tagNovels and NovellasBetrayal Ch. 05

Betrayal Ch. 05

byval wrangler©

On Sunday, Emma really was fidgety. Peter and Derek left before 8:00 since they had an early tee time. As he was getting into his car, Derek had winked at her, and she hoped that he could draw her husband out and help her make sense of the mess her life was in.

Peter was getting her increasingly upset. Why couldn't he just loosen up? I mean from what she'd read on the Internet and heard around, it was usually the wives who were uptight about sex. Didn't he want to have a wife who was adventurous and willing to do nearly anything to please him? Wasn't that every man's wet dream?

Maybe Derek could coax him into a little boy talk on the golf course.

Giving up the day as lost, she went to the movies that afternoon to watch a something that Peter, or Derek, for that matter, wouldn't want to see in a million years. At least it might take her mind off her current problems.

When she returned, she found Peter and Derek on the back deck, thick as thieves. Emma's heart leaped that maybe some progress had been made. Now that her libido had been unlocked, she was unwilling to put it back in its little box where it had been relegated for so many years. The pretty 34-year-old had never felt so alive.

As she joined the men, they greeted her enthusiastically, both probably having consumed a number of beers already.

"Now isn't Emma just the most beautiful, sylph-like creature you've ever seen?" Derek said expansively.

"Yes," Peter slurred. "I have a very fine-looking wife."

"I hope you don't mind me saying it," Derek answered leaning over as if talking only to Peter, "but I'll just bet she's a real tigress in bed."

Emma couldn't help it, she almost choked on her beer. What the heck was Derek up to?

"I give her all she can handle," Peter said waving in her direction vaguely.

Only Derek's hand motioning under the table kept Emma from voicing her strenuous objections. Was this really the way Peter saw things?

"Would you like some dinner, guys?" she asked, unable to sit still.

"Sure," Peter said.

"Would you like some help?" Derek asked.

Emma was nearly beside herself as she entered the house with Derek as Peter called for more beer. "Do you want to know what happened last night?"

"From your tone, not much, but I didn't say it would be an easy, short road."

"Did you find out anything today?"

"Your husband is very confused. He had thought you were one way and now he's finding that you're another. He doesn't know how to deal with it. In his mind you're supposed to be the dutiful little wife, a decoration on his watch chain."

"Well, isn't that 17th Century!"

"We talked a lot today. It may bear fruit."

"What did you talk about?"

"I promised I wouldn't say anything, and I honor those promises. I wouldn't breach your confidences and I won't breach Peter's."

Emma scowled. "All right, be that way," she hissed. "Go outside while I'm doing the dutiful little wifey thing here, getting the men folks' dinner ready." When Derek didn't move right away she pushed him towards the door. "Leave!"

"I'm just trying to help you."

"Well, you're not doing a very good job, are you?" Emma snapped and pointedly turned her back on him.

Outside she heard her husband chuckling about "modern women".

She kept her temper in check all through dinner and went in early to read in bed. When she heard Peter coming into the house, she switched off the light and pretended to be asleep. He climbed into bed without his usual shorts and cuddled up behind her, his pecker poking into her rear end. She did nothing.

It was his turn to go to bed frustrated.


Peter was naturally in a bad mood the next morning and barely spoke as he ate his breakfast. Emma longed to sit down and have a talk with him, a real talk, about them. She really felt it was time. As he left, Peter grunted something about possibly having to work late. She didn't even get his usual peck on the cheek.

After that, she went out for a very long run, trying to work out her frustration with some punishment to her body. If anyone had asked, she wouldn't have been able to tell them the route she'd taken, her brain had been in such high gear.

In a few short weeks, her life had changed completely. In early June, she'd been a happy school teacher. Her 2nd Grade charges all loved her, and their parents did, too. She didn't have any real friends at work. That was all due pretty well due to the shyness thing. At least she still had that to go back to in a couple of weeks, and this year, she'd try her best to make some friends. Right now, it would be very good to have some female perspective on everything that was going on.

