tagBDSMBeth's Dark Needs Ch. 03

Beth's Dark Needs Ch. 03


Beth appeared from the bathroom a short time later. She was all nicely scrubbed and clean. A large white towel was wrapped around her. She was quiet but no longer so nervous. The golden shower had been the right call. It had been a shock for the innocent Beth. I had pushed her boundaries hard and it was only her first time at submitting to another. But she had accepted it. Beth was discovering what it really meant to be used as a slut -- and how thrilling it could be.

'Are you ready to go on?'

'Yes Master,' Beth nodded, her face brightening a little.

I stepped forward and put my arms around here. I was happy to show a little tenderness to my new submissive. We cuddled and kissed. Beth showed no signs of resistance. I knew she had fantasised many times about kissing another man, as a prelude to an act of unfaithfulness. When I felt her responding just the right way I stepped back and roughly pulled the towel away from her body.

'I undressed you,' I said to her firmly. 'That means I want you naked. Do you understand?'

Her arms stayed at her sides. I took in her naked body. Beth felt me looking at her body. But she realised her mistake and responded in the best way. 'Yes Master. I'm just not used to this.'

That was true. She was the good little wife and mother. Yet in the last two hours she had happily experienced a number of new and very kinky things. And that was only the start of her fantasy. I was determined to go on pushing her limits.

'I know you don't normally walk around naked. But you're here with me now. You are my slut and you need to remember what's expected of you.' Beth flinched slightly at the tone of my voice. I ordered her back to the plush sofa. 'Bend over. Show me your holes.' This time she did not hesitate and pulled her cheeks wide, giving me a close look at her cunt and the hole that had never, ever been used.

I paused to take in the sight of the lovely Beth. She thought she was fat and, thus, unattractive. The fact is she was luscious and sexy. I gazed at her huge tits as they hung and swayed underneath her. I just knew I was going to punish them before the night was done.

Moving in, I started stroking her slit again. I was pleased to feel the early heat of her arousal. Was it the cuddling or the fear of what was to come? There was her unmistakeable wetness, too.

'You've never been punished before have you? Never been spanked.'

'Only now Master. Today.' I chuckled at that. Poor Beth.

'That was not a punishment. That was not even a spanking. That was just for my entertainment. I wanted to touch your arse so I did.' She remained silent.

'You were all wet before. You were hot and wet like a horny slut. And then you come out of the bathroom covered up as if you don't want me to know.'

'Master, I...'

'You are a slut aren't you?' I demanded.

'Yes Master. I am a slut. I am your slut Master.' I hoped Beth was as thrilled to say those words as I was to hear them.

I sat on the sofa. 'Then get over here, across my lap like a naughty slut who is ready to be punished.'

Of course Beth had never been over anyone's lap either. That and the shock of what I'd said caused a little confusion. So I roughly pulled her down and into position across my lap, making sure that her legs were parted and her holes accessible to me.

'You've never done this before, have you?' There was a silent shake of the head. Her lust was mixed with shame. That was good because it would make her more willing to take the beating. To help her a little further I shoved one finger into her cunt hole. Beth sucked her breath in at the sudden intrusion. She was being used just the way she'd tried to imagine.

'I like your cunt when its wet. It gives me a good excuse to spank you.' I withdrew my finger. I was ready to take Beth on the next step into this new world.

'Count,' I instructed her and slapped my hand against her right arse cheek. It sounded good.

'One,' she muttered softly.

'Louder,' I demanded and spanked her again. This time I used a lot more force. Beth flinched just a little. I enjoyed that. She had wanted to be punished and I was going to make sure it was a proper spanking.

I took my time, spacing the blows. I knew Beth was a little shocked by the pain. Never in her adult life had she experienced a real punishment, and certainly nothing like this. But this was what she had wanted. For a long time Beth had wanted to be punished, to be forced like this. I was pleased at the way she responded -- obediently, making sure to count clearly at every stroke. At ten I paused and slid two fingers into her, carefully this time. Demure little Beth was certainly wet by now.

'That's much better,' I reassured her as I slowly fingered that hot hole. 'Now you're finding out what its really like to be a slut. You knew there would be punishment involved. And now you know what that really means.'

'Yes Master.'

