tagLoving WivesBeth and her Boss Ch. 01

Beth and her Boss Ch. 01


For ten years since leaving school I had a great job at my local tax office, fantastic hours and even better money but when they let a lot of staff go, I lost my job and suddenly realized that I was in big trouble. I had a wife and two lovely kids, a big house with a big mortgage, a nice car and all the other financial concerns that go with being part of a family.

Even though I was only in my mid-to-late twenties I had difficulty getting another job as I didn't really have any particular skills, apart from administration and I had to settle for a simple office job where the wages were only half of what I had been on before.

My wife Beth, who was two years younger than me at 25 decided to find a job to help out financially as my earnings just weren't enough to cover all of our outgoings, and this worked out okay as our youngest child had just started school. It was only an office job again, for a stationery company and didn't pay all that well as she could only work hours when the kids were at school but we were that broke that every single penny helped.

We managed for a while, but soon it became apparent that we were still struggling. We had a couple of garage sales and sold some stuff on eBay which earned us a little bit more money but it was only a short-term fix. The bank manager called one day to say we had gone too far into our overdraft, and that if didn't do something soon, our mortgage might be in danger.

It was time to work something out. We couldn't move into a smaller house because of the children and all their stuff, so it was crunch time. Did we get rid of the car? The problem that gave us was that Beth's job was quite a distance away. I had been letting her use the car, while I jumped on the bus as my job was only around the corner. I cut down on my insurance and pension payments, and we made other savings in other areas with our satellite TV and such things but we were still coming short by quite bit of money each month.

I kept looking around for a better job, but without any particular training it was difficult. I couldn't go back to college because we couldn't afford it, so I just kept hunting and keeping my fingers crossed that something better paid would come up. The worst thing about it was seeing Beth so worried. My beautiful wife tried to put a brave face on it, pretending that everything was fine but I could tell that she was no longer the lovely carefree girl that I had met 8 years ago. The final straw came when I found her crying alone in the bedroom one night. Several unpaid bills were scattered across the bed, and a bank statement was in her hand.

I felt such a failure, like I was letting her and my family down. The next day I pulled by boss and explained the situation to him. At first I asked for a pay rise, but when he told me that there wasn't any spare money in the business for that, I asked him for a loan. Again, he flatly refused even though he sympathised with my situation. There weren't any extra hours to be had or any other ways that he could help me out. I went to work that day full of hope and determination, but came home completely flat and disappointed.

I had told Beth of my plans, and it was crushing when I came home and had to explain that my boss had said no to all of my requests. I expected her to start crying, but she just smiled a sad-looking smile at me.

"Don't worry, baby," she took my hand in hers, "We'll be fine... Somehow."

"I don't know," I said disconsolately, "I think we'll have to sell the car."

Beth scratched her head, ruffling her blonde hair and looked at me. "But what about..."

I interrupted her. "You'll have to get the bus, same as me. Think of the money we'll save on insurance and everything, as well as what we'll get for it."

Her light blue eyes gazed into mine for a moment, but she saw the reality of what I was saying. "Okay, I might be able to get a lift home anyway."

Beth had mentioned to me before that Gary, her boss, lived quite close to us. He had offered her lifts home before, but she didn't feel comfortable taking him out of his way. She especially didn't want to risk upsetting him or taking him for granted for fear of endangering her job. If we lost her income we would be in even bigger trouble than we already were.

"Will Gary be okay giving you a lift home?" I asked.

"I don't know," Beth admitted, chewing her lip. "I'll let him know that we've had to sell the car, and we'll see if he offers again. If I let him know we're struggling, then he might even listen to me if I ask him for a rise."

"Do you think there's a chance?" I said hopefully, "You haven't been there all that long."

Beth shrugged her shoulders. "I can try," she said and then gave me a small smile before speaking again. "He's quite fond of me, if you know what I mean." She went very quiet as she said the last part, and I noticed a blush come across her cheeks.

"He fancies you?" I said. It was more a statement than a question, but Beth nodded gently, her face now bright red with embarrassment. "That's why he offered you the lifts home?"

