tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBeth Phoenix vs. Taeler Hendrix

Beth Phoenix vs. Taeler Hendrix


She was really well put together. That was the first thing I noticed about her. It wasn't that she was the curviest, prettiest girl I had ever laid eyes upon, but she had this vitality to her that made it very difficult to look away. The blouse she was wearing was professional, as was her pencil skirt, and a pair of glasses obscured her blue eyes. I thought that was a shame.

"So, Taeler, we saw your most recent match with Mandy, and we quite...enjoyed it." Victoria said. She was the head of talent acquisition here, and I knew I had to impress her.

I was here in the WWE office, waiting to hear if I could make it into the big time. The indies were fun, but this was the big leagues. If I got in, I would be set. When I got a call from one of the scouts, it was difficult for me to believe, but here I was.

I smiled at the compliment. "Was it positively poison?"

She nodded. "Of course. We liked what we saw. But there are some more hoops that you have to jump through, I am afraid."

I perked up a little bit. "Oh?"

"Yes," she continued, "a lot of the big wigs want to see you in action. We have a ring set up here, actually, and we would like you to do a live demonstration."

"Ok, so just a regular match then?"

She tilted her head. "Not quite. First of all, your opponent will be Beth Phoenix."

I shifted in my chair a bit. Beth was a strong, dominant woman. I had never wrestled against her before, but I had seen her on TV. She was a fantastic wrestler, and she would be a handful to go up against.

"I thought she retired?" I asked.

"She did, but we ask her to come back from time to time to put new girls through the paces." Victoria responded.

"So, uh, is that it?" I asked.

"Well, not quite. See, at WWE, you are going to be experiencing quite a lot of, shall we say, rigorous activities. We want to see if you are up for that. So at the end, should you lose, you will have to submit yourself for her."

That caught my attention. "What, um, what does that mean?"

"It means don't lose. She has a rather impressive strap-on." Victoria's eyes twinkled with mischief.

"That seems kind of excessive, doesn't it?" I loved wrestling, sure. But I could not imagine getting fucked afterwards.

"You do still want the contract, don't you?" She looked at me straight in the eyes.

"Yeah, I mean, I just..." she shushed me with a wave of her hand.

"That will be that then. Be here on Friday at 3 in the afternoon. We will have attire for you. Do make sure you are ready."

And with that, I left the room.

I spent the next few days asking myself how much I wanted to get into the WWE. The answer I wound up with was an emphatic yes. Wrestling was my love, my passion, and WWE was the biggest stage of all. Beth was strong, sure, but I was young and full of energy. I was sure I could take her. I had to be, if I wanted to impress all the WWE people.

The day finally came, and I entered the WWE building. Victoria had helpfully given me instructions as to what I should be doing, and I followed them dutifully. The locker room, if it could even be called that, was a small closet that had a green singlet and a pair of boots. It was nice, and fit very snugly on me. I thought that the tight fit must have been the idea. Somehow, they guessed my foot size correctly, and altogether the get up looked quite appealing on me.

I emerged from the cramped room and walked down the hall. Nervousness came over me. On the other side of the door was either a big break, or back to the indies, but first Beth would have her way with me. A lump formed in my throat as I opened the door. A new world was revealed to me- the ring in the center dominated the small-ish room, and Beth dominated the ring in turn. A row of official looking people had ring side seats, and Victoria was there too. She gave me a wave, beckoning me in.

"So, Taeler. This will be a standard match. Do you best, and put on a show." Victoria instructed.

"I will do my best," I said as I neared the ring. A ref slid under the bottom rope on the far side, and I ducked between the middle rope on my side. Beth was still standing there, arms crossed. "Hi," I said with an awkward smile and a more awkward wave. She nodded, that was it. Blonde hair fell slightly below her shoulders, and the woman clearly lifted quite a lot of weights. Her legs were rock solid and a pair of white pants clung to them very tightly. A black sports bra held back her voluminous chest, but nothing could hold back that strong jaw of hers. Her eyes were small, but leery.

"Miss Hendrix, are you ready?" The ref called my attention to him, and I nodded.

