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Beth Unbridled


I was with my wife at a café in Seattle. Beth is a gorgeous brunette --5' 11" --with a real broad, pronounced set of hips that curve into a round, firm ass. She keeps her pussy waxed smooth, and when she's hot it starts dripping juices that look like some rich sugar sap, leaking in little beads from the pronounced pouch of flesh. It always reminds me of some exotic fruit, the way it drips its juices when she's ripe.

Today she wore a pair of stretch pants that clung to every inch of her luscious legs. There was no hiding her sexy cameltoe, as the flesh was just so thick there. She never wore panties under stretch pants because she was self-conscious about the pantyline. The only time I said anything about it she said, "But, honey, it'd be like walking around town in my panties if they could see the pantyline! You don't want a bunch of strangers to what kind of panties I'm wearing, do you?" The way she said it made it hard to argue but, without the pantyline, it was actually like she was walking around buck naked from the waist down. At least, in the imagination of every man whose path she crossed. Truth be told, I had gotten used to this and even thought it was sexy, the way she paraded her sexy body around. And really, she was just keeping up with the trends, as every young woman in Seattle had begun to sport stretch pants again. She wore a loose cotton top and had elected to go without a bra today. Her tits were firm but yielding, with nipples that grew very thick and engorged when she was turned on.

Regretfully, sex between us had become incredibly mundane. I always suspected Beth was secretly horny --all the time. Something in her smile, her over-polite behavior with strange men (that we would somehow just always seem to meet) made me jealous. If I asked her about it she would just treat me like I was a pervert for even thinking that she would cheat on me. "Honey, I can't help it if someone is attractive. Sometimes people just react to other people certain ways. It's not a big deal..." She made it feel like I was stuck in a childish half-understanding of adult sexuality.

My insecurities around Beth's attraction to other men came to a head a year or so ago, when I admitted to her that, for the last five years of our marriage, the predominate theme in my fantasy life is of her completely unbridled and independent, sexually. I told Beth about how I imagine her speared by the enormous cock of the black guy she introduced me to from her office, or the rugged cowboy in a RAM truck stopped in front of us a couple days before at a busy railroad crossing. Anytime I saw her eyes linger on someone, I told her, it's like they are in my head forever after, fucking my wife into wanton orgasm as I watch.. I see images of her leaning her weight on me while she's being fucked, asking me if it's okay that she gets fucked by someone while I nod and reassure her, pat her back while a man, or a line of men, rams her into me over and over again spearing her with their swollen cocks.

We were waiting at the back of a long line to order our espresso, in front of a good-looking, well-dressed man in his 40s. About 6'3", compared to my 5'9" frame. Beth always made out like my height was no big deal, even though she was taller than me, but I could tell she was drawn to him. I knew her body just felt his presence and could not deny that it felt really good. Her chest was heaving shallow and rapid, and she kept kind of turning in place nervously, eyeing him and then quickly turning back and pointing out the architecture of the café to me to keep my thoughts occupied. Eventually she caught him looking her way, turned and looked him in the eye.

"Hi," she said, with no other explanation, but staring into his eyes with an expectant emerald smile.

"Excuse me?" he said

"My name's Beth," my wife told the stranger.

""I'm David," he said, reaching out his hand.

She took it in hers and slowly, very slowly, squeezed it instead of shaking it, bringing her other hand to rest on top, as if to keep him from pulling his hand away. She licked her lips.

"Wonderful to meet you," she giggled teasingly, although though nobody had done or said anything funny. She looked at me from the corner of her eye.

She slid both her hands over and off of the stranger's hands --almost but not quite caressing them. "Mmmm... I just love that musky smell you're wearing. What is it?" It was as if I wasn't there.

Looking politely surprised, he answered, "Huh-- I'm actually not wearing anything." His smile was friendly and his demeanor polite.

