tagMatureThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 19

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 19


The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 19

Bethany's Tales -- Part 2

Friday evenings after a long week fighting for their students' attention, trying their best to make the next generation just a little better, Bethany and two of her fellow Regal Bay High teachers often got together to unwind before heading home. Usually, they would only stop off for a coffee at Starbucks, or something a little harder at one of the local Bar and Grill restaurants. This week's venue was picked by Pamela and as they settled into a corner booth at Applebee's, Denise Hoyt, the youngest of the group, commented on the young waiter that had shown them to their table.

"That boy has one damned fine ass," she said, giving an exaggerated turn of her head to watch as he walked away. His name tag had read "Jim". Both Bethany and Pamela laughed slightly, sharing the secret they held. "What?" Denise asked as she squared herself in the booth. She sat next to Pamela, with Bethany across from them. "What is it?"

Pamela began, "You've not been at Regal Bay long enough to know..."

Bethany picked up the explanation, "That fine ass, as you so rightly observed, belongs to Jim Gable. Both Pam and I had him in classes during his junior and senior years."

"What my dear friend failed to add," Pamela added in a slightly quieter tone, "is that she not only had him in her classes, but Mrs. McAllister here also had him in her classroom, and a couple of other places around the school as well."

"You're shitting me!" Denise gasped. She leaned across the table, letting her smallish breasts rest on it as she asked, "You had sex with him? In school?"

"It was all legal," Bethany grinned. "Well, at least he was of legal age, that is." Her English accent always seemed to grow just that little bit thicker whenever she talked about sex with her friends, as it did then. It always made her sound just that little bit naughtier.

"How long did this go on?" Denise asked, just as a cute little waitress stepped up.

"Can I get your drink orders?" she asked. "I'm Sally, by the way."

"Hello, Sally," Bethany replied. "I'd like a Mojito, please. With Captain Morgan Rum."

"A screwdriver for me, thank you," Denise said.

"And for you, Ma'am," Sally asked Pamela.

"I'd like to have sex on the beach!" she laughed, and her two companions joined her. Sally giggled. "Instead, I'll have Bacardi and coke."

"I'll be right back with your orders," Sally said and headed for the bar.

"Sex on the beach!" Bethany echoed. "And when's the last time you had sex on the beach?"

"Oh, don't get me started!" Pamela replied.

"She hasn't had sex on the beach since she was in high school," Bethany told Denise. "At least, that's what she told me." Bethany looked back to Pamela and asked, "Has anything changed, lately, my dear friend?"

"Well, I still haven't had sex on the beach, if that's what you want to know," Pamela grinned.

"You were going to tell me about having sex with our waiter," Denise directed to Bethany.

"No, I wasn't," she retorted. "A lady doesn't kiss and tell."

"But Beth's no lady!" Pamela laughed, giving Denise an elbow nudge. "She's always bragging about her latest conquests, at least once she gets liquored up."

"Speaking of liquor," Bethany said, just as Sally returned with their drinks. They were placed in front of the women and Sally asked, "Are you ready to order?"

"No, we're just here for a drink or two," Bethany replied. "Take off the edge after a long week, you understand."

Sally nodded her understanding, and then added, "Just give me a wave if you need anything, okay?" She turned and headed off to check on her other tables.

After sampling her screwdriver, Denise asked, "Again, are you going to tell me about your having sex in the school?"

Bethany, also sipping from her drink, paused a moment to contemplate, and then nodded, "Okay, I'll tell you about the last time I had to stay after work. But this goes no farther than right here, around this table. Understand?"

"Absolutely," Pamela agreed.

"Sure, just tell me!" Denise answered eagerly.

"Okay, then," Bethany began after sipping more of her Mojito. "This took place just last spring, in fact. I had two boys on the baseball team who were seniors, but their Calculus grades were beginning to slip. Both were under 75 percent with only a week to go in the grading period. They were fine for graduation and everything, but to stay on the team they needed to get those scores up over 75, you understand. Well, I had already given the final exam for their class that afternoon, and neither of the boys had scored high enough to raise their average. So I offered them a chance to retake a couple of tests from earlier in the grading period in an attempt to raise their final average."


Bethany returned to her classroom on the second floor of the Math and Sciences wing at Regal Bay High School and found only Roy Hill waiting. Simon Shedeen, the other young baseball player was nowhere to be seen. Roy was sitting in his usual seat for the class; second row, three back. He didn't speak until after she had placed her fresh cup of coffee on the corner of her desk.

