tagInterracial LoveBeth's Beautiful Blackmail

Beth's Beautiful Blackmail


I am a track coach at a prestigious college. I should explain I am black, 5'10 and have an athlete's body. Small breasts, long firm legs and am perfectly fit. Ashley, my new and upcoming track star was as white as they come, with blonde hair, perky small breasts, long perfectly tanned legs and an ass so tight even straight people noticed it.

Anyhow, Ashley was a great runner, but had major problems taking orders from me. I quickly realized it was a race issue and decided to do something about it. Now I should say that I have almost always kept my work life and my sex life separate, but when Ashley gave me attitude day after day, I decided to do something about it. Then I met her mother at our first track meet and it all came together. Ashley finished 2nd, which is very good for a first year college student, but her mom implied to me that it was my coaching that prevented her from winning. Ashley had never lost a track meet in high school and thus was not used to defeat. Anyways, I told her mother, Mary, to meet me in my office on Monday after practice and we could discuss this situation. She left in a huff, but told me she would be there. I called Ashley into my office on Monday morning.

"Ashley came in, wearing her track suit and usual ponytail, and sat down when I pointed to the chair."

Ignoring any pleasantries I said in a rather aggressive tone, "Ashley it seems you have a problem with me."

Ashley gave an over-the-top sigh.

I stood up, walked over to her and said, "It is obvious it is because I am black."

Ashley, her face not even attempting to hide her distain for me, said, "Obviously."

"Why do you hate blacks?" I asked.

In a superior tone Ashley said, "Mommy and daddy taught me that the white race has always been superior and that the other minorities, you guys in particular, are trying to take away our power."

"And you believe it?" I asked in a questioning tone.

Ashley said, attitude dripping from every word, "Well look at you. 20 years ago, you would not be my coach."

"Well that is true. It is called civil rights." Ashley sighed. I lingered before I said, "Well I think you are scared of me because you fear the truth."

"What truth?" she asked curious but annoyed.

"That we are the better race and that you will submit to us," I said so matter-of-factly that it just seemed like common sense. Ashley began to get up but I said forcefully, "Sit down." Ashley obeyed, slightly frightened by my tone. "Now it is time to retrain you. To put you in my place."

"Excuse me," she said offended.

"You have made many enemies here in a short time," I explained.

"How so?" she said in a prima donna tone.

I went to the door and opened it, letting Mike in. Mike was a 6 foot 2 black man who was also on the track team. "You know Mike?"

"Unfortunately," she responded her face full of disdain.

"Well Mike is going to fuck you with his big black cock while you eat my pussy," I explained.

"What?" she asked shocked by my words.

"Are you deaf and dumb? I said Mike is going to fuck you with his big, hard, thick black cock while your white face is between my dark skinned legs."

Ashley stood up and said defiantly, "No fucking way."

"You got the fucking part right. You do as I say or your scholarship is gone," I said pushing her back down.

"You can not do that," she said.

"I can do anything I want. Did you know that Mike found cocaine in your locker today?"

" I don't do drugs," she said proudly.

"I know that and you know that, but who is the Dean going to believe, some 20 something track rookie or a tenured state champion coach?" I asked setting up the plan.

Ashley, just beginning to realize the problem she was in, "Um, you are blackmailing me."

"You could call it that. I call it pro-active training. Not to mention fucking Mike is a great workout for a white bitch like you."

Ashley finally coming to grip with her situation pleaded, "I'm sorry. I will be better."

"Oh I know. When I am done with you, you will be a changed woman," I said, as my hand trailed through her hair.

"Please," she begged.

"Good, I like begging. Now beg Mike to let him see his cock," I toyed.

"No, please, I can't," she said, tears beginning to stream down her face.

" Mike let her see what you have to offer," I said.

Ashley's eyes went big as Mike dropped his pants and presented a stiff nine inch cock.

"Impressive hey? Did you know that most black men have cocks at least an inch bigger than a white guy. Not to mention most black men are in better shape and thus have much greater stamina in bed," I explained.

Ashley sat in complete silence, although her eyes never left the big black hard cock.

"Mike, go offer your cock to Ashley," I instructed. Mike moved towards the white bitch.

"Please, I can't. My daddy would kill me," she explained worried and nervous.

"Don't worry girl, your mommy will be taking the same cock after school," I explained announcing my entire plan.

"She would never," Ashley said confidently.

"Ashley have you not figured it out. All white women will submit to a black cock or pussy if given the chance. You have already decided you are going to fuck his stiff rod, you can't wait. Thus this lame protesting is silly," I said confidently, as my hand felt her cunt in her track pants, giving her pubic hair a yank and said, "Shave it, bitch, cunt hair is disgusting."

