tagBDSMBeth's Dark Needs Ch. 05

Beth's Dark Needs Ch. 05


I kept Beth totally naked while waiting for our food. She'd not been naked in front of anyone other than her husband for many, many years. But there didn't seem any real reason not to keep her nude and exposed to me.

I amused myself with her large tits and stroked her shaven cunt. Beth happily gave me access, easily spreading her legs for me at the merest hint. I reminded her several times that she was a well-behaved slut. She certainly was willing, obedient and responsive. I think Beth was bemused that another man could find her so sexy and attractive. But most of all I know she was excited to be available to me, to be used in any way I chose.

I was enjoying having her lick my cock and balls when the food arrived. She was getting better at sucking my balls and really enjoying running her tongue slowly up my shaft. But there was a problem in that I simply couldn't answer the door with a huge erection. So Beth had to do it, hastily wrapped in a soft robe without any underwear. I enjoyed her embarrassment tremendously.

As we ate I played some videos on my iPad. It was porn - another test of sorts for Beth. I wanted to see how she would react and what turned her on. I was also very curious about her response to other people fucking in front of a camera. I knew she was smart enough to realise that some of these activities might be in her future. I showed her a couple of threesome scenes, a lesbian oral scene and a couple of my other favourites.

I made a bit of a fuss over one. It featured my Annie enjoying three men at once. I'd been operating the camera so was out of shot and, of course, Beth had no idea it was Annie who was the star. I sped through the early action until the part where one of the young men noisily spewed his cock juice inside Annie's hot cunt. She'd been flat on her back, missionary style, her strong thighs wrapped tightly around his waist. I'd zoomed in to capture her face, the look of reverie and lust as she'd felt the young man flood her cunt. Annie had moaned appreciatively and I could hear Beth making her own tiny noises as she watched on.

The action went on until Annie could be seen kneeling on the bed, sucking the cock of another, older man - one of her favourites. She enjoyed having this guy explode in her mouth and he didn't let us down on this occasion. It all finished when the third guy, another youngster, finished wanking his cock. His cum shot out in long spurts, hitting Annie's neck and her chest before rolling down her beautiful body.

I pulled Beth's hands to my hard shaft and quizzed her a little. What did she think? Did she enjoy the porn and the action? She confessed porn wasn't really 'her thing'. But it had been 'interesting'. Even 'enjoyable'. She wondered if people preferred to do it than to watch it.

'How about you Beth? Could you do the things you were watching there?'

'Some of it. If I knew I would be safe then it would be easier.'

'Well its up to you. Now you have become such a good slut we will have to think about it.'

'It is nice to think about it. Someone like you would have to help me,' she finished with a smile. It occurred to me that Beth was comfortable enough now to give me some teasing.

'And the three cocks? Would you like to try that?'

'Having three men do that to me would be something. I don't think I'm ready yet.'

Her response made it clear that Beth no longer had concerns with adultery. Naked in that hotel, behaving like a slut with a new man, Beth was already thinking of more. I wasn't surprised. She'd taken a very long time to accept her need to be treated like a slut, to be used and abused. Now Beth knew it was a part of who she was.

Our meal was over and the time had come to renew the more physical part of Beth's adventure. I wanted to fuck her some more and first she would need some fresh punishment. I was still determined that the married slut would earn her pleasures.

Quickly I ordered her onto her hands and knees once again. This time I slid a vibe in her cunt as I used my tongue on her bum hole. It made sense to give her backdoor some attention, to get her warmed and ready for me. By this stage Beth knew that I was going to fill her bum with my cock and the licking served to keep her in a mixture of arousal and dread.

She gasped very nicely as I tongued her anus. She had come to me not at all sure if she wanted her backdoor touched. Now she knew the truth that she enjoyed having her arse played with.

I began to work the vibe, slowly invading her tunnel as her juices coated the toy. It was just the right size and I could tell Beth was enjoying the renewed fucking. She was allowing another man to use her holes, her entire body, and was loving every bit of it. The arse licking was exciting her and adding to the thrill. It was more debauchery and pleasure than the once innocent wife and mother had ever imagined. She responded with still louder moans of delight.