At home, Emma couldn't say that she'd been particularly happy for the past five years, but she hadn't been particularly unhappy, either. She saw now that she'd been waiting for something. Peter was basically a good man, but he was stiff, unimaginative and clearly saw himself as the boss in his marriage. Had he never heard that marriage is a partnership? She'd been too shy, too unsure of herself to be able to bring up "sticky" subjects. The few times she had begun discussions of things about their marriage that were important to her, she'd either gotten a condescending pat on the head, or Peter had yelled at her. Thinking back, that's the same exact relationship his parents had. Basically, she'd married Peter's father.

Back at home, she toyed with the idea of bringing herself off in the shower. But having a bit of edge was good for what she wanted to do next: a bit of shopping, but shopping with a difference and it would require a fair dose of her new courage.

Late in the afternoon, Emma's last stop was at the supermarket. She was there partly because she needed to pick up a few things for dinner, and partly to try an experiment.

Anyone who knew her would have done a double take. In fact, she carefully noted that a lot of people she didn't know did a double take, and they were all male.

Emma was wearing some of her new purchases. Her jeans were skin tight, the kind that take a few minutes to wiggle into. They could have been made with her body in mind. The sales woman had convinced her to buy the kind that had no back pockets because they would "accentuate your very fine assets back there". On her feet, she had sandal-like shoes with 3-inch heels. Two months ago, she would have called her top "immodest". It was white, dangerously sheer, and hugged her breasts. It also showed a fair bit of her cleavage since the front part wrapped behind her neck. Her back was almost totally exposed. Oh, and of course she couldn't wear a bra.

She'd also stopped at the hairdresser and the result was a slightly more shaggy look to her hair with some lighter blonde highlights. It was all done in a very understated way, but it required more courage than anything she'd done that day. She could always hide the clothes, but Peter would immediately see what she'd done to her hair. The finishing touch was a fair bit of make-up applied by the hairdresser.

"Honey," the hairdresser had said as Emma left the shop, "you look like a movie star."

As the seriously sexy-looking woman made her way around the supermarket, she noticed that she'd developed a following: all of them male and all of them trying to look casual about what they were doing. She even caused a three-cart pileup in the meat section.

Her nerves started kicking in as she got closer to home. Of course she couldn't be dressed like this when Peter arrived. Clothes like these and the others she'd purchased would have to be introduced slowly and would probably cause some friction. This was the most outrageous of them, though. The others were clothes she could wear on the rare occasions she went out, and most could also be worn to work without crossing any lines, but they were all sexier than anything she had in her closet.

By the time Peter got home at 7:30 (late without calling), the only evidence of Emma's makeover was her hair and a new pair of shorts, a little tighter and a little shorter. She'd chickened out on anything more.

Peter noticed her hair immediately and was not happy. "Makes you look like a tart!" he snapped. She felt as if he'd slapped her. The new style really looked terrific and it wasn't even close to making her look cheap. If anything, Emma felt it made her look more sophisticated.

That night, Derek entertained another of his women and listening to the goings on made Emma miserable. Around midnight, she couldn't take it anymore and slipped out of bed. In the bathroom, she used some hand lotion to bring herself off. It was hard and fast and really not all that satisfying, but it did allow her to get to sleep.

Next morning, Peter announced that he'd have to travel east to head office for a meeting.

"How long will you be gone?"

"Probably three days, maybe four."

"But this is my last week before school begins. Next Monday, the meetings start. I was hoping I might talk you into going off for a long weekend. You have some days off you've never used."

"This is an important meeting. I think I'm going to be offered a promotion. That means we could move to New York!"

"What about my job? I like my school!"

He patted her head. "They have lots of schools in New York, Emma, and I'm sure they need teachers. Besides, this will mean a raise. You probably won't have to work."

With that, he went upstairs to pack. When she heard Peter bumping down the stairs with his bag, she grabbed her car keys and waited by the door.

"No need for you to drive me. I have to stop by the office to pick up some things and I'll drive myself to the airport." He kissed her cheek. "Wish me luck! I'll call you when I have some news. Keep your fingers crossed, Emma."

He drove off. Emma went out on the back deck and cried.

When Derek stuck his head around the fence, she didn't notice, so he asked, "Anything I can do to help?"

Emma didn't even look up. "No. Go away!"

He swung around to the Richard's deck. "Tell me what's wrong, Emma," he said, sitting down next to her.