A bell went off and Beth was upon me before I could even think. She seized me by my arms but I had finally found my ring feet and pushed her off. The blonde tried to grab me once more, but I headbutted her quickly. While she was reeling, I advanced upon her and speared her to the ground. My early success went straight to my head, and I jumped on the downed titaness.

But she was ready. She wrapped her arms around me and rolled me over, so that I was on the bottom. From her dominant position, she grabbed the sides of my head and slammed my head against the ground a few times. That made me groan and hold my head in pain. Beth was quick to capitalize on her assault, as she seized my red hair and pulled me up to my feet. I was sent bounding to the ropes with an Irish Whip, and when I came back around the blonde clotheslined me to the ground powerfully.

She went for the pin right then and there. Of all the insults I had taken in my career, that was one of the worst. Only a few moves, and this veteran thought I was done. Burning with rage, I kicked out slightly after the count of one. We both stood up and reset. I immediately moved forward, and sent a front kick into her stomach. She was too slow to react, which meant that I could pull off a quick bulldog with impunity. I got up immediately, but time had slowed poor Beth, not that I was going to show any mercy on her. Her legs found their way into my arms, and I pulled her into a double legged Boston Crab. I was pulling as hard as I possibly could, and all my effort earned me a few grunts of pain from her. A smile spread across my face. This was wrestling, this was real. Before, I was so unsure if I could make it. But now I was giving it to the former champ.

Then the world shifted. I felt a strong force pulling me back. Beth was trying to claw her way to the ropes for a rope break, and I was going to do everything in my power to stop it. The only problem was that she was far stronger than me, and slowly but surely found her way to a rope break. I sighed as I let go of her legs at the behest of the referee.

The second she stood up, I was upon her again, this time grabbing her neck and monkey flipping her over me. The blonde titaness moaned as she lay on the mat, and I thought I had enough time to do something low. After all, Victoria did tell me to put on a show. I grabbed the waist of her pants and pulled, yanking her bottoms off in one go. The former champ howled and tried to cover herself, but I was not going to lay back and allow it. I stomped her a few times to soften her up, before I pulled her to her feet and tucked her head between my legs. It took me a concerted effort, but I pulled her body perpendicular to the ground, with her head facing downwards. I gave the lookers on a saucy wink before I tombstone piledrove her straight into the mat.

Her limbs flopped to the ground, and I grabbed at her sports bra and pulled. My opponent was completely naked as I rolled her over so her back was to the mat. I hooked her leg for the pin, and the ref slapped his hand against the mat twice. Beth kicked out the millisecond before his hand hit the mat for a third time, and I stood up and cursed him with every foul word I knew. My red hair flew around as I screamed and yelled and hollered at him, but he remained totally insouciant to my plight.

While I was yelling, Beth was recovering, and I felt the culmination of that when her strong arms wrapped around my midsection. She lifted me up and over, and I slammed into the mat shoulders first in a mighty German suplex. My grunts of pain were not enough for her. She did not even let go as she maneuvered around, picking me up and hitting me with yet another of the brutal and impressive moves. I was left with no recourse but to clutch at the mat and moan.

The risen phoenix was not happy just to stop there though. She grabbed my legs and quickly twisted me into a figure four leg lock. I gritted my teeth and tried to stave off the pain, but it was no use. She could strangle a yak with those legs, and I felt like nothing against her. Just as I was getting ready to tap, she released me. I was happy to get a break from the unbearable pain, but Beth was nowhere near close to stopping. Her naked form loomed above me, and she hauled my up by my red hair.

Her strong hand bowed my head, and she used all her strength to lift me up into the air. By the time I realized what was about to happen, it was too late. I was high in the air for a vertical suplex, and when Beth came down, she came down hard. Throughout my time in the indies, I had never felt pain such as the kind which was coursing through my body. I sat up and quickly lay back down. My mouth was agape, and my eyes were closed shut.

But that was only the start of my problems. Beth yanked my singlet off in one fell swoop, and soon the only thing that I was wearing was my boots. I tried to cover myself. The only thing stopping me was Beth, the blonde titaness of destruction. She pulled me up to my feet and tucked my head between her legs. Then she folded my body up, just as I had done to her, and hit me with my own move, the tombstone piledriver. Lights flashed in front of my eyes the second after I hit the mat, and my body was totally useless.

