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June nudged Yellena, "Come on! Just go! You know we could win that money if you just join the damn contest!"

Yellana looked around the establishment. It was a relatively full house, Cha-Cha's Chance Room was a pretty booming spot for night life on weekends. It was a club that hosted events a few times a month, so very often customers got more than just excellent dance music. Tonight they were having a dance contest and the winner got a thousand dollars plus a second appearance at one of the posh upscale clubs. While it sounded all swell and good June and Yellena were not there for that. Yellena was on a mission.

"I don't think so, June. I'm not here to salsa. I just want to have a good time." Yellena fidgeted with the clasp of her purse.

"Psh! What you got to lose? You've been dancing since you were four!" June egged on. Apparently, June hadn't gotten the message. It wasn't about the dance. Yellena turned away from the stage and walked back to the bar, June on her heels.

"I'll think about it, June, just not right now." Yellena was feeling flighty and nervous. Despite what her friend thought it wasn't because of the crowd or the dancers that she was nervous. There was some other kind of tension in the crowd directed toward her and it was a familiar feeling. For the life of her, Yellena couldn't pick out the culprit who directed his attentions toward her. Normally she was really good at this; being raised by werewolves taught one the subtleties of a changing crowd. Yellena quit dancing with this particularly pushy guy who kept trying to get his hand up her skirt. After slapping his hand and pushing him away she meandered her way through the crowd. Upon reaching the bar she was greeted by one of her father's pack members. She flagged the bartender over and ordered herself a drink. It was her first one for the night, June was already on her third and flirting furiously with a guy for a fourth.

Yellena just couldn't get with that, not in the least. She slid onto a recently vacant stool and greeted the man who gave it to her. James was one of her father's Betas. She shrugged her blazer off her shoulders. The mini-dress she wore was a cowl neck made to purposely fall right between her cleavage. It came in gently to hug the hips and the back was embroidered. Twirling her dark brown dreadlocked hair in one hand, she brought it over her shoulder, exposing the back of her neck and shoulder, her blemish free copper-brown skin glowed under the bar light.

Samuel had spotted and recognized the female from the moment she stood by the stage. Yellena St. James was her name and she was the adopted daughter of the Alpha who ran the Northeast territories. Adopted by default because she was left at Alpha Henri's estate gate. It was perfect timing from what he heard and no one ever came forward to claim her. Samuel had only seen her a handful of times in various stages of her life, from the girl of two who defiantly stomped on his foot when he opposed her father in a meeting. Everyone knew she was hiding under the table but if Alpha Henri wasn't going to mention it the rest would follow; until she kicked Samuel that is. He smiled at the thought.

Yellena was leggy, about 5'7 in height, copper-brown skin dotted with freckles. She wasn't really curvaceous, but those supple limbs were deceptive. She had a dancer's body and therefore strong enough to give any werewolf stepping out of line a good right hook. The last time he saw her she was maybe fourteen or fifteen, maybe. She must be about twenty-four now. He thought. Samuel had heard she was a force to be reckoned with. Quick to speak her mind, determined to get what she wanted, but absolutely fun-loving. But something seemed to have her distracted tonight.

Truth was he wasn't planning on coming out tonight but a former co-worker and pack member encouraged him. Samuel wasn't the partying type but every one in a while he went out to socialize- and get laid- outside of the pack. From the moment Yelena had walked in and he spotted her, his instinct to protect kicked in. She was one of their own. It wouldn't be very gentlemanly to have his host's daughter harmed in anyway. Of course, Yellena had been too preoccupied with her friend to notice him watching her. They were having a conversation about something and she kept shaking her head. There was too much noise in the club for him to pick out a single word of their conversation. Samuel had no doubt her friend was trying to talk her into dancing in the contest. He watched as the two girls danced with various guys and growled as she had to push away a particularly pushy guy. When the two girls separated Samuel knew it was his time to make his move.

He crossed the floor with ease plopping himself down on a bar seat and waited. James, his co-worker had been sitting next to him. The two were pretending to discuss other things but when she approached the bar, James got up and winked at Samuel.

"James..." Yella paused, smirking upon recognizing the man. "Not here to keep an eye on me I hope?"

"Come now, darling!" James kissed her on each cheek, "You're old enough to have more than a bit of naughty fun."

Yellena laughed and took James's seat.

