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Beth's Hobby


I could tell that something was up between Beth and Andy as soon as I walked back into the living room. There was the sound of frenetic activity just after I closed the back door on my way in. And when I came through the door to the living room with the beer Beth had sent me to get, I could sense the tension in the room. I didn't think about it too long at the time—even when Beth seemed to be straightening her blouse and unnecessarily primping her hair. Beth and I had been happily married for six years. And Andy was a very old friend. We'd been friends for years before I'd even met Beth.

So, I put any suspicions out of my mind. I just let it go and we had a fine time together for the rest of the night. Still, every once in a while, I thought I'd catch a glance between the two of them that was not completely innocent.

I guess I didn't put the incident completely out of my mind, though. Over the coming weeks, I grew increasingly suspicious—not just of what Beth might be doing with Andy but with other men, too. I don't know what was coming over me. I'd never had a reason to be suspicious of Beth. But now I found myself bedeviled by doubts: What did I know about what she did all day while she was at home? There were lots of times when she was alone with men. She was an attractive woman and could have any guy she wanted. What if she wanted a little something on the side?

I tried to reassure myself. Beth wasn't exactly the adventurous type—sexually, I mean. We had a good sex life. She wasn't into anything very kinky—no anal sex or bondage. But she was always up for trying a new position. And, while she would never suck me off completely, she would sometimes suck my dick long enough to get me really hard and hot before I fucked her. Our sex life was fine with me. Of course I would have liked her to suck me off. I'd fantasized a lot about blasting my cum in her eager mouth. But she always deflected my attempts and when I realized that the only women who had actually let me cum in their mouths were the three hookers I'd been with in my life, I decided that this was probably something that good girls didn't do.

So, I'd been content to just fantasize about it and never pressure Beth into doing it. She was a good wife. I wasn't going to try to make her something she wasn't.

Beth had given me no reason to be suspicious. But, still, I was. I even started having dreams about her with other men. Sometimes, in my dreams, she was with men I knew; sometimes she was with strangers: bikers or black guys with impossibly huge cocks. And my imagination didn't confine itself to my dreams. Once I came home and found Beth in the living room with an insurance salesman. He left soon after I got home, but later that night I kept thinking, "What is they were doing something before I came home?" Then I started creating images in my mind of what they might have been doing. The seeds of suspicion had been planted, and they'd found fertile ground in my mind.

Another time, I had a friend, Jake, over to watch a football game. I'd asked Beth that morning, before she went to the store, to check and see if we had enough beer. But I guess she forgot and we ran out before halftime. I asked Beth if she would go to the store to get us some more beer, but she had just started watching some tear-jerker movie on Lifetime in our bedroom and pleaded with me, since it was halftime anyway, to go get the beer myself. When I got back, Beth was watching the beginning of the third quarter with Jake in the family room. I didn't think the movie she was watching could have been over already. When I asked her later, she said that it turned out not to be that good anyway and she felt bad for Jake being by himself so she turned it off and joined him. That was all plausible, of course. But, still, in my suspicious state of mind, I began imagining things.

My fears were eating away at me. And I finally realized that, with a little effort, I could put them at rest and get back to living my life as I had before these doubts descended on me. All it would take is a little initiative.

These "spy stores" are terrific. For not too much money, you can buy wireless, motion-activated cameras that are camouflaged in a variety of ways: books, clocks, smoke detectors, etc. For under two grand, I was able to get enough cameras to cover most of the house. Unless Beth's extracurricular activities were confined to a closet or the laundry room, I'd have a decently high-resolution video and audio recording of them.

Everything tested out fine. I watched tapes of Beth cleaning the house, doing the dishes, changing the sheets, and more. Not very interesting, but I had to check out the camera settings. It took a little adjusting but finally I had everything right. I could even stream the video over the Internet on a secure connection, so I could keep an eye on Beth even from my office.

I was pretty certain that the outcome of all of this would be that I would see that my fears were completely unfounded. That would be great. I would love to get back to life as it was before these doubts began nagging at me. As it happened, it didn't turn out quite that way.