Beth nodded but placed her hand on my arm reassuringly. "Don't worry, he knows I'm happily married. I told him right away when he asked me out."

"He asked you out!" I spluttered and Beth's expression of embarrassment turned into one of indignation.

"Why wouldn't he?" she said, hands now on her hips and a dark look on her face. "I'm still attractive, you know!"

I stared at her, and then sighed in agreement. She was still attractive, far too good-looking for me if I was totally honest. Beth was a similar height to me, average for a woman at 5' 6" whereas I was shortish for a guy. However, she was much thinner than me, and had a great figure for a woman that had given birth to two kids. I had put on a bit of weight after getting married and settling down, but Beth was still just a size 6 and had a body shape that most women would kill for. Her breasts were a 36c but looked bigger on her smaller frame, and from her narrow waist she flared out at the hips with a great ass and then lovely slim legs. Almost the perfect hour-glass figure. I knew how lucky I was. Whenever we went on holiday, I would always see guys giving her the once over when she was on the beach in her bikini. So why wouldn't her boss fancy her?

I said as much to Beth, and she calmed down and then coyly ran a hand through her shoulder-length blonde curls and asked me if I really still thought she was attractive.

"Of course I do!" I told her, and with that she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. The children were at my mother's house, so we had the place to ourselves for an hour or two. She closed the curtains, and then lay on the bed.

"What exactly do you find attractive?" she said, invitingly undoing the buttons of her white blouse.

"Everything I always have," I joined her on the bed. "These, especially," I said as I helped her take off first her blouse and then her bra. Her breasts were still full, if not quite as pert as when she was when I first met her, back when she was 17. Beth had only ever slept with one guy back then, although she had played about with a couple of others. Her only ex was a kid she went to school with, and I don't think he had much experience either because Beth was still pretty inexperienced when we first had sex. She had no idea how to give a blowjob or much else to be honest, and looking back she wasn't that great in bed at first. She was shy, but she turned out to be a diamond-in-the-rough. As her confidence grew and she discovered how to please a man as well as herself, she became better and better in bed, and was a real tiger by the time we got married, two years later.

I was pleased about that because I had slept my way through half the girls in my school (despite being pretty chubby now, I was quite good looking when I was younger) and had enjoyed some great sex along the way. I always had a high sex drive, and saw good sex as being important in a relationship. I sometimes wondered if Beth still fancied me, but if I had any doubts right then they were washed away when Beth slipped off her skirt and panties and told me to make love to her. I did, and for the next hour we had the best sex we had enjoyed in some time.

Afterwards, relaxing together and enjoying the brief time we had before the kids came home, I found myself curious about her situation at work. I ran a finger across her bare breasts, stroking a still-erect, pink nipple and asked her when her boss had her asked out.

"I'd only been there a few days," she confessed. "I told him I was married and showed him this," she wiggled her left hand at me and her diamond ring twinkled in the dim light filtering in through the closed bedroom curtains. "He was fine about it and apologized."

"That was ages ago," I pointed out. "Is he fine with you now?" I knew Beth worked closely with her boss. They were a small company, with only around 20 employees, so if you didn't get on with someone, working could be difficult. I also knew that sometimes men, especially wealthy or powerful men, didn't take rejection well.

"Oh yeah, Gary's fine with me," Beth giggled, "I think he tries it on with all the girls. It's just part of the course." There were only 5 girls there, compared to 15 guys, and Beth had told me in the past that they had quite a high staff turnover. Girls didn't last long there, and now I thought I could understand why. A lot of women didn't like the boss trying it on, especially if he was trying to use his position to influence them. Luckily, Beth was a pretty strong character and so she had found it easy to rebuff his advances.

"You said he was sort of fond of you?" I phrased her earlier statement as a question. If his asking her out was so long ago (several months) then why would she think he was still 'fond of her?'