Ashley gave a loud yelp as I added, "You're wet already Ashley? Why is that?"

Ashley's wet cunt, giving her pubic hair a yank as she does it, and snap "shave it, bitch, cunt hair is disgusting".

"Please stop," she weakly protested.

I leaned in and kissed her; as expected she didn't break away. I broke the kiss and said, "Ashley you are now mine. I own your pussy. Do you understand?" My hand pushed onto her pussy through her track pants as Ashley gave a slight moan, but didn't respond, her face red with embarrassment. I demanded in a dominant tone, "Take off your pants now."

Ashley looked at Mike and back to me then silently took off her track pants.

"Everything else as well ," I added. Ashley obeyed nervously.

"So you do understand," I said as my hand slowly moved to her breasts. "You are mine. Say it, say you are my slave."

Ashley, with a bit of her old attitude back, said, "Please lets just get this over with."

"Ok," I said, as I sat up on my desk and hike up my skirt showcasing my shaved pussy, "bend over." Ashley bent over and Mike positioned himself behind her. I repeated the question, "Ashley, are you ready to submit?"

Ashley answered stubbornly, "I am not submitting to you. I am just doing this so I won't lose my scholarship."

"I see," I said vaguely and then instructed, "Mike, fuck her." Mike slid his cock into her pussy. After a couple minutes of pounding, Ashley began moaning. I then said, "Mike pull out." Ashley looked up at me annoyed and I asked, "What?"

Ashley babbled, "Ummm...I..."

I teased, "Were you enjoying a black cock in your white pussy?"

Frustrated, Ashley admitted, "Yes dammit. Fine, does that make you happy?"

I sarcastically said, "Thrilled. Now beg for Mike to fuck you."

Ashley sighed and said, "Fine, Mike please fuck me with your massive fucking cock."

"Better, but if I recall you were not going to submit," I toyed.

"Fine what do you want from me? I love his cock in me. I don't care if he is black, white or fucking Asian, I just want it back in me," she said incredibly frustrated.

"So, you want his black cock back in you?" I asked looking foe confirmation.

"Yes dammit, I want his black thick cock in me. Now just let him fuck me," Ashley said way past frustrated.

"Do you submit?" I asked again.

Defeated and way past horny she said, "Yes, I submit."

"To my every command?" I went further.

"Yes, to your every command," Ashley said exhausted by the game.

"You understand that means crawling over here and eating my pussy until I cum.," I informed her, now sitting on my desk.

"Um..." Ashley began unsure.

"That means becoming my personal sex toy," I continued.

"I just..." Ashley tried to say.

"Mike, plug her cunt for a few more strokes," I instructed.

"No, I , oh yes, Mike, fuck me, fuck, you fill me up completely," Ashley moaned now focused on pleasure again.

"Pull out."

"Fuck, no, Mike, no coach, fine, I am yours, now let him fuck me," Ashley pleaded.

"I need convincing. Now crawl over here and eat my pussy," taking off my track pants.

Ashley sighed, but got on her knees and crawled over, " I have never done this before."

"Don't worry, practice makes perfect. By the time I am done with you, your will be a great pussy pleaser," I said, confidently.

"Done with me?" Ashley said scared.

"Yes. You will be eating pussy every day. Mine, my friends," I explained.

"I..." Ashley began.

"Don't you understand, there is no middle ground. Either you walk out of this office right now and lose your scholarship, or you submit to being my personal slave. The choice is entirely yours," I explained. Ashley looked at me confused and bewildered.

"Now, beg to eat my pussy," I said getting tired of the game.

"Coach, can I eat your pussy," Ashley said dryly.

"Really that is all you got? Convince me you really want to."

"Coach, please let me lick your shaved pussy, let me be your white bitch," Ashley said attempting to please.

I grabbed her head into my wet pussy. "Good girl." She licked my pussy and although she lacked any sort of technique she was getting me horny. I grabbed her hair and rubbed her face all over my black honey. This rough play had me hot and I came on the white track slave's face. As I recovered from a small, but decent orgasm, I said, "Slave, that was decent for a first time, but we have lots of work to do on that. Now do you want Mike's cock?"

"Yes," Ashley said excitedly.

"Yes what?"

"Yes please?" she said confused.

"No, try again," I said looking for a certain phrase.

"Um, I got nothing coach?"

"You are my slave, my fuck toy, my whore, and I am your..." I led.

