. Whispered. "I need to fuck Jay again so he won't suspect anything. You can watch. I'll leave the door open a little."

And she disappeared.

I waited until I heard mumbling. I stood away fro the door but my eyes adjusted well enough to ee what wa going on.

Jay got off the bed and walked away. I heard pissing; .he returned.

I realized they had a bathroom in their bedroom.


Jay was back in bed. He looked like he fell asleep again. Minutes went by.

Then Mariko began to suck his soft cock. It got hard. Jay mumbled. "What you doing, honey? I need to sleep."

She whispered. "I need to fuck you again. I am so fucking horny. Let me make your cock hard and I'll sit on your cock. Just relax,please."

"Man." He moaned but not of pleasure.

His cock was hard and Marico put her pussy over it and pushed his cock inside her cum filed hole with my cock juice.

The bed squeaked.

She whispered rather loudly. "Cum inside me, honey."

And he did.

Jay muttered. "Mari, what got into you. Honey?"

She said. "You and Billie talking about al that sex made me horny. So be quiet and don't pretend you didn't enjoy it."

It was quiet. Then he began a faint snore.

I moved back to the sofa.

My cock was hard.

I tried to sleep but felt certain she would come to see me again.

I dozed off and was awakened. "Billie."

Her hand was on my cock caressing it. It erected with little coaxing.

She straddled me like she had done to her husband .My cock went inside her pussy hole easily.

"Billie, you can fuck my ass if you want. Just be gentle."

She bucked to and fro on my cock meat.

I said." Like you pussy better."

Mariko led me to the floor and then placed her legs over my head and placed her cunt on my face.

I licked and sucked and slurped more cunt and cock juice.

Mariko came on my face.

When she had her fill of my tongue in he pussy, she said. "Can you cum again?."

"Don't know."

She bent and took my cock meat in her mouth. She sucked and slurped and then one finger was up my as hole, then two. She finger fucked me into an orgasm.

Licked my cum from my belly.

Said "I got to go." Then she kissed me full mouth and she swapped the cum her mouth into mine.

She said. "You don't mind, do you?"

I said. "Swallowed more cum today than in my entire life."

She caressed my face. "That is good you are not freaked."

I said. "It was a great night, why would I be freaked?"

"Cum don't bother you?"

I nodded no.

"My husband would be freaked if I did this to him. He won't taste his own cum, and not another guy's too."

I smiled. "It's all sex. If I like you and want you, I don't get upset. Told you I licked the hookers' pusses. Not too many guys would do that."

Mariko said. "You are special. Too bad. But I'm married. Goodbye."

I slept soundly.

The sun woke me.

I knew I could not stay here. Needed to be away from her for a few days.

I phoned a coworker and asked him to cell me back.

I let the phone ring a long time. Then I said. Okay, I'll be the in a few hours. Too bad."

If Jay or Mariko were listening they would hear what I said and not think I was leaving because of anything weird or suspicious.

After I dressed, I tapped on their bedroom door.

Jay said. "Yeah, what's up, Billie?"

I explained I had to leave but would return in a few days.

"Come in, Mari is sleeping." He said.

I entered their bedroom. Jay was on his back naked, his cock at half mast.

He said . "You sure you got to leave? Was hopping to finish the job today."

I spread out my hand like there was nothing I could do about it.

He saw me looking at Mariko's naked body; she was on her side but her ass and one of he tits were open to my view.

He laughed. "Ain't she something? You got to get married again, Billie. Get some prime pussy."

I said. "Fucking ass on her. Gives me a woody. Spread those cheeks and first lick it and then fuck it."

"Yeah I remember those days ten years ago."

His cock was not rock hard. He made no attempt to cover himself.

I said. "Let me out of here. I'm going to be thinking of her ass all day. Need to get me some pussy tonight."

"Billie, she likes you, I can tell. Maybe you want to get in bed with us and see if she will give you some?"

I did not now what to say. In fact, I was stunned.

He said. "She fucked me three times last night. Still wanted more."

I said. "Jay, we are friends and she is your wife, not some girl that we hardy knew and shared when we were younger."

He looked at me hard. "Billie, you telling me you and your ex never did wife swapping, like did swinging? I know you did; you told me about it once ore twice."

"Well, yeah. But this is different. I know I'd get upset seeing my ex sucking your cock and swallowing your cum while she gave me a hand job."

He laughed it off. "Suit yourself. But I won't get short changed. She suck your dick, I fuck her pussy. You fuck her pussy, I fuck her mouth."

I was at a loss for words. But I had a bad feeling abut this.

Just then, Mariko turned over. "Am I hearing right or am I dreaming? I hear talking about me sucking a cock while someone is fucking my pussy. My husband wants to watch me suck and fuck another guy. You are a real jerk, Jay."

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