"Oh, I don't believe you!" she playfully smacked the stranger on the chest, letting her hand linger a moment, looking up into his eyes, "--It's so potent it's just intoxicating," her hand seemed to want to cling to his left pec as it slid off his chest, "I swear, from the moment you walked up behind us I started feeling all warm and tingly inside," She smiled innocently at him as she moved her hands together down just below her belly and made an overt demonstration of squeezing her knees and upper thighs together. This made her ass clench into an ultra-tight bubble and wiggle in place as she flexed. A young man in line began staring at her undulating cheeks, looking all the firmer for the black fabric stretched tautly across them. The kid looked guiltily up at me and, noticing my nonchalant acceptance of her flirtation, decided I wouldn't mind if he ogled her a bit more. His eyes pretty much stayed glued to her ass. I noticed down the line from us an old guy in his 50s was watching Beth's tits with utmost focus, licking his lips and rocking back and forth on his heels. Beth only had eyes for David. She acted totally unaware of the attention she was getting.

She pretty much pretended I wasn't there, too --kind of physically edged me out with her body language, directing all of her energy at David. She smiled from beneath her dark lashes with big, bright eyes. Her full lips framed a wide sexy grin that looked both innocent and hungry at the same time. Twisting on her heels, her cameltoe was on prominent display as her hips rolled suggestively from side to side. She smiled proudly at him, as if she was a little girl in show and tell, as if to say, "Look at my big cameltoe, Mister! Do you like it?" And she moved with such deliberation it was as if she massaged herself on the man's very energy.

At one point he leaned in close to her and spoke too quietly for me to hear, looking her squarely in the eyes and actually bringing his right hand to her left shoulder and stroking it down the length of her arm to cradle her elbow. I could tell that his fingertips must have been grazing the curve of her breast. He flashed a lustful smile at her as he let go and she giggled uncontrollably.

I looked at some of the flyers on the bulletin board alongside our current place in line --I wanted to show her I was too confident to be bothered or teased by her flirtatious nature. I had already expressed my dissatisfaction with a couple of harsh looks, but I wasn't going to lower myself any further than that. We were both adults, I figured.

She playfully challenged him, "I still can't believe you're not wearing cologne --You simply CAN'T smell that good au naturále!" Then she addressed me without turning any attention from David, "Honey, doesn't he smell good? This is my husband, Larry." He stuck out his hand and I shook it politely but perhaps somewhat curtly. "Can't smell a thing," I muttered and tried to focus on the flyers again, but was foiled by more overt flirtation.

She reached out and grabbed him by the hand, and brought his wrist up to her face to smell it, sniffing like a little kitten and holding her fingers around his. She looked up from her sniffing to smile seductively at him, "hmmmm... No. but wait..." as if deciding she needed more evidence, she pulled herself by his hand to lean further into his space, holding his hand against her chest now as she leaned in and smelled under his earlobe. At one point it appeared to me she was almost nuzzling his neck with her nose.

What was worse, she was very obviously mashing his hand up against her full breasts, practically flattening the one against which it laid. As she sniffed his neck she rubbed his hand around her chest, as if inadvertently. As if this was totally normal behavior between strangers. Her nipples had engorged themselves into large nubs the size of pencil erasers. I could see very clearly that his hand had opened up now to actually cup her breast. She whispered something into his ear and they both looked at me. She giggled and smiled and looked back up into his eyes, licking her lips. "Why don't you join us, David? Larry, we'll find somewhere to get comfortable while you get our drinks for us. What are you having, David?" she finally dropped his hand from her chest, but still held it in hers. He told me to get him a mint mocha, and let her lead him away.

I watched her go with eyes bugging out of my head. Her ass swung back forth in the sexy stretch pants, holding the hand of some man neither of us knew, walking unconcernedly away from me. She was riveted to him, smiling with such delight and hanging on his every word. I couldn't believe this was happening, and much less could I believe that I could think of no way to stop it. We had gone out together for a relaxing Sunday coffee and she was hitting on some absolute stranger -- actually inviting him to join us. She had already allowed him -- well, pretty much forced him --to feel her tits, and right in front of me. She was never this overt with her flirtations, and I worried were it would lead. I knew I should say something, but I didn't want to have a fight if it could be avoided. I figured I would play it cool and see where it ended up, then talk to her about it later if I was still uncomfortable.

What I saw when I arrived shouldn't have come as a surprise, but it did. They were squished up against one another on a loveseat in front of a small coffee table. Her breasts were squeezed between her arms, looking even more gigantic than I knew they actually were, and her nipples were standing at complete attention for her new friend. Her hands were trapped between her thighs, which were pressing so tightly against David's there was a foot of loveseat space left on the other side of her. There wasn't another chair within ten feet of the loveseat, so I had to drag one away from an empty table to join them.

