tagBDSMBetrayal Ch. 03

Betrayal Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Kelly Hits Bottom

Kelly's visit with the boys was something she looked forward to every weekend. Brent stood by his word, and never brought up what was happening between them with the kids. He was polite, and even seemed genuinely concerned with how she was getting by. Even she could tell that he missed her. Yet when it came to any conversation about just the two of them, he grew silent and excused himself. She saw that it would take more than an apology to get back in his good graces. Kelly could only guess at the depths of his hurt. Brent was never a man to show emotions, he just didn't have it in him to be emotional. Although he had shown her nothing but love and tenderness in their relationship, when it came to putting his heart on his sleeve, Brent was a stone.

She drove back to her tiny, one bedroom apartment, wishing she could have pleaded with him, to make him see she wasn't the woman he had thrown out, anymore. She needed his caring personality, his comfortable presence, to fill her empty life again. She had been so terribly alone since that night! She remembered seeing that note, and knew she had finally been caught! What ever made her think that he wouldn't eventually find out? She wondered when he first started to realize how far gone she was?

* * * * * *

The night after Kelly had debased herself so fully, at Marcus' directions, she knew that she would never be able to tell Brent. She had to act as if nothing about her had ever changed. It was hard, seeing his face everyday, knowing what she had done. Yet, without fail, every night she found herself back online, facing Marcus; and his endless commands for her humiliation. She had given up on even thinking about denying that she enjoyed it! She waited for Brent to leave for work, kissing him good night. Then put the kids to bed, after they finished homework and baths. Kelly found it harder and harder not to just sprint for the computer. She got wet at the prospect of what Marcus might want her to do every night.

When she saw his name come up, she could already feel her juices flowing freely. She no longer felt ashamed of herself; Marcus told her that he liked her wet when he came on. She was sitting, as directed, with her feet up to either side of the camera, displaying her wet and excited slash to Marcus, (or anyone else who might turn on the connection)! She no longer cared if she was on public display. Marcus had gotten her past all that. She proudly showed herself to anyone he directed her to. Shame no longer played an unwilling role in her, online life!

As Marcus familiar script came up, she felt a shiver of excitement run through her body. Then she smiled stupidly, as he greeted her. "Hello, my little slut! You look very sweet today! I am so pleased with your appearance." Any compliment he gave her quickly heightened her arousal. She felt the beginnings of a small climax run through her! She was happy at the thought that she had pleased him.

"I have a little surprise my pet! I took the liberty of designing you a Website, so that everyone can see you in action!" he wrote. The happy grin she had had, quickly disappeared, and stark terror took its place! Her head began swimming at the thought of people she knew, finding that site. Quivers of terror locked her body immobile. She sat staring at those words, like a death sentence!

Before Kelly had a chance to respond, Marcus sent her the link to the site. She numbly made the connection to the link, and stared in horror at what she found. There, in all their depravities, were the detailed pictures of her, with anything and everything that she could, and did use, stuck in every possible orifice! Pictures of the things he had told her to do, online, in still photo form for anyone to see. She looked at nearly one hundred pictures of herself, with dildos, vibrators, bottles, even an aluminum softball bat, in both her vagina and her ass! She had not remembered even half of these events, and yet, they were undeniably Kelly. She could barely breath at the things she saw herself doing to her own body!

She never heard Marcus talking into her headphones, until he brought her back to reality with, "So slave, what do you think? Do they do you justice?" She could only stare at the photos and feel her stomach grow violently ill, at the idea that someone might find them! Her mind grasping at any idea of what she could do, not to have them posted. Without thinking, and realizing the devastation that those pictures would cause, she lashed out at Marcus, "What in the fuck do you think your doing? How in the hell will I ever explain these?" The fury in her voice, ruled out any other response! She stared at the collection of her nights online, as if she couldn't recognize herself being the woman whom had done these things.

