tagSci-Fi & FantasyBest Lil' Whorehouse In MiddleEarth

Best Lil' Whorehouse In MiddleEarth


Music and laughter and loud voices came from below. Meredith hid behind the curtains and watched the scenes out on the front yard. Hid, because she had learned from experience that it was not wise to let the drunk men down there see the beautiful woman in the window. She had visitors enough, the last thing she wanted was to attract another bunch of old drunkards. Carriages pulled in and let out noble men, horsemen that looked like they had been sleeping under the stars for the last few months, and probably had done so, too, rode into the yard, and they all went into the tavern downstairs.

She had wobbly steps come up the stairs, and she turned around and stepped away from the window. The door opened, and a man came into her room. A tall, slim man with silvery hair that reached down to his waist. It was an elf, an elf in rich, fancy clothes, and he was obviously not sober. Elves! They could never hold any liquor!

-My, my! he said. A human! Now, that's new! I've never been with a human before!

Meredith walked up to him and greeted him with a smile. She looked over hastily, trying to figure him out. He was young, couldn't be more than 250-300 years. And rich. The clothes were made of silk, richly embroidered with silver threads. A rich man's son on school break, spending his allowance on booze and women, perhaps?

-Nice to meet you, sir, she said. I'm Meredith.

-Hello – Meredith! he said. I'm Wenthon, lord of Starfall Hall.

A noble man, probably an oldest son who had recently inherited his title, and was now out spending his inheritance.

-How can I be of service, mylord? said Meredith.

-Well... said Wenthon, and threw his coat over an armchair. This IS a brothel, isn't it? And you ARE a hooker, are you not?

-I prefer "lady of the night", said Meredith, still smiling, though she was getting annoyed with his cockiness.

-Lady of the night... said Wenthon, and sat down on the big bed with the dark blue satin cover. That sounds almost Elfish. Elves are night-creatures.

Meredith sat down next to him. She raised her arms and dragged her fingers through her hair, a seductive gesture that men always liked; it showed the slenderness of her waist and neck, the nice curves of her breasts, and the richness of her dark, curly hair. Wenthon observed her gesture, but he didn't seem impressed, only mildly interested. He reached out and took a lock of her hair between his fingers. His hands were thin and delicate, like they had been shaped by a sculptor.

-It's so coarse, he said, fascinated. So thick. Not like elven hair at all.

-My hair may not be as silky smooth as an elf woman's hair, said Meredith. But I have other things, that are as soft as you'd want them.

-This I want to see, said Wenthon, and threw himself on his back on the bed. Come here, my little human wench, and show me how humans mate!

The cheekiness of this man! Meredith thought to herself. Well, she had met worse. That troll who was into whipping – with wooden clubs! Or that old magician who wanted to use his wand on her... An elf full of hot air, eager to "go slumming" with a human, was a piece of cake.

She laid down next to him and held her hand against his chin as she licked from his earlobe up to the top of his pointy ear, and then played with her tongue inside his ear.

-Mmmm... said Wenthon. How brutish! Tell me – you humans don't bite during sex, do you? I'm not much for cannibalism.

-I'll only bite you if you ask me to, said Meredith sweetly.

Wenthon chuckled, and she licked his neck, unbuttoned his shirt, and caressed his smooth, hairless, pale skin. She got up a bit, and licked his stiff nipples. Wenthon closed his eyes and smiled. He licked his lips, and Meredith bent over and kissed them lightly. He looked up, still with a teasing glint in his eyes, and then he held on to her head and kissed her back. Meredith was surprised at her own reaction. She always kept cold and professional with her clients. Now, Wenthon's kiss set her blood on fire. She played with his tongue, felt how soft his lips were, and her hands started taking his shirt off. Not because it was the next step in her normal work procedure, but because she wanted to have his body naked next to hers. Involuntarily, she made a grunting noise. Wenthon pulled away from her, still smug, still smiling, but Meredith was experienced enough to notice the difference in the fire in his eyes and the heaviness in his breathing. The stuck-up elf was getting aroused. Meredith took his shirt off, and continued caressing and kissing his entire torso. Wenthon sat up and reached for her. She let him untie her belt and blouse, and take them off of her. He threw them on the floor, and took her breasts in his hands. He held them together, and buried his face between them. He inhaled her musky human scent, and took one of her hard nipples in his mouth and sucked on it. Meredith touched his hair, smoother than anything she had felt before, and felt the excitement growing inside of her. What was it about this man that could make her so hot?

-Your skin is not as soft as elven skin, said Wenthon. But your breasts are just the same. Only bigger.