Her arse cheeks were still tender from the earlier paddling but I didn't let that stop me. With my free hand I slapped her several times as I began to drive the toy harder and faster into her hot hole. Beth responded with more groans of delight. She was every bit the slut she'd imagined.

So I spanked her some more, knowing she'd have more than tingles afterwards. I was working on the fly but the spanking meant that soon my cock wanted to be buried in her again. She was my slut for now so I was free to help myself. I climbed up behind her and withdrew the vibrator. Without giving her time to think I replaced it with my cock. No condom this time. I was pushing this boundary too. But I had no intention of cumming in her cunt so I gambled Beth would not object.

The eager pupil, her tunnel stretching around my hard cock and feeling my hands grip her waist, erupted in orgasm. I slowly rocked back and forth, heightening her climax, still slapping her butt. Beth moaned and gasped at each thrust and every blow of my hand. These were sounds not of protest but of pleasure and surprise. Today, at last, she was really learning how to achieve her best orgasm. Being spanked while being fucked was something Beth would need more of in the future.

I slowed as that single orgasm surged through her. There would be more to follow. But now that she was hot and gasping I was ready to push her boundaries still further.

'I'm glad you enjoyed yourself,' I said aloud. 'That's one orgasm you got without earning it. So now I get to punish you some more just like the slut you are.' I was delighted when Beth moaned with soft pleasure.

I wrestled her up off the bed and into a chair. Her chest was still heaving in the aftermath of her orgasm. I tied her hands behind her back, making sure it was tight and a little uncomfortable.

'You OK there, you dirty slut?' I asked her.

Beth nodded in reply. 'Use me Master. Punish me for being bad.' I was impressed. She knew what was coming. The newbie slut had fantasises about being punished by a harsh Master. The reality was proving even better.

I grabbed the flogger. I saw the look on her face, that same delightful mix of desire and fear. Beth wanted to be bad and she wanted to feel the consequences. I was excited for her and my cock was throbbing at the thought of what I was about to do to her.

To help things along I added a small vibrating egg. I slid it between her cunt lips and shoved it straight into her hole. Beth gave me a little gasp of surprise but there was no sign of protest. She was loving being forced to take new objects into her holes.

Those big tits were still heaving as the receding orgasm mixed with her desire for still more. She looked so beautiful and I knew for sure her husband had never appreciated her body as much as I did right then.

Without another word I drew my arm back. Beth did not move. I saw her face tighten a little, waiting for the sting of the flogger on her generous tits. But she didn't move or try to escape what she knew was coming. Today Beth had been punished for the first time and she had loved it. She was about to be punished again and she loved that too.

I flogged her, flogged those big tits. I started softly, making sure of my aim. Having her tits punished wasn't something Beth had considered. But she was mine, for now at least, and I could do what I wanted with her.

It was a thrill to be the first to give Beth an experience like that. I loved her big tits and I loved flogging them and abusing them. They looked so sexy as they bounced and moved under my assault. I am sure that Beth's nipples actually hardened after the first few lashes. Her mouth hung open but there was no sound. This was a new pain for Beth. She wanted it, just as she'd wanted the paddle, but she didn't know yet how to process the new sensation in her brain.

I kept working on those tits for several minutes, pausing briefly to adjust the egg and make sure she was getting enough distractions in her cunt. I wasn't aiming to damage her treasures, just to make them glow a nice red much the same as her arse was glowing after the paddling. I love flogging big heavy tits and Beth's were just right. I really enjoyed forcing her to submit to me like that, forcing her to take her punishment.

Finally I was done, content she'd suffered enough. It was almost time for her next ordeal. I untied her wrists and once more forced Beth onto her knees in front of me. She knew just what to do and quickly had her mouth full of my hard cock. This part wasn't forced, this part was Beth letting go. She was making up for the unfulfilled desire of that long-ago party. She gripped my cock as if trying to stop me from escaping and her free hand gently fondled my balls. The sweet wife and mother was a cock-sucking slut, at last.

Soon I had her back on the bed, on hands and knees. This isn't always the best anal position but I had a plan. Again I put my mouth on her arse hole, ordering the compliant slut to reach back and spread her cheeks for me. She obeyed without question, dropping her shoulders to the mattress pulling her flesh so hard I thought she might split. I knew this would be humiliating for Beth but her desire had overcome her shame. It was just the kind of thrill I'd promised her.