I made sure to stroke the inside of her cunt nicely so she would stay wet and turned on. Beth had never allowed another man to touch her like this. Now her juices were flowing as her most secret desire began to become a reality. I was sure she would never ever go back.

'And you're finding out that punishment can have its rewards.' With that I withdrew my fingers and resumed her spanking. I made sure to ramp up the force, there was no point wasting time. Beth's arse flesh jiggled at each blow, a very pleasant sight. I could see it was turning a nice shade of pink. Probably the same shade as her face I guessed.

I stopped again at twenty. I wanted to stretch it out so that Beth would have a very special experience for her first ever punishment. She'd kept her arse hidden from all but her husband for so long. I was sure even he had neglected it for years. Now here she was receiving a rain of blows from me with no escape.

'If you can take the rest of your punishment little slut then I will reward you properly. Once your arse is nicely warmed up then I'll know it is time to play with your cunt.' There was no reply but I could hear her panting as I continued to plunge my fingers into her hole. I thought briefly of how much puppy would enjoy playing with Beth.

As I stroked her tunnel a little more, I used my free hand to slowly stroke her cheeks. I was enjoying the heat building in her. But it was also important to keep her off-balance. I didn't want Beth to get into a groove. I wanted her first time to be a powerful mixture of fear and excitement.

Ten more I gave her as she counted carefully. There was no sign of complaint. Instead I could feel her body responding eagerly to the spanking as the heat spread through her. I re-entered her cunt. 'Very good my little Beth. Very good. Only ten more to go.' Her juices were really starting to flow now. I knew that I could push her even further than I had already.

I also made sure to rub my wet fingers up through her slit and between her big arse cheeks. As I passed over her anus I heard another little gasp from Beth and I was sure she actually moved her hips. She'd never done anal before, never even been touched there until today. We'd discussed it though and now it was clear that she expected it. So I alternated for a little longer between her clit and her arsehole. That sure increased the sound of her panting.

It was time to move on. I finished the final ten blows, making sure I went hard as I could. The marks would fade before her husband returned. It was important that she remember this.

As soon as Beth counted 'forty' I shoved two fingers straight back into her cunt. A loud gasp was my reward. Beth was hot and ready and I wanted to make the most of it. 'There. That was your first ever punishment as a slut. It won't be your last. But you did very well my little Beth.'

'Thank you Master,' she moaned as I continued fingering her hole. This was exactly what Beth had dreamed about for so long. Her arse cheeks were glowing red and her hot little cunt was pumping out its juices around my fingers. She was turned-on by her plight. I could even see the way her anus 'winked' whenever I let my fingers brush across her rear entrance. There was no going back for this little slut.

I started to really finger her hard. She was close, I could sense it. She wanted it. It was all the taboo and the thrill and the pain and the lack of control she'd dreamed about. I kept one finger wet and softly rubbing her anus while I plunged two fingers from my other hand plumbing her cunt. It was rough and getting faster. Beth responded with a high-pitched sound, not quite a squeal. She'd not learned to ask permission to climax. No matter -- I wanted her to cum over my fingers.

'No-one has ever touched you like this. No one has ever fingered your slut hole like this.' I could hear her approaching the very edge of her orgasm as her high noises flowed constantly now. 'Be a slut now. Cum for me now. I want it.'

At that final command Beth finally let herself go and erupted in a massive orgasm. I enjoyed the way she thrashed about on my lap. I enjoyed the sounds of her climax as it seemed to force its way from out of the gentle facade of this obedient wife and mother. I slowed my thrusting just a little. Her cunt contracted ever so nicely around my fingers. I knew Beth was fully aware of what she had just done, of what she'd allowed to be done to her. I was thrilled and I knew Beth would be feeling the same.

I didn't want to waste time. Quickly I pulled her off me and put her on her knees on the floor. I was extremely horny myself by now and I planned to reward us both. I grabbed some leather cuffs from the bed and had Beth hold out her wrists while I bound her tight. There was a heavy metal clip that held the cuffs together so her hands were now held firmly in front of her body.

'How does it feel to be punished? To be spanked like a naughty slut?'

'It was good. I really wanted it, Master. It felt so right to be punished after all my bad thoughts.' I was pleased to hear that from the mouth of this sweet, almost innocent wife and mother.

'Your arse is nice and red now. You didn't want to use your safeword?'

