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Betrayal Book 01


Authors Note:

This story is Book1 of a tale that primarily concerns my relationship with my wife and her sister's family. Book 2 will be more about my own life as the fallout from Book 1 causes major changes. Book 3 is about the aftermath of divorce and lifestyle changes. Book 4 is the final stage of our adventures and moving on.

Chapter 1- James and Jill

This is a story about how a single decision changed my life. I had a wife that I loved to distraction and a job that I fulfilled my career ambitions, but the events leading up to this decision were responsible for everything that subsequently happened to us.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Bill Cairns and I am married to my wife, Amanda and have been for more than twenty-four years. Amanda still has the figure she had when we first courted and we got married when we were both 22 years old. To me she is as beautiful now as she was way back then. Unfortunately we have not been blessed with children, Amanda had something wrong internally and the upshot was she would never be able to conceive. Naturally this had a profound effect on our lives and though she tried hard to conceal it, I know she has never really got over it. She loves children and it should be no surprise that she works as a schoolteacher, teaching Junior School. I also would have loved to have children, but it was not to be, so I devoted myself to trying to make her happy.

She loves all her charges and in return they love and respect her. Her young sister Jill married a friend of mine called James, in fact Amanda was Chief Bridesmaid and I was their Best Man. They were luckier than us and had two lovely girls in quick succession. Sharon was born first followed by Mandy a year later.

It was only natural that Amanda doted on her two nieces and we often acted as baby sitters when called upon. I felt that James and Jill spoiled their two girls as nothing was ever denied them. It seemed they only needed to ask and James would provide. James worked as an architect and had a successful practice. Jill was on the books as his receptionist and secretary, though she spent precious little time in the office. Her main activity seemed to be attending the Gym and shopping. James doted on her and was forever paying for the latest designer clothing she purchased on her excursions to the city.

We were all good friends, James and I played golf together regularly and I know Amanda regarded her sister as her best friend. Jill and I flirted outrageously every time we met, but it never went beyond the bounds of propriety.

The years passed quickly and soon the girls were leaving school and starting work. Neither Sharon or Mandy were gifted academically, but they both found jobs quickly on leaving school. Mandy settled into her lob in tele-sales and proved to be very successful at it. Sharon on the other hand moved from job to job, only lasting five or six months before moving on. We used to tease her about it and asking her why the rapid change, she said that her manager's were idiots and would not listen to her advice. Reading between the lines I deduced that she had no sooner managed to get herself established on her role, than she was trying to tell her boss that he was running his department all wrong. Not the way to gain advancement. Her parents, naturally enough were concerned about this and asked if I would have a chat with her and set her to rights. They had tried without success and thought that I as he favourite uncle may have a more success.

I work for IT Solutions Co. Ltd as their Human Resources Manager or what used to be called Personnel Manager before political correctness became the new fascism. I happened to know the HR Manager at one of the places Sharon had worked at and I sounded him out confidentially. It transpired that Sharon proved to be quite efficient at her job, but had a personality clash with her immediate supervisor. Not satisfied with the response she had had from him regarding a suggestion she had brought forward, she bypassed not only her immediate supervisor, but his boss as well and approached one of the senior managers directly. That, in itself was not a major issue, but she had made her approach at a social event. It appeared that Sharon was not shy about using her physical assets, mainly her very full breasts and pretty face to get her point across. Unfortunately, the senior manager's wife was also present at this function and did not take kindly to what she perceived as a young tart blatantly coming on to her husband. That was how Mandy's career at that particular firm came to an abrupt demise.

We had several long talks about her attitude to work and tried to impress upon her that even if her suggestions had merit, it was not prudent to go over her immediate supervisors head and approach another manager. She took the hint and seemed to settle down, her next job lasted all of fifteen months. She was lucky, in that she had her looks and figure coupled with a gift for speaking the correct language and using all the current buzz words in her conversations with prospective employers. Finding a new and better paid job just seemed to fall into her lap. By the time she was twenty-two, she was earning a good salary and had a supervisory position as Office Manager for a large building letting agency.

Sharon was courting an up and coming young man called Gary Forbes and oddly enough he also worked for the IT Solutions as a software specialist. It was me, in fact that had interviewed him when he had first applied to us. Sharon and Gary courted for about a year before getting engaged. By this time they were living together in a flat they shared and by all accounts were very happy.

I felt sorry for James as the wedding arrangements started to become clearer. Sharon demanded that her wedding just had to be held at a famous castle in Scotland. Weddings like that do not come cheap, but James never uttered a word of complaint, he just picked up the bills and later when we were chatting he admitted that Sharon's wedding had set him back nearly £25K. Still the happy couple soon settled into married life and it was no surprise when just over a year later, their first son was born. He was followed within eighteen months by a little sister and both parents and grandparents were delighted.

Mandy met the man who was to be her husband within a year and so again poor old James would have to find the money to pay for another wedding. He was a nice enough young guy, called Adam Sinclair but he seemed rather quiet. I wondered if he would be man enough to stand up to Mandy as she could be quite a little madam when she set her mind to something.