"It's a nice outfit you're wearing, Mrs. McAllister," Roy complimented.

Bethany turned to contemplate her student. She replied, "Flattery will not get your grade up, Mr. Hill." She did have on one of her more alluring outfits, a red skirt suit over a white blouse. The skirt only went to the top of her knees, just below the top of her stockings. Her full body filled it out well, in her opinion, and the outfit served to accent both her wide, round hips and her heavy dd-cup breasts. It was one of her favorite outfits, though a few around the school, most notably some of the uppity men and woman in the offices, felt it an inappropriate look for a high school instructor.

"But your outfit sure is getting something else up!" he grinned.

"Roy!" she gasped and quickly approached him. "That's not appropriate talk, not in here, not in the classroom."

"I can't help it, Mrs. McAllister," he defended. "You always have a way of getting me excited. I'm getting hard right now, just looking at you. We're all alone in here, you know." Roy gave her a knowing grin, with an added wink and lip lick as well.

"Just keep it in your jeans, Roy," she warned. "We're not here to enjoy ourselves. We're here to manage a discrepancy in your grade. Besides, Simon Shedeen should be joining us at any time."

"Simon was headed for the locker-room, last I saw him. I don't know if he even plans to retake his test. He might even be telling Coach Carlson that he's quitting the team."

"I sincerely doubt that," she replied. "I know Simon's father and he wouldn't stand for it."

"Oh, and how well do you know Simon's father?" Roy asked slyly.

"Not like that!" she gasped. "I know him from the paper, that's all. I also know he has quite the temper."

"That's what I heard, too," Roy agreed. "Still, we do have a few minutes at least. Why don't you give me a little tease, something to tempt me into a better grade?"

Bethany held his gaze a moment, and then turned to see that the door to the classroom remained partially open. Simon still had not shown up. She went to it and stuck her head out to look up and down the hallway. Still no sign of the other student, or anyone else for that matter. She pulled the door closed and listened for the click before turning back to Roy. Leaning back against the door, she slowly lifted her skirt until the front of her black panties was clearly visible to him. His eyes were on them, and his grin widened. She gave him another second and then pushed her hem down and smoothed out her skirt.

"Now, that's enough," she insisted as she moved to her desk and retrieved one of the two multiple-page tests lying there. She took it to Roy and laid it on his desk. "Why don't you go ahead and get started?"

Instead of turning to his test, Roy stood up and moved to her. "I'd like to do just that," he said with a wolfish grin. Before she knew it, Roy had unbuttoned the red suit jacket and pushed it open.

His hands were at the top button of the blouse beneath before she could say, "We don't have the time right now for this, Roy." Her voice was firm, but soft. She realized that she wanted the same thing her young student wanted. For nearly a year, Roy Hill had been one of the latest in a string of young lovers she'd enjoyed through the years. She always insured that any of her beaus were of legal age, having access to their school records. Roy had somehow found out about her misdeeds and approached her as a junior. At first she had denied it outright, but Roy was good friends with one of her previous sexual companions. Eventually, she accepted him, but only after his eighteenth birthday. As it turned out, he turned eighteen during a school week, and she gave herself to his that afternoon. Since then, Roy had been one of her steady rendezvous. It had been a couple of weeks, however.

Insistently, Roy began to pop open her blouse, and one by one her buttons released, until he brushed the blouse open to reveal her breasts, encased in the black bra beneath.

"Roy, we don't have the time. We'll get caught."

"Then we'd better do it quickly," Roy replied as he pulled her right bra cup down to release her breast. His large hand took hold of her tit and lifted the large nipple upward. He leaned down to give the nub a quick lick.

"Damnit, Roy!" she hissed, still resisting, though weakly. "If we get caught, I'll get fired."

"The only one who might catch us is Simon," Roy explained. "And if he catches us, so what?"

"He's not one of my boys," she replied.

"Maybe it's time he joined the list then," Roy growled. "Can I have a passing grade on this test if I give you an orgasm?" he laughed. His hands went to her backside and tugged her skirt upward until he could dig his fingers into her ass flesh. He pulled her to him, his face looking down into hers. Roy was a good eight inches taller than her, and she looked up into his dark brown eyes. She saw a fiery zeal in them that was echoed in nearly every young stud she'd ever had. She was still unsure why she, a plump, middle-age mother, could ignite such passion in young men. Maybe it was just a willingness to raise her skirt and spread her legs for any horny young Romeo.

