Bethel Island


"Really?" she asked, almost gushing as her smile grew.

"Yeah," he said. "I hope it's okay for me to say that though." He frowned, adding "I know I shouldn't, since you're my sister. But since you said last night that it didn't bother you that I noticed them I just thought, well... that I could be completely honest." Andrew clenched his jaw and gave Wendy a nervous look, waiting for her reaction. His heart was pounding, but now it was mostly from nervousness.

Wendy got up and stepped over to her brother's bed. She knelt beside him on the bed, sitting back on her heels. Her hands were on her bare thighs, knees parted slightly. She looked into his eyes. "It's more than okay," she said softly, trying to sound comforting and sexy. "Actually, I'm flattered." She hesitated for a few moments, then asked "Does that mean you like them?" She gave him a hopeful look as she arched her back slightly.

Andrew nodded hesitantly. His eyes drifted down to her smooth thighs. He admired them for a few seconds, then looked back up at her shimmering eyes. "Yeah," he murmured with a weak smile.

Wendy slowly inhaled, calming herself. "Would you like to feel them?" she asked. Now she was as nervous as her brother, but she was sure that he wanted to feel her. She had sensed this for a very long time but never dared act on it. She noticed that her voice was heavy with arousal and wondered if he had heard it too as she spoke. Her eyes never left his as she waited for his reply.

"Geez, Wendy, I wasn't thinking about us doing anything when I said I liked them. I just wanted to reassure you," he said. His voice was full of hesitation though, as he considered her offer. It was something he had longed to do for years. "I mean, me looking at them is one thing, but we probably shouldn't."

Wendy gave her brother a foxy grin. "I didn't ask if you thought we should," she countered. "I asked if you wanted to."

Andrew swallowed hard. "Ah... yeah. I mean, what guy wouldn't want to?" he stammered and forced a smile.

That was the answer that Wendy was waiting for. She took her brother's hands in hers and brought them up to her chest. She arched her back as she pressed his palms to her breasts, pushing them down hard on her firm mounds. She smiled into his eyes as she ran her fingers along his, prompting him to squeeze her breasts. His touch was tentative and gentle at first, and she was excited by his shyness. Soon he began rubbing and kneading. His thumbs rubbed over her nipples, making them harden and swell even more. A soft moan left her mouth as he fondled her.

"How do they feel?" she asked, sounding breathless.

"Great," her brother said, staring wide-eyed as he pushed her breasts up into firm peaks. He gripped them harder, watching how her thick nipples stood out from the material covering them.

Wendy's hand had come to rest on her brother's right thigh. She slowly caressed it, wishing she could cup his package in her hand. It looked as though he had a sizable cock hiding in his jeans, she thought. But she knew that was going too far. Besides, he might cum right there if she did that.

She ran her hands up to his waist, holding on to him as he continued to fondle her and rub her tingling nipples. A shiver ran through her body and it felt as though an electric current had gone directly to her clit. It throbbed harder. She was breathing faster now and looking down at her chest. Seeing her brother's hands on her breasts was almost surreal to her, but it was the most thrilling thing she had ever done in her life. She felt wicked and trashy, and she loved it. She was also somewhat surprised and pleased to see that he was unable to fully hold her breasts in his hands.

"Mmmm... Andrew, that feels so good," Wendy said with a moan.

Andrew raised his eyes from his sister's chest, still gripping her breasts firmly in his hands. He could feel them push into his palms as she breathed and he squeezed them harder. His sister's face had taken on the flush of arousal and he was happy to see that he had been able to turn her on -- maybe even as much as he was. He pinched her left nipple and smiled when she responded with another throaty moan. He squeezed harder, pushing his sister's breasts upwards and together, imagining his hard cock sliding between them until he gave her a pearl necklace. When she leaned away about fifteen seconds later with an apologetic glance into his eyes he knew that their forbidden playtime had come to an end. He slid his hands down to her waist, resting them just above her hips.

"We better stop," she said. But she looked as regretful as he felt. "I'm sorry. I'm just scared that Mom might show up."

"Yeah... okay," he agreed.

Wendy's cheeks felt warm and her mouth was dry. She looked down and was surprised and even a little embarrassed by how her thick nipples were poking out from her t-shirt. She gave it a tug, pulling it away from her chest as she smiled at her brother.

"If Mom saw me now, she'd know for sure just how horny I am," she said with a brazen laugh.

