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Best of Both Worlds


After a disappointing match on the 16th April 2012 tapings of RAW, a gloomy Dolph Ziggler is seen with his head drooping towards the floor as he sat on the bench along with Jack Swagger inside the currently empty locker room. "Fuck man! What's happened to us?" Dolph asked, as he buried his head on Jack's leg. "We used to be champions, and now look at us! We're losing to an Italian with a unibrow and a fatass with untalented bimbos!" Dolph complained. Jack knew that Dolph had a complete obsession of being perfect. Anything less would get Dolph in the bitterest of moods, which is currently what he suffered from. "Hey, we're gonna get back to being champions soon. No fatass is gonna get past us!" Jack said, as he gently stroked Dolph's bleached blonde hair.

The word 'fatass' had seemed to attract the attention of Brodus' Funkettes, Naomi and Cameron, who had happened to overhear Dolph and Jack's insults regarding Brodus and Santino. "What was that? Cam...Gurl, please tell me he did NOT just insult our Funky daddy like I think he did!" Naomi shouted, which caused Cameron to place a hand over her mouth. "Naomi...shh...I wanna see if they've got more to say This could get interesting." Cameron said before she placed her ear on the locker room door, to which Naomi reluctantly followed as she also placed her ear on the locker room door.

"Baby, I'm just pissed. I wish Vickie was here with us." Dolph said, as he started to slowly rub Jack's thick, hairless thighs with the palms of his hand. "I just need some company baby." "Hey! I may not be Vickie, but you've got me instead, and I know you want an All-American American cock to make you better, ain't that right?" Jack smirked, as he removed every article of clothing he had on his body to show the bleached blonde superstar his very thick 6 inch flaccid cock that was covered by dark blonde pubic hairs.

"Damn baby! You've gotten bigger! Have you been thinking about me?" Dolph smirked, as he also stripped to reveal his 5 inch flaccid dick that had neatly trimmed light brown pubic hairs covering the base of his cock. Once the bleached blonde superstar had finished stripping, he greedily engulfed the whole of Jack's dick.

"Mmm...damn! You know I have babe." Jake threw his head in ecstasy as Dolph lustfully bobbed his head up and down the length of Jack's cock that grew into an 8 inch erection inside Dolph's mouth, occasionally licking the underside of the All American-American dick causing Jack to moan and groan as Dolph's mouth worked wonders on his thick member.

"Damn! And I thought Eve was a slut!" Naomi accidentally yelled, as she and Cameron spied on Dolph and Jack. Unfortunately for the Funkettes, Naomi's yelling was enough for Jack and Dolph to hear as Dolph reluctantly spat the All-American American's cock out of his mouth so he eventually could open the locker room door as he stared at the Funkettes. "And what would you two be doing here? Don't you have to be kissing your boyfriend's overweight ass?" Dolph asked as he glared at the two dark skinned, athletic women.

"Y'all would be the one to talk. Ya ass is fat as hell!" Naomi snapped as she glared back at the bleached blonde superstar. Cameron was slightly more aroused than Naomi, as she admired Dolph's 'perfect' body, from his erect pink nipples, to his nice abs, to his thick white cock, which had caught Dolph's eye.

"Your friend clearly disagrees." Dolph smirked, as he and Naomi both looked at Cameron who was starting to drool at his body. "You like what you see?" Dolph asked, as his hands roamed around his body which made Cameron shyly nod in agreement. Dolph slowly turned around and bent over in front of the Funkettes, mainly to give Cameron a good view of his juicy asscheeks and small pink asshole. "Touch it. You know you want to."

Cameron absentmindedly reached for Dolph's juicy asscheeks, as she slowly parted the asscheeks so she could get a better view of Dolph's asshole. "Nay, his ass feels really good." Cameron said to Naomi, as she rubbed Dolph's asscheeks, teasing the bleached blonde superstar.

