tagNovels and NovellasBetrayal Ch. 04

Betrayal Ch. 04

byval wrangler©

Talk about a sea change. Emma is a completely different woman this morning, Derek thought. Gone was the waffling insecurity, the doubting, the overwhelming shyness. Standing over him was a female who knew what she wanted. Derek's brain let out a warning signal: Emma might be falling in love with him and that would never do. She was another man's wife, and even though what they were playing with was completely wrong in many people's eyes, that was something they both needed to remember at all times. Derek's ultimate job was to get Peter and Emma both on the same path -- together. But from here on in, he would have to be ultra careful with her.

"So will you teach me how to pleasure a man?" she repeated.

"Of course, if that's what you really want."

A devilish smile lit up Emma's face. "Judging by the state of your shorts, young man, it's something you want, too."

The two remained silent most of the way back to the complex. Derek didn't know what Emma was thinking, but the person on his mind was Peter. Perhaps he should get him out on the golf course tomorrow, begin talking, scope out the lay of the land.

The word "lay" made Derek's cock twitch. Was that part of what Emma had asked him back at the fountain? He had to admit he would like nothing better than to watch -- and feel -- his throbbing erection disappear inside her slender body.

The trip back was far faster than the trip out.

On their mutual front porch, they both looked at each other, silently appraising.

"Peter's plane doesn't get in until 3:30," Emma said with a question mark implied.

"My place or yours?"

"Yours, I think, but I don't want anyone to see me going in." Emma grinned suddenly. "They might get the right idea."

"Why don't we each take showers? I'll unlock the sliding door in back and you can come around anytime you're ready."

It was barely 11:30 when Emma looked carefully at the surrounding town houses, then grabbed the edge of the privacy fence and easily swung herself over. Now that she'd made the decision, she felt much less nervous.

Slipping into Derek's house, she called out, "Derek?"

"I'm upstairs!"

Emma went up, seeing a house that had a mirror image layout to her own, so similar yet so different, like something you experience in a dream. Maybe this was all a dream. But it was a good dream.

Derek was in the bedroom, just coming out of the shower, rubbing his hair vigorously with a towel, another one wrapped around his waist. Looking around at the well-made bed and clean dresser tops, she got the feeling he'd spent most of his time since they parted at their doors dashing around and straightening things up. That was sweet of him.

Emma had thrown on another pair of running shorts and a loose fitting tee-shirt, but she was barefoot and naked underneath.

Derek looked at her long and hard, obviously savoring what he saw. It made Emma feel all tingly, but vulnerable, too. Here was the male animal looking at his prey. Why did Peter never look at her hungrily like this?

"So you want me to show you how to pleasure a man?" he asked. "Are you absolutely sure, because if you're not this stops right here and we go back to being running buddies."

She looked at him, unblinking. "Yes."

Derek smiled as he looked her over again.

Emma could feel herself getting wet. "What should I do first?"

"I would really like to undress you."


Derek stepped up to her and put his hand under Emma's chin. "May I kiss you?"

Their first kiss was a revelation, soft and sweet but with passion simmering just below the surface. She sighed as Derek pulled away.

Reaching down, he took the hem of her tee-shirt and pulled it upward slowly. It caught for a moment on Emma's hard nipples, tickling her slightly but also sending jolts of electricity shooting down to her pussy.

Derek bent over and sucked her left nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue deliciously as he moved his lips in a sawing motion. She almost swooned.

Looking up at her, he said, "These would please a man very, very much."

Now he knelt and Emma felt weak in her knees as he slowly slid the shorts down her legs. Leaning forward he kissed the bit of hair over her slit. "And we already know how much this pleases a man."

As Derek rose to his feet, the front of the towel bulged obscenely, but down much lower than she would have expected. She found out why as he flicked the towel away.

Derek's manhood had been unable to rise very far because of the tightness of the bath towel around his waist. Now free of restriction it bobbed up towards his stomach.

Oh my gosh, that thing is huge! Emma thought.

She was mesmerized by his penis. At full staff, it looked downright dangerous. The head was easily the size of a plum and the shaft was nearly as big around as Emma's slender wrists.

"How long is it?" she gasped.

"Just short of 10 inches. Touch it. It doesn't bite."

