tagInterracial LoveBeth Ch. 01

Beth Ch. 01


"Come on! It will be fun, you need some retail therapy!" Michelle exclaimed.

I had been in the doldrums for some time, at least since the divorce, well really since I found out I would be divorced. I was 41, fit... well, I had some stretch marks on my hips and tummy from the kids, and my boobs would never be a perky as they had been in my teen years, but still, I was slim and I thought reasonably attractive. But I really didn't think I was ready to rejoin the whole dating scene. I had only dated one guy in my life, and he was my only intimate partner.

I had married my high school sweet heart at eighteen when as a freshman in college our planning and caution failed. I never regretted it, we had James as a result and a year later Cassidy joined him. My now ex finished school and once his career was started and the kids were old enough for kindergarten, I did as well. We were both successful in our fields and life was good.

As I said, I had never been with another man, but made up for my lack of experience with absolute enthusiasm. I would do anything to make Steven happy, even things that were skeevy at first. I learned not just to perform oral sex, but to take pride in my blow jobs and swallow every drop of his salty sweet cum. Dressing up in lingerie? No problem. Hand jobs? Sure! Use a vibe to get off while he watched? Why not? Watch porn and imitate the positions? Okie doke! Anal? Uh, occasionally, I mean, it was okay, but I didn't get a lot out of it. Still, it made Steven happy I was down.

I worked out and ran three times a week at least to stay slim and fit and my body always seemed to get admiration, but I just wanted to look good for Steven. He and the kids were my life and we were all happy. The kids were away in college now, Cassidy had just moved to the dorm when I got the news. The news was that no matter how much I tried to make my husband happy, he was happiest when he was knocking up a summer intern at his office that was young enough to be his daughter.

I was devastated.

The divorce was quick, Steven didn't even try to argue about anything. I got the house and my car, both of which were paid for, and he took on what little debt we had. We entered an agreement to pay for the kid's college and the weekend after the ink was dry I had them home so I could tell them. Steven was out fucking Bambi I guess as he didn't show up. A lot of tears later and my friends began pushing me to get out into the world again.

Michelle was technically a co worker, but we had become pretty close over the last few years. She was about my age, twice divorced, and always on the prowl. When she asked me to go shopping at one of the local malls late on a Saturday I knew she was using it as an excuse to get me out of the house and out of my blues. Still, I was sick of sitting around watching re runs of Grey's Anatomy and playing with my vibrator, so even though I didn't want to meet anyone, I did agree to go if only to get out of the house.

We hit maybe two stores and clearly Michelle had no real interest in shopping, anymore than I did. She finally suggested having a nosh at one of the chain restaurant bars. I expected we would get a table but she went straight to the bar where she sat beside a guy about our age and flirted with him shamelessly. The only nice development was that bartender, Ty, was a friend of my son's from high school who had regularly stayed at our home and who I had not seen since James left for college the year before. We talked and caught up while I drank one drink after another. He confided that James had told him about the divorce and that my kids were worried about me. I told him I was fine but I think he could tell from my demeanor that I was still in the dumps. Fortunately he slowed the drinks down so I didn't get completely plastered, but I still had a nice buzz. Michelle had left with some guy earlier and before I knew it was an hour before closing time. Although I had my car, I decided driving in my condition would be a bad idea, and staying and drinking more was a worse one.

"Hey, you have a ride home?"

"I just called for an Uber, thanks Ty."

"Okay, well if you need to talk or anything, just, you know."

"I know, you're a great friend for James Ty, I appreciate it."

"Well you looked out for me over the years. Can I just say... well, I shouldn't."

"Shouldn't what?" I asked, confused by both his statement and my BAC.

"Oh, just that your ex, well he's a idiot. He's never going to find anyone as great as you again."

"Awww, thanks" I replied. It was nice to hear, even if Steven was probably fucking her even as we spoke.

"No, I mean it. You're not going to be fine, you are fine." He smiled.

"Uh, okay. That's awkward." I laughed. "How much do I owe you?"


"The drinks Ty. Geez"

"Oh. Nothing. That guy that left with your friend was buying all night." Ty smiled. "Now, be careful going home, okay, promise me."

"Oh." I said as my phone buzzed. "Uber is here. Gotta go. It was great seeing you Ty, come over sometime."