She ignored him for a while longer, then decided that she needed to talk to someone about it. Emma told him everything.

"So there's going to be no discussion about the possible move?" he asked.

She shook her head sadly. "He seems to think that I'm as eager to leave as he is."

"New York isn't as bad as all that."

"It's not New York that has me so upset, it's the fact that what I want doesn't matter. It's always all about him! He's not going to change -- ever. I'm just another object to him, like his car or his golf clubs."

"Will you excuse me for a moment, Emma?" Derek asked.

Taking out his cell phone, he walked down the yard, talking to someone and nodding. The call was brief, and he walked back onto the deck.

"I'm sick today," he smiled.


"I just called in sick."


"Because we're going out. You need some serious cheering up, girl!"

Emma smiled, though it was sad. Why had she married Peter?

"And I want you to wear one of your new outfits. If Peter isn't interested in them, well I am."

Though she felt like running upstairs and hiding under the covers, Emma let Derek's good nature jolly her into going out.

An hour later, when she knocked on his door, she was wearing a summer dress in blues, greens and whites. It had a scoop neck and frills at the bottom where it ended well above her knees. Since the neck was so low, she had to wear a push-up bra she'd also bought, but she'd toyed with the idea of no bra at all. Her face was made up beautifully, but more restrained than it had been the previous day, highlighting the blue of her lovely eyes. She also had on her new shoes.

Derek opened the door and just stared at her. Emma began to get nervous. Did he like what he saw or did she look silly?

"You are so beautiful," he finally said, speaking each word separately.

Emma blushed furiously.

"Come on," he said, grabbing her arm. "We're taking my car."

She'd only ridden in Derek's SUV once before. It had a stick shift which impressed her because she'd never learned to drive standard, and he also drove exuberantly, fast but not stupid.

"Where are we going?"

"To a little restaurant out in the country."

"But it's only 10:00 in the morning!"

"We're going to take a walk first."

"But I'm wearing heels."

"We can walk barefoot."

They drove along silently, but companionably, each deep in their own thoughts. About 30 minutes out of town, Derek pulled onto a dirt road. A few miles farther on, it ended at a small lake. In the distance, kids were whooping it up on some sea-doos, but being a weekday, the lake wasn't bustling with people.

Derek turned to her. "May I kiss you, Emma?"

She didn't know what to say, so he leaned over and their lips met. Again, it wasn't a long kiss, but the intensity was even stronger than their first had been a few days earlier.

Emma pushed Derek's face away with both hands. "I know I shouldn't even be thinking this, let alone saying it out loud, but Derek, I want you to make love to me."

"What? Here?"

"No, silly."

"What about lunch?"

Still with her hands on his cheeks, she looked into his eyes. "I'm not hungry, except for you. I want to know what it's like to have someone really make love to me, not just use me as an inflatable doll. Peter will be gone at least two more days. He won't be able to tell what I've done by then, will he?"


Emma kissed him again, this time very aggressively. "Take me back home. Now. Before I chicken out."

Derek turned the key in the ignition. "Anything to please such a beautiful woman."

"You really think I'm beautiful? I know I look okay, but—"

"No, Emma, you're beautiful, and I so want to make love to you. I have for weeks now."

Back at the complex, Derek pulled directly into the garage of his townhouse to avoid prying eyes.

"You're going to be in my house for quite awhile. Any fool would know what's going on, dressed the way you are."

He helped her out of the SUV and into his arms. They kissed in the garage, they kissed some more in the kitchen where Derek pulled out a bottle of white wine. They kissed in the hallway, on the stairs, in the doorway of the bedroom. With every stop, with every taste of Derek's sweet kisses, the fire in Emma's body increased.

Finally, they stood in the middle of his bedroom. Emma knew the moment of truth when faced with it.

"May I undress you?" Derek asked softly, as his gaze drifted openly up and down her body.

She felt herself shiver, not from cold, but from desire. "If you want."