Emma reached out hesitantly. She had rather long fingers, but they barely touched when she took him in her hand. The skin of Derek's penis was hot and smooth, and she could feel his steady heartbeat as she gripped him.

"Would you like your lesson to begin?" Derek asked softly.

Emma's gaze shifted up. "Yes."

Derek took her by the shoulders and sat her down on the edge of the bed. From the bedside table he brought out a plastic bottle of something.

"This is lubricant. It makes everything all slippery and nice. Squirt some on your hands."

With Derek's erection now at eye level, Emma noticed that he'd shaved off all his pubic hair. It made the thing in front of her seem even bigger, more threatening -- if that were possible.

"Now, I'll show you how to pleasure a man with your hands. First, get lubricant all over everything."

"Even your, um, balls?"

"Everything. Use more lubricant if you need to. It will also get sticky after a while. Just use more."

Emma did as requested and was amazed at how large and heavy Derek's balls were. When it was completely hard, his penis stuck up at a 45-degree angle. She sat back and just stared at it.

"What should I do?"

"Don't you ever stroke Peter?"

She made a face. "Not really. Sometimes he lets me, but we've never used anything like this lubricant. And it's never for long."

Derek shook his head. "His loss. There's nothing like having a beautiful woman stroking your cock."

Emma jumped a bit at the coarse term, but Derek was right. The name fit what was in front of her, large, menacing and completely male. Cock it was, then.

"Just do what comes naturally, Emma. I'll let you know what works and what doesn't. Just like last night. I simply read your sighs and how your body moved when I did certain things. Pay attention to those things, and you won't go wrong."

She took a deep breath and reached out again. Everything was a bit sticky, so remembering what Derek had told her, she squirted out some more lubricant.

"Can I bend it down?" she asked. "It's sort of at a funny angle."

"Just don't do it too much. When it's hard like this, that can hurt a bit and a hurt cock is soon a soft cock."

She looked up. "Do I make it hard?"

"Oh, yes, Emma. Yes, you do."

Good! she thought as she took him in both hands.

For several minutes Emma just experimented. Derek seemed to really like it when she rolled a hand over the head of his cock. It was fun to elicit groans of enjoyment from him -- empowering too.

He also seemed to like when she slid one hand after another up from the base to the tip. It was pretty amazing to think it would take almost four of her hands to cover him up completely. How could any woman take something that size inside her, unless she was some sort of Amazon? But yet, the woman at the swimming pool, although wider in the hips than Emma, was a good 3 inches shorter.

"I like when you tug on it, Emma," Derek told her as he moved a little closer. "And don't forget my balls. Oh yes! That's very nice."

"I'm afraid to hurt you."

"I'll let you know if you pull too hard, or my cock will because it will start to shrink."

If anything, Derek's cock was getting harder and if she let it go, it would throb with every beat of his heart.

"The end is getting so purple!"

"That's because I'm getting very close, sweet Emma."

"You're going to cum?"

"Oh yes, if you keep doing that I will."

Emma was running her hands up and down his shaft gripping tighter and tighter. Every few strokes, she'd run her palm up and over the large head. It felt spongy soft yet hard at the same time. Very curious.

Derek's legs were trembling. "I'm getting very close, Emma. Where do you want my semen to go?"

Emma had been enjoying herself so much that she hadn't thought about that. If the size of Derek's balls were any indication, there would be a lot of it.

"Where do you want to shoot?" she asked with a little giggle.

"Some women like it on themselves," he gasped.

That idea was a bit shocking. "They do?" Then she thought for a moment. "That's what you want to do to me?"

"If you'll let me."

She shrugged. "Okay. Just warn me when it's coming."

Paying more attention once again, she stroked him the way that elicited the loudest groans and the most trembling. Derek's cock began to swell and throb even more.

"Swirl one hand around the head. Yes! Just like that. Oh Christ, I'm going to cum! Get ready, Emma! You're going to make me cum. YEEEEESSSSSS..."

Derek's whole cock began pulsing. She quickly moved one hand down his shaft so she could control where the semen went and with the other, she gripped his balls snugly. Derek put his hands on her head to steady himself.