I helped her along a bit further by slowly stroking her clit and dipping two fingers into her cunt. Beth needed to be aroused and hungry if this was going to really work. Of course she was soaking wet and my fingers quickly got a thick coat of her juices. I smeared as much as I could over the opening to her bowels. It would make sure she tasted good for me.

I took care with preparing Beth for her first arse fuck. Next I took a fresh butt plug, a nice thin one, and inserted that into her cunt. She groaned, a sound of desire and hunger. The plug was too thin and Beth wanted to be filled, stretched. I fucked her with the plug for a few moments, happy to torment her just a little and wanting the extra juices it would produce. The plug stayed deep in her cunt while I cuffed her wrists and once more tied her to the bed. She was vulnerable, very exposed and at my mercy. I imagined her brain was on fire by that stage.

Then I resumed warming up her butt hole. Still working the plug through her tunnel, I leaned in and softly touched the tip of my tongue against her small opening. Once more Beth responded by gasping quietly and I felt her body stiffen just a little. I enjoyed that very much. It was a thrill to know I was initiating her so totally, to know that Beth still wasn't completely sure how she felt about these sensations. She did taste good, however, with her cunt juices mixing with the flavour of her virgin arsehole.

I licked her slowly for a few moments and then decided to give her a little test. I held my tongue nice and stiff and pushed forward. Despite being a novice Beth was soft enough to let my tongue enter her backdoor. I pressed forward, spreading her sphincters and getting the tip inside her dark hole. She tasted good and she felt good, I was sure my cock would easily spread her wide open.

By this stage the plug was well coated with Beth's cunt juices. I took it out of her cunt and pressed it right against her anus. Beth jumped a little at the initial pressure, knowing what was in store and knowing my cock was in the vicinity. In a soft voice I ordered her to relax and slowly pushed the plug until I felt it slide into her hole.

'Your holes are mine,' I told her. 'Your arse is mine. I am going to warm you up so you're ready to have my cock in this special place.' Beth just moaned softly and I reached down and found her clit. She moaned again but this time it was all pleasure. The hungry slut relaxed and with a slow, steady push the thin plug slid through her opening and right inside her bum. She was learning.

We were close now -- very close. Quickly I slid a condom onto my cock. We'd made a deal concerning anal sex and I decided to stick to it. I thought about some lube but chose her cunt juices as the best approach. So I shoved my cock into her cunt once again, delighted at the tiny yelp of pleasure that brought from deep inside my willing slut.

'You know what's coming next, don't you?'

'Yes Master.'

'You want it? You ready for my big cock in your bum hole?'

'Master, make me your slut. Do anything you want.'

Using Beth as my personal cunt, I started to fuck her, working my length into her hole to make sure I was well lubed. At the same time gently playing with the plug as it wedged inside her sphincters.

'I'm a little scared Master.'

'You don't have to be scared. I am going to take care of you.'

'But you're big Master and I've never done this before.'

Beth had never even been touched on her anus before this day. On the other hand she'd dreamed of being used and forced to do crude things. I was going to push on regardless and see how far I could take this new submissive.

'That's why you have a safeword my little slut. I know what I am doing so let me do it.'

My next few thrusts were a little more forceful. A nice fucking was just the thing to keep her mind off her backside. Still, I did grab her cheeks with both hands to give myself some leverage as I lubed-up my cock inside her cunt.

'I am going to force you to do this unless you use your safeword. I know you want it. You want to be a slut and to be used. I am going to make you do something slutty and dirty and you are going to love it.'

'Yes. Yes.'

Normally I might have used a finger or two as my next step. But with the novice Beth I was concerned not to make her sore. I only needed to stretch her rectum so she could take a decent fucking. So I decided against fingers and waited only a few moments until my sheathed cock was rock hard and dripping wet.

'Hold those cheeks for me again,' I instructed. 'Yeah that's right, nice and wide for me.'

Slowly I got the plug out and placed the tip of my cock against her little brown hole. It looked perfect, nice and soft and even showing a tiny opening. I'd watched for the signs that Beth would have a reaction to anal stimulation. So far she'd taken everything she'd been given. There'd been no fleeing, no protests that she 'needed to go'. Her arse would take my cock -- I knew it.