Samuel watched her from the corner of his eye, sipped his own drink. He noted her movements were graceful and practiced as she raised her hand and out of thin air the bartender was summoned to do her bidding. Samuel smiled; she seemed to have some sort of effect on people.

"Raspberry Martini, please. Olive on the side." She smirked playfully at the bartender. Immediately the bartender got to work making the martini, then placed it in front of her. "Thank you."

She took out her wallet to pay but a card slid across the bar, "I'll be paying for any of the lady's drinks tonight."

Yellena's hazel eyes looked up at Samuel's honey-brown ones, his slacks seemed to tighten a little. It was strange, even when he saw her at fourteen he never felt compelled to win a place in her heart like so many others.

"Nice try, Mister." She slid his card back at him and handed the bartender her cash. He wondered if she recognized him at all.

Samuel grinned, "I had a feeling that wouldn't work."

"Clearly it did to an extent. You have my attention." She smiled at him, turning in her seat to face him. She crossed her legs and tilted her head to the side, "To what do I owe to gain the merit of your drink. You know, I'm not as easy as I look."

"Looking pretty has little to do with chemistry." Samuel scratched the scruff on his chin.

"Ah..." Yellena exaggerated and sipped her drink.

"Beautiful to be exact. Every pick up line that comes to mind seems to wither in the face of your... goddess-like aura!"

Yellena burst out laughing, "Laying it on strong, aren't you, Mr. Alvarez?"

"So you do remember me." Samuel chuckled, "Something had to make you drop your guard! And we've known each other long enough for you to call me Samuel."

"Certainly, you've always had a way with words." She said giggling still, "I cannot believe you! 'Goddess-like?' Please promise me you won't ever use that on any woman again."

"Only if you let me buy you a drink then it is a done deal. No more cheesy pick-up lines." He locked eyes with Yellena again, she smiled at him over the top of her martini glass. Looking away she then swirled one finger over the rim of her glass and opened her mouth to speak, he cut her off, "And ginger ale doesn't count."

Yellena's smile widened. "Alright, no cheesy pick up lines and you pick up my tab for the rest of the night."

"You drive a hard bargain!" Samuel took Yellena's hand and kissed the back of it, "I would be honored!"

Yellena snorted and playfully rolled her eyes downing the rest of her drink, "None of that either!" She sipped her drink again relaxing a little. "."

"Not very romantic, are you?"

Yellena shrugged, "I've learned about that the hard way. Besides, I haven't seen you for ten years and now you want to flirt with me? That seems like motive if I ever felt one."

"You were 14, I think that would be grounds for jail!" Samuel laughed, "Hmm... too many suitors trying to win favors with daddy's little girl?"

She blushed slightly, looking down at her empty glass. He tucked a twisted-lock hair being her ear and watched the expressions on her face changed as she thought. Briefly, Samuel thought that he could get used to seeing those expressions and some.

The fact was Yellena wanted to take a gamble. For some reason Samuel Alvarez always drew her attention. The accent, the smile, his wavy raven locks, and his honey-brown eyes. She loved hearing him speak Spanish when she was present on a rare occasion. Built like a soccer player and coming in shy under 6'3, Samuel was always far too easy on the for this Yellena. Yet, he never looked at her the way he did tonight, even when she saved his life at 19. Of course he wouldn't remember that, he was barely lucid for the days he was put in her care. She was the only one he would let near her. She shook her head and ordered another drink.

"Three buttery nipples and two jaggerbombs for my friend, here." Yellena glanced at Sam then back at the bartender, then muttered too low for him to hear over the music. "Let's get together and start making some bad decisions."

By the time the bartender finished preparing the shots, Yellena pushed all but one in front of Sam.

"It's hard to get a werewolf drunk so these should go down like water for you." She smiled mischievously as he picked up one of the shots. "Oh and Samuel? It doesn't matter how many suitors. Only one suitor matters tonight just like every other night before. Cheers"

They clinked glasses and downed their drinks. When Yellena looked up at Samuel again he knew he was not going to let her leave with her friend tonight.

Two more shots later, both Yellena and Samuel were walking arm in arm to his cherry red range rover. Samuel was surprised that Yellena was quite steady on her feet and lucid. While his goal wasn't to get her wasted, her goal was certainly to do the same to him. He laughed when she said drinking games against a were always ended badly.

Now the beauty leaned against the hood of his suv. She ran her hand along the side of the paint, caressing it gently.

