tagLoving WivesBest. Wife. Ever. Ch. 03

Best. Wife. Ever. Ch. 03


Gabriel receives a visit from Rachel, Stacy's friend with a huge fifty-two inch ass, and discovers the wonders of an ass bigger than his wife's.


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Friday morning was amusing. I finally allowed Lisa to get dressed after her shower with me. It was somewhat surreal since she had been free of her bet since the previous night, but she had loved being my "good girl" so much that she had stayed in her place until this morning. I had lost count of how much of my cum she had taken inside her and had plastered on her. So, I walked her to her car though she was a little bow-legged and winced as she walked from her sore cunt. After a long, passionate kiss, she climbed in and drove off leaving me shaking my head at just how weird my life had become.

I dropped my backpack on the passenger seat of my car as I got behind the wheel and began the commute to work. If not for having only a limited number of personal days, I might've taken another one to chill out after the fuckfest of yesterday.

Once again, work was a bit of a chore to get through. Now, I had three slut blowing up my phone all day with teasing texts and pics. Stacy was very happy that I was fucking the shit out of two of her friends and was cheering me on to do more. Even though she was cheerful and bubbly in her texts and the one phone call I had with her, we've been married for too long for her to truly hide things from me.

I could tell that something was bothering her, but trusted her to tell me when the time was right.

Sophia was a total pest. She was upset that her job was keeping her away from town for another day or so and was eager to get back to me and my dick. She surprised me with a conference text between e, her, and Lisa. When she repeated her eagerness to fuck me again, Lisa scolded her that she had to wait her turn since she had first crack at me and there were other sluts clamoring for their chance at me. It became amusing to watch the harsh argument playing out that could only happen between two really good friends.

Then, the pair began trying to outdo one another by sending me increasingly slutty pics of themselves.

Lisa started off by showing her panties, to which Sophia had to top by showing her thong buried in her round ass. Lisa responded by showing her pulling her top down to almost show her nipples on her humongous tits. Sophia one-upped her by simply sending a pic of her bare tits with one nipple being sucked by her plump lips. Lisa sent a pic of her exposed pussy with an oblivious coworker walking by in the background. Sophia sent us a pic over her shoulder in the women's bathroom mirror, one leg hiked up on the sink with three fingers buried in her twat. When Lisa sent a twenty second video of her drooling on a banana for her lunch before stuffing it in her cunt in her office, I called a halt to the escalation before one of them got in trouble.

It was also a matter of self-preservation s well. It seemed as the pic war got under way that everyone of my damned coworkers needed help with something and kept wandering over to pester me. Between the interruptions and the barrage of images, it was almost impossible to get my work done for the day, but I somehow managed. By two o'clock, things got a little better.

I had managed to finally finish my work for the day and started getting texts from my wonderful wife to wish me a good night. Even though she wouldn't have any work the next day, it was the day of rest for her clients today which meant she had spent the day shopping and taking in the local culture once again. Thus, she wanted to turn in early. She was ecstatic after finally having watched all of the "daddy" footage of the Thursday and teased me that she might need some "daddy" time too when she got back.

I was counting down the time when I could clock out in a couple of hours when the love of my life wished me good luck and a good night fucking the next slut. I didn't have long to wonder what she meant by that as a new text popped up.

Rachella Gutierrez Cruz was yet another of my fabulous wife's slutty friends. In college, she had double majored simultaneously in our school and a culinary art one in both business administration and culinary arts. The result was that she begged, borrowed, and saved every dollar she could get her hands on to open her first hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Ten years later, she owned and operated seven locations in ours and the surrounding counties. She was a self-made woman who had earned my respect a long time ago. Stacy and I had had many a date night at one of her restaurants with her coming over to sit and chat when she happened to be at our particular location.

Even though she was friends with Stacy and had known me for a decade, Rachella and I had never been particularly close. We were polite and friendly when around each other but had never quite clicked the way I had with Lisa, though thankfully had never been hostile like Sophia and I, previously.

So, it was a little surprising when she texted me out of the blue to ask me if I had plans for dinner. Feeling a little suspicious, I responded.

  • Not really. Was gonna go home and nuke some pizza.

  • God nino you need to start liking real food instead of that mierda you stuff in your face L

  • Lol. I do like real food. It's just not your idea of the same thing.

  • Aint that the fuckin truth! Come by the rosewood restaurant and ill put some good food in you

  • Oh god. Please, remember that I'm a picky eater.

  • i know that idiota you da only fool i know who puts proper punctuation in youre damned texts stop bein a control freak and live a little

  • Stacy likes that I'm a freak. But for different reasons.

  • I heard all about that from soph and lisa already seems you turned into quite the playa with stace gone

  • Look Rach, there's more going on than you know.