I held the tip of my cock firmly against her anus, making sure that Beth was aware of what I was doing. Then I pressed forward, letting her feel that first sensation of a full cock being introduced to her virgin bottom. I was only as deep as my tongue had been. I wanted Beth to experience every sensation to the fullest so I was happy to take my time.

I saw that Beth was holding completely still, unsure of what to do and afraid to move. I applied a little more pressure against her backdoor and watched as most of my cock head wedged inside her anus. The temptation to press home was enormous.

'Relax now, relax.' I murmured to her. It was just as much an instruction to myself. I gave her a few more moments to get accustomed to me. Quickly I pulled out and smeared a mouthful of my spit over the end of the condom.

Straight away I was back at her entrance, the head of my cock wedged in her hole. 'Relax for me. Push your bowels now, give me a little push like you want to expel me.'

That did the trick and I felt Beth soften and open just a little. Right at that moment I pressed forward another few millimetres and the whole of my cock head was inside her bottom. I knew that she was going to take me. Beth was going to have her first ever bum fuck. I just had to take a little more time.

'Let go,' I said softly. 'Let go of your arse. I want you to touch your clit. Do it now. Play with your clit for me.' Beth had never been spoken to like that in her life. Now here she was eagerly obeying my orders and reaching between her legs to play with her swollen clit for no reason other than she'd promised to obey me.

I pushed forward another couple of millimetres and stopped. She's never had something so big in that small space.

'That's it. Very good my little slut. You are doing very well.'

I withdrew a little and then slowly pushed back in to the same depth. She was staying rigidly still. But I could feel her little hole gradually softening for me. The next time I withdrew completely and again applied some spit to my cock. 'Keep rubbing that clit for me,' I ordered her. I am sure I heard Beth whisper a little swear word to herself.

She was ready. I pressed harder, deeper. This time my cock head popped through her sphincter. I was inside her. Beth was breathing fast and hard. I knew it wasn't the fingering on her clit that was responsible. But that was no matter to me.

I rubbed still more saliva around my sheathed cock and again pressed into her bum hole. Suddenly half my cock was inside her arse and Beth was fully aware of that fact.

'Oh. Oh.' she called out. It didn't sound like a protest, more like surprise.

'All OK down there? You want to use your safeword?'

'Wait. A minute, please.'

I edged back a bit and drooled my spittle over my shaft. Perhaps a little lube would have helped but I decided it was too late for that. I could wait a few moments while poor Beth adjusted to this new sensation.

'My cock is in your arse now. I know that you can do this for me little slut.'

'It feels weird. Its so huge in there.'

'Rub your clit. Rub your clit for me. I'm about to fuck you in your bum.'

'Please Sir, don't stop because of me. I think I am OK.'

Slowly I pressed harder against her backdoor and I felt Beth starting to react to the pressure. I reached down to her cunt and stroked over the top of her lips. She gave me a little sound of pleasure. Still, these were new sensations for Beth and I felt her sphincter squeeze tight. I could feel the rhythm of her fingers on her clit. I held the pressure of my cock inside her bottom and I kept stroking her cunt. I knew Beth would have to relax those muscles soon.

Finally I figured she was ready and I stretched further to stroke the opening to her cunt. That distracted Beth enough to let her arsehole relax. So I pressed forward once more and suddenly three quarters of my shaft was wedged in the backside of this sweet wife and mother.

At last Beth had her backdoor properly penetrated. There was a soft moan from her but there was no pain and no protest so I seized the chance.

'Rub that clit little slut. Rub it.'

When I saw that she was obeying I took hold of her hips. I gripped her firmly and started to push. Just like that I began to fuck Beth -- to fuck her virgin arse. I was slow, I was gentle, but I was moving back and forth. Only a centimetre or so, but Beth was having her arse fucked.

I kept a careful watch, making sure she was comfortable. Any sign of pain would bring it all to a halt. But instead she was moaning in surprise and maybe even delight. Beth had feared being penetrated back there. She'd said it felt weird. But instead of complaints all I was getting were sounds of mild pleasure.

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