"I will. I'd like that." He smiled.

I liked Ty, but Steven had hated him. For one thing, Steven was a closet bigot and Ty was black. Steven was convinced that Ty was only hanging around to bang Cassidy, but they never spoke and when he came over, Steven and James played Xbox or studied. Cassidy was almost always out with her girlfriends or some guy she was dating. Steven just didn't like black people, but he never said anything about that around Ty.

Ty's family was in constant turmoil and he lived between his mother's, father's, grand parents or at our house for most of high school. The word I had gotten from James was that this situation had not improved and although he couldn't afford college and got no support from his family, he was working and saving money to go when he could. I thought that was very admirable of him truthfully.

I did get home safely and decided it would be a good night for a relaxing bath, a romantic movie and some time with my favorite vibe trying to get some sexual relief. I had hit my sexual peak just as my husband had found his 20 year old whore and that was really bad timing for me. I admit, I was a frustrated woman and lately had been taking things in my own hands a lot.

The bath didn't last long as I wanted to get to the fun parts, so after I dried off I slipped on some loose running shorts and an oversized tee, took Mr Purple Silicon from my dresser with a tube of lube and went back downstairs to turn on Lifetime and hope for some Ryan Goslingesque arousal.

I had no sooner pulled the afghan over me and began to touch my self through the cloth of the running shorts when the doorbell rang. It was about 9:30 now and I had no idea who it could be as I did not get late night visitors. I put my bathrobe on and cautiously looked through the peephole on the door to see Ty.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked as I opened the door just a bit.

"Oh, I, uh, I hope its not too late. I was worried and wanted to make sure you made it home."

"Uh, I called Uber." I reminded him, although I thought it was nice he had been concerned. When it seems like no one cares about you, its nice to have someone show just a little concern. Then I remembered his housing situation and wondered if he was just hoping for a place to stay. I wasn't without concern either.

"Want to come in? I was just going to find a movie on cable." I asked as I opened the door with one hand while pulling my robe closed with the other.

"Oh, uh, sure. I, uh, I just wanted to make sure, you know. Sometimes people say they have a ride when they are just trying to get out of the bar and drive, I was just, uh, well,"

"It's okay Ty, I understand. That was very nice of you, but yes, I had a ride. Of course now I'm going to need another in the morning to get my car." I giggled as we walked back into the den. "You still drink Dr Pepper?" I asked as I turned into the kitchen.

"Sure, thanks."

I poured a couple of sodas over ice and returned to find Ty in the den, staring at my vibe and the lube that were in plain view. Shit. I was drunker than I thought and had neglected to put my toy away before inviting Ty in.

"Oh, uh, sorry." I mumbled as I set the drinks down and tried to nonchalantly pick up my things. Stealth wasn't something I was good at and it was too late anyway. I tossed both into a drawer on the end table and turned. Yep, he was staring.

"Uh, so.... awkward." I laughed. "You kind of caught me."

"It's okay, I... well, we all do it don't we?" He laughed.

"I don't know what's on." I said in an attempt to change the subject. "I was just going to channel surf until I found something." I finished as I took off the robe again, it was too warm, and sat on the couch. Ty just stood there in a very awkward silence.

"Are you going to sit down Ty?" I asked.

"Oh, uh sure."

"Here" I said as I handed him the remote, "find us something."

Ty stared straight at the flat screen, as if forcing himself to not look at me, and scanned through the channel guide. It gave me a chance to look at him. Ty was tall, above average anyway, thin and athletic. He was covered in muscle and clearly worked out a lot. All in all, a very handsome young man. I had never been attracted to black guys, although I had nothing against anyone. I had always just dated, or been married to Steven. The idea of being attracted to another man had never crossed my mind. Until now.

Still, it wasn't the sort of thing I would have ever acted on, unless my inhibitions were down and I was pissed off at a bigoted ex. Even then, he was my son's age and had spent three or four nights a week sometimes living at my house. I could admire all I wanted to I rationalized, but that was where it stopped. Of course Steven had no problem fucking a slut that was the same age as our daughter, more or less, and... Hmmm.

Ty focused on the screen but I noticed he wasn't scrolling through the channels.


"Yes Mrs..."

"Call me Beth. I'm not Mrs anyone now."

"Uh, okay Beth."

"Are you nervous around me?"

