tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBest of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds


Chapter 1

My name is Makena and not too long ago I realized my bisexuality. It wasn't because I didn't like a good hard cock, but all the guys I had ever known were total bastards and I couldn't do it anymore, so I ended up spending more and more time with women and less and less with men. Things were going pretty well and I had already had a few encounters with some sexy woman that showed me how a woman can treat a woman. I never could fully kick the desire for a penis though, even when my partners used toys and strapon's it just wasn't the same as a pulsing, vein covered, warm hard cock.

I considered going back to a man but as soon as I talked to one and they said something stupid, acting like they always do around me I knew I could never go back. Cock is nice but if it's attached to a fucking idiot why bother? I choose to avoid men, stuck to girl on girl action and tried to forget the memories of real life cock, instead honing my pussy eating skills.

Then something wonderful happened. It started as just a regular Friday night at the gay bar. I was sitting at the bar drinking my normal when this woman walked in that I hadn't seen before. She was incredible, around 5'-7", long dark hair, large perfect breasts, and a skinny toned body with a flawless face. She was by far the hottest women in the bar now and I could tell she was looking for a good time. She looked over the other woman, and they all looked at her as well. She didn't seem interested in any of them, and I really wasn't either. Not to be a bitch, but none of them were in her or my 'league' shall we say.

As she finally got to me we locked eyes and she smiled and automatically walked over. The other women went back to themselves and the new girl kept her eyes on me all the way to the bar, climbing up on the stool next to me.

"That was a close one," she said.

I smiled, "How so?" I asked.

"I was afraid there wasn't anything worth while in here, 'till you."

I raised an eyebrow at her and she smiled. She ordered a drink and we began talking and hit it off immediately. She was really cool and we had a lot in common. She told me her name was Hannah and I told her mine. We talked and drank for some time and soon were touching each other, laughing about all sorts of things.

"You know Hannah you seem really special," I said really believing it.

"Wait till you get to know me better; I have something really special," she said.

I didn't think anything of it; the alcohol kind of blurred my reasoning in what something might be. We both knew where we were headed and walked hand and hand out of the bar. She followed me back to my place. I parked in my garage and she walked to my front door, waiting for me by the time I opened it up for her. I was horny and really wanted to see and feel her large tits so I grabbed one of them as she walked in. It was round and firm and she returned the favor as our lips met. I kicked the door closed with my foot. We kissed and fondled each others large breasts, slowly making it to my couch in the living room. My hand slid down her flat stomach towards her crotch but she grabbed it and returned it to her breasts again.

"Not yet, I need to explain something first," she said.

I opened my eyes and looked at her face. We were both sitting on the couch now side by side. She was so beautiful, probably the most gorgeous woman I had been with so far.

"You know how I said I have something special?" she asked.

"What?" I asked trying to kiss her again.

She grabbed my head in her soft hands, "Just hold on.....In the bar when you said I seemed special."

"Ya I remember. Why?" I asked.

"I'm not a normal woman........ I was kinda born different than you," she said hesitantly.

"What? What do you mean? You're a woman right? You're not a dude?" I said backing away a little.

"No I'm not a man, lets just call me an enhanced woman," she said standing up.

Judas she was hot! No way was she a man with that body and curves. As she pulled her straps on her dress down over her shoulders and reviled her incredible breasts to me I wanted to jump up from the couch and grab and suck them. Her nipples were hard and the tight skin around them bunched up darker than her round orbs. Lower her dress went showing me her firm toned stomach.

"Okay sweetie now don't freak out on me here, I'll explain everything once you see," she said.

I was still looking at her perfect breasts when she shimmied out of her dress and panties. What I saw made me gasp in shock and cover my mouth. She had a dick, a full sized six inch semi hard dick!

"What the fuck!" I blurted.

"I said I had something special, but I'm still a woman," she said lifting her penis to revile her pussy.

She had no balls, just a perfectly formed vagina and even a clit. Above both was a male penis. I still had my hand over my mouth and just stared at her.

"I'm what some call a hermaphrodite, but not really since I only have a penis and not balls to go with it. It's just kinda an extra feature I was born with," she explained.

