Bet Your Bottom


Gene growled as the toy came to life in his ass, and he throbbed in her mouth, pressing hard against her tongue. She sucked about half his length with a rapid bobbing of her head, her cheeks concave around him.

To her delight, he spit out, "Turn it up," amidst surprised sounding grunts.

"Mmm hmm," she moaned around him while turning the power of the toy up to about half. Her pussy tingled as a fresh rush of wetness flooded it, brought on by his reaction.

Gene panted, his breaths interrupted by grunts and growls. She sucked him hard and fast, her eyes widening when she saw his hands clenching the sheets and the muscles in his chest tightening. She knew him well enough to read the signs of his body. He was on the cusp of an eruption.

A quick flick of her finger turned the toy up to full blast.

The sound of his panting suddenly ceased, and he went stiff as a statue. Natalie slid her lips back up to the tip just as he lurched and roared.

It felt like someone had unleashed a super-soaker into her mouth. She had never in her life felt a man coming so hard. A staccato series of grunts burst from his lips as he squirted again and again, filling her mouth with hot cum. She sucked and swallowed, draining him dry, her skin breaking out into goose bumps from the intensity of it all.

When his grunts turned high-pitched and pained, she quickly flicked the slider on the toy to off and pulled it free of his ass. A quavering growl accompanied a final lurch from Gene before he went limp, breathing hard. She let him slip from her lips and marveled at the sight of him gasping for breath, his face bright red.

Reclining next to him, she ran her finger over his rapidly rising and falling chest. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

He gasped and responded with a weary, "Fuck..."

"I told you, didn't I?"

"Never come that hard," he mumbled.

She giggled and said, "I noticed."

Even though she was aching to be touched, Natalie slipped out of the bed and strutted out of the room. She returned with two bottles of water, one of which he accepted with a grateful nod.

Gene caught his breath after a few minutes and brushed his fingertip through the tiny strip of hair she left unshaven on her mound. "I don't know whether I lost that bet or not."

Though she masked it in a whimper as his finger moved lower, what he said caused her guilt to come surging back. She knew there was only one way to make amends.

"Why don't we pretend you didn't lose?"

His eyes lit up and he smiled. "Yeah?"


Natalie rose up to her knees and straddled him, wiggling her ass in front of him as she bent down over his cock. She gave it a lick and asked, "Do you want to fuck my ass?"

"Fuck yes." He gave her buttocks a squeeze before sliding two fingers into her wet heat.

Another lick and a kiss on his cock caused it to twitch. "You want to fuck my ass and come inside it?"

"Ah yeah, baby."

"Then make it hard for me. I want it. I want your cock deep in my ass."

Gene's fingers stroked in and out of her, making her moan as she tongued him.

"Do it. Make it hard. I want it in my tight little ass," she pleaded between licks, beginning to feel as excited as she was trying to sound. Despite how rough the last man to take her there had been, she remembered the fullness, like nothing she'd ever felt before. She knew Gene wouldn't ravage her that way.

By the time he started to swell beneath her tongue, she was positively dripping between the anticipation and his fingers stroking her need.

"Baby, put it back in."

Natalie gasped and a shiver rippled through her. "Oh, god yeah," she breathed as she reached for the toy and lube. Breathing fast from the excitement, she dribbled a little more lube onto the toy while he bent his knees.

There was barely any resistance as she pushed it into his ass, and his cock started a rapid rise the moment it was inside him.

After a few more licks and a long, slow suck, she turned around and reached into her nightstand drawer. She put batteries into her vibrator in record time as Gene scooted over to the side of the bed and sat up, his cock rock hard and a loop of the control cord for the toy peeking out from beneath his balls. He reached for the lube and she couldn't hold back a whimper.

Natalie lay down on her back, pulling her knees up and out as she watched him slather lube over his cock. She turned on her vibrator and rubbed it over her folds, whimpering despite an instinctual puckering of her back door. He knee-walked to her, lube in hand, and she let the vibrator drop to the bed while leaning back. Fingers gripping her buttocks, she tugged them apart, and he tipped the bottle of lube.

She gasped when the chilly liquid drizzled onto the iris of her ass. After a couple of deep breaths, she said, "I want it."

Gene tossed the lube down to the bed and moved into position between her legs. She moaned when he reeled in the cord of the toy and turned it on, a shiver shaking him as it came to life. She picked up her vibrator and centered it over her clit as the head of his cock pressed against her back door.

