tagIncest/TabooBest Intentions Ch. 02

Best Intentions Ch. 02


If you have not done so already, may I suggest you read chapter one as I am not going to provide much background below.


After the clang of my bedroom door closing reverberated throughout my room, the silence suddenly seemed almost deafening. I was standing there all alone, hugging my terry robe around me tightly. Running through my head over and over was, "Jan, you just sucked your son's cock."

I moved to my bed and slipped in under the sheets, and then buried my head under the pillows. My mind was so conflicted I was feeling completely overwhelmed. A huge part of me was mortified by what I had just done, but the other side of me couldn't ignore the fact that I was as turned on as at any point of my entire life.

As I lay there reviewing the previous few minutes like a highlight reel, I couldn't help but taste Darren's sperm in my mouth. I always loved sucking cock, and the flavor of his seed on my tongue made me shiver all over as it had been ages since I'd gone down on a man. But this just wasn't any man; it was my own flesh and blood.

I rolled onto my back and couldn't help but let my hands wander across my body. My fingers slipped between the lapels of robe, and I eased it open. I ran my hands to my breasts and found that my nipples were still rock hard. Rolling them roughly, I could almost picture the way Darren had been staring at me as I touched myself earlier. He had such adoration in his eyes it made me feel so wonderful all over. As a forty three year old woman, I was afraid that an eighteen year old may find my body unattractive, but that certainly did not appear to not be the case.

I eased my right hand down my tummy until I pressed it between my outspread legs. As expected, my vagina was still soaking wet, and I couldn't help but diddle it. I couldn't get the image of Darren stroking his cock just inches from my face out of my mind as I began to finger myself. Time seemed to go in slow motion as I pictured myself taking it in my mouth, just before he shot his impressive load. I was panting deeply as I came with a rush, greedily running my tongue over the roof of my mouth, desperately trying to recall Darren's salty taste.

As I lay there in bed, I couldn't help but feel bad at how my encounter with Darren had ended. I was so troubled by what I had done, I forgot to think about his feelings and let him go without barely a word. Knowing it would be uncomfortable, I made up my mind to talk to him about what happened as soon as possible. I suddenly remembered I was scheduled for a double the next day, so I closed my eyes and soon drifted off to sleep.

In the morning I was up and out of the house before Darren woke for school. My mind was somewhat preoccupied at work, as at every free moment that day I tried to think of just what I might say to him when we spoke. The way things had progressed between us had seemed so natural, I assumed it might not even be a big deal to him, but I couldn't be sure. I mean, I doubt he had long fantasized about receiving his first ever blow job from his own mother, and I certainly didn't want to scar him for life.

In the end, I decided to watch him closely to gauge his reaction towards me to see how to proceed. If when I next saw him he looked upset or troubled in any way, I'd have a long heart to heart with him to let him know I got carried away. I was sure he'd understand.

After working the double, I made my way home late in the evening feeling anxious but resolved to do what was best for my son. Given what we shared the night before, I expected him to be waiting up for me, but was somewhat disappointed to find the lights off and Darren in bed. I wasn't completely sure what to make of that, but hoped it was a good sign. I took a long hot bath to rest my tired legs, and then slipped into bed myself.

For some reason I was up early the next morning, and decided to make a hot breakfast for Darren before he left for school. I mixed up some pancake batter and began to cook it along with some bacon. Darren entered the kitchen just as I was done, and my heart skipped a beat as I awaited his response to me. It felt like a massive boulder had been lifted from my shoulders when he stepped forward with a smile etched across his face to give me a big hug. He then gave me a soft kiss on the lips and said, "Smells great."

We sat across from one another at the table and enjoyed breakfast in relative silence, but it was obvious Darren was not upset with me, and certainly not disgusted as I feared. Occasionally he would look at me with a devilish grin and I almost had the feeling he was flirting with me. Before he left for school, he pulled me into another tight embrace, and whispered in my ear, "I love you, Mom."

I was about to tell him the same when he startled me by giving me a long, wet kiss, which nearly took my breath away. I stood dazed for a moment as I fought to regain my wits, and by the time I had Darren was already out the door. The timid boy I had known for ages seemed to be maturing rapidly.

