tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBest Laid Plans...

Best Laid Plans...


The problems between Ashley and her stepmother arose almost immediately. Ashley had resented it when her father had remarried during her freshman year of high school. She had never excepted Susan as her mother and did anything she could to make things difficult for her.

It wasn't that Susan was a bad stepmother. She had done her best to build a relationship with Ashley. But the harder she tried the harder Ashley fought back.

Ashley was now 18-years old. A beautiful young woman with long black hair, pretty brown eyes and a scattering a freckles. She had a very nice 36-B, 24, 36 body and long shapely legs with a perfect little ass.

Her stepmother was only 34, 8 years younger than Ashley's father was. Which was one of the things that bothered Ashley about Susan. She felt that her father had no business marrying someone who was only 16 when she was born. Susan was an attractive woman. About the same size as Ashley but with short brown hair and slightly smaller breast. While she looked good, she was not as pretty as Ashley was.

Ashley was driving both her parents up the wall regularly. For the first three years Susan had always been frustrated at how her husband almost always took Ashley's side. But during this past year he had learned more about his daughter's deceitful ways and came down firmly in agreement with his wife. Something that Ashley still could not believe.

Ashley had been sexually active since sixteen. And recently took to bragging about her activities in front of Susan just to get her reaction. Recently she had been caught on the computer having cyber-sex with older men. She had gone so far as physically assaulting her stepmother during one altercation.

Susan hated to admit it, but she despised Ashley. She could not wait for Ashley to move out. She had hoped that her wait was coming to a quick end after Ashley informed her dad that she was planning on dropping out of school. But her dad did his best to get her to remain, even bribing her much to Susan's dismay.

If Susan despised Ashley, then Ashley hated Susan. She wanted nothing more than to get revenge on her stepmother. She hated her prissy attitude about her dating habits. And how she tried to force Ashley to accept her as a mother. So she decided that she was going to take drastic action to punish Susan.

Ashley had met a man on-line who suggested a way to help Ashley out. The plan was drastic, but the more Ashley thought about it the more she liked it. For her part, she had to meet the guy a few days beforehand and consent to have sex with him. But Ashley thought that it would be worth it. So she met Roger outside of a local bar on a Friday afternoon and returned to his apartment where she had sex with him and discussed how to best punish Susan. She explained that her father would be going out of town for the following weekend. And that she that Susan would be vulnerable during that time. Ashley's only requirement was that she had to be there to witness the entire thing.

The following weekend Terry had left town on Friday morning. That afternoon, after Ashley came home from school, Susan went to the store. As soon as she had left Ashley called Roger. They planned for Roger to bring some friends to break in. Ashley's house sat back away from the main road nestled in a grove of trees. It was a big house with three acres of wooded property. Behind their property ran a service road that led to some power lines. Roger was told that if he and his buddies took the road about half way up they would find a rarely used path that Ashley's dad used with his dirt bike in the warm weather. They could follow that path and hide their cars and then sneak up to the house without worry of being seen. They were to pretend to be robbing the place, assuming that no one was home. And once inside they were to have their way with Susan and 'force' Ashley to watch. Ashley waited impatiently for her stepmother to come home. She was so excited that she dropped her jeans and masturbated while waiting.

Susan came home and went about making dinner. Ashley stayed in her room, which overlooked the back yard. When it came time to eat she rushed downstairs and wolfed her food down and returned upstairs. Susan then went into the living room to watch TV.

Ashley saw Roger and his buddies sneaking into the back yard. She was surprised to see that he had brought a dozen men with him. She told him that she wanted her stepmother gangraped, but couldn't believe that she was going to be fucked by 13 different men in one night. Ashley almost felt sorry for Susan.

Roger and his gang crept through the backyard in darkness. They found the basement door unlocked as promised. Then quietly entered the house. Ashley left her bedroom and went downstairs to the livingroom and sat on the couch watching TV with her stepmother.

Without warning several men rushed into the living. Susan screamed as she was grabbed by several of the men. The others grabbed Ashley and pulled her aside. Roger directed the men to tie both of them up. Ashley watched as some of the men began groping her stepmother. For the first time she felt fear as her hands were bound behind her.

