tagLoving WivesBeth's Birthday Adventure

Beth's Birthday Adventure


I don't know how it happened. It was beyond my wildest dreams. My wife and I were on vacation at a well known all inclusive resort in the Caribbean and we had been drinking since noon. We had done shots at the swim up bar with Harold the bartender and we had ingested far more alcohol than food but alcohol alone couldn't explain what happened that night.

I watched him dancing with my wife with an odd mix of jealousy and curiosity. He was a good dancer with moves that were practiced yet seemed spontaneous and my wife fed off him. Her body twisted and writhed and she moved her hands over her curves, smoothing her short dress to her body as she looked into his glimmering eyes.

They had been dancing for more than hour and his dark ebony flesh glistened with sweat. His dark eyes held my wife's gaze and she smiled at him as she moved her hips in a decidedly sexual manner. From twenty feet away I could see the chemistry between them and my pulse quickened.

Beth and I had been married for seventeen years and we'd lived a sheltered and conservative live in the suburbs of Washington, DC. We were members of the PTA. She had been a girl scout leader and I'd coached youth football and little league baseball. We were in Jamaica to celebrate our respective 40th birthdays and it was our second night of seven at the resort.

The first day and night of our vacation had been low key. We had spent the day at the quiet pool and we'd had a romantic dinner at the resort's Italian restaurant overlooking the water. After dinner we'd gone back to our room and had some of the most passionate and inspired sex we'd had in years after which we'd fallen asleep, exhausted from our early start.

Our second day at the resort had been much more raucous. We had lunch on the deck of the main pool, accurately dubbed the party pool, and we spent the next fivehours drinking beer, shots and a delicious mixed drink called a Jamaican Smile with a group of strangers who quickly became friends. We'd had dinner with a bottle of good wine at the main restaurant and after dinner Beth had insisted that we go to the dance club. I'd eagerly agreed, but mostly for the people watching because I'd never been much of a dancer.

My cock began to swell as her dance partner moved his hands from Beth's wide hips to her narrow waist. She'd been a petite girl, with slender hips and perky c cup breasts when we'd met in college but she'd matured into a curvaceous woman with and hour glass figure and heavy d cup tits. They'd grown precipitously when she was pregnant with our daughter and again with our son and they'd never gone away after that, which was fine with me. My body had changed too over the years but I'd worked hard in the gym to stay in shape: lifting weights, running, swimming or biking almost daily. My love of food and beer kept me from having washboard abs like her young, muscular dance partner but I was in great shape for a 40 year old man with a high stress office job.

Beth turned away from him and he moved behind her big, round ass. He held her hips as they gyrated to the beat and her smiling eyes met mine. She looked happy and playful and her big, baby blue eyes widened as he ground his pelvis against her butt. She bent forward at the waist and laughed. She wiggled her hips, rubbing against him in an exceptionally sexual manner while she looked into my eyes, gaging my reaction to her playful actions.

I was surprisingly okay with what they were doing and I returned her smile. I had never been an overly jealous person but she'd never really tested me either. With her generous curves she'd often gotten hit on when we went out, and usually by black guys, who seemed to gravitate to her big, round ass. She sometimes flirted a little but she never crossed the line into dangerous territory.

Beth blew me a kiss and then straightened up as if to say "just teasing." The deep bass continued to thump as one modern hip hop song morphed into the next. It wasn't my type of music but I wasn't dancing.

Beth's partner moved his hands from her hips to her slightly doughy stomach and pulled her tight against him. He leaned forward and whispered something in her ear and her eyes widened again. She craned her neck and whispered her response and his bright white smile grew bigger.

The glazed look in my wife's pretty eyes made the hairs on my neck rise to attention and blood rushed to fill my dick as his hands moved up her body. He cupped her big, natural breasts and she leaned into him with half closed eyes. Her nipples became visible through the thin cotton of her low cut, sleeveless dress and my head started to spin.

He whispered to her again, his lips brushing against her ear lobe and Beth nodded. Her body turned to face him and her hands slid around his waist, drawing him tight. Their eyes met and they ground their hips sensuously and slowly together. The look in their eyes was pure heat and they writhed to the beat of the music.

