tagNonHumanBeth's Wolf Lover Greets The World

Beth's Wolf Lover Greets The World


My how things had changed over the past few days. Beth had never even guessed that she would find such joy and happiness in her life, never believed that one of her deepest secret fantasies would actually come true. To think it all began with being kidnapped by her lovely Sasquatch. He had taken her deep into the woods then fucked her beyond her wildest dreams. The Sasquatch had been relatively gentle as he pummeled her with his 14-inch long 4 inch round rock hard cock. The days with him had been wonderful but there was a catch; he liked to disappear for days at a time. Which left Beth alone and very horny.

The third time he'd left her alone a herd of horny gnomes showed up and kept her busy for a while, huge cocks and bouncy balls amusing her until they became too annoying to deal with any longer by fucking themselves silly so she threw them out of the cottage. They proceeded to fuck each other on the front lawn while Beth wondered at a herd of horny bisexual gnomes. Until her Sasquatch came back and gave them a good beating. Making him ready for a major fucking session with Beth, his massive cock pounding away for long periods, making her forget her frustrations. For a while. Till he grew tired and disappeared again.

That was how her wonderful wolf came into the picture, as she lay naked on the grass by the lake in front of the cottage. Beth met her lonely wolf. She had been fearful for a second, seeing a large black wolf growling and staring at her hungrily. Until she saw his massive, nubbly cock emerge from its hairy sheath. That excited her to no end. Then he spoke in the sexiest, silkiest, most melodic voice she'd ever heard. That very nearly set her off right there, exciting her pussy, making her juices start to flow, causing her to shiver and hold back from cumming to soon.

Then the big bad wolf told her his sad story. He'd been wandering alone in the woods for years looking for the right companion. Women had run after enjoying his pleasuring them with his lovely cock even when they sincerely enjoyed it. Little Red and her Grandmamma had been downright rude, hiring a nasty old horny woodcutter to keep the wonderful and generous wolf at bay. The woodcutter had fucked Little Red and Grandmamma every day as the wolf listened in the woods. They were never as joyfully raucous as when he had fucked them though. They had cum all over his massive cock as he squeezed inside their tight cunts and sometimes a mouth, they had poured cum all over his muzzle as he licked one or the other into a violent frenzy. They were extremely ungrateful. Humans were a very curious bunch.

So he had wandered, becoming sad and lonely, fucking some stray woman into a happy mindless turmoil now and again but never finding fulfillment till he stumbled across Beth after years of being frightfully alone. How could he have possibly known that fucking a big bad wolf was a secret fantasy of hers? She was passionately delighted to see him was one way. And he could smell her desire and delight, that's how. He licked her pussy hard with his rough nubbly tongue jabbing and teasing her hole with its tip as she sucked his massive throbbing cock jammed down tight into her throat with all her might till they both screamed. Well, he howled. Twice. Slowly. Then, he climbed on top of her, whispered lovingly in her ear as his colossal cock throbbed against her belly, after that he impaled her with his hot hard meat, feeling her tight little pussy gladly squeeze him intensely. He couldn't believe the delightfully painful squeezing of his cock inside her. She couldn't believe the delightfully painful wolf cock pummeling deep inside her. She wrapped herself around the huge wolf to pull him deeper inside, if that were possible, and they fucked from midmorning till dusk without a pause.

Then they ran into the cottage, still needing to be joined together tightly, and fucked hard and long again, the wolf standing on his hind legs, his hairy body causing great waves of ecstasy to roll over her, his hard knot wedged inside her and rubbing her clit roughly, sending both into frenzied bliss, big fist sized prickly balls sending her into further heaven, his roaring howls echoing as she bit and nipped and squeezed him everywhere she could. Beth loved her magical big beast, his ever growing and expanding cock driving ever deeper inside her body. Fountains of hot sticky delicious cum oozing from their entwined bodies. Her beloved wolf continuously exciting her breasts and skin with his coarse hair, claws holding her tightly, threatening to dig in and rip her apart just so he could pull her closer to him. Beth wanted him pounding deep inside of her forever. But she worried about her Sasquatch and what would happen when he came back. Not for long, just a passing thought now and again.