"Does it get hard and everything?" I asked.

"Yes, it even ejaculates like a man's," she said.

"Wow this is just too weird," I said still looking at the odd penis above her female organs.

"Do you want to touch me?" she asked.

I had to admit I was curious, she had lots to play with down there and she was the coolest person I had met in a long time. It had been a while since I had seen a penis let alone touched one, my desire to do so returned quickly.

"Come sit back down Hannah, I'm sorry I acted rudely it's just quite a shock," I said.

"I know, that's why I stopped to explain before you found out on your own," she said stepping out of her dress and sitting down next to me.

"You are incredibly beautiful," I said reaching up to her dark hair and pulling her head to my lips.

We kissed deeply and tongues crossed sending shivers through my body. She cupped my breasts again and I slid my hands down over her shoulders and arms. She slipped my dress straps off and pulled it down, finding my nipples growing quickly. She pinched the left and palmed the right as we kissed even harder. My hand went down her side and found her smooth leg and hip. I knew what I was going to find between her legs but it was still quite odd. My hand brushed her penis and my other hand found her firm left breast at the same time. I grabbed hold of both and felt her body react to my touch. Her cock was getting noticeably harder and I began to rub it and pinch her nipple. She had my dress down around my waist now and was fondling my breasts like only a woman knows how.

Her penis was fully hard, throbbing in my hand now, and felt just like I remembered. I had to recall how to play with one since it had been so long but I quickly remembered. My hand stroked up and down the shaft, then after a few minutes I discovered she was oozing like a man would have been so I played with the slick clear liquid on her head as she continued to kiss and fondle me. I wanted to suck it; I don't know why I just did, so I broke up our kiss and smiled at her.

"I'm really rusty when it comes to blowjobs but do you mind?" I asked her.

She laughed, "You are so sweet, please by all means," and with that she lay down on my couch.

I still had her penis in my hand and bent over. I didn't take it in my mouth right off, instead I just admired it. She had shaved all her hair away so I could see her dual organs uncluttered and it was amazing. Her shaft was wide, ribbed with veins and ended in a perfectly formed head. Her pussy was flushed as well and her little clit pressed out on the folds of her lips. With my other hand I spread them open, finding her little nub erect and shinny. I bent her cock up onto her stomach and pressed my face down into her pussy, licking her little clit. She hummed with pleasure and I even felt her cock lurch a little bit as I licked around her nub. I began to stoke her shaft and lick her clitoris at the same time; with my other hand I pressed two fingers deep inside her moist pussy.

Oh my hell it was crazy to be doing all of this to the same person! I couldn't imagine how good it felt and I almost envied her as I heard her moan and begin to squirm under my tongue and hands. I continued eating her pussy, stoking her cock, bringing her to a female orgasm with my talents I had learned. She shook and convulsed just like I expected a woman to do. I felt pre-cum running over my hand from her penis as she came.

She was whimpering and rocking back and forth. I took my mouth away from her clit and pulled her erect cock down towards me and opened my mouth wide to let her head in. Memories flooded in of the cocks I had sucked before I gave up on men and I took her shaft down my throat like I remembered men liking. Her moans got louder so I knew I was doing well. I was soon sucking her cock like a pro again. Instead of playing with balls I fingered her very wet pussy with my hand and continued to suck her hard beautiful cock.

I looked up from her penis and saw that she was working her nipples in each hand and enjoying my oral treat on her extra special feature. My fingers dug into her moist pussy and I sucked with purpose wanting to see her penis ejaculate. I sucked and sucked and bobbed my head down and around letting my saliva and her pre-cum cover her shaft and ooze down to her vagina. It took a little more work than getting her to cum by her clit but soon she was moaning loud and her cock got noticeably harder in my mouth. I knew she was really close to ejaculating.

The first spurt of her cum hit me in the throat and I quickly took my mouth off of her stroking her because I wanted to see her fabulous member shoot. I stoked hard and fast and her cock shot three more long ropes of cum onto her flat tan stomach. It began to slowly ooze thick white cum out of the hole and down her shaft onto my hands. It looked just like male cum and tasted pretty much the same as well. She had tightened up her ass and was moaning as her cock spewed its strange load and I loved the sight of this woman in the grips of a male orgasm.