I was face down and breathing hard. Beth, on the other hand, was working. She stood with her feet on the back of my knees, and folded my calves over her toes. The blonde then grabbed my arms and fell backwards. The move was called a Romero Special, and it was terribly painful and humiliating. She spread her legs a little, which made me spread my legs a lot, exposing my naked sex to the referee and the judges. My back exploded with pain, and I shook my head and yelped furiously. She had me right where she wanted me. To add insult to injury, I could not even tap- she had my hands wrapped up in her arms. She stretched me and stretched, to my shame and suffering, and sweat dripped off of my naked body. Next to her, I was totally powerless.

She finally let me down after a torturous minute, but did not stop there. Beth dragged me by the hair over to the turnbuckle, and threw my back against it. My ample rear was still on the mat when Beth stood over me and turned around. She slowly backed her ass onto my face, and then rubbed it all up and down. The stinkface was designed to denigrate, not conquer, but I felt conquered anyways. The former champ put me in so much pain that she knew she could have her way with me completely. Her muscles, round and tight as cannonballs, were too much for me. Having quite satisfied herself with my shame, she grabbed me once more and lifted me onto her broad shoulders. I was across her so my ass was about at her neck, and I was facing outwards. The torture rack did my back no favors, and she strutted around the ring, parading my naked body for the benefit of the meager audience. I screamed and tried to power through it. It was no use. With her holding total dominion over my body, I was totally incapable of anything.

She finally slid me off her shoulders and slammed me into the mat, head first. Beth put a lot of her considerable power into it, leaving me in a ton of pain once more. I was in too much pain to move much, and I felt Beth's strong hand once more. This time she was hooking my arms behind my back. From there, she lifted my straight up into the air. My naked, beaten body was on display for all the judges who would decide if I had the chops for the WWE. I was shaking my head, for I knew what was going to happen next. Tears made my makeup run, and the look of pure anguish on my face was not enough to inspire mercy from Beth. She slammed me straight down for her powerful finisher, the Glam Slam. I was out the second I hit the mat.

When I woke up, Beth's foot was on my chest and the ref was calling for the bell. She then straddled me, and looked straight into my eyes. I could not look up into those piercing eyes for long, because I knew the next thing that was going to happen.

She slowly lowered herself onto me, and pinned my arms down to the mat. I felt her strength in my wrists and her raw sensual femininity dominate my body. Her face was mere inches from my, and her breasts were on mine. The look on her face was one of sheer condescension- she knew she was the better woman, and now she was not going to be subtle about it. Finally, she leaned down and kissed me. It was a warm, wet, passionate kiss, and Beth put her tongue in my mouth almost immediately. I moaned a bit and my knees knocked together. She was kissing me with a ravishing appetite, and I felt turned on as much as I felt humiliated. Our naked bodies were pressed together, one big moaning writhing pile of athletic, sexual women.

But Beth was not happy just to kiss my mouth. She roved down to my neck with her wet kisses while her hands found their way to my breasts. Her strong hands rubbed my nipples, causing a tingle of pleasure to run down my back. Things were truly getting heated as she planted kiss after kiss on my neck. Then she went and took a big bite.

I yelped with pain. She pushed herself up using a firm hand on my throat. "You are mine. Don't forget that." Beth then turned to the small audience. "Marker." On cue, someone tossed her a sharpie and the blonde woman caught it with one hand. "You had such big dreams, trying to make it into the WWE. But now we know you're nothing more than a loser and a slut." She uncapped the pen, and brushed the hair from my face. "The word loser is going to go here." She wrote on my forehead, shaming me deeply. I tried to turn away, but she grabbed my chin and forced me to look into her eyes. She started moving down a bit. "I am going to write slut on your tits, because that is the only thing those big tits are good for." Just as she said she would, the humiliating word appeared on my right breast after Beth scribbled it there. I moved to cover it up, but Beth gave my chest a resounding smack and I shivered a bit. The titaness moved further down. She started writing something on my belly. "This is going to say Beth's Property, because that is what it is." Sure enough, in Beth's scrawl were the words that degraded me so and an arrow pointing to my sex. I wanted to shrivel up and disappear, but I knew that my night had only just begun.

