tagFirst TimeBest Slumber Party Ever Ch. 03

Best Slumber Party Ever Ch. 03


As soon as Kimberly and Kaia were out of earshot down the hall, I noticed something new on the carpet next to the lounge chair where Kim had sat. It was a large yellow envelope.

Sheana saw it too and picked it up.

"I wonder what this is," she said, opening it inquisitively. "Some photos - oh my goodness me!"

She knelt quickly next to the chair, staring at the photos in her hands. I tried to peer over her shoulder, then grabbed some from her when I realised who was in them.

It was Kim's parents, Mr and Mrs Kitchener. In the photos, they were both nude. And not only nude, but they were doing it together - they were having sex.

The photos had obviously been taken in the waterbed room, but the location was by far the least interesting detail. Our wildest dreams about Mr Kitchener came to life as we gawped at his bared erection disappearing into his wife's mouth as she knelt before him. The top half of his face was out of the frame, but there was no mistaking his perfect smile. The next photo showed the top half of his face only as his mouth burrowed itself deep into his wife's wide-open vagina as she lay on the bed with her legs over the edge, his hands spreading her thighs wide apart.

The other photos were similar but went further - coloured vibrators appeared, used on and in her vagina and anus. In one, Kim's mum was kneeling up on the bed side-on to the camera with the red devices projecting from both of her lower orifices as she extended her long pink tongue to the flushed head of her husband's enticingly large erection.

Sheana and I passed them backwards and forwards silently with shaking hands. It was almost as good as actually spying on them in action. My own pussy was thoroughly soaking again, and I knew Sheana had to be feeling just as horny. When I got to a close-up of Mr Kitchener's lovely long cock just starting to nose its way into his wife's receptive cunt, I could hardly stand the need to bring myself relief on the spot. I clenched my thighs and shivered as I imagined his experienced cock sliding into me searchingly, stretching open my shiny lower lips. If only he hadn't gone away, I thought, I would have loved to have made him an offer he would have found hard to refuse!

It was Kaia who returned first, interrupting our drooling over the explicit pictures. She was unexpectedly reclad in her leather teddy and the top half of her face was also now covered with an elaborate mask of matching smooth leather. It was a sharply confronting look but undeniably one which spoke of sex. She put something on the desk before standing over the top of us, accusingly.

"Just as we suspected, you're sticky-beaking into some very private things." She sounded chillingly stern, as though we were in serious trouble, but then her wicked smile reappeared.

"They're unreal, aren't they? Has Kim's dad got a good-looking cock or what?"

She knelt with us to look through the photos for a moment before suddenly grabbing them all and stuffing them back into the envelope.

"Now shut up and listen. Kim said she was doing something else for a while so I'm s'posed to teach you sluts a thing or two. So have a good look at this!"

In her hand she held a thin silver chain with a clip at each end.

"Bet you've never seen one before, have you?"

She was certainly right about that.

"Guess what? They're nipple clamps!"

We gasped together as Kaia immediately unzipped her teddy down the front and tugged the zippered gap apart to thrust her petite golden breasts shamelessly into view. With great care, she placed a padded clip over each stiff nipple before shutting them with a twin snap. Sheana and I winced and Kaia swore but left them on, gritting her teeth and clutching her hands tightly around her covered scalp as we stared at her connected breasts and tried to imagine the sensations she was experiencing. Was she going through heaven or hell...or both?

After a full minute of self-torture, she removed them gingerly with another swear word or two. Her released nipples clearly showed the imprints of the clamps, being flattened and distended to an astounding degree. She cupped her breasts to inspect the damage.

"God, that is just so incredible," she said at last, then sang: "It's a fine line between pleasure and pain..."

She grinned at us.

"I guess none of yous chickens wants to try it?"

"No way!" we said together.

"Yeah, thought so," she sneered, getting up to retrieve the object she had left on the desk. "Well, have a look at this then!"