My cock grew stiff in my shorts and I adjusted it down the leg of my boxer briefs. My heart was racing and I felt disoriented as if what I was watching was just a dream. Like many men I was something of a voyeur and most of my fantasies involved watching two women having sex while I watched and then joined it. I'd dreamed that one of the women would be my wife but she was decidedly straight and had no sexual interest in girls but I'd never fantasized about watching her with a man, until that moment.

The song ended creating a natural break and they hugged during the pause. Beth leaned in and whispered to him and he nodded as he glanced in my direction. She slipped from his thick, well defined arms and grabbed his hand, leading him from the crowded dance floor as the next song began to play.

Beth shook her damp, sweat soaked hair as she approached my table. She looked radiant and her cheeks were flushed pink. My heart and chest swelled with pride and lust knowing that she would be going home with me at the end of the night.

"We needed a break," She said as she wiped sweat from her brow and grinned sheepishly.

"I can see that."

"Did you enjoy the show?" Beth teased, her eyes dancing playfully with mine as her hips gently swayed to the music. Her hand continued to hold his and I glanced at him for a moment before looking back into my wife's crazy, drunk eyes.

"It was interesting," I replied with a disarming grin. I had butterflies in my stomach and I felt the tension of her unspoken message.

"Oh, where are my manners. This is Trevor and Trevor, this is my husband Jeremy," Beth said motioning to me with her left hand while continuing to hold his with her right.

"Hi Trevor," I said, sizing him up. He looked strong and powerful despite being only average height. I smiled down at him, letting him see how much taller I was than he, and he smiled back, unfazed by my feeble attempt to seem imposing.

"Nice to meet you," Trevor said in a proper English accent. He shook my hand and I felt better, for reasons I couldn't explain.

"I need a drink," Beth said, looking at me expectantly. Despite my type A personality, Beth had always run the roost, and I nodded.

"What do you want Babe?" I asked as I held the chair so she could climb up into it. At 5'3" she was a full foot shorter that I.

"A Cosmo," she grinned and nodded. She had been mixing alcohols all day and at the pool I'd wondered if she was going to past past dinner but she'd rallied after eating and she looked like she was ready to party all night.

"Anything for you Trevor?"

"Yes, please. A Scotch, Balvenie 15, neat," he smiled and I nodded as he sat across from my wife.

They were deep in conversation when I returned with three drinks. I'd been drinking beer to sober up after dinner but after watching them dance and seeing the electric chemistry between them I needed something stronger and I'd gotten a Balvenie for myself too.

"Thank you Baby," my wife said. She put her arm around my waist and pulled me close. She looked up at me expectantly and silently beckoned me closer.

We kissed softly and her warm, supple lips melted against mine. Her tongue dipped playfully into my mouth and touched mine as a low moan rose from her chest. I knew, instantly that dancing with Trevor had gotten her hot and I tried to come up with a graceful way to get her back to our room.

"Yes, thank you. What do I owe you?" Trevor asked since the all inclusive package did not include top shelf liquor.

"Nothing, please, you made Beth smile on her birthday, that's plenty," I said glancing at my Tag Heuer watch to confirm that it was after midnight and it was, officially, my wife's 40th birthday.

"Woohoo," Beth squealed excitedly. She grabbed my head and pulled my lips to hers. Her tongue plunged deep into my mouth slithering wetly against mine as she ran her hand up my leg, inside my shorts. My cock became instantly hard and she rubbed it for a few moments before ending the kiss.

"Birthday kisses all around," Beth said with a mischievous grin. She stood on the cross brace of her bar chair and leaned across the high top table towards Trevor. Her hands grabbed the sides of his handsome boyish face and she kissed him hard. Her tongue slid aggressively into his mouth and they kissed deeply for several long moments while I watched, dumbfounded and amazed. She'd never kissed a man like that in front of me before and she'd long insisted that she was not interested in anything "kinky" like group sex. Additionally she had insisted over the years, usually whenever a black man hit on her, that she was not into black guys.

"Whew," Beth said excitedly as she sat back down with a shit eating grin on her pretty round face. Her face and upper chest were flushed crimson and her big breasts heaved as she breathed deep.

"Baby, go get some shots, Fireball," Beth ordered. She kissed me again and I stumbled towards the bar in a daze to get my birthday girl her shots.

Beth and Trevor were again deep in conversation when I got back with six, not three, shots of Fireball. I knew my wife well, and once she did one round of shots a second would soon follow.

"Thanks Babe." Beth pulled me close and kissed me hard and deep.