Andrew's eyes widened a bit at his sister's comment. "You... you are?" he said.

His sister laughed. "Well, what do you expect, after what you just did to my tits?" she joked. Her eyes moved down to her brother's lap and she surveyed the bulge in his jeans, unconsciously licking her lips as she imagined tugging at his zipper. "And it looks like I'm not the only one who is either," she added, her eyes not leaving his erection.

Andrew gave his sister a shy smile. "Yeah," he said in a hoarse voice. "I mean, you're not the only one."

Wendy's eyes locked on her brother's and she leaned closer. In a thick, sultry voice she said "You know what I really want to do with you now, Andrew?"

Andrew felt his heart lurch and his cock throb. "No... what?" he asked, filled with nervousness and excitement.

"Play Scrabble!"

Wendy let out a sharp laugh as she turned and pulled the game box closer. Then she gave her brother a sympathetic smile when she saw the look of disappointment on his face. "Well, it's not like we can really do what we both want to..." Her voice faded out and her eyes were filled with longing.

"No... yeah... you're right," he mumbled.

"Yeah, Mom or Dad might catch us." Wendy looked up as she brought the game board from the box and flashed her brother a teasing grin.

The siblings sat together on the bed, separated by the Scrabble board, and united by their yearning for one another. When their mother knocked on the door just before six o'clock to tell them they would be going back to Cindy's Cafe for supper they both jumped and turned in the direction of the knocking.

"That must be The Spanish Inquisition," Wendy joked as she made her way to the door.

"I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition," her brother shot back and began laughing.

Wendy and Andrew felt nervous and apprehensive around their parents now that they had a dirty secret to conceal. But that also excited them. As their father drove to Cindy's Cafe they took sideways glances at each other in the back seat of the van, each smirking. They made an effort to make conversation with their parents throughout supper, fearing that either of them might notice something different in their behavior, but it was forced. They just wanted to be back at the inn and be alone with each other again.

By the time the siblings returned to Bayview Bed and Breakfast after supper they were relieved. Not only were they glad to be alone in their room again, but they were just as glad to be away from their parents' watchful eyes. It was getting close to eight and each wondered how they were going to pass the time till they went to bed.

Wendy sat down on the bed beside her brother. Her eyes met his and she smiled. "Another game of Scrabble?" she asked.

"Maybe later," he said.

"Oh... is there something you'd rather do?" Wendy gave her brother a teasing grin as she turned towards him, sliding closer on the bed.

Andrew frowned and mentally conceded to himself that playing Scrabble was perhaps their only option to pass the time, despite the thoughts that his libido was filling his mind with. "Okay... Scrabble it is," he sighed, sounding weary.

Despite Andrew's initial reluctance over playing Scrabble with his sister he soon began to enjoy himself and lost track of time. It was just over two hours later when he noticed Wendy glance over at the clock that he realized that so much time had passed.

"Getting sleepy?" she asked.

"Not really." Andrew frowned.

"Well, I'm going to have a shower so I'll be ready for bed," his sister announced.

Andrew grunted, watching as Wendy gathered up a towel and other toiletries, then left the room. His horniness had not waned, and he soon grew impatient for her to return from the shower. He wanted to shower before bed too, but more importantly, he felt a desperate urge to masturbate. When his sister returned a half hour later he smiled.

"My turn," he said as he got up from the bed.

Wendy was wearing a long red t-shirt and her damp hair hung down over her shoulders. Andrew took a quick glance at her, struck by how pretty she was, and how her thick nipples stood out from her t-shirt. That image stayed with him as he stood under the hot spray of the shower, stroking his hard cock.

When Andrew returned to their room almost a half hour later he halted abruptly, surprised to see his sister lying in his bed. He closed the door behind him and approached her, puzzled and nervous. He had put his clothes back on after his shower and now began to wonder how he was going to get changed for bed. The room was dark, save for a light on the nightstand nearest to him.

"I thought that was my bed," he said, trying to sound jovial.

"It is," his sister replied, shooting him an enticing smile. She turned on her right side, facing him, and looked up. "I thought that now that we're... closer, we only needed one bed."

Andrew looked at his sister lying on the bed. "What if Mom comes over again?" he asked.

"Then I'll get out of your bed," she said. "I already pulled the blankets down so it looks like I slept in my bed." She reached out and tugged at his fingers. "Come on, Andrew," she implored. "It will be okay. We don't have to do anything... just cuddle."

