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Bethany's Basque


The mall was quiet as I strolled past the numerous storefronts. It was early morning and I had the day off work so being a woman who likes to shop, I decided to indulge myself. I was shopping for something particular today however, with the idea of seducing my boyfriend when her returned from his work trip to London.

As I walked past the stores I caught several men glancing my way, no doubt trying to undress me with their eyes. I'm an American by birth and whilst not in any ways 'stunning', as I've heard British men describe women, I'd settled for being described as the 'girl next door' type. I don't dress in any way to attract male eyes. Take today for example. I'm dressed in a blue strappy top and black ankle length skirt, and you can just about make out my black leather sandals, complete with freshly painted toenails. I guess the sight of some exposed fresh is enough to set some guys off ha? Oh, and just for the record, I have 36C breasts, black shoulder length hair, I'm the proud owner of an amazing vibrator (which probably gives away the answer to the question many men wonder, 'Does she masturbate?') and no, I don't fantasise about having a threesome with my best friend being the 'extra' party. I'm Bethany by the way (okay, it's short for Elizabeth, which I hate).

I came over to Britain to do my masters degree in British history and some how I ended up staying. I ended up becoming a journalist and now I've been in Britain for the past eight years. Three of these have been spent with Scott, my boyfriend, who I met whilst waiting for a friend to arrive for coffee in one of those American style coffee dens you have over here. I was the lucky recipient of some of his cappuccino as it spilled over the sides of his cup. He apologised profusely, which I accepted because somebody had knocked his arm and it wasn't Scott's fault. We became engaged in a conversation until my friend arrived and we swapped numbers and the rest they say is memories.

Scott has been in London for the past three nights and I'm expecting him home sometime around 11 p.m. today. Of course, in his absence I have had to rely upon the aforementioned vibrator to provide me with my sexual fulfilment but now I'm desperate to feel Scott inside me. The idea of buying lingerie was to encourage him to fuck me as soon as he walks through the door, not that he needs the encouragement.

I entered what seems to be the best lingerie store that you guys have on these shores, La Senza, and proceeded to lose myself in the lace, silks and satins that were hanging so teasingly in the store. I say teasingly because if a man were to walk in with his wife/fiancé/girlfriend then it would surely blow his mind to think of her dressed in anything in the store. Surprisingly though, I feel the same, because if you see something sexy it's impossible to not let your mind fast forward to the time when your husband/fiancé/boyfriend sees you dressed in that item and immediately wants to make passionate love to you!

I spent some time looking over the various types of matching sets in all the different colours. It was a little while before the sales assistant came over.

"Hi there, can I help you at all?" she said, a wide smile on her face. I glanced down at her name badge and saw that, Chloe, was the assistant manager.

"Yes, if you could," I replied, thinking that she would know what lingerie suits which people and which is sexy.

"Oh, your American." she smiled at me.

"Yeah, from Boston, Mass."

"How cool. Is there anything in particular that you were looking for?"

"Well, I'm not sure, I don't have anything set in my mind." The truth was I didn't have anything set in my mind as I left home this morning, and I couldn't really come out with the line 'Oh, something that will send my boyfriend crazy!' to a total stranger.

"Okay, no problem. Is it for a particular occasion or, say, for work?"

'To fuck my boyfriend in,' that's the occasion I thought to myself. "A special occasion," I replied with this thought in my head, after all, special occasion could mean anything from a wedding to a graduation ball to fucking your boyfriend.

"Why don't I just show you a few things that I think would be suitable for a special occasion."

"Okay," I replied.

Chloe motioned for me to stay where I was as she went off around the store and collected items that she thought I'd be interested in. I watched as she went round the store, her long blonde hair flowing as she went. I'd guess she was about 25 and attractive with a slender body. Two minutes later and she was back, items in hand.

"What do you think of these?" She asked. "This is a really nice bra and brief set," she said holding up a fabulous looking set. "We've got his in lilac, white and blue as well as this black set."