"Wow......Hannah this is amazing, how is this even possible?" I asked.

She took a moment to answer, still feeling the after effects of her orgasm, looking up at me.

"Even though I don't have balls I still have the male internal organs that produce the cum," she explained running her hands through the thick white strings of jizz on her stomach.

Her cock began to soften in my hands and it seemed she had the same drawback as men do in having to wait a while before it was hard again. I let go of it, letting it fall to her body. She tasted her own juice from her fingers as I watched.

"I think I should return the favor now, then I should be ready to let you experience the most wonderful thing about my added feature," she said rising up next to me.

She pushed me over, finished talking off my dress and panties and cupped my really moist pussy in her hands, pressing down with her palm on my clitoris. She ground against it for a few seconds, then split my lips apart, pressing her middle finger deep inside as she took my left nipple and part of my breast into her mouth. Another finger entered me and she switched breasts, palming my clit even harder. Shit it felt wonderful and I closed my eyes letting her work.

Soon I felt her lips and tongue run down my body, kissing me around my navel and inner thighs as her fingers still pressed into me. She found my clit with her mouth, her warm, sweet mouth, causing me to arch my back and moan loud as she sucked hard on my little nub. She knew just what to do, where to touch, how hard to bite and suck. Her fingers spun around in my pussy and she quickly found my sweet spot behind my clitoris, pressing on it with two fingers as she licked my clit fast back and forth and up and down.

She never rushed things, took the precious time I love women to do that men seem to forget about. She let me build slowly, slowly, until my orgasm was an enormous wave about to crash down and flood me with exquisite bliss. She was perfect, and so was my orgasm. I lost track of time and even where I was as the pleasure rushed over me with the crashing of the wave. I didn't even realize that she had stopped fingering me and eating me and just lay there shaking with my climax. I hadn't opened my eyes yet either, I was just too far gone. I didn't know how long she had serviced me but it must have been long enough because suddenly I felt a hot wide object press into my pussy, I quickly realized what it was, from past memories. Her cock was hard again and she was fucking me with it.

My eyes shot opened and I looked up at her. She was keeling on the couch and pressing her length into me. She felt incredible; it was so odd to feel a real cock inside of me but to see a woman's body connected to it. Her perfect breasts rolled and giggled as she thrusts and I moaned in pleasure as her wonderful cock found new depths, her fingers couldn't reach. "I told you this was the best part about this thing. My own real life strapon and its all for you Makena!" she said forcefully, slamming her full length into me deep and hard.

I screamed with pleasure as she continued her hard fast thrusts, making my tits swirl in circles on my chest. She reached up and grabbed them both, squeezing hard, forcing herself into me over and over, causing me to scream louder. She was pressing in so deep I could fill her wet pussy lips on my ass and even her little hard nub would tickle me. It was so good, and what was even better was I knew she was enjoying it just as much since it wasn't a fake rubber toy but a real cock.

"Oh shit, oh shit! Hannah it's so good, fuck me... Fuck me!" I screamed out.

Hannah had the look of ecstasy on her face and I knew she was enjoying my tight wet tunnel. It was the best sex I had had in a long time, not just because of the cock, but because of the woman behind the cock. She was better than any man I have had and she knew how to work that thing beautifully.

She lifted my legs up and over my head and drove her rod deeper into me, smashing her wet pussy against my ass and held herself there rotating her hips so her clit smashed up against my tail bone. The pleasure on her face increased and I knew she loved the grinding sensation. She began to slide in and out again and I started cumming seconds later from her hard deep thrusts. She knew I was peaking and somehow increased her speed and power, escalating my rapture.

She pounded me all the way through my orgasm and I knew she was working much harder than I was so after I came down I pushed her away, over onto her back. Crawling over her I grabbed her slick wet shaft and slid her back inside of me and began to ride her from above. Looking down at her I couldn't get over how perfect she was. Her firm tits stayed together on her chest and I put both my hands on them as I rose up and down on her fabulous member.