She held up what I presumed was an elaborate vibrator, a strangely shaped purple penis with weird bits sticking out of it. Kaia fiddled with the base and it came to life, buzzing as it twisted and shook. We all laughed at the sight but for me, there was tension too, curiosity as to how it would feel inside my own vagina, wondering whether Kaia was about to give us another demonstration, to let us watch as she slid it inside herself and switched it on. I had never held one before now but every article I'd read said they were fantastic for giving women as many orgasms as they wanted. I wondered if there was another one around I could try - using this thing which had already been inside someone else (Kim? Kaia? Mrs Kitchener?) didn't seem like a very good idea. But before any of us had the opportunity to play with the vibrator, Kimberly reappeared. In a big way, as usual.

She had also dressed but this time she was covered by a slick black rubbery skintight outfit connected by suspenders to similar leggings. She wore nothing between her legs, her dark curls there still open to our view. With a mysterious smile for us, she opened a small satin-covered box she had brought with her.

"Put that thing down, Kaia, you can play with those any old time. Now, before we go anywhere, girls, you'll need to wear these." From the box, she produced two elaborate masks of black velvet and sequins, indicating they were for Sheana and myself. Like Kaia's, they were designed to conceal our identities while leaving our mouths unrestricted in any way.

But I still didn't understand why they were necessary until Kimberly produced the box's final item: a camera. The sexual exhibitionist who had been lurking inside me all evening silently jumped for joy.

"Come on, girls, put them on, I've been looking forward to this part all night."

We quickly donned the masks and giggled at each other's new appearance. Inside the mask, there was an immediate sensation of becoming someone or something else, an anonymous naked creature, utterly uninhibited, willing and able to fuck, suck, lick, finger and jerk off anyone I wished to honour with my sexual services. I couldn't wait to strike some especially sexy poses for the camera - the whole idea excited me so much.

Silently, Kim directed us to follow her. We did so with barely suppressed excitement, wondering where we were going.

To my delight, she led us back to the mirrored waterbed room but before Sheana and I could so much as exchange a knowing glance, we stopped dead still, staring in shock at the bed. Of all the possible surprises Kim might have arranged for us, this was definitely the least expected.

There was a man tied to the bed.

He was young, about our age or a little older, spreadeagled on the bed face upwards, blindfolded with a black sash over a mask identical to our own. His wrists and ankles were tied to the chrome metal bars of the bedstead with smooth but tight black satin ribbons. He was blonde, with a completely hairless chest but well-defined muscles stood out all over his beautiful body, with an especially impressive abdominal region. A sizeable bulge in his tight black briefs advertised tantalising goods waiting within. Otherwise, he was naked - and naked just for us? I could only hope.

No one made a sound as we absorbed this vision of erotic masculinity. Then Kimberly spoke, unusually softly.

"My darlings, may I introduce you to Blake... yes, it's Blake. I know you've all seen him before, perhaps even spoken with him. You'll notice he's wearing earplugs. If we speak softly, he won't be able to hear us, and naturally I've made sure he can't see us."

She sat on the bed next to her prisoner and boldly placed her hand directly on the front of his briefs, nonchalantly stroking the whole concealed region with her fingers and palm as she spoke. Watching Kim play with her boyfriend's cock and balls right in front of us, excited me to the point where I imagined my love fluids might start trickling onto the carpet.

"What's he doing here?" asked Kaia with a hint of disquiet which seemed out of place. I guessed Kim had kept this secret to herself. I wondered why.

"Well, Kaia, was I wrong to think my guests might enjoy a bit of hands-on fun with a real live man? In such a way he would never be able to say later who had done what?"

No one responded. My thudding heart and dry throat were my internal answer, my mind nearly over-heating with erotic anticipation. I think my legs may have actually begun to shake. Was I really going to be able to play with this nearly nude hunk, to do anything I wanted, anything at all? This was definitely the most astoundingly unexpected thrill of the entire evening. Would it never end?

Kim continued to play gently with Blake's prick as it lengthened, running her fingertips along it with casual familiarity. The pink head began to poke its way out from under his waistband.

"Yes, I thought so. Now, here's what will happen.

"At no time are you to worry about his comfort at all - he owes me several extremely large favours, and he's agreed to be here completely of his own free will. I have it in writing and in fact, when I told him what I had in mind, he and his little friend here both became extremely enthusiastic! Oh, and he went to the toilet just before I tied him up, so don't worry about that either. He won't need to go anywhere.