"So, Trevor lives in a Flat in London," she said wistfully. She and I had often talked about visiting England to visit her relatives and mine from the old country. "He said we can stay with him anytime."

"Really, that's cool," I replied. I lifted my glass and smiled. "Cheers." I took a sip of Scotch and then put down my glass as my wife yelled that it was shot time.

Beth pounded her shot and then kissed me hard. She was ravenous and somewhat out of control and she leaned across the table and gave Trevor a long, deep, wet kiss.

"I think the next round should be body shots," she giggled. She climbed down from her chair and moved beside Trevor. Her hand slipped under his polo shirt and she rubbed his flat, toned stomach. "Me first."

Beth lifted Trevor's shirt, exposing his taut, rippled abs and pushed him back as she grabbed her next shot and pressed her mouth against his stomach. She poured the sticky liquid above her and most of it ran into her mouth.

"Fuck Baby," Beth squealed as she licked the sticky wet mess from Trevor's abs. "Look at this stomach. Christ." She licked lower, tonging his bellybutton and then licking along the waistband of his shorts as her hand moved up his thigh towards his crotch. Surprisingly she stopped short of his dick and kissed him again. It was a slow, sloppy wet kiss and when it ended she grabbed another full shot glass.

"Who's next?" My wife asked as she looked first at me and then at Trevor.

"I'll go next," Trevor replied. "How are we going to do this?" He asked as he looked at her short, low cut dress.

"Oh shit," Beth laughed. "Top or bottoms?" She shrugged and lifted the hem of her dress all the way up to the underside of her breasts exposing her black thong. She leaned back but it was clear that her short torso didn't afford enough room for a body shot so she shrugged and lifted it over her head, leaving her naked except for her thong.

I glanced around and saw that the club had, unbeknownst to me, largely emptied because it was nearing the 2am closing time and thankfully there were just a few people watching my wife undress in public. She handed me her dress and then leaned back against me.

Beth kissed me tenderly and smiled. "Are you having fun?" She asked with a slight slur.

"I am."

"Good me too. I love you," she said sweetly as she held the shot glass between her big, pale breasts and waited as Trevor moved into place. He placed his lips just below her naval and Beth poured the cool, amber liquid into the valley between her tits.

Trevor slurped and swallowed the Fireball from Beth's soft stomach and then followed her lead and licked the cinnamon flavored liquor from her warm, naked flesh. He licked upwards all the way to her deep cleavage and then moved lower and licked along the waistband of her panties. His hand moved up her thigh and she spread her legs, silently granting him permission to touch her needy sex. His fingers deftly moved her panties aside and he touched her soaking wet pussy as she moaned soft and low.

Beth's eyes fluttered and then closed as she sighed deep and long. She opened them and looked quizzically at me. Her lips pursed and I kissed her gently as my hands moved to her big breasts.

"Holy fuck that was hot," she gasped as she straightened up and pulled Trevor's face to hers. She kissed him slowly and their tongues danced a sensuous tango in the warm enclave of their sealed lips.

"Your turn Baby," Beth panted. She breathed deep and held my gaze with her lust filled eyes. I'd never seen her more turned on and I pressed my lips against the warm flesh of her belly and watched her pour Fireball into the valley between her big, beautiful breasts. The tangy liquor filled my mouth and I let it slide down my gullet while I watched my beautiful wife passionately kiss Trevor's full lips.

She cradled his smooth bald head and moaned into his mouth as I licked her sticky flesh and slurped liquor from her trembling body. I licked lower and placed my hand against the damp front panel of her thong. Her legs spread wide begging me to touch her and she squirmed as Trevor kissed the sensitive skin along the nape of her neck and played with her heavy tits and taut nipples.

My fingers slipped inside her panties and parted her engorged labia, letting her juices flow like a river. A low, guttural moan rose from her chest. Her legs quivered and my fingers slid easily inside her ravenous sex. She was wetter than I'd ever seen and her breathing began to labor.

The rich, delicious aroma of Beth's arousal engulfed me and my mouth began to water. The wheels on my head were spinning quickly and my semi erect dick swung low in the leg of my boxer briefs.

I watched them kiss and I pressed my thumb against her hard clit. Beth shuddered as a small climax washed through her body and she clutched at Trevor's strong, muscular arms to steady herself. Her legs quivered and she yelped like an excited puppy.