Dolph, however, wasn't for being teased as of now, so he stood up straight and faced the Funkettes, with his 6 inch erection now in Naomi and Cameron's views. "I know you wanna get more of this perfect body, so follow me." Dolph said, as he walked into the locker room, purposefully making sure that his juicy ass swayed in front of the Funkettes.

"Cam, gurl. We've had our fun, let's go n--...Cam? What's y'all doing?!" Naomi asked, as she saw Cameron follow Dolph into the locker room. "Gurl, his ass is too good! Come on, just feel it with me at least." Cameron giggled as she left Naomi outside of the locker room. "Damn gurl! Y'all gonna regret this!" Naomi told herself, before she reluctantly entered the locker room to see that Dolph was already on all fours, arching his back as he eagerly sucked and occasionally deepthroated Jack's thick cock, as a now naked Cameron gripped her hands on both of Dolph's big asscheeks and started to place her pink tongue inside the hashtag heel's tight asshole.

"Are y'all that eager! Just what the funk am I supposed to do?" Naomi shouted as she looked down upon Cameron, Dolph and Jack who were all eagerly enjoying their experiences.

"Here's a suggestion. Shut up, get naked and lick my All-American American asshole!" Jack shouted as he was surrounded in too much bliss to even look at Naomi from the pleasure Dolph's mouth was giving him.

"And why da hell would I do that? I ain't lickin' that fat ass!" Naomi said, when she saw Cameron eagerly tongue-fucking Dolph Ziggler's pink hole as the hashtag heel was lustfully gyrating his ass so Cameron's tongue could be inserted deeper into his tight asshole.

"What's the matter? You aren't scared are you? Are you scared of a tight All-American American hole?" Jack smirked, as he used one of his hands to grab Dolph's head to make sure that Dolph deepthroated his large 8 inch dick.

"Hell naw! Bitch, y'all better know that Naomi ain't scared of nothin'!" Naomi shouted before stripped off all of her clothing to reveal her C-cup breasts and hairless pussy to the All-American American superstar. Naomi then walked over to Jack and kneeled so that his muscular ass was right in front of her face. She hesitantly parted his asscheeks to reveal his asshole that was slightly darker and smaller than Dolph's hole was. "Y'all has such a fat ass." Naomi says before she reluctantly places her face in the middle of Jack's peachy asscheeks so that her tongue could tickle around the edge Jack's tight asshole.

"Mmm...get deeper and eat that white hole! Eat it like your motherfuckin' breakfast!" Jack moaned as Naomi had started to slowly bury her face in between Jack's muscular asscheeks, as she hesitantly licked the ring of his asshole. Surprisingly to Naomi, Jack's ass actually had a nice taste to it, which made the curious Funkette insert her tongue deep inside the All-American American's hole, causing him to give a high-pitched moan of pleasure.

Meanwhile, Dolph was also taking care of Jack as the hashtag heel had taken great pleasure in sucking and slurping on the All-American American's thick cock at a swift pace, which made Jack dangerously close to releasing his orgasm. "Suck that dick Dolph! I'm gonna shoot such a hot load inside your mouth."

Dolph lustfully accommodated Jack's fat dick deeper in his throat while he began to gently caress Jack's big balls with the palms of his hand. While the bleached blonde superstar was sucking his tag partner's cock to perfection, he was also managing to grind his body at the same time so he could feel more of Cameron's long tongue inside his wet asshole.

"Fuck babe...I'm gonna cummm...UHHHH!!!" Jack yelled as he shot a huge amount of cum inside Dolph's willing mouth, to which the bleached blonde barely managed to swallow the thick load of cum that the All-American American had shot into his mouth.

Despite the surprisingly nice taste of Dolph's asshole, Cameron eventually got bored of licking the hashtag heel's asshole. Cameron felt that she could truly get wild, that she could do things that she couldn't do with Brodus. She felt daring, excited and risky all at the same time, just by the influence of American Perfection. "Hey...um...Jack...is it okay if I ride you, gurl?" Cameron shyly asked as she took her head out of Dolph's ass and eyed up Jack's large member.

