tagAnalBest Laid Plans...

Best Laid Plans...


I barely got out of bed that morning. It was just another November day better spent on the couch. Going to work at the museum was almost more than I could bear but I had no choice. With a groan I threw back the covers and lurched into the day.

The drive to work was gray. It wasn't exactly raining, just wet and cold. None of the radio stations had music on, just inane babbling DJ's. I negotiated the traffic, watching the trees of Central Park slip past and the familiar shape of the Met rise up. I was lucky in that I really loved my job and my coworkers, and the thought of coffee and cigs with the gang brightened my mood slightly.

The talk in the break room that morning was that Evans had gone and got himself engaged. Now, Evans was everybody's pet. He was really smart, could read Greek and Latin, got his Ph.D. at 25, etc. The problem was his utter lack of social grace. Rumor had it that he was raised by his grandparents out in Idaho and had never been to a big city before he moved to New York 5 months ago. How he had gotten a date, let alone a fiancé, was the subject of much debate until Evans' secretary spoke up.

"Oh, some lazy Long Island girl got her hooks into him. One of those gum chewin' bimbos who had a kid at 18 and then dupe some poor shmuck into marrying them." She absent-mindedly chonked her gum as she looked at us. "She gave him a little taste and now he's hooked." That was so unfair, I fumed to myself. This poor kid who should settle down with a fellow bookworm was being maneuvered into becoming a slave to a shrew. With a flash, the light bulb went on over my head and I knew what I had to do.

I waited until right before lunch, then called Evans and told him I had a crate full of old manuscripts from a Coptic monastery for him. That was how to get his attention – he said he'd be right down. As he walked into the cataloging department (where I worked) my co-workers were leaving for lunch. Perfect. I led Evans into the inner office and quietly locked the door behind me. "Well, let's see them!" Evans was pretty focused on his work. I sat on the edge of the desk and spread my legs enough for him to get a glimpse up my skirt.

"I was wrong – they were actually 18th century Japanese pillow books – want to see one?" Evans blushed at the idea of looking at erotic pictures with a woman. I could hardly wait to pounce; he was so sweet and innocent. I steeled my resolve to be patient and smiled at him. "I guess they wouldn't interest you, huh?" I pushed my knees another inch or so apart.

"Um, well, yeah, I've seen a couple, you know." Evans looked even more embarrassed for being embarrassed to begin with. I bent over a little so he could see down my sweater.

"And from what I hear, you have a fiancé! What's her name?" I smiled at him and pretended I didn't notice his eyes jumping from my eyes to my tits to my legs.

"Crystal." I shuddered inside but kept smiling at him.

"She must be really nice to catch a guy like you. Does she like to cook for you?"

"Um, no, she doesn't cook." Poor guy. What I was doing was an act of mercy. I looked at him puzzedly.

"But, wouldn't you like her to?"

"Of course, but, uh, well, she just doesn't want to." He looked kind of sad for a second. Now was the time to pounce. I got up from the desk and walked in front of him. I rubbed my knees against his as I smiled down at him.

"Sometimes people don't want to do something they really should," I observed. "Sometimes you have to make that person do what's best for them." As I spoke I reached one hand to Evan's hair and ran my hands through it. "That's why I'm going to make you pleasure me right here in this office, right now." I pulled his hair so his head tilted up at me and kissed him as softly as I could. "Now, where should we start?"

Evans looked at me with something like fear. "No, Jess, I can't cheat on Crystal! She'd kill me!" As he tried to push me away I tightened my grip in his hair.

"I notice you didn't say you couldn't do this because you loved her, but because she'd kill you. Freudian slip. Hmm?" I straddled his legs and rubbed my pussy on his thigh. "But we'll let it go. You really have no choice, you're going to fuck every hole in my body this afternoon." I moved up to rub against the bulge in his khakis. "Looks like you're ready, too."

I pulled his head back sharply for another kiss when suddenly he was on his feet, pushing me back against the couch in the corner of the office. He pushed me down on it and then sat on me, trapping my arms against my legs with his. His hands went to either side of my head and he looked at me with a gleam in his eye. "Oh yes, I'm going to fuck every hole in your body today – on my terms. You think I'm some little innocent country boy? I'll show your slutty ass what it's like to get fucked by a hayseed

"I think we'll start with that little trashy mouth of yours. Teach it what it's supposed to do." He pulled my arms free and put my hands on his fly. "Take it out," he ordered. I hesitated and he rose up on his knees and pushed my face into the crotch of his pants. "Get it straight. That cock in there is the only thing you're going to think about for a while. You are to pleasure it in any way I tell you to. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I could feel myself starting to soak through my panties. Who would have expected this?