"That gorgeous," I replied.

"Okay, why don't you hold onto what you like and then you can try them all on at the end," said Chloe, handing me the black bra and briefs.

Chloe then proceeded to show me the rest of the items that she had chosen; a white all-in-one body and various bra and matching panties.

I took the all-in-one body off Chloe and a rather nice blue bra and matching panties set but rejected the others.

"I don't know if you'd be interested in this but I picked it up because it's a favourite of mine."

Chloe held up a black lace basque/corset that just seemed to exude pure sex appeal. I didn't need any persuading to take that off Chloe to try it on.

"Okay, why don't you go and try those on and I'll put these back." Chloe pointed me in the direction of the changing rooms before heading off to put the 'rejected' items back.

I walked across the store and into one of the changing rooms, pulling the curtain across behind me. I decided to try on the basque/corset last because I think I already knew that Scott would be seeing me wearing that. I tried on each item and I decided to buy the first set of bra and panties that I'd been shown just because they were so nice. Finally, I came to the basque/corset and I simply stood there, naked in front of the mirror and held it up against me. I could feel a rush of excitement course through me as I did so, which made me even more curious as to what I would look like with it on.

I finally decided to call it a basque simply because it had straps with which to attach stocking, although it had a lace-up back and hook-and-eye-clipped front. I undid the clips and placed it around my body. I carefully fastened the clips and felt the basque begin to frame my upper body. There were no straps to go over my shoulders so it had to be tight to ensure that my breasts stayed hidden. Once everything was in place I turned and checked myself in the mirror.

One word.


It was amazing to look at myself dressed in the basque. It clung to my body and smoothed its way down to just below my naval. For the first time I noticed that the basque was slightly boned and it had lace at the top and bottom. My breasts were held in place snugly and I was presented with an amazing cleavage.

"How are you doing?" asked Chloe from outside.

"Okay, I've just trying on the basque now," I replied.

"I've brought you some things to complete the set."

"Okay, thanks," I replied.

I don't know how Chloe interpreted this answer, but the next thing I knew Chloe had opened the curtain, let herself into the cubicle and closed the curtain behind her. I think she must have sensed my uneasiness.

"Sorry, I wouldn't do this normally, it's just that I've got the same basque and it can take forever to put on these." With that she held up a matching black thong and a pair of black, lace-top stockings.

'Wow', was all I could think again and I totally forgot about being partly naked with Chloe.

"I've never worn stockings before," I said, "I'm more a pantyhose girl." I think she understood what I meant by pantyhose.

"Oh, then let me assure you that they feel really good when you're wearing them."

I felt reassured but this quickly changed to... I don't even know what the feelings were that followed!

Chloe dropped to her knees and began to take the stockings out of the packet. She laid them on the floor and then encouraged me to step into the thong panties.

Now, I don't know why but my pussy must have misinterpreted my mind because it immediately began to become moist.

Chloe began to pull the thong panties up my legs and I moved my legs apart a little further as she neared the top. She pulled the panties up so that they were close against my mound. I didn't even think about the fact that Chloe must have seen my pussy, which could mean that she saw my moistness and possibly even smell my juices.

If she did, Chloe didn't let on and simply returned to the floor to pick up the first stocking. I lifted my leg and she slowly began to pull up the stocking.

"Mmm, I know what you mean now about stockings feeling really good," I said, as my stocking virginity was taken.

Once the stocking was near the top of my thigh, Chloe began to fasten the stocking to the basque. Her fingers felt delightful as she did this and only made things worse in my pussy. She repeated this process with the second stocking and again I had the same reaction when her fingers attached the stocking.

Chloe stood up and turned me slightly to look in the mirror. "What do you think?" she asked.

"It's amazing. I'm definitely going to buy this. Do you think my boyfriend will like this?" I asked without realising that this was the first time that I'd let on what purpose my new lingerie would serve.

"Is that the special occasion?" Chloe asked.