His sister's lilting voice was too much for Andrew to resist. Still, the bed was quite small and he grew apprehensive at the thought of her feeling his erection if she pressed against him throughout the night.

"I... uh, don't know. The bed looks kind of small," he stammered.

His sister chuckled. "That's what makes it all-the-more fun," she asserted.

Andrew nodded in agreement, still concerned.

"Oh, quit being so uptight and get in," she ordered. She pulled the covers aside for him to join her.

"I have to get undressed first," he said. "Turn around."

His sister let out a frustrated sigh and rolled over to face the wall. "There - you happy now?" she spat out.

Andrew never answered. He hurriedly slipped his sneakers off and hauled his jeans down. Once he kicked his jeans aside he quickly slid under the covers beside his sister. He lay there, looking up at the ceiling. His hands were folded on his chest and his heart felt like a jackhammer under them. When Wendy turned over to face him he felt beads of sweat forming on his upper lip.

"You look as frightened as a little bunny," his sister teased, then giggled.

Andrew shot her an irritated look from the corners of his eyes. She was leaning on her right elbow. Her hair dangled down over her left shoulder and her breasts strained her t-shirt. He forced his eyes from her nipples, but said nothing. Then she leaned closer and softly pressed her lips to his cheek and kissed him.

"Sweet dreams," she whispered, then turned over.

Once he had turned off the lamp on the night stand, and his eyes adjusted to the darked room, Andrew was soon able to see his sister lying beside him, aided by the moonlight streaming through the window. Forcing thoughts of her from his mind, he rolled over with his back to her. It wasn't long before he fell asleep.


Andrew had no idea what the time was when he woke up that night. All he knew was that he had turned over in his sleep, and now his hard cock was pressing against his sister's back. He lay beside her, frozen in terror, wondering what to do. He feared that if he moved too quickly she would wake up and feel his shaft against her. Seconds passed, although they seemed like minutes to Andrew as he tried to remain calm. Then she spoke.

"Andrew... are you awake?"

"Yeah... he groaned.

"And hard," she whispered, then let out a soft chuckle.

He moved away from her, as though she was a hot stove.

"It's okay if you are," she added, her voice still muted. "I could tell that you were earlier, when you were feeling me. I mean, it's only natural, right? It's just that I was thinking it must be uncomfortable for you, and if you want to, you know... take care of it... it's alright."

Andrew winced as he stared at the ceiling. "I'm fine, Wendy," he snapped.

Wendy sighed and rolled over to face her brother, propping herself up on an elbow. Her hand glided feather-light over his chest as she leaned over him, her right breast rubbed over his arm. "I was bad earlier, in the shower," she said, breathing on his neck. "And I just thought that it might help you to sleep if you... did it too."

Andrew looked at his sister lying beside him, her warm body radiating on his. Her veiled remark about the shower had caused his resistance to fade. Now it was replaced by lusty hunger. "What do you mean... bad?" he asked, turning his head towards her, eager to hear more.

Wendy smiled, knowing she had piqued his interest. "I was feeling a naughty, so I played a little."

"Played?" he prodded, although he knew what she was insinuating.

Wendy tittered, knowing her brother wanted to hear salacious details and the thought of describing to him what she had done excited her even more. "Well, first I rubbed my pussy," she said, breathing on his ear. "I was still so wet from you holding me earlier on the bench. My clit was hard, throbbing, and I rubbed it hard while I played with my nipples. You should have seen me. I must have looked like such a horny slut." Another nervous giggle left her mouth.

"I bet you looked hot," he said, feeling his heart pound.

"You think so?" she asked softly. Her eyes widened as she looked down at her brother. "Would you have liked to have watched?"

"I... ah... sure," he muttered.

Wendy traced her fingertips over her brother's stomach through his t-shirt, inching them lower with each stroke. "Would you like to watch me do it now?" she purred. Her question was answered with a wide-eyed stare, so she added "You could do it too -- it would be fun."

Andrew felt his heart hammering and he noticed that his breathing had grown rapid. His cock was beginning to make a tent in the covers and he was almost certain that his sister would notice it, if she hadn't already. "I don't know," he stuttered. "Wouldn't that be kind of... weird?" His narrowed eyes met his sister's

"Think of it as a little kinky... or naughty," she grinned.