They thanked me for the drinks but continued on with their conversation. I noticed the local weekly, the Stranger, was open on the coffee table, and they were both looking at an article about the newspaper's annual 'Hump' event -- which was an amateur pornography contest.

"Well, I haven't ever been in one but I've definitely watched my share of them. And you? A figure like yours, I imagine you could have a leading role if you wanted—"

"Oh, stop," she giggled and smiled at me as she leaned her shoulder harder into his on the loveseat. "Larry, can you believe him? "She looked back to David and said, huskily, "now honestly, David, you can't tell me that, with all of the perfect models in pornography today, you would actually want to look at these old things?" She reached up from her lap to lift and squeeze both her tits in her hands for him, rolling them around so the nipples pointed this way and that from beneath the cotton top.

David watched, licking his lips, for what seemed like forever, then looked up and into her eyes and said in a low growl, "mmmm.... I don't know, I think I'd have to see you with your shirt off to be sure!"

She let go of her swollen orbs, laughed and smacked his thigh with her right hand, rubbing it back and forth while she cooed, "OOOOh, you're a bad boy! Don't you know my husband's right over there?" As they both looked tauntingly over my way her hand worked itself higher up on his thigh and I saw her generously squeeze his crotch. I was so shocked I couldn't elicit a response --indeed, I could hardly register the unbelievable thing my wife had just said. I just watched, and I think they watched me watch, with these matching grins of delight, as she groped in his lap, and out of the corner of my eye I saw her squirming her thighs tightly together, the way you would rub your hands together in eager anticipation of something.

He put his arm around her on the love seat and, though she stopped squeezing it, she let her hand rest in his crotch. "Larry," she said, leaning her head against David's shoulder, "Can I keep him?" she smiled at me as if it was all just a pleasant joke in polite company, "Pleeeease?"

"Beth..." I started to say, though I still had no idea how to address the situation, "I --"

She raised her head up again, looking at David, and then to me, as if she'd just been struck with some kind of brilliant idea, "I have the PERfect idea." I was silenced by her exclamation. She moved her hand in David's lap, grabbing his hand and, to my ever-diminishing surprise pulling it into her own. While she brought it over, though, she parted her thighs a little, and when she wedged David's hand between them she squeezed them tight again, trapping it against her. I couldn't tear my eyes away. I started getting hard, watching my own wife press another man's fingers into her pussy.

As if to distract my attention from the scene, she leaned across her lap, "Larry, weren't you saying on the way here how nice it would be to take a dip in the hot tub today?" She looked up at David and smiled like they were already lost in the hot tub's steam, "It's so nice to feel the fresh snowflakes melting on your skin." He smiled and I swore I could see his arm moving up and down in her lap.

"Sounds great," he said, and looked to me, smiling like a friendly neighbor.

"I don't know," I said, " It does sound good, only..." I looked at her, pleading for mercy, but I have to admit, a part of me was almost high from the absurdly sexual behavior of my wife. I couldn't say no. I don't know how to describe it. I was powerless.

"Well that's settled," she said, leaping up and dragging David behind her. Honey, I'll ride with David so he can find our place okay. She stopped in front of me as she led David from the loveseat, holding his hand in both of hers, but behind her back, so it kept bumping into her ass as they walked. I was sure she was rubbing it back and forth across her voluptuous bubble but as she pecked me on the lips. She looked down into my eyes and said, "Thanks honey, I love you."

They walked away without me, and I was still getting my coat and slowly coming to accept that, A-- my wife was riding to our house, right now with a man she'd just met, probably fondling him and being fondled by him the whole way there (and god knows what else), and B-- I was actually beginning to feel more turned on than I was jealous -- though it would be dishonest to pretend that I wasn't a bit of both.


I arrived at the house ahead of them, and made myself a stiff drink. The snow was still falling lightly outside, and I looked out at the hot tub, wondering just how far my wife was going to push this flirtation with another man, and whether our marriage would survive if she kept going much further along the path on which she'd set out.

I didn't have to wait long before they came laughing through the door, my wife backing in first, with David gripping her hips and holding them against his own as they stumbled in. She looked happy to see me.