"You wanna ride it? You're just like every other chick who craves an All-American dick." Jack smirked, as he moved his ass away from Naomi's face so he had enough room to lay on the floor which made his thick 8 inch erect member stand at attention. "I'm waiting!"

"EEP! My funky daddy never let me do this!" Cameron giggled in glee as she rushed over to Jack where she showed no signs of hesitation when she willingly straddled Jack's waist and impaled herself on his fat cock. "MMM!!! Jackie! It's so big!" Cameron mewed, as she felt the whole of Jack's dick stab inside her pussy.

Meanwhile, Naomi and Dolph weren't as eager when it came down to intercourse as Cameron and Jack were. "Y'all better not get any ideas about that thing going inside of me!" Naomi said as she looked down and pointed to the area between Dolph's thick thighs. "I don't know where y'all have put ya dick!"

"Hey! I don't screw around with diseased bitches!" Dolph retaliated, as he admiringly looked at Naomi's dark, athletic body. "Besides, you probably don't even have the balls to get crazy with perfection." Dolph smirked.

"Is that a challenge? Are y'all challenging me?!" Naomi snapped, as she glared at the bleached blonde superstar.

"Maybe I am...maybe I'm not. All depends on whether you're willing to fuck me or not." Dolph smirked, as he turned around and arched his back so he could search his gym bag for equipment that Naomi could use. Naomi had now received a better view of the bleached blonde superstar's pink asshole that was still wet from Cameron's talented tongue.

"Fuck ya? Y'all is just weird. I don't have a dick, in case ya didn't realize!" Naomi rolled her eyes, but she occasionally took second long peeks at the juicy ass that was seductively wiggling just for her.

"Take this then!" Dolph said, as he threw a thick and shiny red coloured 8 inch strap-on dildo behind him which miraculously landed into Naomi's hands.

"Um...Y-Y'all sure of this?...I mean I--" Naomi was having trouble getting the words out of her mouth, especially as she was interrupted by Jack and Cameron's moans of pleasure and delight.

"Yeah Jackie! Fuck me! MMM!!" Cameron mewed as she rode Jack's dick as if she were expertly riding a horse. Jack was also enjoying the experience, as he decided to grope Cameron's perky tits as he felt her pussy tighten with each upward thrust that the All-American American gave. "Yeah! Ride that cock like you know you want to. Fuck!" Jake moaned, as Cameron's black cunt was putting him in a state of bliss as she rode him at a swift pace.

"AHEM! I'M FUCKING WAITING HERE!!" Dolph screamed impatiently, as he turned his head backwards so he could give a glare to Naomi who was getting distracted by Jack and Cameron.

"Okay! Okay! Damn gurl, y'all don't have to yell so loud!" Naomi said as she rubbed her ears after Dolph's ear-piercing yell before she slowly obeyed his command, guiding the thick red dildo into his small, wet asshole.

"Mmmm!" Dolph gave a slutty moan as he felt Naomi slowly push the whole of the red dildo into his pink asshole. "Fuck! That's it! That's what I motherfucking need! Gimme that motherfuckin' dick!" Dolph cursed as he wriggled his ass so more of the thick plastic cock could fit inside his tight asshole.

Meanwhile, Cameron and Jack were really getting steamy now, as Cameron bounced on Jack's thick white cock at a much faster rate as the All-American American was starting to get a perfect rhythm of getting into Cameron's G-Spot. "Mmm...bet Brodus never let you do this, huh?" Jack smirked, as he rapidly thrusted in and out of Cameron's dark twat while tweaking her dark nipples.

