tagNonHumanBeth Meets a Lonely Wolf

Beth Meets a Lonely Wolf


Beth loved this little cottage in the woods. Once her hugely horny Sasquatch had brought her here, she knew she was home. This wee place in the middle of nowhere, beside a stream, the lake just down the hill, was absolutely perfect. Of course, the hairy beast with the huge cock loved to have a lot of sex but gently pounding her in a caring manner, long and slow strokes, which Beth loved more with each passing day. His huge cock was so big in her that it almost hurt but the feeling was so wonderful as he plunged and thrust that she could cum more or less constantly. So did her Sasquatch, hot and sweet globs of sticky cum.

The only drawback was that he would go away for short periods of time. It had been horrible the first couple of times, being alone and attempting to amuse herself. But, the third time a passel of horny ugly gnomes with huge cocks and bouncy balls had dropped by and fucked her senseless. It had been fun at first but then the horny little beggars just became annoying. She could hug her lovely Sasquatch and get a little emotion back from him. He really was a sexy beast. The little gnomes had big cocks, bouncy balls, a lot of cum, but not much else.

Beth had shooed them out of the cottage but she could see them fucking each other, who would have thought of bisexual gnomes, when her big hairy beast came back and literally pulverized a few into the ground before the rest grabbed the daft silly twats being smashed and disappeared back into the woods. Then, her hugely hairy beast who was also once again hugely horny had come inside for a mammoth fucking session that lasted for a couple of days.

Unfortunately, her beast had gone off again and she was alone and needing some attention, from a hairy hugely cocked beast not some horny little gnomes. What to do? Where to go? The lake to have a bath then perhaps a nap to while away the hours until her great horny beast returned for more fucking. But, she was horny right now and needed to be fucked hard to fix it, by a beast not a little critter of any kind. Her big huge beast with his massive cock that rocked her world had spoiled her.

Beth lay naked on her back on the grassy knoll beside the lake, her eyes closed as her mind drifted. There was a soft growling off to her right, which startled her. Propping up on one arm, she saw a large black wolf staring hungrily back at her. Then she saw a cock beginning to emerge from its hairy sheath and realized the wolf was gazing lustfully at her, hungry for something other than food. Oh my, Beth tingled in her tummy, her pussy growing wet and hot, this was her other secret fantasy, to be fucked by a wolf, a plain old one, a magical one, or the were kind, it didn't matter. She wondered which this was as she watched a black, ribbed, 13 inch long, 4 inch round cock emerge and harden before her.

The huge black wolf spoke suddenly, quietly, "I've been alone for a long, long time now. The other human women didn't like me near them and certainly resisted my advances. Many women ran away after I fucked them only once, even when they liked it. And fucking wasn't any fun with the old lady and the red head because they kept screaming at me to get off and go away, even if they did cum all over my cock and muzzle. They never let me at them again after that first day. And night. Kept some woodsman with an axe nearby for protection. It's been much too long since my last fuck, which did not satisfy me. You look so wonderful lying there and I can smell your yearning, your hunger for a good long hard fucking. That's what brought me here."

"Well, come closer then so I can get a better look at you, Mr. Wolf. Maybe I can help you to relieve yourself, rid you of your massive, umm, loneliness. That rather gigantic throbbing cock must be quite painful. You need some relief. And you most certainly can help me. That big hairy beast of mine has gone off and left me alone and in need of a good fucking. But, I wouldn't want you to be hurt if he comes back."

The wolf came closer, eyes gleaming with lust, and whispered, "I'm sure the beast and I can work something out. After all, you need to be taken care of not left alone. Ooh, lookie here. Let me taste that wonderful wet puss."

The wolf stood over Beth with its head between her spread legs. He stuck out his long nubbly tongue then slowly licked down from her clit over her pussy to her asshole causing Beth to moan loudly and arch her back, thrusting her hips up to his mouth. He slowly drew his tongue over her again, raspy nubs bringing her juices flowing, making the wolf huff hot air onto her pussy and growl with pleasure. He began to lick faster, harder, causing Beth to cry out as she writhed on the grass.

She saw his hard throbbing cock right above her mouth and it started to drip cum on her face, "Oh, Mr. Wolf, you can't waste any of your precious cum. Let me get it for you." Beth took his cock in her hands before she was done speaking and ran up and back on the thick hard shaft a couple of times before lifting her mouth to the tip then sliding the whole cock deep inside. She squeezed tight on his hairy balls as she sucked him further into her mouth, raking his cock with her teeth and her tongue. He tasted delicious and sweet and hot.

The wolf plunged his probing raspy tongue into her cunt then thrust it in and out as he moved his big head back and forth. Beth could fell him huff hot air over her clit as he grunted, causing her more pleasure. His cock enlarged in her mouth as she sucked him deeper down her throat. A hairy little knot popped into her mouth and it was growing too. She was writhing away under his heavy hairy body, feeling him thrust deep in her mouth, his hairy body feathering hers into ecstasy, feeling the cum starting with a heavy rush at the base of the thick wolf meat, making her bite down harder on his massive wolf cock in her mouth. She felt her own cum rushing forward from deep within her body, then shoot into the wolf's mouth, loving to be sucked by a giant wolf beast, and then nearly fainted even as she screamed and he howled while he shot thick tasty cum into her mouth. There was no way to swallow it all so some dribbled out the sides of her mouth. But she couldn't help herself cumming again and then again as the wolf kept sucking and licking away at her pussy.