  • Carbon you think I don't know? My bitches talk to each other I know all bout that good good dick you got why you think my fine ass is textin you? Its my turn on that cum fountain you got gran chico

Thus, my suspicions were confirmed in Rachel's text. It seemed as though I was in for another long night of fucking. I wasn't complaining by any stretch of the imagination, but I was beginning to wonder where this rollercoaster would end if it ever did. I told her that I'd come by for dinner and see how things went from there. She just responded with a pic of her grinning face and a knowing wink.

By this time, it was five o'clock and time to get off. If not for the fact that it would be about one in the morning where she was, I would've called Stacy to see if she was responsible for this latest booty call. Though first instinct might tell me it was the case, my reason began to work out that her retracting the "hands off" from me might just have taken on a life of its own.

To date, I'd mercilessly fucked two of my wife's friends. However, a quick mental tally told me that, besides Rachel, there were at least two more likely candidates in the stable of sluts that Stacy still stayed close to. There were another three or four that might be considerations, but they had become part of the group of folks that people had that used to be good friends but had faded to just Facebook friends that commented and liked posts occasionally.

All this ran circles through my head as I drove across town to the Rosewood location of Temptacion, Rachel's Successful Restaurant. I had put my phone on silent to think in peace during the drive and found no fewer than thirty texts and two missed calls from Sophia and Lisa. The most telling came from Lisa.

  • You got a hold of the fattest titties around Now you're gonna take on all that ass with Rachel Rump? Daddy, you better send me some of those pics that you send to Stace!

That text alone should have told me just what I was in for tonight.

I walked into the Latin restaurant and was hit by the strains of Latin funk that Rachel favored in all of her locations when she was on site. The teenage hostess smiled warmly at me while inquiring the size of my party.

"Chica, you too damned young to be askin' a grownass man's size!" A throaty purr laughed from the side. "He's my guest, so he'll be eatin' with me tonight. Say hi to el esposo de mi mejor amiga, Gabriel." No matter how many times I heard it, I was just like every other man in America and felt a shiver of lust at hearing my name pronounced in a Spanish accent. Of course, Rachel had a way of making everything she said sound sexy as fuck.

I turned to drink in the sight of my incredible wife's friend.

Racella Gutierrez Cruz fit many of the stereotypes of the protype Latina even though she was her own individual. She was exactly the same height as Stacy but always wore a minimum of four inch heels. It gave the effect of her always being the same height or higher than the average guy. Rachel's family hailed from Spain and not Central or South America. As such, she had the same Caucasian complexion as Stacy and Sophia, but her hair was a carmel brunette than set off her skin nicely. Besides the most obvious one, Rachel's most striking feature was her smoky grey eyes which she always accented with dark "smoky eye" eye shadow. Those eyes could convey entire volumes of sex with a single glance, and I was getting the full brunt of their fire.

She wore a deep purple one piece dress that was like a second skin to her abundant curves and held the attention of everyone in the room as her heels clicked closer to me. The bounce and jiggle of those curves told me that the slut wasn't wearing a bra and probably a g-string at the most. Unlike the big to huge tits of the other three sluts I'd fucked in the past week, Rachel's solid C cup tits were small by comparison, even though they were quite a handful to many of the men and women she'd fucked over the years.

Rachel's midsection was slim when compared to the rest of her, but she still had a miniscule pooch which she refused to get tucked. She felt (rightly so) that it gave her finest asset a credibility by its flawed nature. I and Stacy agreed, feeling that it just made her even sexier to show that tiny plumpness in her thirty-two inch waist.

Her thick thighs and incredibly wide hips showcased Rachel's major feature that had caused so many people to worship. Rachel possessed a fifty-two inch ass that just seemed to possess its own gravitational force like a small planet. It was juicy and totally round while sticking out from the curve of her lower back. It wasn't just an ass you could set a drink on, it could hold an entire bar's worth of drinks on it. Even when she walked, each cheek seemed to move in its own separate orbit. Even though that incredible ass was facing in the opposite direction from me, I could see it clearly swiveling behind her as she strutted toward me.

"Gabriel, it's nice to see you again. Follow me, and we can eat." Rachel smirked confidently at me and turned on a sharp heel to saunter away. I was noticing a running theme among these sluts of testing me and decided to put my foot down early. The hot Latina stopped short when I took her hand and turned her back to face me. Shock crossed her face at my boldness and threatened to escalate to her infamous anger. However, I dipped my head never breaking eye contact with her as I lifted her hand to graze its back with my lips.

My wife's friend seemed taken by surprise as I placed her hand in the loop of my arm and encouraged her to show the way as I walked beside her as an equal and not a lesser. I could feel the excitement thrumming through her body as we made our way to a private room at the back of the restaurant. I gave her more to think on when I pulled out a chair to hold for her before taking my own seat.

Next, I perused the menu for something I could handle eating that wouldn't upset my pickiness while Rachel spoke rapidfire Spanish to a server. The hot Latina clucked her tongue in disgust when I ordered a couple of plain chicken and cheese quesadillas with absolutely no peppers, onions, or other veggies inside.

"One o' these days you need to start eating like a real man and not a little boy ordering from the kids' menu, Gabriel."