"Each of you is allowed ten minutes here, alone, uninterrupted, with my darling Blake completely, scrumptiously, at your mercy. I assure you I don't have any plans for a long-term relationship with Blake - I'm just using him for sex, so I don't mind sharing him at all. The only rule is - and this is very important - whatever you do, do not let him come until we're all back here together. We want him to stay as hot and hard as possible, not satisfied and sleepy, so whatever you do, don't let him go over the edge, okay?"

"So can we fuck him?" asked Kaia. Her words gave me a sudden cramp. To actually fuck him, here, tonight. Imagine. "Of course. You are most welcome to - later on. In fact, I've put a packet of condoms in the drawer here just in case. But I must insist on one thing: from now until we make him come for the first time, you can do anything else you like but I shall be the first to fuck him. Agreed?"

We nodded like trained seals, struck dumb by imagining what might happen in our allotted time. I truly didn't know how far I dared go with him, but my mind was so full of possibilities I barely heard her last words.

"Jo may have the honour of going first, then Sheana, then Kaia. Afterwards, I think we should definitely all have some fun with him together. That should cap off the evening rather well, don't you think?"

Abruptly, Kim gave Blake's manhood a tight squeeze which made it deflate a little, still concealed by his briefs. He smothered a murmur of discomfort.

"I've also told him he's not to speak. Right, come on, girls, we'll leave Jo to it. See you in ten minutes, darling!"

Then the door closed and I was left alone with a living breathing man completely at my mercy and available for absolutely any purpose I desired. And I didn't have the vaguest clue where to begin. But as much as I lusted for this man now, I knew deep down I didn't really love him and to lose my virginity tonight in these circumstances was not the way I wanted it to be. But that didn't mean I couldn't do plenty of other exciting things.

To begin, I sat next to him and simply gazed at him all over. He was so incredibly beautiful. I had seen and admired him many times before, but of course, being Kim's partner, he had never been available. The more I looked him over, the more I realised what a contrast he was: his body so very masculine and yet his face so delicate and smooth, almost feminine. I wondered suddenly if his throat was as dry as mine. I poured a glass of water from a jug next to the bed and drank thirstily, then lifted his head to help him drink some. At first he resisted, perhaps afraid I was giving him something unpleasant, but then he swallowed gratefully, and when I removed the glass, unexpectedly he spoke.

"Thanks... Oh, sorry." The last word was a whisper. In the ensuing silence, I assumed Kim had told him not to say a word on pain of... I wonder what?

No matter. Running my eyes over his delectable, unclothed body was so enjoyable, I almost forgot I was allowed to touch as well. Seeing a bottle of "edible massage oil" next to the condoms, I applied some to my hands and began to rub it into his chest in tentative, then stronger, longer strokes. He murmured appreciatively as, to my surprise, his nipples became erect. I hadn't realised men could respond that way, so I gave each of them a soft tweak with my thumbs. He murmured again, smiling.

It was time to make him bare. Taking a deep breath, I took hold of his pants at the sides and wriggled them down, careful not to snag them on his simmering cock, revealed now in all its natural beauty. He raised his pelvis to help me and I left his underpants stretched between his ankles. To be able to see and take hold of Blake's cock - it was one of my wildest fantasies come true.

Oiling him further, I massaged the muscles of his arms and shoulders, caressing his hands. I gave each finger an oily stroking, realising with a shock I was free, if I chose, to work his penis in exactly the same way. He was obviously thinking the same thing as his penis erected itself magnificently, swelling in girth as well as length until it pointed directly to his chin. I enjoyed the sight - such a strong, handsome cock (circumcised, I noted) - as I ran my hands over his gorgeous body but again resisted the temptation to touch it, revelling in my power to give and to withhold pleasure.

Realising, though, my time would soon be up, I reapplied oil to my hands and quickly massaged his lightly haired legs, enjoying the movement of his muscles, before I homed in on my real target. I had enjoyed some heavy petting with a boy or two before, but had never actually held anyone's dick. And now I couldn't put it off any longer.

Very gingerly, I ran my fingertip along the ridge on the underside of his cock from between his testicles right up to the little bridging point on the head. He wriggled in enjoyment, so I did it again, using slightly more pressure. I could tell he liked what I was doing so I concentrated on enclosing his hardness in the oily heat of my cupped hands, moving them slowly up and down its length, sometimes turning them in opposite directions as well to tug gently on his sensitive skin. Then I took each of his balls between my fingers and rolled them around, causing him to groan a little.