Just a week after I'd set all of this up, my cousin, Kevin, came into town. He was being interviewed for a job in town and I invited him to stay with us. Kevin got in on a Saturday afternoon. After catching up with him over a few beers, we decided to get some take-out Chinese.

Beth suggested that I go get the food and some more beer while she made up Kevin's room. I didn't think anything of this when she suggested it. I was usually the one to run the errands. And there was nothing during the rest of the evening to raise any suspicions. After Kevin had headed off to bed and we'd cleaned up the dishes, Beth began getting flirtatious. As soon as we got in bed, she went down on me with gusto. She had that raw sexual lust that sometimes seemed to take hold of her.

Of course that passion didn't take her all the way to finishing me off. But it was terrific to feel her moist lips surround my hard cock. When Beth stopped, she almost begged me to fuck her, which I happily did with great enthusiasm. She really wanted it and it was great to give it to her when she was in these moods.

Like most guys, once I've shot my wad, I sort of drift off in a blissful daze. Usually, if it's nighttime, I'm sound asleep in minutes and out for the night. This night I dozed for a while, but then I found myself waking up. Soon I was wide awake and then my mind started to race the way it can when I'm troubled by something.

About 2:00 am I finally gave up on trying to sleep. I got up and went into the bedroom I's set up as my home office. As I usually did when I happened to be up in the middle of the night, I visited some of my standard porn sites. I liked all kinds of porn, but I had a few sites that gave me a daily sampling of a wide variety porn types.

I really don't know what made me think of it—maybe I was looking at one of those cuckolded husband videos—but I suddenly thought to check the evening's recorded video from the camera. Since all the cameras were motion activated, it was easy to find the clips with whatever action was there to be found.

I saw me leave the living room while Beth and Kevin talked for a while. Beth told Kevin she needed to make up his bed and get towels for his bathroom and invited him to come along to keep her company. I switched to the camera in the guest bedroom, not knowing what to expect. For quite a while, things couldn't have been more innocent. Beth threw the sheets across the bed and Kevin helped her tuck them in. I think I could catch him looking down her blouse a time or two, but—hey,what red-blooded guy wouldn't do that?

After the bed was made, Beth told Kevin to try lying on it to see if it was comfortable. We have one of beds you can adjust the firmness of and she said she'd make it as hard as he wanted. Kevin lay down and settled in. Beth asked him how he slept. He replied, 'in the nude," to which they both laughed and Beth blushed, like a demure wife. She explained that she meant: did he sleep on his back, or his side, or his stomach? When he said he slept on his stomach, she told to lie like that to see how it felt. When he did, he said it felt pretty good but he wouldn't mind feeling it a little firmer.

"Let's see what we can do?" Beth said. But instead of turning up the dial on the control, she climbed up on the bed and straddled Kevin's thighs with her knees. And then she began giving him a back massage. Kevin moaned something about how good it felt and the encouraged Beth to continue.

After a few minutes of massaging his back and sides, including massaging his ass cheeks and his thighs, Beth put her hands under Kevin's side and encouraged him to roll over. As he followed her urging, she said, "Now let's see what we can do about the firmness control." And, I guess just in case Kevin was being dense, she continued, "You said you like it hard, right?"

Kevin answered 'yes', but a little ambiguously. I guess he thought he knew what she meant, but he didn't want to say anything explicit just in case he was wrong. As it turned out, he wasn't.

Beth looked into Kevin's eyes and began massaging his chest. But, while her eyes stayed glued to his, her hands moved down past his abdomen to his crotch. I could tell even from the recording that Kevin was sporting an erection. But even if I hadn't seen the bulge in his pants, I could have told from Beth's reaction. She smiled and, for the first time, looked away from Kevin's eyes and down toward his crotch. And she stroked his erection lovingly through his pants.

"I like it hard, too," Beth said seductively.

I was in some very strange psychological space. My ears were burning and I could feel my heart pounding not only in my chest but throughout my body. For a moment, I thought I might get sick. But, while the churning in my stomach didn't stop, neither did it make me upchuck.

Scooting down to get better access, Beth undid Kevin's belt and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Now she could get his cock out and stroke it properly. When I saw the way she gently caressed Kevin's cock and the smile of pure pleasure on her face as she did it, I again felt like I might throw up. But this time, too, the feeling passed.