Beth paused for a moment, considering me with those blue eyes of hers before replying. "Well he still flirts with me a little, but that's all it is. Just flirting." She drew my wandering hand down across her navel and down on to her lightly furred mound. Against the current fashion, Beth didn't shave her pussy but it wasn't very hairy anyway. Her pubes were a dark blonde, slightly darker than the hair on her head, and they were quite sparse and fine, so it wasn't a huge bush or anything. Despite having two kids, her pussy was still quite a nice, neat slit, if not quite as tight as when we first met.

"That's yours - nobody else's," she reassured me as I started to run my fingers through her pubes, and down to her sensitive clit. Unfortunately, she stopped me when I got there and reminded me that the kids would be home soon. I sighed in mock disappointment as we got up and got dressed. Nothing else was said about her boss after that, but we had somehow agreed that Beth could flirt with him a little, if it means getting that all-important rise.

The next day we got up for work and kissed each other goodbye without saying anything further on Gary and her situation at work, but all day my mind burned with the thoughts of what might be going on. When I finally got home that night, Beth told me that she had spoken to him about our financial problems, and the fact that we might have to sell the car. Gary had repeated his earlier offers of a lift home, which was great but said that he would have a think on what he could offer her in the way of a rise, if anything. Beth said that he had promised her an answer on Friday of that week.

I asked her if she had flirted with him at all, and she rolled her eyes at me. "No! Well, no more than all the girls flirt with him. No more than normal, anyway," she said, trying to relax me.

I held my hands up in surrender. "Just checking, that's all!"

Beth smiled at me and then promised to tell me if anything was said but as the week went along, she didn't tell me that anything untoward had happened, until Thursday night. While we were washing the dinner pots, she admitted to me that Gary had noticed her bra strap sticking out of the shoulder of her blouse. Beth always wore nice underwear and today's bra had been a black lacy number. Gary had cheekily asked her if she had matching panties on.

"What did you do?" I asked her, quite taken aback.

Beth looked around to make sure the children weren't in earshot before replying. Then she lifted the back of her top, and pulled out the waistband of her lacy, black thong. "I just showed him, like this." She chuckled at my raised eyebrows. "That's all. Don't worry. Remember, I've got a meeting with him tomorrow, so it doesn't hurt to have him on my side."

I arranged for the sale of the car on Friday, and got a fairly good price for it. Today was the last day that Beth would have the use of the car, as it was going to be picked up on Sunday afternoon, so I hoped that even if today's meeting didn't go as well as hoped, she would still be okay for the rides home. Her office was a long way to catch the bus in the morning, let alone the nights. It was late in the year now, and the nights were coming in earlier.

When I got home that evening, I was quite anxious to hear how she had got on with her pay request, and when we had finished our meal and the kids had gone off to their room, we sat down to talk. Beth explained that she didn't have anything concrete to tell me, we did have some encouraging news.

"Gary's been thinking of taking on a personal assistant," she told me. "He can't make any promises, but he thinks I would be ideal for the position and he's going to give me a formal interview on Monday. I'd have a bit more responsibility but it's much better wages!"

It was excellent news, and I was really pleased for her personally as well as for us. Monday came around, and I was pretty nervous as to the outcome of her interview. She was much later getting home because of having to wait for her lift, and so I had to do the dinner for the kids, but when she did finally get in, she was full of smiles.

"Did you get it?" I asked her as she came bouncing into the kitchen.

"Sort of," she beamed, "I'm on a week's trial, but I'm confident that I'll get it permanently!" As we hugged, Beth whispered into my ear, "I need to speak to you later though." I looked at her, and the joyous smile had gone, replaced by one which looked slightly nervous. I wasn't sure but I thought I saw her wipe a tear from her eye as she went upstairs to get changed. Luckily the children didn't pick up on it, and when she came back downstairs she was back to the normal Beth.

When the kids had gone to bed, we sat on the sofa and asked her what she wanted to talk to me about. Beth put her hand on my knee, and asked me if I really loved her. I replied that of course I did, and asked her to tell me what had happened.