The feelings of complete power as I held him intoxicated me further. I thought later of the phrase "to have him by the balls." It was so true. My nipples were sticking out hard, my juices were flowing freely, and with my private time with him running out, I knew now was the time to be really daring. I bent down and gave his penis a quick kiss on the head. The only smell or taste was the edible oil, so I bent again and, before I could change my mind, slipped the whole of the head into my mouth, holding it between my lip-covered teeth while my tongue washed the surface thoroughly. I thought: 'I'm actually sucking his cock. I'm a cock-sucker.' It was so much smoother than I had imagined a penis could ever be. And now Blake was gratifyingly loud in his appreciation, ignoring any orders Kim might have given.

"Oh fuck yeah... yes... lick it... suck it... please please suck it, suck it harder... harder!"

Thrilled to be turning him on so much, my lips sank further down and I sucked his cock as hard as I could, careful not to let my teeth cut into him. I rolled my tongue around and around, bobbing my head experimentally a few times, dragging my lips wetly and lingeringly up and down, over and over. Blake groaned louder, straining under his satin bonds, trying to push further inside my wet warmth. Fearing he might ejaculate in my mouth, I stopped what I was doing abruptly and let go of his dick altogether. He swore in disappointment and bucked his pelvis up at me but I knew he had to be left hanging. It would make it so much better for all of us.

There was just one more thing I had always really wanted to do with Blake and this was a unique opportunity. I desired it perhaps even more than sucking him, more than fucking him. Making sure no other part of my body touched his in any way, I lowered my mouth onto his and gave him the slowest, hottest, juiciest, most passionate, tongue-filled kiss I had ever shared with anyone in my life, a truly scorching, mindbending kiss that left us both breathless and giddy. I felt magnificent, like an irresistible love-goddess who had just seduced the most handsome mortal on Earth.

But before I could do it again, a knock on the door broke the mood and Kimberly walked straight in with Sheana in tow. Sheana's jaw dropped and Kim grinned widely at Blake's straining erection, still slick with saliva and oil.

"Mmmm, very well done, darling," said Kimberly with satisfaction. "He looks good enough to eat... or to keep eating, by the look of it. Come on out now, Sheana's been dying for her share."

Reluctantly, I retrieved my chemise and wrap from where I'd left them and allowed her to lead me away, Kimberly closing the door behind us. I returned to the living room in a foggy haze of physical and emotional sensations, collapsing uncaringly on the doona, vaguely aware of porn videos and magazines around me, Kim and Kaia commenting lewdly as they showed particularly erotic pictures to each other, but my thoughts refused to stray from the gorgeous boy upstairs. Our kiss was so... simply amazing. The adrenalin of drunken horniness was still coursing through me, exacerbated still by the promise of more time with Blake to come.

Kimberly proved to be an impatient time-keeper. It seemed no longer than five minutes at the most before she simultaneously retrieved Sheana and let Kaia loose on the vulnerable Blake.

Sheana returned looking very excited and pleased with herself. Her singlet top had been abandoned somewhere at last and her dark naked skin was beaded with sweat. Though I dreaded to think it, she personified exactly my image of a woman who had just enjoyed an extremely satisfying fuck. I was forced to wonder if she had indeed gone 'all the way' with Blake, whether losing her virginity, in spite of Kim's warning, was the reason for her flushed, proud appearance. But I said nothing, sorely afraid I would discover I had been left behind in our unspoken race to be the more sexually daring.

After a few more minutes of agonising waiting, Kim finally indicated it was time for us to return to our male subject, and she led us back to the bedroom. There were muffled moans from within. Knocking twice on the door, she turned the handle.

Kaia stood at the foot of the bed, her leather teddy wide open and her decolletage flushed with arousal, her pink nipples very stiff, smiling smugly down at the bound Blake. He was grasping the bars at the head of the bed and wriggling furiously. His cock was still as erect as I had left it though now there was pink lipstick smeared in blotches across his chest, around each nipple and all over his erection - a clear trail of evidence as to how Kaia had enjoyed herself with him during the last ten minutes.

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