I was simultaneously appalled, humiliated, ashamed, disgusted, and furious. And I could no more turn my eyes away from this scene than I could stop my heart from throbbing. This was riveting.

Beth stroked Kevin's cock gently with one hand, and then with both. She pressed her thumb over the part, just under the helmet, that I'd shown her was the most sensitive. When she had Kevin in a lather, she pulled his pants the rest of the way off, over his shoes. I guess he looked kind of silly lying there with no pants but still wearing his shoes and socks. But neither Beth nor Kevin was thinking about how he looked. Neither was I.

As Beth worked her way back up his legs, she pressed them apart slightly. She put her knees between his and spread Kevin's legs even more. This gave her better access to his balls, which she cupped in one hand as she went back to stroking Kevin's cock with the other. He was lying there with his eyes closed, simply focusing on the sensations.

And then, tantalizingly slowly, Beth leaned closer and closer to Kevin's cock. Finally her lips touched just the tip. Kevin twitched at the sensation that momentarily overwhelmed him. Then Beth's lips were around Kevin's hard cock. And she was sucking him passionately. It wasn't as if her main goal was to get him off—and after all, I knew she didn't take fellatio to its natural end point—but she was devouring his cock with a hunger that ... well, I realized, that I'd felt just a few hours ago when she'd gone after my cock with abandon.

Watching your wife suck another man's cock is a stranger experience than you might think—at least it was for me. I was angry, of course. And I was extremely jealous. It was too early for me to feel hurt; that would come later. Right now, it was the immediate, primitive, hot emotions I felt: anger, jealousy...yes...but, also, excitement and arousal. I couldn't impose the distance from my emotions to ask why I would feel sexual arousal at seeing my wife blow another man.

I watched the video, transfixed. I watched as Beth pumped more and more vigorously on Kevin's cock, taking as much of it as she could in her mouth. I watched as she jacked his hard shaft furiously. I watched as his body spasmed and he screamed out with pleasure. I watched as he shot his load deep in Beth's mouth.

For a moment, I thought that maybe Kevin's climax had caught Beth by surprise—that she would spit out his cum and pull away in disgust. But I was wrong. Beth swallowed Kevin's cum and continued to gently suck his cock as it softened. Then she looked up at Kevin and smiled. "Thank you. That was great," she said as she pulled away.

Beth stood up next to the bed, straightened her clothes a bit, and reached down to gently pat Kevin's soft and satisfied dick. "Maybe we can do that again sometime," Beth proposed as she was turning and leaving the room.

I was stunned. Never in our six year of marriage, and not in our dating before we got married, had Beth taken my load in her mouth. I'd never tried to pressure her to do this but she knew that I wanted her to. She'd never done it. I'd finally given up even hoping she would do this. And now I'd just seen her going after another man's cum with enthusiasm.

It was clear to me in retrospect that, from the time she'd sent me off to pick up dinner, Beth had been planning to suck Kevin's cum from his cock. This wasn't something that "just happened." Beth hadn't gotten carried away when she was innocently giving Kevin a massage. She'd planned it from the start and what she'd planned was to do to Kevin something that she'd always denied me.

What was I to do now? Should I just climb back in bed with Beth, as if nothing had happened? I still don't know what I should have done. But I know what I did. I back up the video and watched it again. And this time, I jacked off to what I was watching. I came at the same time I was watching Kevin fill Beth's mouth with his spunk. And, strangely, it was a very satisfying orgasm. It was extremely intense and I felt drained and relaxed after it subsided.

Then I did go back to bed. When I got under the covers, Beth turned to me and said, apparently with real concern, "You haven't been sleeping, have you? I'm sorry." But the 'I'm sorry' was just an expression of sympathy, not the abject apology I richly deserved. Then she kissed me. I rolled over, thinking about the fact that the lips she'd just kissed me with had, just the evening before, sucked the cum from my cousin. Then I realized that she'd kissed me last night, when we'd made love, too. And that was just a few hours after she'd given her mouth to Kevin. It was an unsettling thought. Still, I was so tired that I managed to get to sleep.