My skin tingled all over as I made my way into the bathroom for my morning shower. As the warm water cascaded over my body, I felt a deep desire in my loins once more. I had cum more times in the last few weeks than I had done in months before, yet I still needed to get off. Darren's kiss had been so sweet and tender, I had nearly melted. I wasn't sure, but I think I was actually falling in love with him. Before I even knew what I was doing, the shower massager head was between my legs as I rubbed myself to sweet oblivion.

I was feeling saucy that day, so when I dressed I intentionally slipped into a sexy little outfit. I selected a short denim skirt I had not worn in ages, and a white button down blouse, which I left open more than usual. I wore a sexy black thong, but once again chose to go braless. I hoped my breasts and legs would look good as I strolled the aisles of the grocery store for all to see. I even contemplated going to the hardware store, although I didn't really need anything there. The idea of a bunch of burly contractors checking me out felt so naughty it sent a chill down my spine.

I was feeling so heady, I really hadn't thought about any possible consequences of my actions. After being in the grocery store only a minute or so, I heard a familiar voice from behind me. "Hey Mom," rang in my ears, and I snapped my head around to find my daughter, Lynne, looking at me with a smile. Instantly I saw her eyes wander my body, and her grin quickly faded away.

It took a moment for me to process what was happening, but somehow I muttered, "Oh, hello sweetie."

Lynne came right up next to me and asked, "Mom, are you wearing a bra?"

I knew I was completely busted, and needed an excuse for my sexy attire. The only thing I could think to do was lie, so I responded, "Umm, no. We ran out of milk and coffee for breakfast, so I just threw this old stuff on and ran out of the house. Guess I wasn't thinking." She looked skeptical, so before she could speak, I added, "You know me when I don't have my coffee in the morning."

Lynne looked at me and nodded solemnly, and then said "Well, you look great."

"Thanks," I replied, feeling guilty for my deception but pleased that we had moved past the awkward moment.

"So, how are things going with Darren? Any better?" she asked with a look of concern on her face. God, if she only knew!

I told her that yes, things were much better. Thankfully, she didn't ask for specifics, and after a bit more small talk, she said she needed to run. Just before she left, she said, "You should wear that skirt more often, it looks good on you, Mom."

As I finished shopping alone, I wondered if I had gone too far. I clearly had been putting off a vibe to Darren and even to Deb from work, but I wondered if Lynne had also picked up on it. Toying with Deb and playing with my son was bad enough; I certainly didn't need to expand my familiar encounters.

I chose to head straight home from the grocery store rather than parade myself around any further. The idea of hitting the hardware store still held great appeal, but I was too chicken I might once again run into someone I knew. Rather than change when I arrived at the house, I kept the outfit on as it made me feel super sexy. I loved the way the soft fabric of my blouse caressed my nipples as I walked, unencumbered as they were without a bra.

As I puttered around the house, it was hard to keep Darren out of my head. I decided I'd do something nice for him since he had been so wonderful to me of late. I baked a big batch of his favorite cookies, chocolate chip, which were cooling on a rack when he walked in the door from school.

I was still feeling naughty, so I purposely stood near the kitchen counter when he entered the room, wanting him to take in my sexy attire. As I turned to face him, I saw his eyes wandering up and down my body, which made me tingle all over. Clearly, he noticed.

I told Darren to take a seat at the table, and I went to the fridge to pour him a glass of milk. Anticipating this moment hours earlier, I intentionally put the milk behind a few other items so I could take my time fishing it out. I hoped my son would get a good look at me bending over, and was rewarded for my display with a big grin when I turned around. So much for subtlety from the both of us, I thought.

After delivering a couple cookies and the drink, I dropped down across the table from him as we casually talked about his day. Every now and then, I adjusted the way I was sitting as to draw his attention. I kept looking into his eyes however, not wanting to show that I knew I was displaying more than a hint of cleavage. My nipples were throbbing, so I knew they were hard and probably poking through the thin top as well.

