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Bestest Birthday: It's Not Unusual


Bennett awoke me with his cock in my mouth. I yawned and he slid it farther down my throat. It took me only a few minutes before I was fully awakened and sucking the life out of his boa. He laughed the entire time, except when he came close to cumming. Then he became a small boy in a toy store, begging the tall man to take the best toy down for him to play with. I was the best toy, had been the best toy for nearly fifteen years. I was swallowing his first load when I realized that it was my birthday. Fifty years old this morning.

He tumbled next to me and gave me a deep kiss, readily drinking the cum I'd saved for him and our tongues danced together, his fingers wiggling in my ready cunt and bringing me to a moaning climax. He gave me an extra tight squeeze this morning and I tried not to recognize it.

"Mmm, what was that for?"

"Your birthday. Happy fiftieth."

I smiled into his neck, giving him a love bite. "You remembered."

"How could I not?"

Bennett Remblant had come into my life at a propitious time. Two divorces had made me abhor men and I was seriously considering going to the 'dark side', you know, pussy, when I met Bennett. He's about fifteen years older than me, enjoys sex as much as he can possibly get it and was looking for a companion. His search ended with me and I became his wife. His second wife. Didn't matter to me. Bennett had something else that I really craved to be around: stardom.

He wasn't talent but he was an agent. He controlled the careers of major talents so I was treated front-and-center to the glamorous world of fame and fortune. I easily fell into the role of being a hostess and as such, we ended up having huge parties at our home. Bennett's business reaped the rewards and I became the Hostess Queen.

"So what do I get?"

"What do you get?" Bennett laughed, his silver-black hair waving in the air. "You get me."

"Oh." I pretended to be upset. "Anything else?"

His dimple appeared as he smiled at me. "Oh, I have something planned."

"Tell me." I bounced up and down like an excited child. "Tell me!"

"Just a small gathering of friends tonight." I know my face must have looked stunned because he laughed. "You'll see. Now let's have some breakfast."

All day long, I anxiously watched the makings of my birthday party take place. Long tents in the backyard. Candles in the pool. Linen-covered tables and chairs. At six, Bennett took me out to have my hair and makeup done and to find an appropriate dress. I chose a teal blue Carolina Herrera with a slit up to my hip, showing off my long legs and clear shoes with a four-inch heel. When we returned home, it was nearly nine and Bennett ushered me upstairs to dress.

"Don't come down until ten." He gave me a healthy kiss, heading towards the door. "And no peeking."

Sixty minutes dragged like six hundred. I tried to take a nap but I was too excited. I tried to masturbate but I was too excited. I didn't know what to do so I just twiddled my thumbs until the grandfather clock in the outer hallway clanged ten. With shaking hands, I opened the bedroom door and stepped out.

And there, on the landing, was Tom Jones.

"Hello, Margie, and happy birthday!" I was stunned as he climbed the stairs and took me into his arms, giving me a warm hug. "You look beautiful."

"Thank you."

"I'm here to escort you down to your party." I couldn't help but smile, but I was thinking about his twinkling eyes and his beautiful mouth and about how much I wanted to kiss it. "I'm also the first on your dance card."

"Dance card?"

He moved toward me so swiftly that I found my back against the wall. His mouth swooped down and captured mine and I groaned as his arms wrapped around me, roughly rubbing my body through the thin material of the dress. I was instantly wet. "Your birthday dance card." Tom whispered huskily. "Ready for the first dance?"

I was so turned on that I couldn't answer. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him down for another kiss that turned into one of the most passionate kisses I'd ever experienced. Tom's tongue slid over my teeth and into my mouth as his hand found the slit in my dress and pushed it aside. I thought I was going to shake apart when his big hand rubbed the front panel of my thong, one finger seeking my weeping trench.

"Mmm, you're already wet. That's just how I like it." He lifted me and carried me a short distance away to a marble table. His strong fingers looped through the sides of my panties and pulled them down. I gave him a smile as I watched them disappear into his pocket. "Hope you don't mind, but you won't be needing these tonight."

His words thrilled me almost as much as the feeling of cold marble on my overheated pussy lips. He pulled me forward a little and bent, targeting my clit with his tongue. I came immediately, shivering at the sensations. Tom evidently loved pussy because he pushed his face into my pussy and didn't let me go until I'd cum five more times.

Then, he dropped his pants and brought his Welsh hammer out. I wanted to taste it but he didn't give me a chance, he pulled me to the edge of the table and pushed eight inches of the finest meat into my heated core. "Jesus, you're wet."

"It's your fault." I teased.

"Well, let me give you my apology."

We didn't speak again. Tom grabbed my hips and started pounding me something fierce. I tried to breathe but each thrust sucked the breath from my lungs. I couldn't stop trembling and I couldn't stop cumming. Seeing Tom Jones, the Tom Jones, pounding his Welsh hammer into my pussy was too much to take. The mother of all orgasms ripped through me and I gasped his name, feeling him pulsing inside me, depositing his cum in my clutching pussy.

He held me close for several moments, then gently disengaged his still thick cock from my body. He produced a handkerchief and did his best to clean both of us up before helping me down. My legs were quivering like jelly and he tipped my face up to his. "Do you accept my apology?"

"Oh, yes." I breathed, accepting his tongue in my mouth again. He thoroughly kissed me a few more times and straightened my dress.

"Everyone's waiting. Shall we?"

I tucked my arm into his, my heart thumping like a drum as I wondered who else was on my 'dance card'. I smiled into Tom's handsome face and took a deep breath.

"Let's go."

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