The lights in the almost empty club came on, temporarily breaking the spell we'd been under, and we laughed nervously.

"Oh my God," Beth panted. She quickly grabbed her dress from the chair and quickly dropped it over her head. My head was spinning and I was in a alcohol clouded, sex induced haze.

"Let's finish this night right," Beth said confidently. She grabbed both Trevor's and my hands and almost dragged us out of the club.

The short walk to our room was almost torturous as I wrestled with my conscience. I loved my wife and I wasn't sure I was ready to watch her have sex with another man and surely that's where we were headed but my little head had taken over.

I fumbled with the card key and unlocked the door. I could hear them kissing behind me and when I opened the door Beth kissed me and we all stumbled inside. It felt surreal as my wife quickly removed her dress and slid her soaking wet panties down her pale, meaty thighs.

Trevor lifted his shirt over his head and my wife purred. "Fuck you're hot," she groaned as she reached for his belt and pulled him into her arms. She kissed him wetly and unfastened his pants while I undressed myself beside them.

My underwear fell to the floor at the same time that Beth pushed Trevor's bikini underwear down his freakishly muscular legs. His cock sprung free and she gasped in awe. I suddenly felt woefully inadequate as she stepped back to admire his semi erect dick. It was already bigger than mine and it curved towards the floor under its own weight. It looked as thick as my wrist with a dark brown foreskin covering the bulbous tip.

Beth bent forward, leaving her juicy round ass exposed and I quickly moved behind her. My stiff dick, average in all dimensions, jutted from my somewhat muscular, yet soft around the middle, body and I quickly eased it inside her. She sighed quietly and grabbed Trevor's impressive hunk of meat.

Her fingers failed to circle his girth and she easily fit two hands on his shaft without even touching the tip. Like all white guys I knew the stereotype of the well hung black man but I'd never believed it.

I grabbed her hips and thrust hard. Her soaking wet pussy squished and queefed as I pounded her fast and furious from behind but her reactions were, as usual, soft and muted. The amount of natural lube negated the friction of her usually tight hole and I felt like I could fuck forever and not cum.

Beth's tongue slithered wetly over the tip of his impressive black dick and she opened her mouth wide, stuffing the first three inches inside it as she stroked him with both hands. Her body rocked from the force of my thrusting hips and she purred like a happy kitten while sucking on his cock.

The low, cupping sound of my body slapping against hers filled the room and mixed with her soft mews and coos. I thrust hard and fast like a jackhammer trying to make her cum but my body tired before she reached her zenith.

Beth let his cock slip from her lips and she pulled away from my slippery, glistening dick. She grabbed Trevor's hand and led him to the bed while I followed like an obedient puppy. She laid back with her legs spread and I quickly climbed between her big, shapely legs.

I kissed her lovingly and then planted butterfly kisses down her soft, sexy body. Her hips writhed under me as I sucked and nibbled on her big breasts and then I kissed lower tasting the residual cinnamon from the Fireball on her tummy.

My fingers slid easily into her dripping pussy and I quickly located her g spot. The pads of my fingertip curled up towards her pelvis and I rubbed the sensitive, spongy area as my lips closed over her hard clit. My eyes gazed up at her and I watched her kiss Trevor passionately.

Her legs began to quiver and quake and she moaned into his mouth as their tongues entwined. Her hips bucked wildly and a flood of wetness soaked my face as she came hard on my insistent tongue and talented fingers.

Beth pushed me away from her hypersensitive clit and she looked longingly into Trevor's dark smiling eyes.

"I need you inside of me," she panted wantonly. Her eyes glimmered and fluttered with ravenous desire and a big grin danced on her sexy, supple lips.

I rolled out from between my wife's legs and Trevor moved in. His huge cock, at least 9 inches long and as thick as any I'd seen in porn, jutted proudly from below his flat stomach and chiseled abs. It hovered less than an inch from my wife's sex and he paused.

"Are you sure you want it," he teased. He grabbed his shaft and rubbed it lightly against her frothy cunt as he stared down at her with a playful grin. He knew what he had. He knew she wanted it and felt pathetic in comparison. I'd felt like we were equals in the bar when we were both kissing and feeling up my wife. The newness of him was countered by her love for me but I felt inadequate beside him. Physically, I couldn't compete and he knew it.

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