He pushed, and she groaned. Her eyes shot wide open and the groan turned into a squeak when the head popped inside her ass.

"So fucking tight, baby."

"Go easy, please."

He rocked his hips, not really stroking his cock, but rather stirring it inside her. Heart beating a rapid tattoo in her chest, she fought to relax against the invader stretching her ass. She rubbed her vibrator up and down her nether lips and let out a squeal when another inch of his cock penetrated her.


"Uh huh," she answered.

He gave her another inch, and the growl Natalie let out was so deep and animalistic that it shocked her. The slight burn, urge to push, and incredible feeling of fullness was building a chilly tingle beneath her mound despite barely using her vibrator.

He pulled back, and she whimpered. "More lube."

Gene's cock popping out of her ass made her suck in a sharp gasp. A second followed when the cool lube hit her hot ass and seeped inside. His cock stretched her again a moment later, pushing even deeper, and she peeked up over her breasts to see half of his erection buried in her back door.

He stroked his cock slowly in and out, and she groaned with every penetration. Her ass was so full, but it was matched by an aching void elsewhere. Her vibrator took care of that as she plunged it to the hilt in her pussy.

"Yeah, baby," he grunted as he picked up the pace a little.

Natalie fucked herself with her toy at a far quicker pace than her boyfriend was taking her ass. Stuffed from both the front and back, she pinched her eyes closed while her mouth dropped open. In that moment, she surrendered to him, and his balls settled against her.

"That feels so good," Gene growled as he pulled back to thrust again.

"Oh yes, so full."

Though he kept the pace moderate, he was truly fucking her ass after that. She stopped paying attention to her own animalistic cries, which accompanied every thrust of his cock, focusing on keeping her vibrator pumping into her depths. Her breasts quivered as he built up to speed.

She could feel faint hints of the vibration from the toy in his ass transferring to hers when he cranked up the power to the max. Now open to him, accepting the invader plundering her forbidden canal, she soared rapidly toward a climax.

"You gonna come, baby?"

"Uh huh. Uh huh."

"Oh yeah. Do it."

As if she had any choice.

For a few strokes, she teetered on the cusp of oblivion. Her bottom burned. Her vision dimmed. Her clit throbbed. Once, twice, and a third time, she cried out as his cock vanished into her depths, balls slapping against her skin. On the next thrust, she jammed her vibrator in so deep that the tips of her fingers penetrated as well. With the toy knocking at the entrance of her womb, her body finally gave her release.

"You coming?" he asked over her yelps of ecstasy.


"Fuck. So close."

"G-give it t-to meee!" she cried out, her voice rising into a scream as an even more powerful wave of orgasmic energy swept through her.

"Gonna come in your ass, baby."


He roared again, jolting her on the bed with the power of his final thrust. The sensitive nerves in her ass let her feel every single spurt erupting from him, pooling around his cock, so hot and deep inside her. Her orgasm went on and on as her body tried to thrash and flail while pinned down by his hard cock pulsing in her ass. All the while, Gene growled, his manhood still pumping even after the well of cum was dry.

Her vision went dark when he jerked free, unable to endure the vice-like squeeze of her ass any longer. She could feel cool air rushing inside her and hot cum dribbling out. Another wave of beautiful agony squirted her toy from inside her, and it rolled under her butt as her legs fell back to the bed.

Utterly spent, neither of them could do more than gasp for breath and quiver for long, long minutes afterward.


Natalie gingerly stepped out of the shower on legs weak from coming on his tongue beneath the warm spray of water. She leaned over the sink, resting her head on the cool counter.

"Okay?" he asked, caressing her bottom.

"My butt hurts, but..." She let out a long, deep moan. "So worth it."

He leaned over her and kissed the back of her neck, making her quiver, and then said, "I'm glad I lost this bet."

Natalie grinned, knowing that wasn't exactly true, but she kept it to herself. "I think we both won this one."

She stood up straight, turned around, and sought out his lips. When they broke from the kiss, she let a coquettish grin creep across her face.

"Bet I can get you hard again tonight."

"You're on."


Hope you enjoyed this one! No doubt there are a few of you who are just as squicked as Gene about his stake in the bet, but I hope Natalie's stake made up for it, if so.

Please do vote ( only once! ) as reader feedback is the only payment we get as free authors. By the same token, comments and favorite listings are most appreciated. Both are good advertisements for the story, which lead to more feedback, which encourages me to keep on writing new tales of ribaldry.

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