"Oh, I do!" he answered, stepping forward

It was infuriating how slowly Derek worked. Now that she'd made her decision, Emma wanted to get down to it. Of course he was slowed down somewhat by seemingly wanting to kiss every square inch of her body. From the front, he lifted her dress off as she stretched up her arms. From behind, he unclasped her bra, rubbing his hands across her shoulders, down her back and around to her breasts which he cupped, tweaking and twisting her nipples with his thumbs and index fingers. All the while he was showering achingly hot kisses on her neck, shoulders and ears. She could feel his erection pushing against her bottom and she wiggled back against it deliciously.

Derek came around to the front once more, knelt and slowly slid down Emma's pretty, white cotton panties and helped her step out of them. Planting a kiss on her mons, he breathed in deeply.

"Lovely. Simply lovely," he said, almost as if to himself.

Emma felt cherished.

Sliding his hands lightly over her hips and up her sides, he stood and took her in his arms, kissing her passionately. She immediately opened her mouth to give his strong tongue entry. Soon, both his hands slipped down to her bottom and he pulled her into him harder. Derek's erection throbbed against her belly.

"You are loveliness itself, Emma," he breathed into her hair. "Come and lie on my bed."

He scooped her up with no effort, gently laying on her back. She shyly kept her legs together. Derek's eyes drank her in.

"What about your clothes?" she asked. "Don't I get to take them off?"

"Maybe next time. Right now I want to look at you as I get naked. You can look at me, too, if it turns you on."

Oh yes, Emma thought, watching Derek's strong muscles appear as he pulled his polo shirt over his head.

He didn't have the same amount of body hair Peter did, and of course, he shaved his pubic area. Truth be known, each liked the other for the sleek muscles of their bodies. Derek loved Emma's arms and legs, strong yet feminine, but the muscles of Emma's ass were especially fine, very little fat and each cheek made a very nice handful. She loved watching his muscles move under his skin, well-defined and powerful-looking. Such strong shoulders and arms, such strong legs, Emma thought as Derek slipped off his slacks. His boxers ballooned out obscenely.

Finally, the moment of truth as Derek slipped them off. This time the size of his cock wasn't such a shock, but it was already very hard and seemed bigger than ever.

Derek lay down next to Emma and gathered her in. They kissed long and hard, tongues dancing in each other's mouth. She finally captured his, pulling it with firm suction. He couldn't help groaning.

Soon their hands were moving around, touching, pulling, gliding, quickly increasing their arousal. When Emma grabbed Derek's erection and pulled firmly, he let out a loud sigh and his tongue went wild in her mouth.

"You are a fast learner, dear girl," he gasped after a few minutes of her handiwork as she used his precum as a lubricant.

By that point Derek's mouth had found Emma's left nipple. He sucked it in hard and she felt herself grow dizzy at the intense feeling it caused. Throwing her leg over his hip, she began rubbing herself against him.

I'm completely out of control, she thought as she humped Derek shamelessly. What's happening to me?

It was a simple matter for Derek to slide her over onto him.

In this position, if they kissed, his erection nestled quite alarmingly between her legs, the difference in their heights making the end of it, press into her. She toyed with the idea of pushing back to see what happened.

"Flip around, Emma. I want to lick you."

She scooted around, laying stretched out on top of Derek and found herself face-to-face with his massive cock, something she was now doubting would fit inside her. If she let it lie flat, about 3 inches would be near enough her mouth if she wanted to suck on it.

At his end, Derek was doing a very good job between her splayed legs, his tongue darting here and there, sometimes a surprising distance inside her (his cock wasn't the only thing that was long, seemingly), sometimes swirling over her clit, but always seeming to do the right thing at the right time. He soon had her squirming and panting.

Meanwhile, Emma was licking the head of his cock -- when she could tear her concentration away from what was happening between her legs.

Every time she ran her tongue around the underneath the head of Derek's cock, he'd let out a soft moan. This was something worth pursuing. Stretched out as she was, when she finally decided she wanted his cock in her mouth, all Emma had to do was open wide and hunch forward. In this position, for some reason, it was easier to slide him in and stretched her mouth less uncomfortably. By the time a few more minutes had passed she was taking him in like a pro. Reaching down with both hands, she began to massage his balls and the lower part of his cock. Derek hummed his approval into her genitals.

Now that the lovers were in sync, each could bring the arousal of the other higher as they (relatively) silently worked for several minutes. Emma was the first to cry uncle.

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