"Well, what do we have here?" Roger asked as he circled the chair that Susan sat in, her hands tied behind her back.

"Please don't hurt us." Susan begged.

"Oh we're not going to 'hurt' you." Roger continued. "At least not if you play nice."

"What do you want?" Susan asked.

Roger smiled. "You two are very pretty."

Susan got the idea.

"Untie her." Roger ordered. Two of the men released Susan from her chair. "Now, if you just strip naked and give us a little show perhaps we'll just take a few things and get out of here."

Susan blushed. She had never been naked before anyone other than a boyfriend or her husband in her life. She remembered once when she worked at a small store that she had gone to work braless one day and wore a low cut top. She found out during the day that every time she leaned over to pull out a bag that one of her tits was in plain view of the customer. She learned this when a pair of men commented on how nice her nipple looked. Susan had been so humiliated at the thought of dozens of men seeing her tit that she quit the job. Now she was being ordered to strip completely before 13 rugged looking strangers. Still, she knew that she had to do it. She started by removing her blouse, and then she kicked off her shoes and slacks. She stood before the men wearing a white bra and cotton panties. Several of the men whistled and Roger ordered her to continue. She removed her bra and then slid her panties down and stepped out of them.

"You look very nice. Now sit back down and spread your legs and play with yourself until you get off for us."

Susan was red from head to toe. She could not believe that she was being told to do something so degrading. She sat in the chair and moved her legs as far apart as possible. She took her right hand and began slowly rubbing her pussy.

"Finger yourself while you do it!" Roger demanded.

Susan took her left hand and slid one finger into her cunt, while using her right hand to rub her already swelling clit. She could feel her nipples growing hard as she stimulated herself before these men and her stepdaughter. Then she felt her juices begin to flow.

Ashley was getting wet watching her stepmother playing with herself. She wasn't turned on by watching another woman; it was the humiliation that Susan was going through that excited her so much. She knew that when this was over she would finger herself often to the mental picture of Susan being forced to climax before a group of men.

Susan continued playing with herself while the men hurled obscenities at her, calling her things like slut and whore. But as ashamed as she was, she could feel that soon she would be climaxing for these men. She tried slowing down, but that only prolonged the inevitable. So she bit her lip and decided to work herself up as quickly as possible in order to get this over with. Soon afterwards she was moaning softly, her legs began to quiver as she orgasmed for the rowdy group.

Then Roger pulled her to her feet. She hadn't noticed when they had done so, but she now saw that the men all had their pants off. Each of the thirteen men stood there fully erect, with many stroking their manhood in preparation of what was to come.

Roger forced Susan to bend over while standing before him. "Please don't!" She begged as he got behind her and rubbed his stiff cock between her legs. Her recent climax left her well lubed for him to enter her. Susan closed her eyes as Roger shoved his cock deep into her pussy. As he began fucking her one of the other men stood before her and shoved his cock into her face. Susan loved sucking dick. She had always considered herself quite good at it. And she pleasured her husband this was often. Without resisting she opened her mouth and took his cock and began sucking this stranger's took.

Ashley was absolutely dripping wet watching Susan getting fucked and forced to suck two men. She thought that she would have to make sure to allow Roger to take her into another room and fuck her before he left. While she didn't like him, she needed someone to fuck her. And she wanted to reward him once more for helping her to get even with her stepmother.

Susan sucked one cock while getting slammed from behind by another. She knew that Ashley was watching every moment of her ordeal, and guessed that her stepdaughter was loving her punishment. But Susan put that thought out of her mind as she was being drilled from both ends. Soon she felt the cock in her mouth erupt. She sucked down every drop of his seed while waiting for Roger to fill her box with his seed. Roger fucked her faster and she knew that his moment had arrived. He groaned and Susan felt him coating her insides with his semen.

As Roger withdrew from her twat another of them men stood before her, pushing his cock into her mouth. Then she felt someone else getting behind her, replacing Roger's prick with an obvious larger one. When this man began fucking her he reached around and took hold of her tits and gently massaged them as he pounded her from behind. Susan was losing control of herself. Her pussy was begging for another release. She sucked the men before her until he emptied his balls into her mouth. When he pulled out she began crying out with pleasure as the cock in her pussy brought her to her second orgasm.