"Why do you ask that?"

"Because you are staring at a screen that isn't doing anything and sitting like you are afraid I'm going to attack."

"Heh, no, I'm sorry, well, yes, I guess I am a bit nervous, I get that way around beautiful girls. And I wasn't expecting you to take the robe off, I, I just, maybe I should go I don't want to make things awkward. You've always been very sweet to me."

"No, stay, I... you think I'm beautiful?"

"Uh, you're the sexiest woman I know."

"Ha! I'm a little old for you aren't I?"

"Uh, no, you're perfect, I'm kinda turned on by the whole MILF thing, ya know?"

"MILF? What's that?"

"You don't know what a MILF is?"

"No, I guess, well, I've been out of the single life since, well since I was fifteen."

"It stands for Mother I'd Like to uh...."

I thought for a second then thanks to the courage of alcohol completed his sentence for him.


"Uh yeah uh"

"You'd like to fuck me Ty?"

"Well I mean, that's the uh, demographic that, it's an expression and I uh" he stammered.

"It's okay, I'm not insulted, its flattering actually. So a MILF is a woman who has had kids but is still seen as sexy?"

"Yeah uh"

"Cool, I like being a MILF." I giggled. "But you didn't answer my question."

"What question was that?"

"Would you like to fuck me?"

"Uh, are you offering?" He smiled, "I mean, you're my best friend's mom and"

"Let's just say hypothetically for now. If you didn't know James at all."

"Hypothetically, uh, yes. You're really sexy, your body is amazing."

We both got quiet while I contemplated his words. Maybe a minute later I spoke again.

"Ty, you said we all do it, uh, touch ourselves like I was going to before you came over, when you do, do you ever think about me?"


"Be honest. It's okay if you do, or don't, I'm just curious if anyone ever thinks of me that way, you know, sexually."

"Yes, all the time, since I was fifteen or so." He finally laughed, and I couldn't help but join him.

"What do you think about doing with me?" I asked.

"Uh, well, I... let me ask you, what do you like to do?"

"Oh. Fair enough, I've asked you a bunch. I'll answer some. I, well the normal routine, and I'm okay with varying it to mix it up and make it interesting, but normally, start with giving oral then finish him on my back with him on top, and then he would touch me until I got off. We'd mix that up more often than not, but that would be an average night I guess." I replied, I think shocking him with my honesty and shocking myself with my alcohol assisted openness.

"Woah... so Mrs Ca"

"Don't call me Mrs please." I interrupted.

"Oh, okay. So Beth likes blow jobs. Nice. Is it okay to say blow jobs? I always thought you would. I bet you're great at it too. You swallow? Where do you like guys to, you know, put their load?"

"I... well, I never heard any complaints, and yes, blow job is an acceptable term. I've only done that for Steven, but I did it probably 300 times a year for twenty years, so... and yes. Swallow, I mean, what else could you do with it?" I laughed. "As to where, well, inside is less messy but it doesn't really matter."

"You've never been with anyone else?"


"Ever think about it?"


"What about receiving oral?"

"That's nice too, sometimes, if Steven was in the mood."

"Never fantasized about a black guy?"

"No.. well, no. Not until now." I smiled.

"Oh. I see. So, uh, what were you going to do if I hadn't come over?"

"Uh... you mean, uh"


"Just, you know, rub one out."

"How exactly?"

"Uh, with a vibe?" I answered thinking it was a dumb question really.

"No, I mean, inside, outside, how?"

"Oh. Well if you must know, I start on the outside and once I'm, uh, physically excited enough, then inside."

"Hmmm, that sounds confusing, can I watch?" He laughed.

"Uh, no. I mean, that's a bit too personal to share. Why? Is that something you want to watch?"

"Well.Yeah. And uh, I just figured it would be a good way to see you naked." He smiled.

Tipsy and horny are a dangerous combination and I wouldn't have done it without both, but I don't have any regrets.

"You could just ask." I said as I stood up in front of Ty and pulled the tee over my head, exposing my breasts.

My nipples had gotten larger two decades before when I breastfed the kids and never really gotten smaller. Right at that moment they were as hard and erect as they had been in years a top my C cup boobies. They sagged some from age, but I thought they were still attractive. Ty agreed.