"Good. Now take it out." I unzipped his pants and reached in to free his hard on. It was a good-sized dick, nice and fat and not too long. "Now, lean back." I leaned back on the couch and he pushed his cock into my face as hard as he could. By holding onto the back of the couch, he could get more resistance to push, and was soon driving his rod down my throat as fast as anyone ever had. His balls would actually slap off my chin as he thrust in. He showed no concern for the fact I could barely breathe, and it wasn't until I was starting to get light-headed that he stopped.

"You ever going to talk to me like that again, slut?" He kept his shaft in my mouth as he spoke. I shook my head "no" as I looked up at him. "Good girl. Now it's time to make amends for rubbing your cunt on my thigh. Take off your clothes." He stood over me as I stripped. "Not even putting up a fight? Well, you already proved what a slut you are. Now you better be ready to be treated like one."

He turned me around on the couch so my chest was pressed against the back of it as I knelt on the cushions. I heard his clothes come off, then felt the sag of the couch as he moved behind me and without warning, shoved his cock up me. I gasped in pain as it stretched me wide open, and could barely catch my breath as he proceeded to fuck me as hard as he could.

"This is what you wanted, right? Me fucking you?" He growled in my ear. "Well, here it is. This is what happens when little sluts go rubbing their snatches around. You like it, don't you?"

"Yes," I moaned. "God yes, fuck me like that."

"Like what? A slut? Say it. Tell me how you like it," he demanded.

"Oh god, like a whore, like a trashy slut, as hard as you want, just… fuck me!"

By grabbing me around my shoulders, he was able to push me down on his cock while he rose up to meet me. Every inch of his hard rod would fill me on each stroke. He stopped when he was buried up to his balls and held himself there. I could feel my entire pussy being filled with him, that delicious sensation of being entirely stuffed with hard cock. When he started to rock his hips against me an orgasm crashed out of nowhere. He kept my pussy filled the whole time, letting me grind out each wave of pleasure on his shaft as I soaked his balls with my

"Well, that's two. Ready for three?" I wasn't really looking forward to it, but what choice did I have? He pulled me over to the desk and laid me on my back, with my ass right up on the edge. My lack of enthusiasm must have shown on my face, for Evans laughed as he looked down at me. "You think you get fucked and you're free to go? Hell, you're lucky I even let you come. You're gonna get reamed nice and hard, and I really don't care if you ask me to stop cause I won't." As he spoke he was rubbing my juices on my asshole with his cock. "You're just gonna take it. Like this!"

With that, his cock was halfway in my ass. I started to scream but he covered my mouth with his hand. "Keep that up and I'll gag you. Shut up and arch your back for it," he ordered without pausing in his rhythm. It felt like his cock was on fire it hurt so much. I guess I didn't arch my back enough because he grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs back towards my ears. With my pelvis tilted like that we could both look down and watch as his meat pierced my ass over and over.

"Looks good, doesn't it." I couldn't answer as I was choking back my sobs. "What? Not having fun? I'll take care of that" he said, and let go of an ankle to shove two fingers up my dripping tunnel. "Now rub your clit for me."

I slipped my fingers between my lips and gratefully stroked myself. He watched as I slid my soaking fingers around his, rubbing my fingers against his inside of me. My juices were gushing so freely they ran down to lubricate his cock, and the pain in my ass lost some of it's intensity.

"I was right, wasn't I? You needed some of this country boy cock, didn't you? You even like it in your ass, don't you?" He started to drive into me even harder. "I'm gonna fill your slut ass up with so much cum it's gonna run down your thigh all day." His thumb slipped up to rub my clit. "And as it does, you're gonna think about how much you liked it when I blew my load in this slut ass of yours."

I moaned and pushed my knees apart so I could take all of him. I could feel his cock swell that last little bit right before orgasm and he drove himself all the way into me. When he was fully inside of me I felt his hips jerk and hot cum started to fill my ass. I felt my muscles clamp down on the fingers and cock filling me and I came again, covering both our hands in wetness.

After we came to, Evans helped me get dressed. He didn't say a word until he was turning to leave. "The truth is, I'm not marrying anyone. That's just a rumor I started to stop people from trying to fix me up with a 'nice girl'. I'd much rather be left alone to fuck sluts like you." He gave me a kiss and walked out the door. I was left dazed on the couch.

Suddenly the door was open again and Evans was grinning at me. "Don't think I won't be back for those pillow books!" He winked and shut the door.

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