"Master?" she said catching on.

"Master, mistress, either or," I said.

"Please master, let Mike fuck my white wet pussy," she begged,

"Oh, no, no. Beg him to fuck your white tight ass," I said catching her completely of guard.

"Oh no, I have never..." she protested.

I slapped her face as I said angrily, "I did not ask for a fucking commentary. Mike fuck her pussy, till she is close." Mike hammered her with powerful strokes and Ashley was getting incredibly animated.

"Oh fuck, don't stop. It feels so fucking good," she moaned.

"Pull out Mike."

Ashley, dejected, begged, "No Mike, put it back in. I will do anything."

"Suck his cock," I demanded.

Ashley quickly pounced on his cock and started sucking like the white trash whore I knew she was.

"You like sucking cock do you?" I said teasingly. Ashley gave a muffled response with Mike's black cock in her mouth. "You have had Mike's cock in two of your three holes now haven't you?"

Ashley, finally submitting completely, smiled for the first time as she said, "Fine mistress. I get it. I am your whore. Mike, please shove your black cock in my virgin ass."

"Good girl. You do understand don't you?"

"Yes mistress. I didn't know sex could feel so good," Ashley said as horny as she had ever been.

"No white cock ever made you feel this good?" I asked coyly.

"God no? No even close. If all black men have cocks like Mike and fuck like Mike that is all I ever want in me," Ashley declared now a new woman.

I pulled a strap-on from my dufflebag and put it on; I then laid on the floor. "Straddle my cock my white whore."

Ashley did not even hesitate and soon had taken all 7 inches of my plastic toy in her cunt.

"Mike now plug her ass," I demanded. Mike obeyed and Ashley gave a loud grunt as she took her first cock in her ass.

"It's ok slave. It will hurt for a while, but when the pleasure starts to surge through you, you will quake like you have never quaked before. Now kiss your mistress."

Ashley leaned in and kissed me. Mike was not gentle as he pushed his thick cock in the white girl's virgin ass. Ashley moaned into my mouth and next 10 minutes our lips never parted, as she had a couple orgasms. Finally Mike pulled out, grabbed Ashley by the hair and shoved his cock in her mouth. He then held her head and face fucked her until he sprayed a load down the slut's throat. He kept pumping until he began shrinking and then pulled out.

"So slave, in a few hours your mother becomes my slave as well," I explained.

Ashley shook her head and said, "She is way more racist than I am."

'Don't worry, before I am done she will take Mike's cock in her ass while you watch."

"Yes mistress."

"Now go to class, be back here by 3."

"Yes mistress."

The day flew by and soon enough it was 3 o'clock and Ashley returned.

"Ashley, we are going to use blackmail against her too. You can watch from the room next door. A camcorder will be taping everything so you can have a live feed of the action," I said.

"You taped my submission?" Ashley said embarrassed.

"Of course. Now sign this piece of paper and go," I said, handing her a paper admitting she cheated on an exam.

"Yes mistress," she said and signed the paper and left the room.

Her mother showed up dressed in a business suit, clearly coming straight from work. The outfit spoke volumes; it said, I am rich and powerful. It was ironically impressive.

"Hi, Mrs. Weber."

"Coach," she said with a slight drip of attitude in her tone.

"This is Mike. He is a teammate of your daughter," I introduced.

She said with a fake smile, "It is a pleasure."

"I have some disturbing news for you," I opened.

"What is it?" Mrs. Weber asked concerned.

"Your daughter was caught cheating on a test by Mike here," I explained.

"She would never," Mrs. Weber said defensively.

"Mike has a signed confession from your daughter," I said as I handed her the paper.

Mrs. Weber looked at it. "It is her signature. Umm, I am not saying she did this, but if she did what are the consequences?" Mrs. Weber clearly knew how the game worked.

"She did do it and the consequence if the Dean finds out is the loss of her scholarship, she would be off the team and she may be expelled," I answered the consequences.

"We can't let that happen," said aghast.

"Well what choice do we have?" I toyed.

"Can't we give her a second chance?"

"Well we could I suppose, but we must gain from the transaction," I said with a slight seductive tone.

"How so?" she asked curious.

"Well I know you hate me because I am black," I began.

"I never..." she began defensively.

"Your daughter told me. Said you and your husband hate all blacks," I explained.

"I-I-I-I..." she stuttered.

"Told me you said she did not win last week because she had a black coach."

"Yes well..." she attempted to explain.

"So I do have a proposition," I said walking from behind my desk.

"You do?"

"Yes, but you will not like it," I informed her.