Marcus typed out another line, her heart nearly stopped at what it said! "Check the link marked "Lonely Slut Wife!" Then the screen went silent. She scanned the banners that littered the site until she found it. Hesitantly she hit the connection. She watched as a connection to a movie short was made. The scene of a tiled men's room came into view. On the floor, blindfolded and gagged, was the scene she had played out last night, when she had gone to meet him. She watched as she sank willingly to the floor, and she was smiling! She then watched as an old transient walked out of a stall, and smiled in her direction. She watched in horror as he pulled down his filthy pants and directed his grotesque cock towards her mouth.

She remembered at how she had thought it was Marcus' cock, and then flushed with humiliation as she watched herself gleefully engulf the bum's grimy pole, with abandon! The movie continued as she made him finally cum, leaving a rope of his jism, between her hand and the end of his deflating cock. Then, she watched as the guy she had thought of as a kid, (he was really a nasty pimple faced guy in his thirties), take his place behind her. For the next few minutes it showed her from different angles, as she furiously fucked him as well. The scene then shifted to her being used, happily, by two construction workers, one tall muscular white guy, and another heavyset black guy. They pummeled her from both ends for a short time, with close up's of her mouth being filled with cock, and her, visibly slamming back, into the black guys thrusting hips.

As the movie continued, it showed her then being flipped to the floor, and her wantonly slamming herself down, repeatedly, on the black guy's massive rod. She only dimly remember any of this. It was the last scene that made her nearly scream. The figure of a man, no head was in the frame, with a cock so large it looked unreal, force his way into her waiting ass! From that point on, she looked as if she had lost her mind, as she wildly fucked back at the two huge shafts that skewered her. She looked to be screaming in agony, yet she continued to slam back at the two monsters.

Then the film just stopped, leaving her with the feeling of her heart pounding in her mouth. She felt her body experiencing it, as if she was there again. She stared blankly at the screen, is if stunned by her own whorish behavior. There was no possible way she could ever explain this, if it was ever found! Stunned, she sat looking at the screen, like this had to be some kind of nightmare, from which she would soon awaken. She could find no way out of this, no way in which to justify her own behavior. It took her a few moments to realize that Marcus had typed out something else.

"I will see you tonight! Be there at eleven, and be ready to do what your told!" it said. Before she could respond, he logged off, and she was left with the images of herself, glaring at her from the sites opening page. "What was she going to do? How would she ever be able to face Brent, or anyone else for that matter, if this was discovered?" she thought. She quickly deleted the site and turned off the computer. For an hour she sat there, in shock, at what she had just watched. The tears of her humiliation poured from her, the depravity of what she had done, finally sinking into her mind.

After that night, Marcus had directed her to meet him in different locations, never the same one twice. Each time he would tell her that if she did as she was told, he would give her the password to unlock the site. She could think of no other way, but to do as she was instructed. She agreed, time after time, to meet him. Her life was a cycle of fucking and sucking strangers, sometimes two and three at once. He never seemed pleased with her performances, and told her that when she finally got into it, she could have the password. She had been doing just as he directed, she was no longer enjoying any of it.

The last time she met with Marcus, he told her that if she didn't give this one her all, he would be sure that Brent got the link! As proof that he was serious, he wrote Brent's screen name on a slip of paper and showed it to her. She knew no other way out but to submit to what he wanted.

She was given instructions to meet him at an abandoned warehouse a few miles from their home. She thought that she could place the building, and agreed to meet him. Brent was working a double that night, so she knew she would have until around eight or so, to make it home. She dressed, again, in the white sleep shirt, (she had begun hating the sight of it), and drove to the address. She hoped that this night would be the last. She wanted more than anything to finally end this, and try to regain what life she could salvage.

Marcus awaited her arrival at the door. He stood waiting as she closed the distance from her car, with a wicked smile on his face. ""Happy to see you on time tonight, slut!" he snickered at her obvious discomfort. "I hope you are ready to earn your password tonight! I am growing tired of your lack of enthusiasm. Perform tonight as if it is the last you will ever see of me, and this can all be over!" he smiled at her. She had heard that before, and put on a false, grin that looked more like a grimace, as she passed by.