"Well, in that case all I can tell you is that when I wore this for my boyfriend he couldn't keep his hands off me all night."

"Then this is definitely the right outfit."

With that Chloe came around in front of the mirror and sank to her knees again. "Here, let me take these off then I'll go wrap them for you."

Chloe began unfastening the stockings and then rolled them down my legs. She then reached up for the side of the thong and this was the moment I was dreading. The big question was this, would there be a pussy stain? The question was answered by Chloe's reaction.

"My, my," She said as she pulled the panties down a little.

Chloe looked up at me and must have seen the embarrassed looked on my face.

"Don't worry, this is what happens to me every time I wear this outfit." With that she appeared to return to undressing me. However, when the thong panties were at my ankles I saw Chloe's head return to my crotch.

Her hands gently opened my legs wider. My brain was somewhere shouting for my legs not to move but for some reason they parted. I think it must have been something inside me that was curious as to what Chloe was about to do.

My curiosity didn't last long. Chloe moved her head in closer and began to kiss the insides of my upper thighs. Soon her kisses moved closer to my pussy and then for the first time I felt the tongue of another woman against my lips. At first Chloe ran her tongue up the whole length of my labia. Her hands then reached up and parted my lips, allowing her tongue access to my pussy entrance and my clit. Chloe gently kissed my clit and I was totally overcome by something I thought I'd never experience. Soft kisses rained down upon my clit and then across my pussy entrance. Chloe's kisses were interspersed with slow, lingering licks from her tongue.

Several times I had to catch my breath. My arms were by now outstretched against the cubicle walls and trying to hold my body upright. My eyes alternated between looking down at Chloe via the mirror mounted on the wall before me and then being screwed tightly shut in concentration of the feelings in my pussy.

Chloe wasn't finished with the surprises and she brought her hand up and inserted first one and then two fingers inside me. Her tongue meanwhile was focused on my clit and was rapidly lapping away. The feelings radiating around my body were immense and my muscles clenched around the fingers that were playing with my pussy.

Part of my brain was still thinking that I shouldn't be stood here, in this cubicle, my pussy being attended to by the assistant manager, but this was being silenced by the rest of my body that was thinking about my impending orgasm.

Chloe tongue refused to relent and there was no escaping the sensations being created from my clit. My arms let go of the cubicle walls and my hands clamped on the back of Chloe's head. I thrust my pussy further towards her tongue and she responded by intensifying her licking and thrusting. I in turn began to grind my hips towards her, and that was it. With the continual licks from Chloe's tongue she pushed me over the edge and my orgasm exploded within me. My whole body seemed to be overcome and I'm sure I was unable to breath properly.

Chloe's tongue slowed and she withdrew her fingers. The next thing I knew she was stood in front of me and we were kissing passionately. I was completely amazed at what had just happened and yet deeply satisfied. Chloe made sure no uneasiness returned by unclipping the basque (gently taking my breasts into her mouth as she went) and then took the things to be wrapped.

As I stood there completely naked and breathless I contemplated the fact that I wished I had the chance to thank Chloe in the way she had just made me orgasm.

I got dressed and headed out of the changing area to pay for my items. Chloe had wrapped them and placed them in a bag for me by the time I reached the desk. I paid and reached over to take the bag off Chloe.

"Maybe I could come back tomorrow to tell you if my boyfriend liked my outfit, and thank you properly for your recommendation?" I said, a little knowing looking in my eye.

"Sure," she replied with a wide smile, "it's always good to get customer feedback. Maybe I could model some more of my recommendations?"

"Sure, I'd like that," I replied. I took the bag from Chloe, flashed her a seductive glance and then headed out of the store. I could feel Chloe's lustful eyes on me as I left the store and I knew I'd be back tomorrow. For today however, I was going straight home to my vibrator and then Scott when he returned tonight. Oh and before you call me a liar, I know I said that I don't fantasise about having a threesome with my best friend, but who said anything about not letting female assistant managers of lingerie stores seduce me?

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