The wolf exploded cum into her mouth again as she kept sucking and gently biting his pulsating cock. Then, ever so slowly, they began to slow fuck as they caught their breath and calmed themselves. The wolf finally pulled out of Beth's mouth, even though she tried to hold on, to say "My oh my, dear woman, what a wonderful bitch you make. Don't whimper, dear bitch of mine, never fear, I'm not done fucking you yet, not by a long shot."

Beth lifted her head to see that the wolf was still rock hard and massive beside her, felt herself burning up with desire "Oh, dear sweet wolfie, what else will you do to me? Will it hurt? Will I scream a lot? Will you howl a great deal? Please oh please say yes. Say you want to do all that and more, dear wolfie."

The wolf jumped up on all fours then placed himself above her, massive cock rubbing her belly, the hot cock and drippy cum causing Beth to moan, "Really, my dear, would you like that? I am not your normal wolf; I can fuck you hard and fuck you for hours. Shall I really make you scream? Shall I split you wide open? Shall I fuck you till you can't see straight?"

Beth was breathing so hard she could barely answer, feeling the hot throbbing tip of the wolf's massive cock waiting now at the entrance to her hole, the wolf's hairy body causing her skin to burn with desire, "Yes, dear sweet wolfie, please fuck me so hard that I scream with joy as I split wide for you. Won't you scream too? Please, dear sweet wolfie, say you'll howl at the moon as you ram your wonderful hard cock deep into my pussy, smash into me till we both burst."

Without another word the wolf plunged into Beth as she lay under him, causing her to scream even as she moved her hips up to meet his. The wolf did howl with joy and relief to finally find the mate he had longed for, the tight pussy wrapped around his cock, squeezing him so hard that it almost hurt as she moved her hips up to his and writhed with joy beneath him. This fucking brought out the entire animal in him, to finally feel a willing bitch under him, making his cock bigger and harder than it had ever been. He could not believe he'd cum twice in her mouth and was now fucking her this hard again. He couldn't think of anything else, wanting to fuck her hard forever, burst her wide open, feel her squeezing him so hard he howled, her juices running over his huge pulsing cock. He thrust and drove himself into his sweet bitch as hard as he possibly could, wondering with awe and delight that she didn't mind, that she seemed to take pleasure in how much delightful hurting his massive cock could cause.

Beth cried out again and again as the wolf's massive cock ripped into her body. He used all of what now seemed to be at least 15 inches to pull out of her then ram in deep time and time again, the nubs creating a wild ecstasy of delight. This sweet wolf was yelping with pleasure while ramming her as she squeezed with her pussy on his giant cock and her legs wrapped around his body, pulling him in deeper than he'd ever thought he could go into a woman. Perhaps her fucking the Sasquatch had prepared her for him, so he could plunge deeply and fully into her body. The knot at the base of his huge cock filled her, causing her to scream louder for more. She liked this feeling of being split wide open.

Beth felt herself cumming again, quickly, felt the wolf responding in kind, "Please, sweet wolfie, harder, fuck me as hard as you are wanting to."

"Oh my sweet fucking bitch, you want me to fuck you raw so bad then I will for..." Was all the wolf got out as he came so strong he thought he'd plunged his cock up to Beth's tits on the inside. It felt glorious when she bucked hard beneath his body and screamed loudly for more as she shot her sweet cum all over his throbbing oozing cock. They had so much cum between them that it poured out onto the grass, squeezing sweetly past his knot, bringing them into an even more heightened sense of pleasure.

Beth screamed again for more, grabbing the wolf tight in her arms and legs as he continued to pound away inside her with all his might. He howled away, cumming frequently inside her body so that Beth was swimming in his juices. She was just one continuous cumfest, unable to distinguish one climax from the other as the huge hairy wolf continued to pound himself in her, joyfully. His hairy body driving her into further delirium as it teased her tits and skin. She nipped at his tits and pulled and squeezed his hair and body causing him to feel great delight and joy. No one had ever teased him this way, causing him to shiver and jump with pleasure. It seemed as though they went on for days and days fucking so hard and so much that it seemed impossible to do any more to one another. The screaming and howling must have been terrifying. Their cum had saturated the grass around them. But they still fucked on and on.

It was dusk when the finally slowed their fucking then stopped. They had begun in mid-morning. Both drifted off to sleep for a wee while, sore, exhausted, deliriously happy, the wolf keeping his huge cock lodged inside Beth. She loved his throbbing knobby cock inside her, she drifted off knowing she would have to stay with her dear sweet wolfie. She hoped her Sasquatch would stay as well, they both needed to be kept happy. But the magnificent wolf was something she had never hoped to have fucking her. Neither had the wolf ever expected to find such a glorious bitch to fuck so sore and senseless. They slept quietly for a while.