'You are so strong. I was shocked at first. But I wanted you to do it as hard as you could. I just wanted to stay there while you punished me.'

'Do you want to suck another man's cock?'

A small shock registered on Beth's face. She paused briefly before flashing me a big grin. 'Yes Master,' she replied quietly.

'Suck the cock of a man other than your husband?'

'Yes Master.' It was almost a whisper. 'I do.' The look on her face was priceless -- confusion, hesitation, desire.

'You want to be a slut and suck my cock for me right now?' I was pushing her now, demanding compliance.

'Yes, yes I am ready to suck you Master.' Now she sounded a littler more eager. She was still breathing heavily from her spanking and having her cunt fingered. The idea of a hard cock in her mouth was making her eyes light up.

I stood and Beth was ordered to unzip me and take my cock out. She fumbled a little because of the cuffs but was careful not to grab my shaft. I told her to pull down my trousers and underpants. Then I stripped off my shirt. Now, for the first time in so many years, Beth was confronted by a naked stranger. I quite liked her reaction, the way she looked longingly, approvingly at my muscled physique.

I was even happier at the way her eyes kept returning to my rock-hard cock. From what she had told me, this was one of a few 'live' cocks that Beth had actually seen in her life. She had thought so about being a slut, of having another man's cock inside her, being unfaithful while she allowed a stranger to take and use her. Now she was, literally, face-to-face with that cock.

While Beth was taking in the sight of my rock hard cock I took a chance to grab a light flogger and place it on the sofa within easy reach. Now I was ready for the next phase of using and abusing the willing Beth.

'Open your mouth. Keep it wide open. Don't close until I tell you.' She obeyed, her lips stretched wide for me. It was easy to move forward and stick my hard cock straight into Beth's mouth. She stayed quite still but her eyes told me the story. This wasn't what she expected for a headjob. But there was a strange cock in her mouth!

'Yes, that's it. I can use your mouth now. Explore it with my hard cock.' Several times I inserted myself into Beth's open mouth, rocking back and forth. I went slow and went as deep as I dared. I wanted her to know that she was just a hole at that point. It reminded her that I was in control and I could use her any way I liked.

After a few slow, deep strokes I was ready to move on. 'How does your arse feel now?'

'Tingling. Warm.'

'Do you like it?'

'I love it. The tingling is strange but it feels good.'

I took hold of her head, gently running my fingers through Beth's soft brown curls. Then I guided her to the head of my cock. 'Now close your lips around me. You don't need to suck yet. I'll tell you when.'

Beth quickly had her lips caressing my shaft. I saw her hands move as if she wanted to reach up and touch me. 'No, no. Leave your hands there. Do as I say. I'll tell you when hands are permitted.'

I was loving my control over this new slut but I knew I had to maintain my own self-control to see this through. Slowly I began to rock my hips again, pressing myself deeper into her wet mouth and then moving back to withdraw. Each time I pushed forward her warm lips surrounded my cock and I felt her saliva begin to coat me as I slowly fucked her mouth.

Finally I was ready and I decided that Beth was too. 'Suck on me now. Suck on me while I fuck your face.'

She responded eagerly. Beth had dreamed for so long of sucking a new cock and now she was ready to perform the act.

'Oh yes,' I murmured to her. 'Yes, that is good. You are a very good little slut and you have a very nice mouth.' I wasn't lying either. Despite sucking nothing but her husband's cock for all those years Beth had a great instinct for pleasuring a man with her almost virgin mouth. Her husband didn't realise how lucky he was.

I put my hands on either side of her head, making sure I got big handfuls of her soft brown curls. Beth is quite a cutey and I was relishing the idea that she was becoming a nasty sex toy. I gripped her firmly.

'Just keep on sucking, That's it. Now I am going to fuck your face. I'm going to use that gorgeous mouth of yours to fuck with my cock.'

At that news I saw Beth's eyes widen slightly. A tremor of concern. She also tried to adjust her lips. The good little wife was keen to show what she could do. I gripped her head before I began to thrust a little harder and deeper.