-So I DO have something that isn't inferior to that of an elf woman? said Meredith.

-I didn't say they were not inferior, said Wenthon.

Meredith grinded her teeth. OK, that was it! She'd probably get in trouble with her master later, but she had had just about all she could take from this snob!

-Being an elf, you are obviously used to the finer things in life, she said. Do you want the full experience of a human mating, or would you prefer a more refined sexual act?

-I want it as genuine as possible! said Wenthon. I want to see how humans do it.

The little nancy-boy had fallen for her trap! OK, mylord, you'll get the full, genuine experience! And if you go complaining to my master afterwards about me making a few scratches in that pretty skin of yours – I don't give a damned!

She rose from the bed, and took her skirt off. It fell to the floor, in a puddle around her feet. She stepped out of it, and untied his pants in the sides, and pulled them off of him. She let go of them, without looking where they landed, and looked at him, smiling coldly, like a predator in front of its little prey. Wenthon's smug look seemed a bit insecure.

Without a word of warning, she jumped on him. With cat-like reflexes, he grabbed her and rolled over, and lay on top of her, pinning her down on the bed.

-Are humans always this direct, this clumsy? he asked.

-You wanted this the human way, Meredith reminded him. You mustn't object now, only trust that I know what I'm doing. I can assure you that I'm experienced in these matters, mylord.

-All right, said Wenthon, and let go of her arms. So what shall I do now? Mount you?

-No, said Meredith. Just lay down, and let me take care of you.

Wenthon laid down like she wanted, and Meredith took his manhood in her hand. It was longer than a human cock, but not quite as thick. She bent down and, without taking her eyes off Wenthon's face, took it in her mouth, all the way down. It was long, but she relaxed until the gag-reflex stopped, and then went to bobbing her head up and down his spear. Wenthon looked at her, surprised.

-So, humans can play the flute? he said. From the brawling downstairs, I would have thought you totally lacked an ear for music.

-Shut up or I'll bite it off! Meredith snapped.

-What did you say? said Wenthon, frowning.

-You wanted it the human way, and now you'll get it! said Meredith. And the first thing you'll learn, is not to annoy a human woman who's got your cock between her teeth!

-Now wait a minute, said Wenthon. I'm not paying for... AAAAAAHHH!

Meredith loosened her bite.

-Now we're goint to do this MY way, said Meredith. No more degrading words about humans. No more glorification of elven women, the skinny little gloomies! I don't care what you've paid for, now you're going to do what I say, or I'll make sure to turn YOU into an elven woman! Do we have an agreement, ELF?

Wenthon stared at her, then nodded.

-Good, said Meredith. But I'm still mad at you. You put down my musical talents, so I'll not let you enjoy any more of my flute-playing. Instead... YOU are going to demonstrate to ME how good elves are at playing the harmonica!

She straddled his face.

-Lick my flower! she said.

Wenthon hesitated, but obeyed when he saw Meredith's eyes growing smaller. He put his tongue between her soft folds, and licked the flower's petals, licked its inner stem. His tongue was soft and wet, and Meredith felt waves of passion streaming like hot water through her genitals, spreading out to her toes and fingers. When the sweet extacy reached her head, she howled out her pleasure.

She rose to her feet upon the bed, and looked down at Wenthon's face, covered in her juices. He looked tired but horny. She always knew elves had this fetish for being dominated. They praised their freedom by day, but they loved to be held on a short leesh in bed. She sat down over his pelvis, took his erection, and guided it to her snatch. When the head of his cock touched her skin, he arched upwards. Meredith pulled away, smiling at how horny he was. Now she was in charge, as it should be.

-Not until I say so, she grinned.

Wenthon moaned. His dark grey eyes were beginning to glow. He was close to the point when not even Meredith's threats would have any effect on him. Meredith kissed him, to get his mind on something else. Her plan back-fired on herself. The elf's kiss was so sensual, so passionate, so full of pent-up desire, that Meredith got swept away by it. Before she realized what was happening, she could feel Wenthon's cock finding it's way inside her hole, and then there was no turning back. Her pushing down was met by Wenthon's upwards thrusts. Without letting go of each other, she rode him feverishly until he grabbed her and rolled over, laying her down and fucking her more violently than any troll, making her come stronger and more often than any magician, until he threw his head back and growled, and she felt his fluids mixing with her own, and then pour out of her, down on the satin bed-cover.

Wenthon laid still on top of her, breathing heavily. He wasn't heavy, so Meredith didn't bother to push him off of her. Truth was, she actually enjoyed being this close to him. She caressed his pearly white skin and sighed, completely satisfied.

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