I waited until the server left to give the kitchen our orders before turning a cold glare on Rachel. "Do I need to just go ahead and leave now?"

Confusion and worry crossed her beautiful features as Rachel stammered, "What do you mean?"

"I mean are you planning on insulting and demeaning me in front of your employees all night, or should I just leave now? I'm not gonna cause a scene because I respect my wife too much to embarrass her friend in her own business, but I refuse to put up with this shit one more minute."

Seeing how serious I was, Rachel placed a warm, soft hand over mine. "Dio, Gabe, I'm so sorry. I can be such a pushy bitch because it's all I've ever known and has gotten me all this I've fought for. Most guy I see are turned on by the fire and crawl after me. I've just never met a guy that turned me on like you do who stood up to me. Please, don't go. I can't promise not to be a bitch, but I can promise to dial it back. Please, stay."

"I'm not one of your boytoys that you fuck and toss aside when you've gotten your nut and want to go back to ruling your domain."

"I can see another reason why Stacy loves you so much. No other man could've stayed around such a strong woman as her and not become her puppet."

I waited to answer when our food arrived, and Rachel rattled off more instructions in Spanish. One of them must have been for privacy as the pretty server smiled widely at us as she closed the door firmly behind her shutting off the rest of the restaurant.

"I'm no one's puppet, and I won't be bullied either."

"Dio! How many times you gonna make me say sorry, huh? I get it. I'm a pushy bitch. Gimme a break here, empollon?"

"Oh, and calling me a nerd in Spanish is an apology?" I smirked as I bit into a quesadilla wedge. I let her sit open-mouthed for a moment before explaining, "I took up to advanced Spanish in college and deal with all our Latin clients. Some slang and dialect elude me, but I get the gist of most conversations unless it's rapid like you like to fire off at your employees."

"Good to know, empollon," Rachel teased as she grinned widely at me.

We actually ended up having a delightful dinner filled with good conversation. Once she finally dropped the bitchiness and let herself relax around me, Rachel became genuinely fun to be around. Now, I was regretting having not gotten to know her better before now. It also gave me an insight into her that made her uncomfortable.

"So, why are you so nervous about fucking me?"

Rachel's fork clattered to her plate as she stared at me in shock. "Mierda! What the fuck do you mean by that shit? I ain't never been scared of no man. If your arrogant ass thinks I'm-"

"Chill the fuck out, Rachel!" I put a hand on hers and looked her dead in the eye. "I never said you were scared, but it's hard not to notice the fact that you get more boisterous and bitchy the more nervous you are. We're almost done eating and are running out of small talk which means we'll have to make a decision soon about if we're gonna fuck or not. That's made you louder and pushier. I'm just curious as to what's got a self-made woman like you so nervous."

Rachel got a worried look as she chewed a plump bottom lip. "You really don't get how special you are do you, Gabriel?"

"You also use my proper name when you're nervous, too. No, I don't understand why I'm supposedly special. I've been a nobody my whole life, so it's a little hard for me to fathom why I'm supposed to be special."

"Idiota! Stacy is our main bitch. She the baddest puta around and can't nobody make her do shit. But here you are with her wrapped around your pinky like the granddaddy pimp o' all time. Then, Sophia and Lisa, more badass bitches, become giggly bimbos when they talk about you and how you got this magic dick. And here you are bein' a gentleman holding my hand and pulling out chairs for me when you're obvious here for me to fuck, but you bein' nice and shit. How the fuck am I supposed to wrap my head around all o' that? Huh? Tell me.

"Plus, you were 'hands off' for so long, it's hard to just let that go completely. Tonight, talkin' with you, I get just what a good guy you are and why Stacy fell for you. You a good dude, and that ain't supposed to exist. I feel I want you and not just for your dick. How'm I supposed to feel about that when I love my bitch, Stacy. I could never betray her, but I wanna fuck you. I wanna date you. I wanna see if a good guy could like me for more than just a wet pussy and a bouncy ass."

Rachel was working herself up into a frenzy, so I pulled her from her chair and into my lap. I cradled her as the tears started and held her through the whole thing. When she finally wound down, I continued to hold and rock her in my lap. Angry at herself, the Latina snatched up a napkin a tried to mop up the streaks he mascara had made from her tears.

With her finally quiet, I took the opportunity to speak. "Look, Rache, I don't know how to fix this, but I can tell you that I'll stand by whatever you want to do as long as it doesn't involve betraying or leaving Stacy. That's just not going to happen. Beyond that, I'm willing to try whatever you want. This whole hallpass situation has opened closets that I don't' think anyone was prepared to see inside. Sophia has voiced similar concerns, and I told her we'd see what happened when Stace got back. So, I think I can promise you the same.

"You're an incredible woman, but I won't do anything to hurt you. I also won't use you for sex. If you'd like, I can take you to your home and then go back to my place. I won't lie to you though. I find you sexy as fuck and would love to fuck you senseless like the other slut, but I refuse to manipulate you into it."

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