"I doubt we have time for you to properly pleasure me, young man," Bethany replied, regaining a bit of her composure even as her breasts pressed into his tight torso.

"Maybe so," Roy agreed. He looked back and then said, "But maybe we have time for you to pleasure me." Even as he said this, he was backing towards his desk, pulling her along with him. He dropped into the hard chair and began to pull open the front of his jeans. Bethany watched, transfixed, as Roy pulled his semi-rigid cock into view.

"Get down here and put your mouth to work," he demanded, even as she felt her knees buckle. She went to the floor between his parted knees and reached for Roy's cock. She stroked its length once, and then pulled the purple knob into her mouth.

"That's it, suck my big dick, Mrs. McAllister," Roy purred as she went to work. Her head was moving up and down in his lap as she sucked his cock deeper into her mouth. After only a few strokes of her tight lips and warm tongue, his cock was rock hard. She loved making young men hard, with her mouth, tits, pussy, or ass. She didn't care. At times like this, with a hard, young tube of meat in her mouth, Bethany was in sexual bliss.

As he laid his hand on the back of his teacher's head, still bobbing in his lap, Roy noticed movement at the window in the classroom door. It was Simon, he saw, watching from out in the hallway. Roy doubted he could tell who was on her knees sucking his cock, just that Roy was getting sucked off.

Bethany was totally unaware of being watched as her attention was fully on Roy's cock. She slurped and licked at its knob. She gulped as much of his length into her throat as she could and moaned around it, sending waves of pleasure through Roy's body. She swallowed the clear pre-cum that began to leak from the tip and sucked harder, wanting more of his delicious liquor.

Instead, Roy was ready for more. He eased her from his cock and pulled her face up. She looked as if she was in ecstasy, and Roy wanted more from her. And he knew by that look in her eyes that she was ready to give him anything he wanted.

"Sit up here, on the desk," Roy told her as he pulled her to her feet and he stood. His jeans fell past his knees as he helped her onto the small desk. Her eyes never left his face as she leaned back as best as she could, propping herself on her elbows, while spreading her legs wide. Roy pushed her red skirt up to her waist before tugging her black panties aside. Her pussy, covered in dirty-blonde curls, looked damp. Still, Roy spit into his hand and rubbed it in, mixing with Mrs. McAllister's own saliva. He took hold of one of her ankles while guiding his cock into contact with her slot. Her labia parted, as if kissing his knob, before he lunged into her. He buried himself into Bethany's vagina to the root in a single hard thrust.

"Oooohhh!" she gasped as Roy's cock filled her with hot teen meat. The ankle he held he hooked across his shoulder and he began to fuck her with sharp thrusts. "Oooohhh, yes, Roy, yes!" she began panting as her young lover began to fuck her. The desk creaked and scooted beneath her ass as Roy drilled her, until it banged up against the next desk in line. Still Roy drove into her, enjoying his return to her warm and willing pussy folds.

His back was now to the door, but Roy knew that Simon would still be watching. With Bethany now on the desk, her legs spread wide as he fucked her, Simon would also be able to plainly see who his teammate was having sex with in the classroom. How Simon reacted to the scene would determine many things in the near future, Roy knew. For both Mrs. McAllister and himself. Not that he slowed his cock any.

Bethany first noticed Simon while she rode the pleasure wave of a climax induced by Roy's steadily plunging prick. She opened her eyes to see him standing just inside the classroom by the door. He was watching them quietly, while she and Roy had sex. She could see in his expression that he knew that he had been seen, but he didn't move. Teasingly, she licked her lips in his direction, to see how Simon would react. He did nothing for a few moments. It was only after Roy had slowed his thrusting into her pussy and change things up did Bethany see Simon pull his own cock from the front of his jeans and begin to stroke himself while watching.

Roy pulled free and held his cock in his hand. He moved her ankle from his shoulder and twisted her until she was on her side. He took hold of her upper butt cheek and pulled the fleshy globe up, opening her crotch for him once again. When he leaned back into her, his knob banged against her anus.

"Un-huh," she resisted, shaking her head as she looked at Roy. "Not in my ass, not today."

However, Roy wasn't taking no for an answer. "Do you want me to stop, then? Do you want me to walk out of here, maybe?"