"Oh, Larry! Good. I think I'm too excited to get into my bikini. I'm going to skinny dip today," she said, smiling at David for effect before looking back my way. "Why don't you make us all some hot-buttered rums. I have some mix made up in the freezer." Then she dipped her fingers into the waistband of his pants, laughing deeply as she pulled them from his stomach a little, "Ho-Ho, now you don't need a pair of swimtrunks, do you David?" she asked. Stark curiosity and sexual fascination were winning over my urge to control my wife.

"Sure," he said, and followed her outside the glass doors from the oversized kitchen to our back porch, where she was bending over the hot tub and taking off the cover. I opened the kitchen window to the back yard so I could hear as well as see them.

I pulled the buttered-rum mix out of the freezer and put a tea kettle on, and watched my wife and David out the window. She was still bent over the hot tub, making eyes at David behind her while she pumped her weight from thigh to thigh, wiggling her curvy ass at him. "See anything you like?" She asked.

He walked up behind her and she stayed bent over but craned her neck to look up at him. He planted both of his hands on her ass and massaged the globes while she closed her eyes and kept swaying it from side to side. I watched for what felt like an eternity, and she returned to a standing position.

"I hope you're not bashful, David," she said coquettishly as she faced him and lifted her top above her head. Her naked breasts pointed out at the man we had just met 20 minutes ago, nipples poking like stubby antennas and a girlish smile on her face. She planted her hands behind her, pushing on her ass to arch her back and make them stand out even more.

"Your nipples are so thick!" he complimented as he approached her and held his hand out to one. She giggled at him as she leaned and twisted at the waist to rub her tits both across his open hand, dragging the nipples on his fingertips.

"Mmm... it must be the cold air," she said, pretending nothing sexual was going on as she let a complete stranger fondle her naked breasts in clear view. She looked at me in the kitchen window and added "They get so hard when it's cold out."

I couldn't believe what was happening. My wife had always been flirty, and on a very few occasions she had done a little dirty dancing with a man or two when we were having a really hot night on the town, but this was taking things to an unprecedented level. Was she going to fuck him?

Beth smiled up at David like a kid on Santa's lap, and stood there still brushing her beautiful tits against his open palms. She looked me in the eye with a knowing smile and asked him, "How about you help me get these stretch pants off, David?"

David kneeled, looking up at her big, perky tits pointing out above him. He reached behind her and grabbed hold of her ass, pulling her mound against his mouth, tonguing and kissing it, sucking her camel lips through the fabric of her black stretch pants.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned, her eyes closed and her smile relaxed, "Oh, David, you feel so good..." he pulled the front of her stretch pants down until her dripping cuntlips were visible to both of us, and leaned in and sucked one, and then the other into his mouth as he rolled his hands around the fabric to her backside, pulling the stretch pants down there, too and exposing her ass.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, smiling --her stretch pants curled down around her hips, a strange man's face buried in her cunt, her tits naked and aroused-- "Oooooo..." she cooed, and held him by the back of his head as he sucked on her pussy lips, meanwhile pulling the stretch pants down around her long, firm and shapely legs. "Honey, look at how David licks and sucks my pussy. Isn't he aMAZing? Maybe he could give you some ti-ii-ahhhpp—ppsss—aahh.... oooooooo....sooo... goooooood—"

My wife was lost in pleasure, but still smiling at me as she stepped out of the stretch pants now laying at her ankles, her hips swaying and pushing into David's face, eagerly lapping away at Beth's juices.

"uhnh...huh...hhunnn.... mmmmm... oo--ahh—yeah, that's—oh, yeah—just like.. UNHH! Fuck! David! Oh!GOD! I'M! CUUUUUMMIIIIIIIING!!!"

Jesus Christ. What was wrong with me? I was just standing there in our kitchen, watching my naked wife's pussy drool sticky juices all over this man's face and down her thighs. She wobbled on her long legs like a newborn fawn, her stomach and pussy clenching and releasing desperately. I think if it wasn't for David's hands kneading her generous asscheeks she might have fallen down, as she moaned and gasped the last throes of her orgasm out of her body. Eventually she bent half over, her plump breasts resting atop David's head.

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