The huge black wolf could not believe that he had finally found his perfect mate, a bitch who let him fuck her senseless, his cock growing larger by the hour, at least 2 or 3 inches larger since they had begun, as he gave her more and harder pleasurable pain with it. She spurred him on, clutching him tight with her arms and legs and hot wet pussy, sucking his long thick tongue down her throat, biting his body, pulling his fur lusciously, squeezing his hairy balls forcefully when she could, her smooth skin running over him fantastically, exciting him even further. Never had a woman made him so happy, tried so hard to please him, sending him into rapturous waves, he was cumming more in an hour with her than he ever had in a day in his long lonely life. He would have to work things out somehow with the Sasquatch because he was not giving up his bitch. He couldn't get enough of her. They couldn't get enough of each other.

Even when they saw her four nature film crew buddies huddling in a corner of the cottage. Beth had been amazed that they'd found her. The last she had seen of them was their filming her and the Sasquatch fucking in the woods before he'd carried her off to this cottage a few months ago. Beth had managed to keep her great huge wolf inside of her and not eating them by quickly explaining who they were. He didn't want to be out of her anyway. It amused her wolfie darling to be watched and both had laughed as Jack and Joan, an older married couple, began fondling each other. Joan was quite aggressive, squeezing Jack hard before rubbing sensuously at Jack's crotch. Jack grew hard under his wife's not so tender yet loving touch. Fred and Bubba stood transfixed until the wolf bellowed, ordering them all outside to do their fucking. Leaving the camera on as they went out.

"My dear sweet bitch, do you mind that thing in the corner?" The wolf growled softly in Beth's ear then he went back to licking her face gently then moved down to her breasts to suck and bite gently, continuing to thrust deeply and forcefully into her silky wet tight pussy.

Beth was about to speak but a strong orgasm began, causing her to shudder and moan and grind on her sweet wolf's magnificent cock, which caused him to spew great quantities of hot sticky cum into her again as she shot cum down over his massive meat. Again. After a few moments, she was able to respond breathlessly, "Not at all. You don't mind being filmed? Or the crowd outside, dear sweet magical wolfie?"

The wolf growled softly, loving her as deeply and dearly as she loved him, "Not at all. They seemed to enjoy watching us fucking as well. I am amazed. Should we go out to..." Was all the wolf got out before cumming yet again deep inside his dear sweet bitch, then they sank onto the bed and continued fucking hard and slow and sweet for a countless time. The wolf loved the feeling of his dear sweet bitch bucking and writhing beneath him, moaning and crying out for him to keep pummeling her, cumming hotly all over his hard nubbly cock which remained deep within her, exploding cum in her again and again, she as excited by his every move like he was by hers. Her pussy squeezed his cock exquisitely and the knot at the base rubbed her clit so hard he wondered momentarily at ever getting it out of her. Then he wondered why he should ever try to pull out of her loving tight cunt and adoring embrace. He felt himself plunge harder inside her, driving in a fraction deeper, causing her to scream in joy as she spilled her sweet juices over his cock, causing him to grow harder yet again then cum gigantically in her every crevice.

When the deepest darkness of night had fallen, Beth and the wolf managed to pause in their forceful fucking, for a short while. Beth could not comprehend how they could continue to fuck so hard for so long but she knew she thoroughly enjoyed being her dear sweet wolfie's bitch. To have his now 18 inch long 5 inch round throbbing nubbly cock crashing deep inside her, his cum flowing inside and outside her body, licking up the pools of it with their tongues, claws, and hands, feeling wet and sticky with cum covering skin and hair and fur, the burning craving for more feeding them both, moaning and writhing and howling in ecstasy, that was all she could think of right now, except for the occasional flash regarding her Sasquatch.

Beth realized suddenly, after a quiet moment of nuzzling with wolfie, that her friends were outside making one hell of a racket, "Darling wolfie, should we take a look, see that they are all right?"

The wolf first responded with his tonguing Beth as she kissed his muzzle, then, "They are just fine, my wonderful bitch. They are busy fucking one another and those ugly little gnomes. I can smell them and hear them."

Beth held her darling wolf tightly, not really wanting to get up if that meant him removing his delicious cock from her tight pussy, nipping his muzzle, taking his tongue and sucking again, they lay on their sides, before a distressing thought entered her head, "What if the big beast comes back? He may not like what he sees? He was awfully nice to me?"