As she entered the warehouse, she could hear the sounds of a small gathering inside. There was a spotlight centered over a bed in the center of the huge room. She could only assume, that this was where she was to be used tonight! She made her way to the large, king-sized mattress, and climbed to its center. She could hear the sound of a hush come across the gathered crowd. She emotionlessly pulled the shirt and belt from her body. She stood there defiantly in her nudity. Looking around at the darkened silhouettes of approximately twenty men. She could feel her body stiffen with anticipation.

Denied even the courtesy of an introduction, two men made their way onto the mattress and began fondling her exposed body. She let her mind separate her from what was about to happen. She could only look on, as if this was not her that was about to do these things. Her body betrayed her, yet again, as she moaned at the grasping fingers that fondled her tits, and plunged into her slick pussy.

The guys ran their hands all over her, the feelings of her bodies need built. She felt herself let go and relaxed, as brute fingers invaded her. She stepped out, to open her legs to the insistent fingers, allowing them even deeper penetration into her, now sopping wet slit. The moans that left her mouth, reminded her that she was indeed enjoying this. She felt herself sink to her knees, and then pull one of the stiff cocks greedily to her own mouth!

The guys seemed to take this as a cue, they both stood near her head, as she worked them both. She would switch back and forth between them, alternately sucking and pumping their rigid members with her hands and mouth. The slurping noises of her actions sounded loudly in the emptiness of the huge room. She felt all anxiety slip away, as she took to the task at hand. She was determined now to make them believe she was enjoying herself. She let her self-esteem and pride go, for the wanton usefulness of her whore's mentality. She moaned and grunted as she built up the tempo, hoping that, at least these two would cum quickly.

After about five minutes the first guy she had started with released his load. It shot out and spilled down her face, running down her neck and on to her swinging tits. She had no time for cleaning up, and didn't care if she was a mess! She continued her assault on the cock still present. She barely saw the face that went along with the body before her, the light was positioned so that only his shoulders were in the light. She shrugged to herself, and put even more effort into the cock in her slurping mouth. She made use of both of her hands now as she pumped him in time with her heads bobbing motions.

She had hoped that she would get a break, but as she continued to finish up with the second cock, she felt the mattress give to the weight of yet another man. It was only at the pressure of a cock at her soggy lips, that she knew she was about to be fucked, while she finished her task. The man smelled badly, but she spread her legs farther to give him complete access. She felt the hot mushroom head press against her, and then in one push, he was in. Her body knew what to do, and she began squeezing the muscle of her pussy, contracting around his reaming pole. She felt a climax building in her at the dual fucking she was receiving. That didn't slow her down, she again applied more pressure to cock in her mouth.

Within another few minutes, the man in front of her exploded his own fountain of cum that splashed her face and ran into her hair. She continued fisting his cock until it went flaccid in her hand. He stepped back, only to be replaced by another hard cock. She dove desperately onto this as well, picking up where she had left off on the last. The man pummeling her pussy groaned and stiffened, as he to shot his load deep inside her twitching grip. As expected, yet another took his place!

For what she guessed was hours, cock after cock, found its way to her mouth, pussy and hands, in a never-ending cycle of slurping, slamming, and groaning. She lost track of how many times she service two or three guys simultaneously! Every time one shot its load, it would be just as quickly replaced with another. Her legs and arms had long since gone numb, she no longer even cared how she was being used. Somewhere during the first hour, her body had totally betrayed her unwillingness, and she was now screaming with pleasure at the abuse she was taking!

On occasion, a break in the action would be called, to allow her time to use the bathroom and rest. Yet, as soon as she began to think it might be over, a new round of fucking would begin! She had never felt so used and filled in her life. She knew her body was enjoying every minute, and she mentally cried at herself for allowing all this to happen. Yet without fail, she put her all into every act. She was so covered in sweat and cum, that it felt stiff on her skin. Crust had begun building on the places where it had dried. She didn't care, she wanted more! And that's what she got.