His sister's proposal was enticing, but considering how horny Andrew was, anything she suggested would have been enticing. He gave her a dubious look. The look on her face was wanton and and he could tell that she was as horny as he was.

"I'll make a deal with you," she offered, interrupting his thoughts.


"We're on vacation, and we're stuck on this godforsaken island. Let's agree that whatever happens while we're here doesn't count. Once we get back home, things will go back to normal, and we'll have some great memories." Once she finished, Wendy gave her brother a hopeful look.

Andrew considered his sister's suggestion, wondering how things could ever go back to normal if they were that intimate while on Bethel Island. But he could feel his apprehension wane as his libido over-ruled his judgment. "I just don't know how things could ever be normal again," he said. "I mean, I could never look at you the same again."

His sister let out a giggle. "You've already been looking at me for years, and I don't mean in an innocent way," she said. "It will just be... different. Besides, we don't share a room back home, and Mom and Dad are always around; think of them as chaperones. Nothing will happen 'cause nothing can happen."

Wendy's logic made sense to Andrew. He nodded. "So... what did you have in mind?" he asked hesitantly. The truth was that whatever his sister had in mind was alright with Andrew at this point. He just wanted it to be her idea though, so he didn't suggest they do something beyond what she was comfortable with.

"That we play... you know?" she said. "No touching -- just lie here and watch each other do it."

Andrew's smile grew wide, and Wendy knew he liked her suggestion. Without waiting for him to say or do anything, she tugged at the covers, pulling them down to her hips. Next, she pulled her t-shirt up towards her shoulders, exposing her breasts. The room air on her hard, pink nipples felt good and they tingled. She watched her brother from the corner of her eye as her hand glided down her flat stomach towards her wet pussy. Her finger slid over the thin strip of hair to her wet lips. She pressed down on her swollen clit and began moving her finger up and down over it. A moan escaped her parted lips and she lifted her ass from the bed slightly.

"God, I'm so horny, Andrew," she moaned. "Stroke your cock while you watch me cum."

Upon hearing that, and seeing the look of pleasure on his sister's face, Andrew yanked his underwear down to his knees. His cock rose, rubbing against the sheet covering them and he wrapped his fist around it. He gave his shaft a hard squeeze and began stroking it slowly, watching his sister. Even lying on her back, he was taken by how her firm breasts stood up like two cones. She was rubbing and tugging at her left nipple, making it thicker and longer.

"You look so sexy," Andrew moaned, watching Wendy play with herself.

Wendy turned her head towards him, smiling through half-closed eyes. "Thanks. I feel really nasty though," she said. She slid two fingers in her tight pussy. They made a lewd wet sound as she buried them deep inside her walls, then began working them in and out.

A soft moan left Wendy's mouth, then she turned her head back towards her brother and shot him a devilish grin. Slowly she slipped her wet fingers from inside her sopping pussy and pressed them to her brother's lips. Raising up on her elbow again she smeared her musky juice over his lower lip. When his lips parted and he began sucking on her fingers she slid them deeper into his mouth, running her fingertips over his tongue. Moments later she pulled them out, making a smacking sound as she broke the suction.

"God, you taste so good," Andrew moaned.

"Really? Do I?" she asked nervously.

Andrew gave his sister an eager nod as his eyes roamed down her body to where her fingers had just been. He stared at her damp hair and lips, glistening in the moonlight. Then, moving like a cat, he crouched between her slightly parted thighs, pushing on the insides of her knees to spread her legs wider. His eyes widened and his tongue flicked out as he stared at what he craved.

"Andrew, what the..." Wendy gasped. But before she could finish her thought she felt her brother's tongue slide up her lips to her pulsing clit. She moaned and lifted her ass up from the bed to meet his licking and probing. Her hands went to his head and her fingers raked through his hair as her moans grew louder. "Jesus, that feels so good..." she groaned.

Andrew barely heard his sister. All of his attention was focused on how she tasted and felt on his tongue as he lapped and probed at her soft folds. Parting her wet lips wide with his thumb he pushed a finger inside her. He began to wiggle it, pressing up on her G-spot as he pinched her pulsing clit between his lips. He sucked hard on her pink pearl as he worked his finger faster in and out of her tight pussy. When she arched her back, grinding her wet petals against his mouth he grew more forceful -- fingering her harder and deeper as he pinched and sucked on her swollen clit with his lips.

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