Ashley was absolutely thrilled watching Susan climax while being fucked. This had already become more than she had hoped for. She knew now that she had something on her stepmother that she could use to get anything she wanted.

Susan continued crying out as the men behind her came in her pussy. Once he was finished Roger instructed that she be put back in her chair and tied spread eagle. Susan was dumped in the reclined and her arms were pulled back so that they could be secured. The chair was then tilted back so that she was lying back with her legs up. Each leg was tied to the bars of the leg-rest, leaving her fully exposed to everyone. She could feel a mixture of her own cum and the sperm of two men dribbling out her pussy and down the crack of her ass and blushed at the thought of how that must look to the others.

"So, what do you think, Ashley?" Roger said.

Ashley could have died. Susan looked at her with eyes of hatred. "You little bitch!"

"I didn't have anything to do with this!" Ashley lied. Panic filling her to the core.

Roger walked over to wear Ashley sat. "Now don't be like that, Ashley. Don't you remember coming over to my place and paying me to have your stepmother gangraped?"

"You're full of shit!" Ashley cried out, wondering why Roger was betraying her like this.

"Oh, I thought you would say that. That's why I brought this tape along." Roger picked up his jacket and pulled out a videotape from the inner pocket. "This tape clearly shows you giving me your plan on how to punish your stepmother, and then shows you fucking and sucking me as part of the payment."

Ashley could not believe that this was happening to her.

"Well, we've done are part with your stepmother. Now the rest of the guys have already seen this tape and they all said that they would prefer to fuck you."

"No!" Ashley yelled as the men surrounded her. She was untied and lifted out of her seat. She struggled but the men easily stripped her of her clothing. Ashley was held tight while hands probed her body. Her tits were squeezed, nipples pulled and pinched, and fingers shoved into her already wet pussy.

"We'll give you one chance." Roger told her. "If you can get over there and eat the cum out of your stepmother's cunt. If you can get her off in five minutes we'll let you go. If it takes longer than five minutes you'll have to suck all of our cocks. Anything over ten and you're getting gangfucked."

Ashley was mortified by the suggestion. She had never considered anything like this. And especially not with Susan. But she did not want to be forced to fuck all of these men. So she reluctantly accepted her fate. She looked at her stepmother as she crawled between her legs on the recliner. "Please pretend to get off real fast." She whispered. "Fuck you." Was Susan's reply.

Ashley started licking Susan's cunt. She could taste the mixture of cum from the two men and her stepmother and it sickened her. She ran her tongue between Susan's lips as instructed, scooping out whatever she could. The found her stepmother's swollen clit and began licking it, hoping that she could make her cum quickly.

Susan looked down to see Ashley's face between her legs. Like most women, she had entertained lesbian thoughts in her younger years. But had never tried acting upon them. The thought normally disgusted her. But the thought of her stubborn bitch, stepdaughter being forced to eat her pussy was absolutely thrilling to her. Especially after what Ashley had tried to pull on her. Unfortunately for Susan, the two orgasms she already had had made her highly susceptible to climaxing again pretty quickly. She watched the clock on the wall and felt herself ready to cum after only a couple minutes. But she strained in effort to hold out. For she wanted to watch Ashley forced to service these men. Her orgasm hit but she bit down as hard as she could, holding back from moaning or making any movements that would betray her release. Ashley felt her stepmother's juices spilling out on her face but wasn't quite sure what had happened. She guessed that Susan had indeed climaxed but realized that she was holding back on purpose. That made Ashley feel even worse.

Susan breathed easier when her orgasm subsided. She continued to watch Ashley as she licked her clit. She knew that she could not contain herself the next time it happened. Susan smiled when Roger yelled, "Five minutes!" Ashley began licking harder and faster. Now Susan was stirring in the chair. It felt so good having Ashley eat her pussy. She moved her hips to grind against Ashley's face. Then she cried out as she climaxed again on her stepdaughter's pretty face.