Rope after rope of thick, white semen pumped from the fat head. The first few Emma aimed down at her breasts, but then she let his cock rise a bit and some caught part of her chin. A stronger one came out and it streamed across the lower part of her face. Right at the end, she leaned forward, opened her mouth as wide as she could and just managed to fit the head in. She wanted to see if he tasted different than Peter had.

Finally, it was over as Derek sagged. His cock popped out of Emma's mouth.

"Oh my God, that was wonderful," Derek said as he flopped down next to her. "After I left you last night, I didn't, um, 'relieve myself' when I came home, and believe me, you had me pretty horny. I don't know if it was that, or just watching you play with me, or a combination, but I haven't cum that hard in a long time."

Emma felt quite proud of herself. An experienced male, the most experienced she knew had told her she was good. And it was only her first time!

She became aware that Derek's semen was beginning to drip. "I should go clean myself up a bit. I'm a gooey mess."

In the bathroom, she looked at herself. It was really quite a mess indeed, an obscene mess.

Derek had a brush, so after she'd washed away the semen, Emma straightened her hair and came out again, pausing in the doorway. It suddenly struck her that she was standing naked in the bedroom of a man not her husband, that she'd let him lick her to multiple orgasms the night before and now she'd let him -- what was the term? -- cream all over her face. Every single person she knew would be appalled, but Emma really didn't care.

Derek was flat on his back, one arm over his eyes. She thought for a moment that he might be asleep. When she cleared her throat, he stirred and stuck up his head.

"Everything all right now?"

She came over and sat down next to him, then fell back, turning her head to face him.



"I'd like to see what your monster feels like inside of me."

He reached out and stroked her cheek. "I would, too, but I'm afraid that's impossible."

She instantly felt deflated. "Why?"

"Because your husband will be home in a few hours, and if he's anything like me, coming home to a gorgeous witch like you, he'll want to make love. I'm afraid he'd notice a bit of difference if I'd been inside you a few hours earlier."

That made sense. "Right. Good thinking."

"Sorry to disappoint you."

She nodded then grinned. "Would you use your mouth on me again?"

Derek did not disappoint Emma on that score and she allowed herself make as much noise as his other women did.


Peter looked pretty tired as he met Emma in the arrivals area. After a perfunctory kiss, they headed for the car. He was dragging his heels as well as his suitcase on wheels. Emma had his shoulder bag. They were quickly out of the airport.

"Tough trip?" she asked.

"Frankly, yes," he sighed. "And tonight, I'd like to think about nothing."

Emma tried not to feel disappointed, but since she'd already enjoyed a few massive orgasms that afternoon, it was more disappointment for Peter. Derek had suggested a few things she might try with him.

"I went out for a run with Derek this morning, and he wants to know if you'd like a round of golf tomorrow. There's a course north of town he's been itching to try."

Peter perked up at that. "The Pines, I'll bet. I'll stop in and speak to him when we get home."

"I've missed you this week and I'm making one of your favorite pasta dishes for dinner. There's also a fresh peach pie."

He patted her thigh. "You're a good little wife."

Emma didn't know whether to feel happy, sad, angry, guilty or all for at once. Why did Peter always make her feel like an employee?

The golf game was quickly set up and Peter headed for the hammock where he listened to the ball game and dozed. Emma made sure he was kept supplied with cold beers and some munchies.

Dinner was out on the deck and Emma had a chilled bottle of white wine. It being rather warm, she'd taken off her bra and had on only a tee-shirt. Underneath her shorts, Emma's genitals were still sending out occasional little throbs as they recovered from the onslaught of Derek's tongue.

That afternoon, he'd suggested when he had her really revved up that she might like to try sitting on his face. "That way you have some control over what I'm doing."

"I don't get what you mean."

"Just straddle my head and lower yourself onto my tongue. Then let instinct take over."

Like everything else, Derek had been right. Emma loved doing this. It felt so incredibly good and so incredibly naughty. She rode his face like a champ, letting his nose rub on her clit while his tongue slithered around inside of her. She also loved the feeling of his big strong hands holding her buttocks.

"Emma, did you hear a thing I was saying?" Peter asked, clearly annoyed.

Her brain snapped back to the present. She was having dinner with her husband, not getting eaten by the man next door.

"I'm sorry, honey, I was just thinking about a book I'm reading."

