byMr James©

Beth looked in the full-length mirror in her bedroom. The dark blue silk of the nightdress shimmered in the candlelight like moonlit water. She could feel the coolness against her skin and the contact with her nipples. Reaching up, she cupped her swollen breasts in her palms and squeezed them gently. In a moment she would call out, Andrew would enter and from that moment, until dawn, she would be his to use, to pleasure or otherwise, depending upon his whim.

Beth already knew that he was capable of both great kindness and great cruelty, though she sometimes could not decide which was which. Her pussy was already damp and sticky at the thought of his touch and she reached down to press the silk of her gown against the smooth baldness of her pussy. A tiny shudder ran through her body and she had to take a deep breath to keep from crying out as her pussy flooded with her sweet nectar.

"Andrew." Beth called, softly, and then stood, head bowed and facing the doorway.

Andrew stepped into the room and closed the door, turning the key in the lock. He walked over to her dressing table, the long robe flowing about his naked body. He pulled the stool from beneath the dressing table and arranged it in the space at the foot of the bed. Taking her arm he guided her to the stool, her back to the mirror.

"Kneel." Andrew ordered her, softly but very firmly.

Beth lowered herself to her knees, making sure that the hem of her nightdress did not become trapped under her knees. Andrew rested his hand on the back of her neck and pressed her forwards, so that she was bent over, her breasts pressed against the plush covering the seat of the stool. Beth could feel the fibres prickling against her hard, swollen nipples and she drew a soft hiss of breath between her teeth. Andrew reached down and took one wrist and then the other, pulling them behind her back and using a silk scarf, taken from his pocket, to bind them firmly together.

Beth was almost helpless, with her hands behind her back, and her weight supported by the seat of the stool she could not rise to her feet without a considerable struggle. She relaxed as much as she could, trying to shut out the prickling sensation against her nipples. Andrew reached behind her and lifted the hem of her nightdress, pulling it up and over her back, so that her taut round buttocks were totally exposed. The pale curves of her cheeks seemed to glow in the candlelight and the cleft between hinted at deep, dark pleasures. Beth turned her head as she heard the scraping of a drawer being opened and flushed crimson as she realised that he had opened the drawer where se kept her toys. A brief rummage and Andrew found the three items he had been looking for. Carefully he laid the bottle of lubricant, a long, fat dildo and a medium sized anal plug on the bed. Next to them he laid a pair of thin , black, leather gloves, taken from the pocket of his robe.

Parting the cheeks of her bottom with the fingertips of one hand, he pressed the nozzle of the lubricant bottle against the tight ring of her anus and squeezed gently to force a generous squirt of the slippery liquid into the entrance to her bowel. Beth snorted as she felt the cold, slimy, fluid penetrating her bottom and sighed quietly in relief. She had known Andrew, in his crueller moments, to roughly thrust his finger, or the plug into her tight, dry anus, relishing, it seemed her screams as she felt the burning friction. Not tonight though, as he seemed to be quite content to ease his exploration with the cooling oil. Beth wriggled a little as the liquid trickled deeper and then realised that he had discovered a new level of cruelty as her sensitive and swollen nipples rasped against the coarse material covering the top of the stool.

Beth bit her lip, as Andrew pulled the leather gloves over his hands and began to knead the tender cheeks of her bottom. She could feel him pulling against the skin, spreading them slowly and gently, so that her anus was gradually exposed and then opened for him to examine. The pressure on her bottom eased for a moment as Andrew reached out for something and than she felt a hot liquid dripped directly into her arsehole. Beth could only twist her head around and watch as Andrew tilted the candle he had plucked from the dressing table and dripped a little more of the hot wax onto her tender flesh.

Andrew replaced the candle in the holder and took the anal plug in his hand, running his fingers over the hard latex. Beth felt his fingers pressing into the cheeks of her bottom, opening them slowly and gently. The tip of the plug was hard and cold against her burning ring and she groaned, deep at the back of her throat, while he pressed harder. She could feel her bottom stretching to accommodate the hard plug as he pressed and twisted the base.

Beth snorted through her nose as Andrew pressed the hard rubber rod into her anus, pushing it slowly into her, probing more and more deeply. A soft whimper slipped from her lips, as the ridge of the plug stretched her, almost slipping inside. She tried to keep perfectly still, so that the rough cover on the seat did not rub against her tender nipples. Andrew saw the muscles of Beth's thighs tighten as she tried to keep still and pushed sharply on the base of the plug ramming the ridge past the tight ring of her anus. Beth screamed softly as she felt the plug burst into her rectum and her thighs straightened, rubbing her nipples harshly against the rough seat of the stool. Beth could feel sweet, creamy, juices flooding her pussy and seeping down the inside of her thighs as Andrew tormented her.

At last the plug was buried, to Andrew's satisfaction, in Beth's tight arse. Slowly he took his hand away from the base of the plug and looked down at her smooth cheeks, spread wide by the thickness of the rubber. He reached along her body and hooked his gloved fingers under the straps of her nightdress. Gripping them firmly, he yanked them down, dragging the silk across her nipples and making her cry out as the material caught on the hard points of her nipples, pulling on them and then sliding down. The silk bunched at her waist, leaving Beth's tender nubs rubbing against the plush on the seat of the stool.