"You're car makes me so wet. Beautiful choice of red."

"Liar, I doubt it is the suv so much as the owner that makes you that way." He came to her side and leaned against the door. "To you it is a suv just like any other suv. Shiny and rugged."

They looked at each chuckling. "Can't blame a girl for trying."

Samuel sighed and opened the door for her. Instead of getting in, Yellena pushed him in and shut the door behind them. She climbed onto his lap, straddling him and on default Samuel's hands went to her waist. She looked down into his eyes as if searching for something. Any hesitation, any sobriety, any lust; she wanted to see it. There wasn't any. When she realized that Samuel was focused on her, Yellena then captured his lips. The kiss was sensual like someone savoring the first bite of dessert. It was as if she knew exactly what he needed at the moment. Samuel swirled his tongue against hers because while she savored, he was a thirsty man in a desert.

He growled into the kiss puling her closer to him, grinding his hard on into her crotch. Yellena broke the kiss whimpering.

"You're not the only one who can be forward." Samuel whispered in her ear and nibbled on her lobe. She leaned into his tugging and nibbling. When he licked her ear, Yellena ground her hips into his hard on. Samuel had to grab her hips to keep her seated. He didn't want to bed her here and if she kept up with this there wouldn't be much restraint for him. The scent of her arousal was already intoxicating.

"Yellena..." Her name was all he could get out before she kissed him again. He hands roamed the front of his chest and caressed his neck. When did she open his shirt? It didn't matter because she was relentless. Samuel's hands slid the dress off her shoulders, caressing her skin gently before taking each breast in hand, groping it. Yellena moaned into their kiss. His thumbs brushed against each nippled and gently tugged. She gasped and grasped his shirt. Samuel kissed along her jaw line while she rocked her hips against him. Grinning against her neck he slipped his fingers into her underwear and rubbed her clit.

"Oh, God..." Yellena pushed her bare breasts against his chest, and played with one of her nipples.

"You're an impatient one, aren't you?" Sam teased his finger against her opening. He hadn't noticed when she freed his cock until her cool fingers grasped it gently and began to stroke. Holy shit... Samuel gripped her wrist but finally began to finger her. First it was one finger gently teasing her g-spot and while it gave her pleasure, Yellena still wanted more. She bit his lip as he slipped a second finger and moaned louder. This time he gently prodded and rubbed her spot.

"More..." Yellena panted, gyrating her hips to meet his prods.

"More what? What's the magic word?" Yellena shook her head in response.

"Stubborn, aren't you?" He thrusted his fingers against her spot and she cried out. Shivering, close to climax.

"Again!" she replied.

"No, where are your manners, little one?" He grinned as he slowed.

"Please..." She whispered eager for release, "please..."

Samuel took one of her nipples in his mouth and teased it between his teeth. She gripped his hair and threw her head back in pleasure.

"Come for me, mi'jo." Samuel mumbled between sucking her nipples. He thrusted his fingers against her spot quickly and repeatedly. She was so slick that he could hear the sounds of her wetness as his fingers moved. Yellena's voice sung out as she creamed all over his hand. She laid against him panting for a few minutes before Samuel spoke.

"Yellena, we have to leave here..." Samuel whispered caressing her thighs. "I will not bed you here like some common whore, guapa."

Yellena growled. Didn't he realize that it didn't matter by now as long it was him? She nuzzled his cheek and sighed. He was right of course, it really was a sign of respect. Ever the gentleman, Samuel always was.

She smacked his hands away and grasped his jaw with one hand. "I tell you what? if you ask nicely, I'll be more than happy to pleasure you when we get back." She ground into his hard on, teasingly.

Samuel closed his eyes. There was just so much about this girl that threw him off. For one thing, he couldn't find her scent. Aside from the muskiness of her arousal, there wasn't anything else. His eyes fluttered open when he felt her stroking his cock.

"You're not asking..." she teased

"Wolves don't ask, they take." He retorted gruffly.

"Then i'd best be on my way." She slid off of him but he grabbed her midway.


"Nope!" Yellena cut him off. "If you ask right now with me about to leave, you sound desperate, old man." She climbed out of his truck and stood in the open doorway. "And I will seem like a slut. You're a gentleman, Sammie, stay that way."

With that Yellena left him to his own devices. As far as she was concerned, phase one had already begun.

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