It was at her Hen Party that caused the real cracks to appear in all our marriages.

Chapter 2 –Some cracks appear in both marriages

Amanda and Jill started going to the same gym and soon had a small circle of friends that shared the ladies only time slots. They developed into close friends and soon they took it in turn to host social evenings where all the husbands could also attend. I suppose I got on reasonably well with most of the other husbands, but as usual, there were a few right arseholes as well. I'm sure some of them felt the same way about me.

At one of these get-togethers, Jill and Amanda announced that the ladies had been saving up each week to fund a ladies only week-end away to a health club and that all six of them had booked to go to the Hotel/Spa at the next Bank Holiday Weekend. This was only two weeks away and I for one was surprised for Amanda had not mentioned this savings plan to me and I was a bit put out about it.

Later when we were back home I tackled her about it and she apologised for not telling me, but she had simply set up a direct debit and forgot about it until Jill had reminded her that night.

"Anyway," she said, "You and James go off for golfing breaks every year, so we ladies thought we would treat ourselves to this spa thingy. Is this going to be a problem?"

"Of course not," I responded, "It's just that you never made any mention of wanting to do something like this before and you took me by surprise. I think it's a great idea, you deserve to get away and be pampered for a few days."

I was concerned about how much this was going to cost and asked her. She was a bit non-committal about this but said. "We have agreed to share rooms to keep the costs under control and its money I have saved from my salary that's funding it. How do you fund your golf trips, I have never asked you before?"

Knowing that she was looking for an easy out, I replied, "The same way, I suppose. It's just that you have never hidden anything for me before to my knowledge and I was just wondering why."

Amanda had her opening and said, "I told you I never set out to hide it from you, it just happened that way. If you don't want me to go, just say so!"

She was clearly starting to get annoyed by my attitude, so I backed off and said, "I do want you to go. I have already said as much. I'm sorry if I appeared to be grilling you! OK?"

In a more conciliatory manner she smiled and said, "I'm sorry to. I didn't mean to get uppity about this trip; it's just something I've been looking forward to so much. Let's forget about and go to bed."

As she said this she reached up and started to caress my cheek with her hand and with her eyes expressing so much desire I put aside the contradiction that her last statement represented and hurried to comply.

She was obviously pleased with this response, as she was all over me that night and we made love more like we used to do when we were still newlyweds. Amanda can be very adventuresome in bed and there are no taboos between us. We have tried most things two people can do but her favourite was anal sex. She particularly liked me to fuck her bottom while she used her vibrator on and in her pussy. We must have worn out the batteries that night.

As I recalled our conversation the following day, the conflicting parts of her story made me wonder. If she had set up a direct debit and simply forgot to tell me, how then could she have been looking forward to her weekend away so much and then forget to inform me about it? I thought about challenging her about this, but decided on balance to let it go for now. Anyway, I reasoned, she is going with five other women, what possible mischief can she get up to with them in tow? Especially since her sister was also going!

So the ladies went off and had their weekend away and returned raving about how good a time they had had. The first weekend after their return it was our turn to act as hosts to the Gym Group as I called them and we were all having a good time. The drink was flowing when James approached me asked if Amanda had provided any information about their weekend away. I told him that I had asked Amanda about it and apart from saying that they had a great time and that the food was excellent she had refused to divulge any further information.

James was clearly not happy with this and took the opportunity to raise the subject when we were all together. One of the other ladies, I think it was Penny said. "We decided before we left that, similar to you guys when you go off golfing, 'What happens on tour, stays on tour' and that's all we are going to tell you!"

I could see that James was less than happy about this, sure there were some things that happened on our golf trips that were never mentioned to our other halves, but they were more in the line of drunken nights rather than anything we would be ashamed to disclose to our wives. I took him aside for a quiet word and tried to calm him down. I said. "Look, I know you are worried, but she'll probably drop little insights as to what went on, if anything, during some casual conversation. If you make a big issue of it, she'll dig her heels in and end up resenting your lack of trust in her."

He promised that he would play it cool, but pleaded with me to let him know if Amanda let anything slip. I said. "You will be the first know if I do, but why are you so uptight about this?"

James then let his guard down completely and then proceeded to reveal the true reason for his concerns.

"Jill had an affair about two years ago. It only lasted about a month. He was a fitness instructor at the gym she used to go to. I found out by accident and confronted her. She accused me of neglecting her and used that as an excuse for her straying. She begged my forgiveness and we patched things up. I'm just worried that she's starting to get the itch again. I love her and I couldn't face it if she betrays me again."

I was astonished, I knew Jill was a flirt, God knows I flirted with her often enough, but I would never have suspected her of cheating on James. He adored her and I always believed she loved him. I promised to try and find out from Amanda just what went on, but warned him, I would need to approach this slowly and not to expect instant answers. I also said. "James, I don't believe anything can have happened on their weekend away. Think about it, there were six women on the trip, they were sharing rooms, so I cannot see how one of them could pull a man during that break, without the others knowing all about it. You know the girl's, they couldn't keep something like that quiet! The word would soon get out!"