Andrew knelt behind her and rubbed the tip of his swollen cock along the shaven lips of her pussy. slowly they parted, sticky with the juice that Beth could not seem to stop from oozing out of her pussy. Andrew pushed slowly, stretching her sensitive pussy with the tip of his cock, pressing deeper and deeper, filling her slowly and gently, his hands on her hips holding her perfectly still. Beth groaned, softly, as he penetrated her yielding body, his cock sliding gradually into her pussy until she was filled with his hot meat.

Beth could feel Andrew's cock buried in her pussy and the tight sac of his balls pressed into the backs of her thighs. His hands gripped her hips tightly, holding her motionless. Only her excited breathing made her hard nipples brush against the rough material covering the top of the stool.

"You bastard, Andrew!" Beth hissed between her teeth, "Fuck me, cum in me and let me cum!"

Andrew just smiled and held her tight against his loins, the length of his cock buried inside her pussy. Then he shifted his grip on her hips and pushed her away from him, scraping her tender nipples across the rough cloth as his cock slid out of her pussy, his swollen knob just between the tender lips. Then he pulled her back onto him, pulling her hard against his body.

"Oh God!" Beth wailed, "Please let me cum, fuck my cunt and cum in me!"

"Not yet my sweet little slut," he growled, "I've barely started yet. Now tell me what you are."

"I'm a slut, your whore." She whined.

Andrew smiled devilishly as he began to rock Beth back and forth, making sure that her nipples brushed gently across the top of the stool. Carefully he moved her on the shaft of his cock, savouring the hot wetness and the ripples that squeezed her tight cunt around his cock. Beth could only sob as he brushing of her erect nipples took her closer and closer to a climax and each time she was on the brink of her release, Andrew would stop and wait until she had calmed a little. Her nipples were hard and erect, every scrape against the rough cloth sending dark sparkles of pain and pleasure to the tender nub of her clit. Andrew held her hips perfectly still and eased the length of his cock out of the wet pocket of Beth's cunt.

"Oh GODD, NO!" Beth screamed in anguish as she felt the cool air against the lips of her pussy .

Andrew pulled her to her feet and marched her, unsteadily across the room to a kitchen chair, pushing her roughly into it, her arms, still tied fastened firmly behind her. Swiftly Andrew passed a long band of silk around her belly and a second across her shoulders, knotting them firmly . Taking hold of her jaw, Andrew squeezed ruthlessly, forcing her mouth open so that he could press a hard finger and thumb into the angle of her jaw. Beth tried to open her jaw and bite him, but he was too quick and, before she could snap her teeth shut, he had forced a hard ball into her mouth, fastening it in place with thin leather straps.

"I'm sorry that the gag is so uncomfortable, but you see this is going to hurt and I don't want you disturbing the neighbours." Andrew whispered into Beth's ear.

Beth thrashed her head from side to side, desperately trying to catch Andrew's eye so that she could plead with him to spare her. Andrew crossed to the dressing table and lit a small spirit burner from one of the candles. Then he opened a black case and chose a narrow bladed bodkin and held it in the flame of the burner. The tip soon began to glow a cherry red and Andrew smiled cruelly to himself.

Beth could smell the hot metal as he came closer and, with his gloved hand, pinched her nipple between finger and thumb, pulling slightly. Curiously, although she could hear the hiss as the point pressed into her skin and smell the singeing of her flesh, it did not hurt as much as she expected. Then Andrew pressed harder, popping the point through the skin at the base of her nipple and Beth convulsed in the chair straining against the bindings. The blinding pain made her swoon and slump back in the chair, almost fainting. Andrew carefully threaded a small gold hoop through the hole he had just made and stood back to admire the result.

Beth's head hung down and a thin trail of saliva snaked from the corner of her mouth. The hoop gleamed in the candle light, dangling from the base of her erect nipple. Andrew took his glove off and pinched her newly pierced nipple gently, feeling the hardness. He poured a glass of iced water and sipped a little of it then, with a flick of his wrist dashed the water into her face. Beth jerked her head and her eyes widened as the shock of the cold water wrenched her back to wakefulness. The aching soreness of her freshly pierced nipple should have repelled her but she could feel the depths of her pussy becoming warm and wet. Her eyes widened in horror as she realised that the pain in her nipple was arousing her. Andrew brushed the tip of her pierced nipple and Beth strained against the scarves as though she were being electrocuted. Then his fingers brushed the other nipple, squeezing it slowly and gently, measuring the firmness.

Beth tried to moan through her gag and shook her head, trying to deny the building excitement and the sweet juice filling her pussy. Her nipple ached where the hoop pulled on the base. She lifted her head, trying to catch Andrew's gaze, so that he would see the plea in her eyes and release her. Andrew just concentrated on heating the bodkin until it glowed cherry-red again. Beth realised, with horror, that he was going to pierce her other nipple and then, with dismay, that the very idea was exciting her. She watched as he brought the glowing point closer and closer, then pinching and pulling her nipple, pressed the hot steel into the base. This time, Beth clung on to consciousness, feeling the dam break and her pussy flood her thighs with sticky juices.