The wolf growled playfully, tightly squeezing his mates deliciously soft ass, digging in with his claws, bringing her quickly to another orgasm as he nibbled and sucked her breasts, his cock wiggling deep in her body, "Aren't I nice to you, my sweet? Don't I make you..." He howled as her cum surged over his cock then she clamped him tightly in her arms and legs and pussy as she spasmed, unrelentingly gripping his cock with her pussy, causing him to heave hard into her and howl again as his cum seethed forward into her body again.

Breathing hard, Beth managed to whisper finally, "You make me crazy doing that, dear sweet wolfie. Can't you tell by now? I can't leave you, you are marvelous and wonderful and wicked. Without you, I think I would shrivel up and die."

The great huge wolf had never been so happy, never realized how finding his one true mate would complete him and make him an enormously big bad beastly beauty of a wolf. After holding her tight for a moment longer, the wolf whispered softly, "We should make sure they're all right, I suppose. It will be good to get outside in the dark with you so that only I can see you, my dear. So that only I can do wonderfully wicked things to you again. So that you can have your outrageously ferocious way with only me, my sweet bitch."

The wolf rolled over, realizing how Beth had begun to respond to his words with a fierce passion making it almost painful to pull his massive cock from deep inside his wonderful bitch's tight little hole with a loud slurping pop. Cum flowed from her gently and dripped from his massive dark meat as she whimpered to him, pleading for him to come back inside of her. The amazing thing was that he wanted to, desperately, and that he could if he wished, his massive nubbly beast fully 18 inches in length was still fully erect and pulsating for her. He stood, unsteady for a second, then pulled her up to him. She quickly moved to the door of the cottage, pulling him along by the paw, wanting to get outside quickly so he could chase her, jump on her and drive himself deeply into her body again. He went to all fours as she opened the door so she kept her hand rubbing his back. He wanted to throw her down and impale her again, pounding and pumping till she screamed but he waited. He could smell her keen craving for him, felt her tension, knew she wanted him fucking her as much as he wanted to be fucking her.

"Holy crap, would you look at how those ugly little buggers are fucking Fred and Bubba? Well, they're sucking and fucking each other too but, really, who knew?" Beth laughed gleefully, "Everyone seems all right, dear darling wolfie, so could you please spear me again with your mighty and magnificent cock before I burst? When I do burst, I want it to be all over you, to cum over your thick hard tasty meat. I want to make you happy, my gorgeous wolfie." Beth loved seeing her dear wolfie begin to pant hard, his huge cock waving underneath him for her, to hear him growl happily as he moved to throw her down to the ground so he could split her wide open.

Beth stopped suddenly, silent as she heard a faint grunting, turning slightly toward Jack and Joan where the noise was coming from. She felt her marvelous wolf stand behind her and press himself against her back, wrapping his front legs tightly around her body. He clasped her tender breasts in his paws then squeezed and pinched her gently. His huge throbbing cock hotly pressed against her back. His tongue flicked over her neck and shoulders and face, making her marvel at how this wonderful beast could pleasure her so much more than any man ever had. She rubbed up and down against him, feeling the flaming up of the tip of his cock striking her, the shaft pushing against her gently. He huffed and grunted into her hair, reaching down to her clit with one paw. His coarse skin ignited her instantly; the feeling of claws slowly drawing across her engorged lips and clit nearly dropped her to her knees. Her darling wolf kept her closely pressed against him. Her tummy tingled as she felt an orgasm begin. Her wolfie's cock twitched and pulsed against her back as he yelped and huffed, his cum rumbling up his shaft.

Beth then heard a distressed howl from the edge of the woods. She and her wolf paused, as did everyone else, while her Sasquatch emerged from darkness into the dim moonlight of the clearing. He was massively erect but looked extremely distressed as well. Beth wondered how to explain, wondering how to make it better, knowing he wouldn't understand. Her wolfie bravely moved her around a tad so he was in the path of the Sasquatch and not her. How could she not be mad about such a wonderfully chivalrous beast?

Everyone watched Joan stand up quietly, slowly, leaving a tired rather deflated Jack sitting on the ground as she gazed rather lustfully at the beast then quickly glanced at Beth and the wolf before drifting back to the Sasquatch and resting her eyes on his giant cock. "Would you mind if I had a go with him? I haven't stopped dreaming about fucking him since we last saw you, Beth. I thought you might need help because he's so huge. I assumed he'd be the one that couldn't stop fucking and you would need help keeping him satisfied but obviously not. But, he is the one in need right now and you're, umm, preoccupied."