During what was to be the last of her night's sessions, a familiar body made it's way onto the mattress. Marcus' circus length cock hung half rigid before her mouth. She never realized just how long it actually was! He had to be every bit of twelve inches, and he wasn't even hard yet! It looked as if he had a snake hanging from his balls. This massive thing had to be as thick as her wrist or more, in circumference! Yet, without hesitation she brought it to her lips, and began sucking it's plumb sized head. If this was the finale, she was going to make it count!

She ran her tongue along the length of it's under surface, springing it to life. She watched transfixed as this monster began to rise. By now, all the other men had left the lighted area of the mattress. This final assault was Marcus', and Marcus' alone! She felt a little relief knowing that she had survived the night intact, essentially. She made herself lavish this gargantuan cock with all her talents. She knew it would take some doing to ride this thing. But when she had done it, and she knew she would get her reward, finally!

When Marcus pulled away, she felt a sudden pang of fear. What had she done wrong? How had she not lived up to his expectations tonight? She tried to pull him back to finish what she had started, when he laughed and flopped flat onto his back on the mattress. He motioned her to turn around, then guided her to sit. She watched as he directed her down, and felt her body lock in fear at where he aimed. He was going to fuck her ass with that monster!

She nearly ran for the door, knowing what he intended, yet somehow her body continued it's way toward the massive invader. A groan of anticipation sounded from the gathered collection of shadows. The head of his cock pressed at her ass like a club. She knew no way to relax enough to allow this to happen. In the back of her mind, she remembered having, somehow survived this before though. She relaxed as much as she could and let Marcus do the rest.

She nearly screamed as the huge head finally stretched her to the point of splitting. She grit her teeth and began panting in earnest, at the pain of his invasion. "Good God" she thought, "He's killing me!" She could feel every fiber of her body screaming from the agony of this monster. She felt consciousness ebbing away, her body refusing to deal with the pain! For what seemed hours, inch after inch of the mutant cock found new depths to her bowels. She knew in her mind that she could feel the tender tissue of her rectum being torn apart! Yet even more kept being forced into her.

When he finally stopped, she felt as if she had been impaled on a fireplug! She was sure she was going to die. As Marcus slowly began the long pull back, her body squeezed, trying to force this obstruction out. Marcus must have taken that as a sign of her readiness, she thought, as he began to drive back into her. Circles of pain erupted in her eyes, a howl of agony as if an animal was being tortured, erupted from her throat! Then as if to drive her further into madness, Marcus began to build speed and power at each thrust.

She was in agony, yet somehow she drove herself on, wanting this to be the last of her torment. She put her pain aside, and drove back into him. She wanted to end this. For what seemed ten minutes, she pushed back furiously onto his bat sized cock. At some point her body, again, began enjoying the abuse. She was now slamming into him, with pleasure, and loving it. The sweat of her efforts stood out plainly for all to see. She was moaning at each complete thrust, into her sore and stretched ass. Her body was being wracked by a continuous orgasm. Her legs and lower back were numb, yet she continued to push back Finally, she felt him stiffen as he own orgasm started.

She reached back and began squeezing his huge balls, he moaned loudly at the pleasure she was giving him. Then she felt him expand, nearly ripping her ass apart from it's size. In one final, desperate thrust, she felt what could only be gallons of cum, drain deep inside her bowels. He jammed himself to the hilt and held his position, as torrent after torrent of cum continued filling her ass. Finally, she felt him start to soften and slowly slide from within her. She felt the need to defecate badly, yet did not move until with a sloppy plop, he was out! She fell face first into the mattress and passed out!

Kelly still wondered how she had gotten home that night? She had awakened the next morning to the sound of Brent entering the bedroom. She also remembered his face, when she refused his advances. How would she have explained why she felt like a canyon to him? She had quickly moved to the shower, in case any tell tale signs remained of the abuse; she had so willingly taken the night before! She hoped that she could one day make it up to him.

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