"MMM! NO HE DIDN'T!!" Cameron screamed as Jack's cock persistently stabbed in and out of her tight twat. "OH JACKIE!! FUCK ME!!" The former Tough Enough contestant yelled as she felt Jack's fat dick swiftly penetrated her while she was riding him like a professional pornstar would.

Meanwhile, Naomi was starting to gain a fast rhythm in pounding Dolph's ass as she also watched the bleached blonde superstar's thick ass grind over her thick red strap-on. "Damn! Y'all is just so tight!" Naomi moaned as she felt Dolph's small hole constantly clench around the 8 inch plastic dick.

"OH MY GOD!!" Dolph gave a pornographic scream that could have given the legendary Jenna Jameson a run for her money. "FUCK ME NAOMI! I WANT ALL OF THAT COCK! MAKE ME A SLUT!!" Dolph screeched as he swore he could feel the tip of Naomi's large dildo thrust into his guts.

"Mmm...y'all is already a slut!" Naomi moaned as she penetrated Dolph's stretched pink asshole at a rapid speed. "Y'all is begging for it! Y'all want to get stretched like a slut!" Naomi smirked as she constantly thrusted her waist so the thick strap-on went in and out of Dolph's hole as he literally begged to get fucked by her.

"MMM! Pull my hair!" Dolph demanded, as his normally slicked bleached blonde hair had started to turn into the wild miniature afro he was known for when he competed in intense matches against his rivals due to the pounding he received from the dark skinned beauty's thick plastic dick.

"Y'all is so bossy!" Naomi groaned as she slowly followed Dolph's demands, as she roughly grabbed the hashtag heel's blonde mini afro as she grabbed both sides of Dolph's waist and pumped the whole of her 8 inch strap-on inside and outside of Dolph's stretched, slutty pink asshole. "Y'all like that? Y'all like being a slut?"

"MMM! OH FUCK! I LOVE BEING A SLUT!!" Dolph screamed as he could feel his hair turning into an afro as well as his asshole getting stretched, as it slowly turned loose after being pounded by Naomi's plastic cock. "NAOMI! I'M GONNA...I'M GONNA...CUMMMMM!!!" Dolph practically screeched the whole locker room down as he managed to shoot a thick load of cum from his piss-slit straight onto the locker room floor without touching his cock.

Meanwhile, Cameron was now lustfully sucking Jack's huge grapefruit-like balls as she knew that he was about to shoot another load of cum very soon. "Fuck! Lick those big balls! Show me how slutty you can get! Every slut gets on their knees for me!" Jack groaned, as Cameron had swirled her tongue around one of Jack's balls that was inside her mouth.

Cameron innocently caressed Jack's saliva covered balls with her long tongue before she gently spat the ball out of her mouth so she could speak. "You like that Jackie? You wanna cum on my face?" Cameron said as she started to jerk Jack's cock as she went back to licking his juicy balls.

"Mmm...Fuck yes!!" Jack shouted as he threw his head back in bliss when Cameron's tongue lustfully swirled around both of Jack's grape-fruit like balls. This eventually got too much for the large superstar as he suddenly shot around two massive loads of cum all over Cameron's face and hair, drenching the Funkette in his sperm.

Cameron went to taste the All-American American's cum from her face but quickly got interrupted by Dolph and Naomi, as they proceeded to lick the cum from her cheeks. "Gurl, don't think I ain't getting a try!" Naomi said as her tongue circled around Cameron's cheek, as it gathered as much of Jack's cum as it could.

Dolph was also swirling his tongue around Cameron's other cum drenched cheek, as he too tried to swallow as much of his tag team partner's cum as he possibly could.

Jack felt like he had just won the jackpot. He saw three athletic hotties who were all simultaneously swallowing as much of his cum as he possibly could, which was something that had never happened before. "Hottest...cum hungry sluts...I've ever seen." Jack said, as he got the privilege to see Naomi, Cameron and Dolph all eagerly tasting his sperm. Life was may not have been good for Dolph, but the same couldn't be said for the All-American American.

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