"Strap-on." Beth looked over to the sideline, and someone chucked her the cruel instrument towards her. I gulped as she pulled the thing on. It looked to be about 8 or so inches, and was quite thick. I was acquainted with the pleasures that such a thing could bring, but I had never been fucked in front of other people before. Beth got on her knees and spread my legs wide. She traced my sex with two fingers and smiled. Beth began playing with my clitoris with her thumb while she gently inserted her fingers into my femininity, making me even more aroused than I already was. Soon, my pussy was wet, and Beth took that as a sign to enter me.

The first thrust was a strong one. Beth was the superior woman in the ring, in large part because of her immense power. She put every ounce of strength she had into her movements, letting me feel those taut muscles in another way. I bit my lip and was breathing very heavily as Beth sent wave after wave of pleasure through my body. The blonde woman toyed with my breasts once more, giving me the greatest of earthly delights. She looked at me with her piercing eyes but I could not look back, as the immense pleasure coursing through my body turned my head from side to side.

Beth then stopped, and I mewled a bit to my abject humiliation. She grabbed my ankles and folded me backwards in half, so that my knees were above my shoulders. The blonde then entered me again, holding nothing back. I squirmed under her to no avail, desperate to try and wriggle out from under her, but my compromised position and the sexual euphoria ruling my body would not allow it. Beth went at me like a jack hammer, and I felt all eight inches of the little toy going in and out over and over. I clutched at the mat, trying to dig in but the white canvas was totally unyielding. Beth's hot breaths felt warm on my face, and the heavenly delight forced my eyes closed. My toes curled and deep moans emanated from inside my throat, and there was nothing I could really do about either one. Beth ruled me in body and spirit, and I felt she was getting very very close to my breaking point.

The titaness must have recognized that, because she started going at me with total abandon. Sweat dripped off of her, onto me. The low guttural moans turned into short screams of pleasure, and then long ones. Erotic ecstasy was the only thing I knew at the time, and I was totally her toy. I was in her palm, being ground into dust by a better woman.

"Cum." Beth demanded, and I obyed. The orgasm started off with a tingling feeling in my sex, and quickly spread throughout my whole body. The first pulse of the orgasm silenced me with its raw power, but the next few waves broke me completely. Beth kept going, making sure the orgasm went through the very end, and I rode out one of the most powerful orgasms of my life in terribly humiliating fashion. I groaned as the muscles in my leg tensed and released, yelped as my abs seized, mewled as my biceps contorted. My breasts rose up and down very quickly, and Beth unfolded me.

My legs flopped down to the mat and I felt the lowest I had ever been. Not even half an hour ago I was strong, spunky Taeler. I was a powerful woman who could take on anyone in the ring, and on my way up. Beth had taken me, dominated me completely and then fucked me like a slut in front of other people. She bent down and grabbed my red hair. I was forced onto my knees with my hair still in her hands. I lacked the energy to even look up, but I knew what she was doing: presenting my naked body for the people at ringside. My mouth lolled open and my arms were hanging at my side. I wasn't a wrestler anymore. I was her bitch.

Beth moved in front of me, and dangled the strap-on an inch in front of my face. My juices dripped off of it, and I could smell them. The next moment, I could feel them, as Beth wiped the strap-on across my face, bringing me to a low point I had not quite reached yet. The woman then forced the toy into my mouth and thrusted hard.

I tried to fight back, but Beth was stronger than me. She was forcing her will upon me, and her will was brutal. I choked and sputtered as she face fucked me brutally. Tears rolled down the sides of my face, tears of shame and pain and despair. Slobber dripped from my mouth. The taste of my own sex filled me with utter shame and my breasts bounced up and down as Beth cruelly forced the toy deeper and deeper into my throat.

Finally, mercifully, thankfully, she stopped. The blonde woman pushed me back down to the mat. "We got this strap-on all nice and lubed up. Do you know what for?" She asked.

"N-no..." I replied.

"It is going in that fat ass."

I shuddered and got on my hands and knees and tried to crawl away. "Please, no, I have not been taken back there before..."

Beth was soon on me and grabbed me by my ample hips. "You don't want to be fucked in the ass?"

"No, please..." I whimpered, still trying to get away.

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