We spent almost an hour catching up, before I told Darren he should go and get his homework out of the way so we could watch a movie after dinner. I was deeply tempted to offer him a reward for doing his work, but somehow managed to refrain. I was becoming obsessed with him, and needed to get a grip on myself.

Dinner that evening was a somewhat intimate affair. I made Darren's favorite, and thought about lighting a few candles, but figured that was going too far. As we ate I sipped a glass of wine, and we continued our subtle flirtatious behavior. I don't know why, but I honestly was feeling quite giddy being in my son's presence. We had shared thousands of meals, yet somehow things were now quite different.

After we finished, I told Darren I was going to take a bath. He perked up immediately, but then looked somewhat dejected when I asked him if he could clean up, and then go to the video store to pick up a movie for us to watch. It was obvious he expected some playtime as he was used to that after my recent baths, but he agreed and began clearing the table as I made my way to the tub.

I basked in the warm bubbles and vanilla scent for some time as I sipped another glass of wine. Feeling so horny I might actually jump my son, I decided to take the edge off and rub myself to an orgasm in the tub. The water swirled around me as my insistent fingers danced all over my sex. I could almost picture Darren's long cock pounding me as I drove my digits in and out of my throbbing pussy. My body convulsed as I shook in orgasmic bliss, then relaxed my head back against the cool porcelain.

Even after pleasuring myself, I was still feeling aroused as I chose my outfit for the evening. I decided on the lavender nightgown I had worn for Darren the first evening I put on a show for him. I had no plans for a repeat performance that night, but for some reason I just felt the need to tease him a bit. It was wonderful for a woman my age to have such a handsome young admirer.

I took plenty of time alone in my room before I headed to the living room. Darren was sitting in the recliner, patiently awaiting my arrival. As soon as I entered the room, he almost jumped up out of his seat to start the movie. I had to chuckle to myself at his enthusiasm, and wondered what he had picked out. I asked, "So, what's on the bill tonight?"

I was stunned when he responded, "Nine and ½ Weeks." It had been ages since I'd seen the movie, but remembered it was highly sexual, with dominant and submissive overtones. Darren was an adult, yet I was not sure I wanted him to see something of that nature, in spite of what we'd shared between us. Before I could state my reservations, he said, "My friend's older brother says it's a classic." With that, he turned the lights down and started the film.

As troubled as I was at the prospect of watching something like this with my son, I dropped onto the couch and said not a word. For some reason I felt the need to keep some distance between us, so I pressed myself to the arm of the sofa, as far away from Darren's recliner as possible.

While we watched the movie in silence, I couldn't help but become more aroused. I had never been a big Mickey Rourke fan, but I must admit rogues like his character did make my pulse pound. Every now and then I looked over at Darren to gauge his reaction during the sensual scenes, but it was difficult to read his expression in the low light. However, even in the semi-darkness I could make out the large lump in his grey sweats.

I was nearly going out of my head. The movie was over the top sexually, but knowing Darren was watching it nearby made things more mind-blowing. I found myself absent-mindedly stroking my bare thighs, just below the hem of my nightgown. I desperately wanted to touch myself in a more intimate way, but fought to remain in control.

The scene finally came on where Kim Basinger is blindfolded, and Mickey Rourke brings another woman into the room. The image sent me for a loop as I thought of my friend Deb, and wondered just what she would do to me if I were suddenly in that same position as Ms. Basinger.

I found myself licking my lips as I took in the erotic sight, but I had to see how Darren was taking it. I must admit, I was not completely shocked to see he had pulled his sweatpants down and was slowly stroking his cock as he watched the sexy scene intently. Clearly our relationship had changed that he had little to no reservations masturbating in the same room as me.

As much as I was turned on by what was on the screen, my eyes became riveted to the site before me in my own home. My daughter Lynne had a habit of showing up at the house unannounced from time to time, so I should have reprimanded Darren for jerking off right there in the living room, but I just could not. I loved watching him pleasure himself, and only seconds later my own fingers moved from my thighs to my groin. I sank back deeper into the sofa and spread my legs as I began caressing my pussy.