Beth explained that Gary had interviewed her formally, and promised her a decision by the end of the day. She had met him at the end of the day for her promised lift and he told her that they would speak during the drive home. Gary told her as they drove that he was very impressed with her, both by her work and by her as a person, but he didn't tell her his decision until they were nearing home. He pulled up at the road before ours, and asked Beth how serious she was about wanting this job. Beth told him she really, really wanted it. Then Gary put his hand on her knee.

She had changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt since, but I remember what Beth was wearing when she came in that evening. She had a navy button-up blouse on and a matching knee-length skirt. I gently pressed her to tell me more. She had been flirting with Gary for a while now, surely a feel of her knee wouldn't have got her so upset.

"He wanted to know what colour underwear I was wearing today," Beth said quietly, "but he didn't ask. He ran his hand up my thigh and then pulled my skirt up to have a look."

"What did you do?" I was surprised, this was more than I had expected. I knew he was a flirt, but this was tantamount to sexual assault. He had put his hands on my Beth.

"I didn't do anything," Beth sighed. "I told him they were white, but he raised my skirt and looked anyway."

"You didn't stop him?"

"No, I didn't want to upset him or anything, plus I was quite surprised. It was a bit out of the blue, you know?" I nodded and Beth continued. "He pulled my skirt up so he could see my panties, and then after a minute or so, he felt my thigh again. His hand got to the top of my thigh and he tried to touch me there, but then I did stop him."

I was stunned with the forwardness of Gary. He was Beth's boss and he had her in a powerful position. He knew how much she wanted - no, needed - this new job, but I didn't expect it to go this far. "Was he okay when you stopped him?"

Beth nodded. "He said I had lovely legs," She was blushing, and I felt her hand squeeze mine tightly as she continued. "And he told me he would do anything to sleep with me. I reminded him that I'm married, and he apologized."

"That's it?" I asked Beth when she finished speaking, and she nodded.

"I start a week's trial tomorrow, if that's okay with you?" Beth squeezed my hand again.

"We need the money," I told her, and I saw Beth finally relax. We did need the money - that was true. But how far was her boss going to push her?

So Beth started the next day and everything went great for the rest of that week. When I asked her about Gary, she said that he was still flirting heavily with her but he hadn't tried anything on. The most he had done was comment on her body, complimenting her legs and ass but that was it.

When the week was done I asked Beth if she felt she had done enough to get the job permanently and she told me that she would be finding out Monday one way or another, but that personally she was quite confident. That was the first inkling I had that something might be going on that I wasn't aware of. An inkling that would prove to be correct.

The weekend dragged by, as I was nervous of Monday's decision, but after it had come and gone I felt a sense of confidence during Monday as Beth seemed really positive and didn't show any nerves at all as she left for work that morning.

She had been home from work late a couple of times during her weekly trial, but I assumed she was just putting in a bit of extra time to make a good impression. Monday night she was over an hour late though, but just as I was starting to worry, she burst through the door with a huge smile on her face and I knew straightaway that she had got the job.

"I got it!" she squealed and she ran into my waiting arms. I smelled a bitter smell on her neck as I spun her around, like a man's cologne but I never got a chance to question it as she hit me with a huge, long, lingering kiss which blew my mind.

"Everything will be great," she beamed at me, "My wages are nearly double what they were before. Just think of the money!" When she told me that, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. All the financial pressure that had been such a burden was gone. We could get a new car! Christmas was just around the corner and now the kids would be able to have the presents they wanted.

"That's great!" I said as Beth took her coat and shoes off, "Does the pay rise start immediately? When can we celebrate?"

Beth winked at me and with a naughty smile answered quietly so the kids couldn't hear. "The pay is back dated to the beginning of last week. And we can celebrate tonight - in bed, if you like?"

I was so happy that the after-shave smell on her neck went right out of my mind just then, but after we had finished having great sex that night in bed, the memory of it came back to me. I was going to ask her about it, but Beth had fallen asleep. She had been particularly horny, wanting to do it with me in every position conceivable but I just put it all down to her being so happy. I was happy too, and didn't want to spoil anything by voicing my forming suspicions so I put it down to me being paranoid and insecure because I was no longer the main bread winner.

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