"I will do anything," she explained.

"Get on your knees and suck Mike's cock here," I said abruptly.

"Excuse me," she said shocked.

"I hate white bitches like you who think you are better then me because of the color of your skin. I want to show you what makes being black great. Now get on your knees and suck his cock."

"Are you serious?" she asked her face clearly portraying her distain.

"Deadly," I replied.

Mrs. Weber, realized she had no other choice if she was going to protect her daughter, reluctantly got on her knees, and took out Mike's cock. The lok of surprise was priceless as she said, in a whisper, "Oh my."

"Oh my what?" I teased.

"It is really big."

"Bigger than your husband's?" I asked.


"Suck it," I demanded. She leaned in and took the black stiff rod in her mouth. I grabbed the camera and took a few pictures.

Hearing the camera Mrs. Weber looked up and said, "What the..."

But I roared, "Keep sucking slut."

She looked at me defiantly and said, "I am not a slut."

I laughed as I said, "You are sucking a black cock in my office to protect your daughter, you are a slut. Now keep sucking. "

Defeated, Mrs. Weber, took Mike's cock back in her mouth. She sucked his cock with relative expertise and Mike shot his load all over her face. Mrs. Weber stood up, "Fine can I go now?"

I laughed again, "Oh honey, we are just getting started."

"I thought if I sucked his cock, you would give Ashley a second chance," she said surprised.

"Oh I will give her a second chance, but not till I have really put you in your place." At that moment three of my good friends walked in and started undressing. "Mrs. Weber, meet Carl, Jim and Biff."

Mrs. Weber's mouth dropped open.

"It is time to understand your new role in life. My slave," I announced.

"Pardon," Mrs. Weber said stunned.

"Strip," I instructed.

"No," Mrs. Weber said with a new found confidence.

"I own you. I have pictures of you sucking black cock. Unless you do as you're told, I send them to your boss," I blackmailed.

"You wouldn't," she said.

I didn't even dignify such stupidity with an answer as I again demanded, "Strip."

Mrs. Weber obeys reluctantly, but tries to cover her body.

"Carl lay down. Mrs. Weber get on his cock," I said casually. Both obeyed and Mrs. Weber moaned loudly as soon as the cock engulfed her white prim pussy. "Ride him, slut."

Mrs. Weber started bouncing up and down. Jim shoved his cock in her mouth and Mrs. Weber began sucking with some difficulty. After a couple minutes, Biff positions himself behind Mrs. Weber and stopped Mrs. Weber from fucking Carl and slowly pushed his cock into the white wife's ass. Mrs. Weber moaned and tries to keep riding the cock, while another pumped her ass.

I was horny as hell and asked Mike to go and get Ashley. When she arrived I demanded she eat me. Mrs. Weber did not see her daughter's arrival. Carl lets out a grunt and shoots a load in the white woman's cunt. Biff pulls out of her ass, flips her over and fucks her pussy too. After he shoots a load in her, Jim replaces him and pumps his load in her. Mike then spews a fourth load in her pussy.

"Oh my god, I am not on the pill," Mrs. Weber says freaking out.

"Its ok, you will make a good black baby carrier," I said, her daughter between my legs.

"My husband is going to kill me," she said frantic, cum leaking from her well fucked pussy.

"Get over here and replace your daughter between my legs," I demanded, ignoring her worries.


"Your daughter is also my whore. Now replace her between your mistress' legs," I said non-chalantly.

" I-ummm..." she babbled.

"Mom, just shut up and eat mistress' pussy," Ashley yelled at her mother and then grabbed her mother and shoved her between my legs. Mrs. Weber ate my pussy and I came on her face after only a couple minutes of such sweet submission.

"You have ate pussy before haven't you?" I asked.



"You would not know her," Mrs. Weber said.

"Who?" I repeated annoyed.

"Carol," she said ashamed.

"Grandma?" her daughter asked stunned.

"Your mother?" I repeated just as stunned.

"No, no, no. My husband's mother,' she said attempting to make it less dirty.

"And blacks are the bad race?" I said condescendingly.

"She is very powerful woman," Mrs. Weber said as if it was an explanation.

"I see. Hey look Mary, the boys are getting hard again," I said, making sure she noticed the name change.

"Please no more," she said looking beaten and tired.

"You can leave after all four have came in your slutty white pussy. Ashley keep the boys hard for your mommy," I instructed.

"Yes, mistress," my new obedient white slut obeyed .She started sucking Mike. The next half hour included 4 more loads of cum in Mary's white pussy.

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