He thought about it for a while and agreed with me that he was maybe reading too much into the situation.

Chapter 3 – The cracks are widening in both marriages

I did keep my promise to James and tried to gently quiz Amanda for some information about their weekend. She deflected my requests with an easy smile and said. "You will need to be more subtle than that. I know what you are fishing for and the answers still the same. 'What happens on tour, stays on tour'. Now, this is as good a time as any to tell you, we are still saving up for our next trip. We are going to go to Tenerife for a week in January. It's Mandy's hen party and she's all for it. There will be about twelve of us going so you needn't worry, there's safety in numbers."

January, I thought, that's still nearly six month's away but I was taken aback by this bold announcement and she must have seen the shock on my face. I asked. "Is that it then? Just a bold announcement of your intention to go abroad, leaving me to my own devices for a week. I know you do not need to ask my permission, you're a grown woman, but I am your husband and a little consultation would have been appreciated! Don't you think you should have talked this over with me before agreeing to this trip?"

She snapped back. "I'm consulting you now and you're right, I don't have to ask your permission and I'm sorry if my lack of consultation bothers you, but we have been planning this since our last weekend away."

I was so angry with her that I just turned away and took solace in the garden before my temper really let loose. The rest of that day and for the next several days' things were not so much cool between us as frigid. I made no attempt to discuss the matter with her and she in turn did nothing to appease me. She knew that I was angry, but that did not seem to bother her at all.

James and I talked and I asked if he knew anything about this trip and he confirmed that Jill had told him last Monday night. Since Amanda and I had our bust up on Sunday, I concluded that the phone lines between our two houses must have been busy.

On the Friday, Amanda and Jill were talking on the phone for ages and when she eventually hung up, she came into the study where I was working on the PC and said. "Jill and James have invited us over tomorrow. Do you want to go or not?"

"They are our best friends, so yes, I would like to go."

"I'll just ring her back to confirm then." She replied rather icily, I thought.

That conversation was indicative of how our relationship was working at that time.

The following evening, we turned up at their home and after an awkward first half an hour or so, Jill came right out and said. "Look, Amanda and I want to apologise for not talking to you two first before agreeing to this trip to Tenerife. We realise that we could have handled it better, but we didn't think you would have any objections. After all, you accepted our spa weekend with hardly a comment."

James and I looked at one another, deciding who was going to be the first to respond. He nodded to me and I replied for both of us. "Apology accepted. We don't want to blow this up out of all proportion, but a week away at a Hen Party is a bit more of a stretch than a short weekend trip. It's not a question of trust, we love you both dearly and trust in you implicitly, but you could have been more considerate in how you broke the news."

Amanda came over to me and put her arms around me and said. "I'm sorry. I went about it the wrong way and could have kicked my self for just blurting it out like I did."

We kissed and made up and the remainder of the evening was more like a normal Saturday with our best friends.

So life went on, our relationship was back on an even keel again and Amanda was at pains to prove to me that I had no cause to doubt her love. Our sex life improved over the next few months and we both were enjoying a new lease of life. She teased me mercilessly and said at one point after an extended lovemaking session. "If that's how you are going to be like from now on, we girls will need to plan more trips to keep you up to scratch! I love all the attention you're giving me now!"

Christmas came and went and soon it was time for their trip to Tenerife. I drove Amanda to the Airport and as we kissed goodbye, I said. "You will call me every night, won't you? I need to know that you are OK."

She promised to do so and for the first three nights, she faithfully rang me and we must have talked for at least thirty minutes each time. On the fourth night, there was no call and on the fifth she called but was in a rush, so apart for a quick hello and goodbye, I had little chance to speak with her. The sixth night was their last and again no call, but hell, she was home the next day, we would have plenty of time to talk then.

James and I drove separately to the airport to collect them. With Amanda, Jill, Mandy, and Sharon all on the same flight we would need two cars. All four were very tanned and Sharon and Mandy in particular looked very relaxed and happy. Jill looked very tired with bags under her eyes. Amanda's face had a strained look about it and she didn't say very much accept a quick goodbye to everyone. She clearly wanted to get off home so we quickly exited the airport and went home.

I quizzed her about the trip, but she just deflected my attempts at conversation. As we approached home, her mood lightened and I could see she was pleased to be back. We were hardly in the door before we were at each other. She was all over me and we fucked on the lounge floor in front of the fire. That was the first time in years that we had done that. I took her to bed even though it was only four in the afternoon and we spent the rest of the evening catching up.

In a moment of post coital interplay, she laughed and said. "If this is how you respond after six days apart, we'll need to make our next trip a little longer!"

"No way, that was six of the longest days for me. In future I want you here with me all the time." I said this half in jest, but secretly hoping that she realised that underlying the humour was a serious comment.

For a moment I thought that she was going to respond, but she must have decided not to spoil her homecoming night.

The next day I was working in the garage trying to tidy it up so that we could get both cars in the bloody thing when she came running in and told me that the washing machine was flooding the utility room. I grabbed some tools and spent the next hour or so stripping the plumbing out to find the fault. What I found left me totally floored!

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