"Damn this thing is cool," I said down to her.

"I know right? Best of both worlds," she smiled up at me.

She was so right! She was the best of both worlds. A perfect woman with a cock. I couldn't think of better. I didn't have to put up with a stupid guy and still got a real live cock and it came with tits and a pussy. I didn't stop riding her and just enjoyed the feeling of her hard shaft penetrating my body over and over and the feel of her firm tits under my hands. I tried to reach back behind me and get to her pussy but it was more difficult than I though it would be. She knew what I was trying to do and suggested I flip around and ride her the other way. I hopped off of her, turning around and climbed back on, grabbing her rod and sat back down on it. This was a much better position to get to her while I was all the way down on her shaft. I was able to play with her clitoris and rub her labia with my fingers but what I really needed was a toy or something to shove in as she was deep in me.

"Hold on I have an idea," I said climbing off of her again and disappearing to my room.

I found her stroking her cock when I got back with my double-ended dildo that was almost two feet long. She smiled when she saw it and I climbed back onto her while she held her cock up for me. Once she was back in me again I worked the long toy into her pussy and began to fuck her with it while trying to move up and down on her shaft. It took a little patience but I figured it out and she started to moan and scream big time. Normally the other end would be in my pussy but since she had that covered I could just hold on to the fake shaft and fuck her good with it.

I got tired after about 10 minutes and fell back off of her and onto the soft carpet in front of my couch on my hands and knees. She rose up and got behind me, feeding her warm hard cock back into my pussy and thrust deep and held it. Her clitoris met mine perfectly in this position and she grinded our nubs together while holding her shaft deep inside. Oh my hell it was good, I've grinded against clits before of course but with the added pleasure of a fully hard cock in my pussy it was much better. I felt her thumb begin playing with my puckered ass and rub my juice around the tight rosebud. She kept grinding my clit with hers and playing with my anus and my breathing never had the chance to slow from the riding I had done because of the pleasure she was causing in my body.

"Oh Hannah, it's so perfect, you are perfect!" I screamed as another orgasm approached.

As I peaked she pressed her thumb into my ass and began to thrust her member out and in and I freaked out. I came the hardest of the night and little jolts of pleasure hit me each time her clit bottomed out onto mine.

"Cum with me! I want you to cum inside of me!" I screamed as my orgasm continued.

I think she had the same idea because only a few seconds after I yelled she did as well. I felt her cock convulse and spew its hot load inside my pussy. I didn't think I missed it as much as I did but when she came with me and I felt her drench my insides, I realized I did miss the feeling of the hot cum spurting in deep.

We both collapsed in a sweat and cum covered heap on my floor. I snuggled up to her and laid my head on her chest. She smelled much better than a man, I was in my perfect place lying next to my perfect woman.

Chapter 2

We fell asleep on my living room floor and I woke up having to pee from all the alcohol. Hannah stirred a little as I got up and I took the chance to look at her while she was still asleep. Her cock was soft and I marveled at how small it had become. I could see how she could get away with hiding it as long as she wasn't aroused. With it soft it barley hung down over her clitoris and I shook my head wondering how it could possible grow to six inches and be as wide as it was earlier. I almost reached out and touched it but my bladder screamed out for relief.

The clock in my bathroom said 3 A.M. and Hannah was still asleep when I returned to the living room. I sat on my couch, staring down at her. She was amazing and I just watched her sleep for quite a while. She must have been having some interesting dreams because her little cock would stir and begin to grow, then stop and shrink back down. This happened a few times as I watched her and I wondered what would happen if I helped it along the next time it stirred. She was probably going to wake up, but either way I knew I was in for some fun.

About five minutes later I saw it twitch and begin to grow again so I hopped of the couch and knelt next to her getting a great look at it. It widened and lengthened and began a slow circular arch counter clockwise but stopped again. I reached out with my finger and tapped the head to see what would happen. Hannah stirred, and her cock stopped shrinking, stayed where it was a little wider and longer. With it sideways now I could see her pussy better and I gently ran my finger along her lips ever so softly to see the effect it would have on her penis.

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