"My, what endurance you have, dear sweet wolfie. I feel almost satiated." Beth finally whispered when she woke and found the wolf watching her. Then she rolled over, dislodging the wolf's cock with a pop and a slurp, and stood quickly, turning to the cabin.

"Almost?" The wolf growled in happy surprise, suddenly wanting more, wondering how that could be possible. He jumped up on all fours to follow.

"Yes, almost, sweet wolfie, but I can see you're tired." Beth laughed as she saw the wolf's cock grow rigid and gigantic again. She giggled and ran to the cabin with the wolf hot on her heels.

The wolf grabbed her round the waist as she heaved the door open, pushing her inside the cottage, then the wolf pressed her hard against the door to shut it tight. "Here's something I'll bet you never thought I could do, my darling bitch."

Beth was delighted to see the wolf standing on his hind legs, towering over her, "Oh, my dear sweet wolfie, what marvelous things you can do. Ooh, I'll bet your great huge cock will be really pummeling me now. Promise it will. Will I crush your sweetly hairy balls with my pussy? Will you howl in joy at the pounding?"

"Yes, my wonderful bitch, I'll enjoy my balls being crushed as my cock impales you. Then I'll continue to spear you and to ram into you so hard our heads will spin, to make you scream in absolute rapture. I'll pour hot cum into your womb; leak out onto your body. Be careful, my dear sweet bitch, wait for me to impale you, don't cum till I'm inside."

The wolf pried her legs wide and lifted her up to position her above his now massive 16" long and bouncy pulsating cock. The more they fucked the bigger he got. He'd wanted to fuck someone badly for years but had had no idea what the right woman could do for him. Would do for him. Beth was rapturous as the wolf lowered her slowly yet roughly down on to his massive cock, so rough that she shivered and moaned all the way down. She wrapped her legs around him tightly then helped while fucking by raising herself up and down with her arms around his huge shoulders. This was heaven with this horny huge strange beast fucking her silly. Again. And again. What about her Sasquatch? She wanted her dear sweet wolfie too. There had to be something they could work out. Which was her last coherent thought for quite a long while.

Beth came around after another long and wonderful session of the huge cock pounding and cumming inside her even as she squeezed and came all over her wolfie. Their white globs of cum had leaked and blobbed all over the floor, the counters, the table, everywhere, but she didn't care in the least. They had licked from each other's fingers, and claws, making them fuck even harder. How was this possible? Beth was more deliriously happy than even her Sasquatch had made her. The wolf could make her hot and begin to cum just with his words. And his cock was so massively hard and throbbing deliciously inside her, nubs pulsating against the walls of her so raw and sensitive pussy. It was magnificent, he was magnificent.

Wolfie loved being deep inside his adorable and lovely bitch with her pussy wrapped so tightly around his cock. His ever-expanding cock. He loved feeling himself rubbing raw in her as they're combined cum made it feel pleasurable. And he never knew he could fuck this much or this hard or have so much cum spewing everywhere. It is what he'd been searching for, hoping for, yearning for, and she felt it as much as he did. He could make her cum by telling how he'd fuck her so hard. She made him cum by looking at him in such a loving lustful manner, wanting him to fuck her till she hurt. They fit together. The huge Sasquatch could be talked around, he only wanted to be relieved, that was simple. It could be taken care of easily, later, when the beast returned. If it returned.

What the wolf noticed at last were the people crouched in the corner. What Beth noticed was her dear wolfie peering at the people crouching in the cornet recesses of the cottage. She could not believe her eyes. It was Jack and Joan and Fred and Bubba, her nature film crew friends. The ones she'd ditched for her Sasquatch all those months ago. They'd certainly gotten another eyeful then, filming her and the Sasquatch fucking hard for a while. Then, she'd left them behind to go deeper into the woods.

Now here they were, back watching her fuck the stuffing out of wolfie. And he was angry and distracted. She felt his cock deflating inside her. She hugged wolfie tightly as she explained who they were to keep him from eating them, to keep him deep inside her. Even though they remained still and continued to look horrified, they remained quiet and watchful. She saw Joan begin to play with Jack, rubbing him softly. Her dear sweet wolf growled for them to do their fucking outside like the animals they were. But, Jack set up the cameras first, filming her and the wolf fucking hard and loving it. Oh my, Beth wondered, what next for heaven's sake? But, only for a moment, becoming lost in her dear sweet wolf again.

The wolf found being filmed intoxicating. These people enjoyed watching him fuck Beth senseless as much as he enjoyed doing it. Perhaps the world was changing after all. He'd worry later, after this latest round of fucking and cumming and howling with joy had abated. He was having trouble concentrating on anything other than his sweet loving bitch pumping his great huge cock with her pussy, wanting more juice and harder thrusts. He was glad to oblige, in spades, as long as he possibly could. The wolf had found his nirvana.

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