The movie was lost on me as I only had eyes for my son. Before long Darren glanced over at me, and must have seen what I was doing as well. Suddenly time seemed to stand still as we watched each other unabashedly play with ourselves.

Darren's eyes left me for a moment, as I saw him pull a tissue from the box on the nearby end table. From that action, I knew he was about to blow, and I wanted to cum right along with him. I began firing my fingers in and out of myself as I watched his hand piston up and down his erect shaft. The movie blared in the background, nearly drowning out my whimpers, yet I could still hear Darren groan as he came into the tissue.

My pussy was so wet, I was afraid I'd leave a stain on the sofa as I came down from my gut-clenching climax. I remained seated for a few more minutes, but then suddenly felt really sleepy. The combination of the wine, the hot bath and the powerful orgasm really knocked me out.

As I stood to say good night, Darren just stared back at me with his sweats still around his knees. He made no attempt to cover up, and I couldn't help but steal a few looks at his now flaccid cock. A big grin broke out over his face as he whispered, "Night Mom."

"Night," I replied, and then slowly padded off to my room. Thankfully sleep took me quickly, and I fell into a deep sleep.

I must have been overtired, because I ended up oversleeping the next morning, and had to rush out of the house to work, barely acknowledging Darren as I did so. It was Friday and I actually had the entire weekend off for a change, so I was looking forward to some quality relaxation after my shift.

Throughout the day, I couldn't help but think of how reckless I had become of late. As hard as I tried to rationalize what Darren and I had shared, deep down I knew it was wrong. Exposing myself to him was bad enough, but masturbating for him and ultimately sucking him off was another thing all together. The fact that Lynne seemed to notice the change in my behavior troubled me as well. Somehow I was going to have to reign myself in.

From time to time the girls from work would go out for drinks after our shift, and thankfully that evening was one such occasion. I had forgotten all about it, but welcomed the opportunity to head out rather than run right home in my conflicted state. I sent Darren a text to let him know he was on his own for dinner, and then headed to the nurse's lounge to change my outfit. Luckily, I always kept a set of casual clothes in my car as I hated going out dressed in scrubs.

Six of us in total ended up at Sully's, a dive bar not for from the hospital. We shared a long table in the corner of the fairly crowded pub, with three of us on each side. I was not surprised to find Deb had chosen the seat on the bench directly to my left, pressed closer to me than was usual. My other side was against the wall, so she had me somewhat captive in the corner of the room as I was.

I'm usually not a big drinker, just a few glasses of wine from time to time, but for some reason I was really in the mood to get silly. I ordered a margarita and began sipping it with relish. Before long I had finished it and quickly ordered a second one.

As my mind mellowed out, my eyes began to wander around the bar as I took everyone in. Most of the occupants were twenty-somethings, only a few years older than my son. Some of the guys were quite handsome, but in my opinion, none any hotter than Darren. The girls were all dressed quite sexy, showing off their assets in tight tops and short skirts. I know it sounds crazy for a mother to say, but I suddenly felt jealous of their youthful figures and wondered if Darren might find them physically more appealing than me. My skin tingled as images of my son once again entered my head.

As the night wore on and the drinks flowed, I couldn't help but feel Deb's constant presence alongside me. Her right leg was pressed up against my left for some time, which given what had happened between us, I assumed was completely intentional. Maybe it was the alcohol, but suddenly I was feeling somewhat saucy, so I gently pushed back towards her.

Deb must have noticed, because only a moment later I felt her hand come to rest on my left knee, and she began to softly tickle my skin with her long nails. I quickly scanned the table, but everyone seemed to be engrossed in conversation, not suspecting anything that Deb's right hand was below the table.

After work I had changed into a basic cotton top, and a somewhat conservative skirt, the hem of which came just a couple inches above my knee when I stood. Sitting as I was, it rested at mid thigh, and Deb took advantage of that fact by softly stroking as much of my exposed skin as possible. She traced her fingers high onto my inner thigh, but her progress was thwarted by my tight skirt. I fought to remain apart of the conversation at the table, but my mind was suddenly elsewhere.

At one point, my friend Colleen, who was seated next to Deb, said, "Wow, look at those hot guys who just walked in."

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