Even gagged with my cock Beth told me that she was enjoying the experience, moaning and gasping and slurping. I was in control and she was willingly allowing me to use and abuse her plump, sexy body. I imagined her cunt juices were beginning to flow even faster now. My cock thrusting back and forward was making her drool. I could see those huge tits of hers starting to sway as she moved back and forth. I settled in to enjoy a few minutes of shoving my rock hard cock into the mouth of this once innocent mother of two.

Again I felt her try to adjust her lips. She really did want to put on a good performance. 'Yes, that's fine. Just fine. You are a good little slut indeed, letting me use your mouth like this.' I continued with my thrusting, her mouth and her throat totally at my mercy. 'Hmmm... so nice to face fuck a slut like you.'

I meant what I said. Beth really was doing a fine job and she was proving easy to train. But after a couple of minutes I was ready for more.

'OK, its your turn. Suck me now. Suck me properly. Give me a head job just like you've been dreaming of.' I was trying to encourage Beth and not put pressure on her. A new submissive was about to suck my cock so I was hardly going to complain if she wasn't perfect.

I held myself still and let Beth do all the work. She quickly adjusted to the change and started bobbing her head along the length of my shaft. It was obvious she'd watched a bit or porn on the sly as Beth was moving her head pretty quickly. I also noticed that she was trying to go deep, forcing as much of me into her mouth as she could manage. Beth wanted to put on a good show and she was succeeding. It was a great performance for someone with a seemingly tame sex life.

'Use your hands,' I ordered her softly. 'Touch my balls. Stroke them and feel them while you use your slut mouth on me.' I don't know how she sucks her husband's cock on the odd occasion that she indulges him, but Beth knew enough to slip one hand to the base of my pole and with the other she began to gently stroke my sack with her fingertips. Happily I'd also given myself a fresh shave that morning and I was sure that was also a new experience for the loyal little wife.

The combination of her mouth and her hands was fantastic. Beth was very skilled for having only serviced one cock. Her fingers touched my sack softly, stroking me and I realised she was actually exploring me, finding her way around a new man for the first time since she'd met her husband. I decided that I'd teach her some more tricks a little later that evening. Right then I wanted to remind her of the price she'd agreed to pay for being such an eager little slut.

I took up the flogger and bent myself forward just slightly. Without warning I gave her a firm whack with the flogger. I hit her right across her bottom as she knelt in front of me. I heard the muffled yelp of surprise. But Beth didn't pause in working on my cock. I decided to give her another stroke. This time she kept quiet.

After the third blow I settled into a rhythm and so did Beth. She realised she was going to suck my cock and be punished while she did so. And why not -- it was the perfect thing for a woman with such 'bad' thoughts. Her bobbing head and gentle touch on my sack told me Beth was determined to be the slut she'd dreamed of. She wanted to be punished for that and I was happy to oblige. She was learning all about the ways pleasure can be combined with pain.

Over and over I used the flogger on her. I could see her arse was still red from the spanking and the leather flogger would keep the heat in her flesh. Most of all, flogging Beth while she sucked my cock was turning me on hugely.

I kept her working on me for several minutes, until I could see her drool all over her lips and running down her chin. She was taking the flogging very well. But I knew it was time for Beth to have a proper reward.

So I got a handful of her soft, brown curls and pulled her firmly off and away from me cock. She gasped aloud at this new sensation, a pain she'd not expected. I loved the way her heavy udders swayed so I decided to allow myself one more small dose.

'Hands behind your head,' I ordered. Beth looked a little stunned to have her mouth emptied so suddenly. I wasn't bothered because I already knew I'd help myself to another serve of her oral treats. After a moment she understood what was required and lifted her wrists and the leather cuffs behind her head. In this position her firm double-Es thrust out nicely. I could see her small, pink nipples were hard with her arousal. They made a great target for me.

I brought the flogger down hard on her right tit. I enjoyed watching her flesh jiggle slightly. Beth gave me a soft moan. I turned slightly and gave a hard blow to her left tit. Could this novice have been any more challenged than this? -- forced to her knees, her big tits exposed and abused for the enjoyment of an almost-stranger. My cock was harder now than it had been in her mouth.

'You look so good down there,' I murmured to her with a smile. Again I flogged her huge tits. And another, this time harder. 'Such wonderful tits. Just made to be flogged and abused.' Beth was just staring into my eyes. I hoped she was gaining more confidence in her own body. Her heavy breathing told me she was coping OK with the pain she was receiving.

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