"He came when I needed him and he was wonderful to me. But, the silly beast kept wandering off. I am fond of him but he doesn't do what my darling wolf does. Dear sweet wolfie came along to fill me up completely, he makes me feel, umm, warm and fuzzy all over. I'm grateful to the big beastie for bringing me here, for making me realize what life could be like. But, my darling wolfie needs and wants me all the time. As I need and want him. Please, fuck the big hairy beast happy if you want, that would be nice for both of you. I'm sure Jack would love to watch." Beth chuckled, wanting to get back to fucking her wolf soon as they could, feeling herself needing to cum all over his dripping throbbing cock powerfully, even more as she realized she had made her choice for a mate.

"Yes, it's what he's good at as a filmmaker. Where are the wild bunch going?" Joan wondered as Fred and Bubba slowly moved on hands and knees toward the trees, trying to keep the gnomes cocks in their mouths and backsides.

The wolf growled quietly, "Let them go. Those ugly little slugs like their quiet woods. They'll remain close. They like to watch. Perhaps I can show you a pretty spot in the forest though, my beloved bitch." The wolf needed her badly, loving that she had chosen him for herself. Not that he would have let her go now, not ever.

Beth and the wolf stared for a moment at the two men and the herd of horny gnomes fucking there way to the edge of the woods. She definitely didn't want to go there with them. Then, the grunting of the Sasquatch distracted Beth and her darling wolf. Joan had taken the Sasquatch's giant cock in her mouth and begun sucking madly at him. He was responding very well, plunging madly into Joan's mouth, and clutching her hair to keep her attached to him, no longer sad or caring about Beth. But, Beth felt herself beginning to cum again watching them and felt her wolf's gigantic cock twitching violently too. It was almost too much when Joan straightened then jumped up on the Sasquatch, hanging her pussy just above his dripping cock. He grabbed her ass as she wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms about his shoulders. Joan cried out lustfully as she slipped down onto the beast's massive cock. He began to move Joan up and down slowly over his cock then harder and faster within seconds.

Beth found watching the beast fucking Joan very erotic, feeling her wolf begin to cum as well, huffing and grunting as he squeezed her breasts and clawed at her clit hard, "Ooh, I can't get to the woods, darling wolfie? Must we go so far, I need your huge hard delicious pole hammering in me till I scream now? Please, dear wolfie, I need you fucking me right this very second with that gorgeous beastly cock?"

The wolf felt Beth quiver as she neared her limit of endurance, smelled her cumming, and felt cum traveling up the shaft of his vibrating cock as he rubbed and fondled her from behind. She bent forward slightly and lifted her ass into him, spreading herself wide for him. She needed him inside very badly, groaning with painful desire. He quickly brought his purple fist sized tip to the entrance of her hot red hole. She smelled divine as her juices flowed for him. He howled joyfully as he drove inside her with all his might, both of them cumming in torrents even before the tip of his cock pounded into her womb. Again he felt like he was driving himself up to her breasts even as he clung tightly to her soft squishy melons with his paws. He crushed them as he pounded his wonderful bitch from behind.

Beth was delirious as her wolf impaled her deeply and very hard from behind, exploding immediately in time with him. She snarled and wailed as he drove hard into her, holding her breasts tight, digging in with his claws, almost lifting her off the ground with every thrust. Then, the wolf pulled her up tight into his body, continuing to pump her hard, almost drawing blood as he dug his claws into her soft skin for a tight grip. She held his forearms tight, trying her best to help by thrusting her ass back into him, causing him to wedge his cock deeply inside her again. The knot rubbed her asshole, moving them both into delirium. Beth felt her darling wolf going down to on all fours, resting his mighty paws on her hands as they hit the grass momentarily, then pushing himself harder into her body, she banged back on him for all she was worth, wanting his cock ever deeper inside, causing such delirious throbbing pleasure for both of them. The rest of the world faded.

After exploding again and cum dripping out onto the grass, she cried out as her wolf came almost out of her pussy. Only to turn her around and lay her flat on her back, the fist sized tip still lodged inside. He could move better inside her that way, bringing her legs up in the air and holding tight as he waited to ram himself back inside her, this proving he was a magical beastly wolf. Not that she needed any more proof. She could hear Joan and the Sasquatch for a second as they yowled in delight. Then, she forgot everyone else again.

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