Ashley was pulled away, her face was coated in Susan's cum. She struggled as she was forced to the floor. Her head was held tight as someone forced their cock into her mouth. Ashley detested cocksucking. She had done it, but only when her boyfriend's didn't have a condom. And then she would make them pull out before cuming in her mouth. But she knew that she would not have the opportunity this time. Ashley's head was held tight as the man before her fucked her mouth. Ramming his cock into the back of her throat. It wasn't long before she felt wad after wad of his cum splatter the back of her throat.

Then a second cock entered her mouth. Ashley was forced to take him deeper into her throat until he too filled her mouth with his jism.

Susan watched with glee as Ashley sucked cock after cock. Her own pussy coming alive again. After Ashley had swallowed her twelfth load Roger took his place before her. Susan watched him shove his pecker into her mouth. He turned and winked to Susan as he began, and Susan smiled in return.

When Roger blew his load into Ashley's mouth she was allowed to squat back on the floor. Her jaws and throat ached from being forced to blow thirteen men. She felt sick to her stomach at having swallowed thirteen loads of cum. She prayed that her ordeal was over, but wondered what was going to happen to her after the men left and she was left alone with Susan.

"Time to eat your stepmother again." Roger informed her.

Ashley wanted to cry as she was pulled to her feet and shoved to the recliner where Susan still lay bound spread eagle. She could see that Susan's cunt glistened with her own wetness. Ashley dropped between her legs and began lapping away at her pussy once more. Trying to ignore the soreness in her jaws as she went down on her stepmother.

"Oh yes!" Susan exclaimed as Ashley brought her to another climax.

Ashley felt Susan's juices splatter on her face again. She tried to raise her head but a pair of hands held it firmly in place. "Keep licking." She was ordered.

Then she felt someone pulling her legs apart. She cried into Susan's cunt as she felt a cock rubbing against her pussy. More hands held her down as the cock slid into her. Now Ashley was being fucked while continuing to eat pussy.

Susan watched as the stranger fucked Ashley from behind. She could not hold back as Ashley brought her to another climax. This time it was multiples. Ashley choked as Susan's juices drenched her freckled face. But she still got no relief as she was made to continue sucking her twat. The man behind her began shooting his load into her pussy. Ashley cried out a muffled shout of alarm as she took his seed into her. She was no stranger to sex, but this was the first time anyone had ever cum in her pussy without wearing a rubber.

Whoever it was behind her, he pulled out of her pussy and Ashley was left to eat Susan's cunt until her stepmother climaxed once more before she was permitted to get off the recliner.

Ashley was dragged to the middle of the floor and tossed down on the carpet. She struggled as another man climbed atop her and thrust his hard cock into her pussy. Susan rocked her recliner until she was able to raise the back far enough to continue watching as Ashley was raped again.

Ashley screamed as the man fucked her. But her shouts were ignored. He banged her pussy without mercy. Ashley could feel his pace quickening and begged him to pull out of her. But he only laughed and said that he wanted to pump her cunt full of his 'baby batter'. He moaned loudly and thrust his seed into her belly.

Ashley was then grabbed and shoved onto her hands and knees as a third man entered her pussy from behind. His cock was huge. She saw him as he approached her and guessed that he was definitely over 10-inches. She had remembered how hard it was to suck him earlier. Ashley cried out as he slammed his entire shaft into her hole, banging hard against her cervix. As she was being fucked another man came around before her and shoved his pecker into her mouth. Ashley bobbed her head up and down on his cock while being pounded by the man behind her. She tasted pussy on his cock, she knew that he was not one of the men who had fucked her stepmother and realized that this was her own juice that she was tasting. He must have been the first to fuck her.

The 10-inch cock in her cunt continued slamming the hell out of her. Ashley was surprised, almost shocked, when she felt her body beginning to respond. She couldn't comprehend that she was about to get off from being raped. But try as she might, Ashley was unable to hold off her climax as the man behind her continued ramming his cock into her. Ashley felt her orgasm approaching. Then the cock in her pussy fired its load of cum into her belly and pulled out, denying her any release.

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