The ball in her mouth was making Beth's jaw ache and her throat was sore from her attempts to cry out. She almost fainted with relief as Andrew unfastened the straps behind her head and used his finger and thumb to pull the ball out of her mouth. She drew great, shuddering, sobs of air in through her mouth as he unfastened the scarves pinning her to the chair and then swept his arms around her back and under her knees, so that he could carry her over to the bed. Carefully he arranged her with a pillow under her hips and then unfastened the strap pinioning her wrists behind her. Beth brought her wrists from behind her back and examined the angry red weals that bit into her wrists.

As she lifted herself on her arms, pulling her tender breasts and sore nipples away from any contact with the candlewick bedspread, Andrew curled his fingers around the base of the plug in her bottom. With a flick of his wrist, he jerked the plug out of her bottom, making Beth cry out as the bulge stretched her anus in a moment of delightful pain. Another gush of juice from her pussy stained the cotton pillowcase, as she had a moment where she almost came.

Andrew spread her thighs and knelt between them, guiding the swollen knob of his cock into her dripping pussy and ramming it hard and deep. Beth arched her back and thrust her hips back, trying to impale herself on the length of his hard cock. The movement made her breasts tremble and the gold hoops swung, the free loops of the rings tapping against the stalks of her nipples. Beth whimpered deep in her throat as Andrew thrust into her ramming hard and deep. Each stroke made the rings tap against her erect nipples, like the flick of a fingernail onto the sensitive nubs. Amber closed her eyes and abandoned herself to Andrew's pleasure.

Andrew could feel her body tightening as he tormented Beth with his cock, his hands on her hips, guiding her, as he plunged into her wetness.

"Please Andrew, cum in my cunt" begged Beth, breathlessly.

"Shut up!" he commanded, "I'll decide when you are ready."

"Oh God! PLEASE!" she screamed.

Andrew gripped her hips firmly and thrust his thumbs against the dark ring of her anus, plunging them inside. His cock swelled and stiffened and then began to jerk inside her. Every jerk sprayed thick ropes of his creamy sperm into her pussy. Beth howled as the feeling of Andrew's gloved thumbs, cruelly stretching her arse, while he pumped what felt to be buckets of thick, hot sperm into her pussy, made her cum. Her body writhed spastically beneath him as Andrew covered her with his body. He pinned her to the bed, impaled upon his rigid cock, while he filled her with his cum.

Beth laid across her bed, cum oozing out of her pussy to puddle in a gelid mess on the sheet between her thighs. Andrew eased out of her pussy, his knob making a plopping sound, loud in the quiet, as it slipped out of her tender pussy.

"There you are my darling slut," Andrew whispered triumphantly, "Your cunt is dripping and your nipples are pierced. You will be sore for a few days to remind you whose slut you are and it will take a while for your nipples to stop being erect all day long, but it's done now."

"But Andrew, " Beth complained, "Everyone will think I'm a whore and a slut when they see my nipples sticking out all of the time."

"They were hard all day today weren't they?" Andrew questioned her.

"Yes, you know they were, because you made me wear that corset so my tits would stick out and you know it rubs against my nipples." Beth complained, "And you know my boss wants to put me across his desk and fuck me."

"So they will only see more of the same." laughed Andrew, "and you haven't finished yet."

As he spoke, Andrew pushed Beth flat on the bed and straddled her, the front of his thighs pushing her breasts upwards and his sticky cock lying between them. The tip laid against Beth's lips as it oozed the last drops of his cum. Beth shook her head and the thick cum was smeared over her lips and face. Andrew tugged on the newly inserted nipple rings, making her gasp and snort through her tightly closed lips. Reaching up, he squeezed her face, forcing Beth's mouth open and thrust his slimy cock to the back of her throat. Twisting his hand in her hair, Andrew rammed his cock into her mouth, bruising her lips and making her gag as he thrust his length inside.

Andrew jerked his hips back and forward violently, forcing his cock in and out of Beth's mouth. Her breasts were pressed against the front of his thighs and every thrust made them ripple, banging the loops of the nipple rings against the tender base of her nipples. Beth moaned around his cock as she sucked and licked him clean.

Andrew slid his cock out, cleaned of their juices but still glistening from her mouth and laid, quite breathless, next to Beth.

"You know, my darling little whore, I'm going to enjoy you immensely. Especially the thought of you getting hornier and hornier at work, so you'll be hot and juicy for me when I get in." Andrew told her, smugly.

All Beth could do was look at him and bow her head to her chest in, she hoped, a properly subservient manner. As she bent her head, she saw the glistening rings through the base of her nipples and a few, surprisingly few, drops of her dried blood. The sight reminded her of tomorrow's ordeal when Andrew would send her off to work, quite possibly with her pussy wet and full of his cum, or equally likely, her pussy wet and throbbing with the need to be fucked. She could not guess at his intentions.

Tomorrow, however, would tell.

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