"Dayum!" He exclaimed as he stared, then reached up to touch me, "May I?" He asked as his hands cupped my tits.

"Please." I gasped at the warmth of his hands. He gently massaged me as I closed my eyes and enjoyed it, moaning softly as he pinched my nips lightly. Before I knew it he was kneeling on the couch with his mouth kissing and suckling first one nip then the other.

I was getting weak in the knees from his attentions when he slid his hand to my private area and began touching me through the fabric of my shorts. My knees gave way as a shiver of warmth and pleasure coursed suddenly through me. Now we were both kneeling on the couch and if Ty had not put his arm across the small of my back I probably would have just fallen to the floor. His lips had left my nipples and we engaged in our first kiss. He was a talented kisser, not too firm, soft lips and his tongue hesitated as it probed my mouth and intertwined with my own. Not as experienced as Steven was with my mouth and how I liked to be kissed, but certainly not bad and oh fuck I was making out and half naked with my son's best friend and he was feeling up my pussy and... this wasn't good, and worse, I couldn't stop myself.

"Let's take these off, I want to see that body" He whispered as he tugged down the elastic on my shorts and pulled them over my hips. I stood on shaky legs to help him and they fell to the floor. As I stepped out of them Ty's eyes nearly burned a hole in my pussy.

"You're so beautiful" He whispered as he leaned forward and kissed the short, wispy hair that had grown back since the end of swimwear season. I placed a foot on the couch beside Ty for balance and as I did a finger slid into my birth canal as he lapped at my clit with his tongue. I was in heaven with the pleasure he was providing, but when a second finger entered me I almost fell down it felt so good. I wasn't used to having sex while standing and placed my hands on Ty's shoulders to keep from falling while he probed and licked me. In truth, he wasn't very good at it but he was good enough for me to be speechless as I gasped and panted.

After who knows how long, the hand that wasn't fingering me found its' way to my butt and began firmly massaging my ass.

"Fuck I can't believe I'm finally touching you, you know how long I've dreamed of this?" Ty asked as he stopped licking for a second or so.

I wanted to answer but all that came out was "Don't stop, don't stop" and when he returned his warm, wet tongue to my clit I gasped "Right there! Yes! That....." and then I came all over his face and hand. My body convulsed and tremored and my vaginal juices were squeezed out by the contractions. I don't squirt, I've seen that in porn and we never could get it to happen, but I do get wet, really wet, when I cum. The scent of my sex filled the room and I became self conscious again, but not enough to stop as my orgasm raced through me again and again. I must have cum for a good thirty seconds and when I came back to this reality Ty slowly finger banged me until I took his arm by the wrist and released myself from his invading digits. Then I knelt on the floor in front of his smiling face as I tried to catch my breath, all the while thinking to myself "Fuck. My son's best friend just ate me and finger banged me. Fuck, this isn't right."

"Ty" I finally said as I caught my breath, my head resting on his thigh just above his knee, "I appreciate you taking care of me, I really needed that and it is a memory I will cherish but"

"Hey! You said something about a blow job?" He grinned.

I could only stare for a second.

"Uh, don't you think you and I should, you know, move on and find more age appropriate relationships?"


"Ty, you're precious to me, but you're James' best friend, I, I'm sorry I got carried away but"

"Hey, I'm a computer geek and black, you're the only woman in this town that doesn't treat me like I'm a second class citizen, just, no. You are appropriate for me. This is my dream come true. I'm sorry I don't know what I am doing, but well, I don't get a lot of opportunities to learn in an all white town full of rednecks. You're the first to see past my skin and"

"You've never been with a girl?"

"No, I mean, not really, not like this. That's why I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm hoping you will teach me. So... anyway, if you can't see me romantically, can you at least help out a friend? You kinda did this to me." He said as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out the largest cock I had ever seen in person.

Okay, it was only the second one I had seen, but it was a good two inches longer than Steven's, uncircumcised and so thick I could barely reach my hand around it. A dark plum colored head peeked out from the foreskin and I stroked him it disappeared behind it before reappearing as I tugged the other way. It was fascinating to watch, but I just had to taste him. It was then that I realized I was already stroking him and had leaned forward to suck him off with no protest from my mind about how wrong it was. Okay, we're good then, plus, I did kind of owe him.

"So... first blow job?" I asked as I slowly stroked his manhood.

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