Because I'd been up so much of the night, I slept in. I didn't hear Beth get up. It was the smell of coffee that finally woke me about 9:00. I got up and took a quick shower before getting dressed. When I got to the kitchen, Kevin and Beth were sitting at the table, eating breakfast, talking, and reading the paper. Things seemed so normal—so innocent—that I had a hard time reconciling the morning with what I'd seen last night on the computer. I didn't say anything about what I'd seen—not sure why. I just got some coffee and food and sat down with Kevin and Beth.

We didn't really have anything planned for the day. Beth was going to go shopping with a friend and I needed to go to the Home Depot to get fertilizer for the lawn. I figured I could go after lunch and still have time to get back and fertilize the lawn before the ballgame I wanted to watch on TV started.

Beth left late in the morning and I found myself having to talk with Kevin. It was a weird experience. Most of the time we talked about family. We'd been kind of close when we were kids and so it was good to get caught up on his parents and his two sisters. I told him about my family. All of this was so incredibly innocent that, frankly, most of the time I really didn't think about what he'd done last night with Beth. That made it all the more strange at those moments when the images from last night suddenly flooded my mind. Kevin would be talking and then for a moment I couldn't hear him. I could see his lips moving and I knew I should be listening but the only sound in my head was, "You son of a bitch! You goddamn son of a bitch!" And then he'd pause and I had to say something to make him think I'd been following him. I'd manage a noncommittal "uh-uh," and that would pull me back to the conversation.

Maybe it was because I wasn't all that comfortable in this conversation but I suddenly decided that I really needed to mow the lawn before I fertilized it so, if I wanted to see the start of the game, I needed to get to Home Depot. I could grab a burger at a drive-through on the way to the store. So, I made my apologies to Kevin, told him to help himself to food in the fridge, and left.

It was really good to get out of the house. I wasn't able to put aside the thoughts of Kevin and Beth but at least I didn't have to make small talk with Kevin while I was stewing on the images of him spewing his cum in Beth's mouth.

When I got back home, Kevin was watching TV. I poked my head in the room long enough to tell him I had to work outside and headed back to the bedroom to change into work clothes. On my way to the garage, I grabbed my iPod and my noise-canceling headphones. Maybe I could blast these damned images out of my head with a little hard rock. If the music wasn't enough, maybe the two Sam Adams I brought out would help take the edge off. (I knew the second one would get a little warm while I was working on the first, but I didn't want to have to go back into the house till I was done mowing.)

It was almost 1:30 now and it would take me at least an hour to mow the lawn, then almost an hour to fertilize it. That should work out great. The game didn't start until 3:30. I fired up the mower, put on my headphones, and cranked up the volume. The mower was barely audible. All I could hear was Guns N' Roses. I opened the first bottle of Sam Adams, took a swig, and dropped it in the holder I'd fastened to the mower handle.

Having something very practical and familiar to do did help. After a few passes on the lawn, I was really focused on the music and my mowing. Kevin and Beth were not looming large in my consciousness. There was a kind of artificiality in the attention I was paying to what I was doing. I was working hard on staying focused on the lawn. But that was fine. If I had to trick myself to get some relief from my tormented thoughts, so be it.

I was sucking down the beer. I'd finished the first one when I wasn't even half done with the lawn. I stopped the mower only long enough to get the second Sam Adams. As I walked back to the garage, I saw Kevin standing in the kitchen, looking out the window at me. That was strange. I didn't think it could possibly be that interesting to watch a guy mow his lawn. Maybe he was admiring the beer holder I'd welded on to the mower handle. I don't know. But the son of a bitch waved to me. It's weird. I could have ignored it. But he'd seen me look at him and ignoring him would be awkward. So I waved back. He smiled and I smiled back at him, though it was a forced smile.

I grabbed the second beer and got back to my mowing. When I'd finished, I looked at my watch. 2:40! It had taken me longer than I'd thought. Now I'd have to rush to finish fertilizing the lawn before the game. But I wanted another beer enough to be willing to delay the start on the fertilizing long enough to get it. So what if I missed the first inning of the game?

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