Bethany reluctantly shook her head, and then looked to Simon, who was still quietly watching, now stroking is cock, by the classroom door. She forced herself to relax as Roy pushed, and a moment later his knob popped into her rectum.

"Unnggghh!" she groaned as Roy's cock pushed into her. He rocked back and forth, feeding more of his thick cock up her ass with each thrust. It took a full three minutes, her having watched the wall clock, until Roy had his entire cock up her ass. It began to feel better only when he started moving, slowly at first, inside her. Bethany enjoyed a good ass-fuck, but most of her young lovers failed to properly prepare her, or themselves. Lube and lots of it was required, a lesson few learned quickly enough for her tastes. Not that many of her studs enjoyed ass-fucking in the first place.

As Roy began to work her guts over with his deepening thrusts, she shook her head and glared back at him with a bit of contempt in her eyes. Roy didn't care, since his cock was buried up her warm ass. It was then that he turned and looked back to see his teammate standing in the classroom, his cock in hand.

"Simon! There you are. You're late," he grinned. "Mrs. McAllister wanted to start without you. Why don't you come over here and join us?"

Simon looked unsure, but Bethany then said, "Yes, Mr. Shedeen. Why don't you come over here and join us? I'm sure you'd like to put that nice cock to use, wouldn't you?"

As Simon reluctantly moved to them, Roy lifted Bethany's leg to display her open and wet pussy for his friend, along with the clear sight of his cock riding in and out of her pliable rectal ring obscenely. Her vaginal opening gaped, as if eager to be filled by more teen cock. Instead, Simon moved to her head.

"Give me your cock, Simon," she sighed, even as she reached for it. He moved closer as she pulled, and Bethany opened wide to suck his cock in. She'd added yet another slab of man-meat to the bed-post of her mind. She'd long ago lost track of the number.

"Yeah! Let her suck your dick, man!" Roy laughed, still rocking and rolling in her ass. "Mrs. McAllister loves cock. She can't get enough. You'll get a passing grade now, I can tell you that!"

Bethany let Simon's cock fall free of her mouth in order to glare once again at the young man sodomizing her. He returned his glare with a wide smile of dominance, his cock never slowing as he plowed her guts with his spear. She turned away from Roy and found Simon's cock, and sucked it back into her mouth. Simon moaned and rolled his hips forward, feeding more into her throat while taking her long dirty-blonde hair in his hands. She let him face-fuck her, giving herself to both boys now as little more than a fuck-toy. It was something Bethany enjoyed more than anything in her live.

Roy had one of her tits held tightly in his large hands, while Simon reached for her other breast. Bethany felt his fingers exploring her flesh, teasing and tugging at her nipple. All the while he fed her his cock, which seemed to have grown another full inch since he had shoved it home. She was finding that she enjoyed Simon's flavor as his pre-cum began to flow onto her tongue. She wanted to taste his semen, to experience his manly flavor, to feel is cum warming her belly. Another new dish to be enjoyed.

Instead, Roy remained in charge of the scene, and soon he gently removed his rectal rooter from Bethany's guts. "Do you want to fuck her now, Simon?" he asked.

Bethany let his cock fall free and looked up into his face. She smiled, letting him know that it would be alright with her. He nodded, and agreed. "Yeah, I want to," Simon told Roy.

Roy pulled Bethany to her feet and as he led her, he told Simon, "Go lay on her desk, on your back," to which Simon quickly obeyed. "Straddle him," Roy instructed Bethany. He helped her onto the desk, holding her arm as she climbed from a chair to her desktop. She stepped across Simon, who held his cock in hand while looking up at her. She dropped to her knees with Roy's help, one to either side of Simon's hips. His cock pushed against her pussy and as she wiggled her hips, Simon's knob popped through her labia and up her chute.

"Oooohhh, nice!" she purred as she settled onto Simon's hips completely.

"Aaaaaahhhhh!" Simon moaned beneath her as her warmth enveloped his dick. He trembled excitedly as the idea of fucking his teacher atop her desk, in the classroom, washed through him. He just about blew his load right then, except Roy wasn't done.

Both Bethany and Simon watched as Roy jumped up onto the desk behind her upraised ass. "What are you doing, Roy?" Bethany asked.

Roy stroked his cock while looking down into her crack. He knelt behind her before asking, "Ever two dicks at once, Mrs. McAllister. And I'm not talking pussy and mouth. I'm talking about two up the snatch!"

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