Peter started in again, complaining about work and all he was required to do to earn their living. Emma felt like saying, "Excuse me, but even though I have summers off, I work darn hard during the year and bring home my fair share of our income."

After dinner, they watched some TV and Emma cuddled up to Peter.

"I missed you a lot while you were gone. I've also been so darn fidgety I can hardly stand it."


Emma put her arms around him and kissed his cheek, providing a broad hint about what she meant.

"Can we head up to bed early tonight?"

Peter looked at her. "Yes, that would probably be a good idea. As I've said, I'm pretty beat, and Derek and I are heading out early in the morning."

"I'm going up to take a shower, then." Emma got up on her knees and kissed the tip of her husband's nose. "Don't be long!"

She put an extra wiggle in her step as she left the living room, but couldn't watch whether he noticed without being too obvious about it. Emma was following Derek's suggestion of acting more sexy around Peter.

By the time her husband came up, she was out of the shower, dried off and in bed with the covers pulled up to her chin. She'd reluctantly put on the long tee-shirt she wore to bed, not wanting to start anything with Peter if he'd come up and found her naked. But she couldn't help feeling that finding her naked would have been so much more fun.

Regardless, Emma really wanted to make love. Peter took his time and came out with his usual sleeping shorts on.

"I'm going to turn up the air conditioning a bit. It's awfully hot in here."

"Can we wait until we're ready to go to bed?"

"I thought that's what we're doing."

Emma put on what she hoped was a fetching pout. "I was hoping we could cuddle a bit."

She realized from Peter's expression that it had finally sunk in what she'd meant when she'd told him she felt "fidgety". As he turned off the light and slipped into bed, she scooted over and pressed herself into him, holding his arm and kissing his neck. He did have a nice neck.

Soon they were kissing and Peter turned to hold her better. She could feel his erection poking her in the abdomen as his had slipped down to her right breast. Emma gave a big moan as his fingers caressed her, wanting him to know how good it felt.

"Let me take this off," she said, rising up to remove her tee. "There that's better."

Snuggling in again, she casually rested her hand on Peter's hip. When he moved down a bit to take one nipple into his mouth, she made sure her hand unintentionally moved closer to his erection. ("Take it slow," Derek had told her. "Sneak up on him and take your cues from his responses.")

"Oh, Peter, that feels so good!" she moaned appreciatively.

It wasn't that great, actually, not after experiencing Derek's magic tongue, but Peter's technique did hold promise.

"Mmmm, yes. That's nice," Emma whispered a few minutes later. "You're making me so hot."

Peter stiffened and his mouth stopped moving. Oops. That was a little too forward. She quieted down after that, keeping it to small moans and sighs.

She moved, settling onto her back and opening her legs a bit. She longed to fling them wide and order Peter to suck on her. In moving, she made the back of her hand lightly graze his erection through his shorts. When he didn't flinch, Emma moved it again, this time grabbing his length and tugging.


"I just want my friend to know how much I missed him," she said in the little girl voice she sometimes used to delight Peter.

"Part of being 'fidgety'?"

"Mmmm, yes," she sighed, and opened her legs a little more, hoping he'd take the cue and slide his hand down.

Why won't he take his darned shorts off? Emma thought. I want to touch him!

To be fair, Peter paid more attention to his wife's sweet breasts than he had in a long time and she could feel herself getting very wet. Finally Peter was ready and slipped off his shorts. His wife would be nice and primed for him to enter her.

Emma surprised him though and flipped herself on top of him, making sure she trapped his penis between her legs.

"What are you doing, Emma?"

She looked down at him. "You said you were tired, dear. I thought you might like it if I did the work tonight."

Peter really didn't know what to say, and during his confused silence, she pulled up her knees, reached down between her legs and inserted Peter's erection into her "honey pot". She smiled inwardly using that term.

Sinking down, she had his length inside of her. He was looking at her strangely as she bent down to kiss him. Rising up, she leaned forward so that her breasts would be readily available to Peter's mouth. Sinking down again more forcefully, she began to make love to him.

Things were going along fine until Emma got a little too frisky. She'd found that if she tilted her hips on the in stroke, Peter's erection would hit that "nice spot" inside of her. Unfortunately, the movement was pretty obscene-looking and the light was strong enough from the balcony doors that Peter could see it. By then, the sheets had been kicked off them as well.

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